Monday, August 31, 2020


"Let's go to bed Sissy.....I want to cuddle up to that sweet little girly ass!!!!"
She'd always said that I had an ass that many real women would love to have....the first time she said it it wounded my fragile male ego....but my male ego is mostly long gone by now!!!!
"After you Sissy...."
She always did this....she made me walk ahead while she kept up a running commentary on how cute my ass was and what she wanted to do to language that would make a construction worker blush!!!!
It embarrassed me but I loved it....and every step my hips would sway just a little more....
"That's it....shake it Slut....."
I think that between the clothes and the situation I could have cum in my panties right there....that's why she keeps me in the cage I guess....
Once we were in bed together she would run her hands over my cheeks before she would tell me what she wanted me to do......
The rest is private.....sorry....use your imagination!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Every good meal comes with a delicious appetizer!!!!
That sweet sweet precum is so good that it's almost enough!!!!
But if you walked away now you'd certainly miss the special entree'....and that's what you've been waiting for.....that warm mouthful of protein filled goodness!!!!
ManCandy!!! Make sure to leave room for the main course!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday Brunch

Yes I served him brunch....and after he was done I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him...

She Knew

She knew it.....she could tell.....even under his baggy pants....he had a cute little girly ass and she intended to use it as she wanted......panties first....then penetration....then he would be her sweet little sissy.....and she would be happy....and she hoped he would be too....

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Damn It Dee!!!

"Damn it Dee.....I had this bench built out here.....they used wood from an old German forest.....they used nails forged by a Shaman.....they had a coven of witches cast a spell....and still I go out and sit on it and nothing happens....maybe the bench thinks I'm already enough of a this point there's not much left to change....maybe the magic just decided it just wasn't worth it...."
"But Kaaren.....just look at changed you!!!!"
"Dee sweetie....I looked like this when I came out here...."


"You want me to suck your boyfriend's cock?"
"It's nothing to be afraid of've had a miniature version of a cock all your you should know what he'll really enjoy...."
"I guess so....but I've never done that before....."
"Not much to know Sissy.....lots of tongue....deep as you can....and watch the teeth.....but I'll be there to coach you through it....."
"Thank you Ma'am!"

Friday, August 28, 2020


"Are you ready Sissy?"
"I'm ready Sweetheart...."
"I'm going to use my biggest strap-on Sissy.....are you ready?"
"Yes Ma'am....I'm ready...."
"I'm going to fuck you hard Sissy.....I'm going to fuck you till you shoot your sissy cream all over the bed....are you ready?"
"I'm already lubed for you......I can't wait to have your cock inside me!!!!"
"When you've sprayed your cummies on my sheets, I'm going to rub your nose in it.....I'm going to make you lick it all up.....are you ready?"
"Please.....I'm so ready.....please....."
"You're cute when you beg like that.....alright....I'm ready too!!!!"

Barely There

The best thing about least in my the shrinkage.....after a few years of switching to smaller and smaller cages.....I barely make a bump in my panties!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Between Meetings

She's still working from home and her company is considering making that more or less permanent....
The best part is that when she's between meetings I get to help her relax and work off the stress that builds up over the course of her day.....


When Tom came home he rushed to the secret space under his bottom drawer and was aghast to see that all of his pretty lacy things were gone!!!!!
He sat and wondered what to do....should he confront his roommates....but what if it was only one of them....then all three of them would know his secret!!!
He needed a drink....and as he headed to the kitchen to have a beer he heard a sigh......peeking into Jeff's room he found all his pretty things.....and....more than that....he found someone to share with!!!!
Life for both of them just changed!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Finally Home

Finally home from his deployment overseas Lance Corporal Waters reported to his wife for duty!!!!
She had plenty of things for him to take care of....while her lover took care of her upstairs!!!!

Hump Day

You never ever dreamed that automation would have any effect on your job.....
But on Hump Day you realized that the time had come!!!!
They'd automated everything......and maybe it wasn't so bad after all!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Easier Sleep

She sleeps so peacefully.....I listen to the rhythm of her breathing as she enjoys a good nights sleep.....she keeps me in her hand....because she likes to keep her toys with her while she sleeps.....I know if I try to pull away she'll only tighten her I listen to her as she's easy for me to do because on nights when she holds me like this I don't really get much sleep.....

Re-Opening Phase 4

Finally the local Glory Holes reopened and the local sissies and wives rushed to get what they'd been missing so much!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Sissy Training - Ready to Solo

"Alright he looking now?"
"Yes Ma'am....he's looking right at me...."
"Okay now uncross your legs.....and take a moment the cross them the other way.....make sure he sees your panties...."
"Yes Ma'am...."
"Is he interested Sissy?"
"He's smiling at me Ma'am...."
"Why don't you wave for him to come over...."
"He's already coming Ma'am....."
"In that case Sissy.....I've got some shopping to do.....have fun!!!!"
 " can't....."
 "See you later Sissy!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Maybe you don't have a fire to put out.....maybe you need to start one!!!!
In either case you're going to need a pumper to take care of what's needed!!!!
That warm sweet syrup sliding silkily, slowly to your tummy....
It will give you the "oomph" you need to get through the morning!!!
ManCandy!!! Open wide and enjoy the heat!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2020


"So you see Daddy.....Mummy may have left you her fortune but she left me your key....what do you have to say....."
"You know I always loved you Sweetheart....."
"I know you always loved to sniff my dirty panties.....and wear my you may own everything.....but I clearly own you!!!!"
"Whatever you say Sweetheart!!!!"
"Very good Daddy now lets get busy transferring everything into my name and maybe then I'll release you....."

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Oh no....not this time're not going to seduce me this time.....every week you come home and I get in trouble with your wife....and she won't suck me....she won't fuck me.....all because of you!!!!"
"I'm sorry to hear that.....if you need some relief you know I'm available...."
"You see that's the're available whenever you're am I supposed to keep it in my pants when you're here?"
"I don't know....but if you keep spanking me like this you're just going to have to give me your're making me crazy!!!!"
"OK.....maybe to punish you I'll use both holes...."
"Spank me harder and tell me how you'll use your little whore...."
"I guess your wife won't be home for a little while maybe I could....."
"Please!!!! Fuck me!!!!! Please!!!!!"
"Well I guess it's OK....since you said please!!!!"

Saturday, August 22, 2020

It's OK

"Does it hurt Baby?"
"It's so big.....yes it hurts....."
"I think I once said the same thing to you remember what you told me?"
"You told me it always hurts the first time....but it gets so much you should really enjoy it tomorrow!!!!"


She thinks that I don't know....
We all have something that makes us want to come....
She loves to see me in the my uniform.....with my panties peeking out from under the petticoats.....
And as I totter out on my four inch heels, she needs to take care of business right there and then.....I listen at the door until she's done.....until she catches her breath....
When I come back into the kitchen the whole room smells of clitty reminds me of the cage and makes me a little uncomfortable......but when I look at her I just melt....she actually had an orgasm thinking if me....
She kisses me and goes to get dressed.....and I savor the sweet scent of her sex.....and I imagine what it would be like to be a real man and be able to please her....

Friday, August 21, 2020

No More

"So you see husband's  not going to be fucking anyone anymore....especially not you!!!!"
"I see...."
"I just can't imagine how you got any pleasure from that little thing....and he always came too soon too!"
"Well it was better than nothing....and I've been getting plenty of nothing ever since I got married!!!"
"You mean that big black man hasn't...."
"He's gay....he didn't tell me till after we were married!!!!
"Aww that's a husband likes to wear my underwear although he thinks I don't know.....let's doll him up and invite your man over and we could have a little party....."
"That would be awesome.....and maybe you and I could cuddle together on the couch...."
"I don't see why not.....let's do it!!!!!"

I'll Be Back

"I'll be back tomorrow Sissy.....your wife wants more cock.....but I'll be sure to save some for you!!!!"
"Yes Sir......I look forward to it!!!!"
"Maybe I'll bring a friend.....just for you Sissy!!!!"
"Oh yes.....yesssss....that would be very nice.....

Thursday, August 20, 2020


As far as being her sissy maid goes......we both have our preferences....
I like this.....

But she prefers this....

And her preferences always come first!!!!!!

Alone Together

There we were....alone together....the sexual tension building between us....I could feel him staring at my ass....and I shuddered a little thinking about last night when he had taken me and showed me what pleasure really was...
I wriggled a little...just enough to make him notice....and I heard him catch his I did it again.....without pretending this time.....this time I wriggled and wiggled....I gave him a full show.....
And then....
And then she came out of the bathroom and saw me grinding on the bed....
And saw his hard cock....
And she dropped her towel and came to the bed....
"Thanks you can go to your room....."
She took his glorious cock in her hands....
"I'll call you if I need any help with this....."
"Yes Ma'am....."

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Hump Day

Even though you expected it to take all week you were really delighted that you had reached a satisfactory agreement by Hump was just something you both could be happy with!!!

No Kissing

It's pretty much a hard rule for me....I just don't kiss men....I 'll do pretty much anything else but I don't kiss them.....
When our wives arranged a "play date" for me and Steve Stephanie they told us to give them a good show.....
Even though we were released from our chastity we both knew better than to touch our sissy clits.....
The vibrators had fresh batteries and we were both enjoying them when our faces came so close together......I couldn't help myself.....with the vibe inside me making me feel so good and his her lips so close I kissed her with all I had and he she kissed me back and I came right then......
The wives were paying no attention....all of their attention was being spent on each we both got to come that, more than once....
And Stephanie really was a great kisser.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Like It

"Do you like it Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"It's too big Sissy.....I'm going to order something much smaller for you....."
Thank you Ma'am......I'm sure that would be even better...."
"Of course it know I spoil you Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am.....if only there was some way I could repay you for all of your care and concern...."
"Oh.....there's a lot of ways you can repay me Sissy....."


I'm pretty sure every sissy cuckold has heard it.....and of course there's no way to argue about's what she says when she looks up at you...
"I love you Sweetie.....but I need this....."
Notice she doesn't say she wants this....she says....very clearly that she "Needs this".....
How can you say no to that.....

Monday, August 17, 2020

Long Ago

I remember that time I was staying with my Aunt and Uncle for a week or folks were going somewhere....I don't really remember where.....
I didn't mind staying with my relatives, in fact I looked forward to it!!!!
My cousin Maureen was about my age and she was a real girly jeans for her....she was strictly a skirts and dresses girl!!!!
That alone made me more interested in staying with them than anything.....imagine being that close to that much femininity!!!!!
Then came that day when my Aunt asked me to go and get Maureen because dinner was ready......
I trotted up the stairs and I didn't knock.....I just barged in to her room and she wasn't dressed yet......for a moment we just stared at each other.....
She was wearing a very short full slip and her dress was laid out on her bed.....I was instantly hard!!!!
My face was flushing as I stood there....
She made no attempts to cover up.....
"What is it?"
"Your Mom wanted me to tell you that dinner's ready...."
" there anything else?"
"No....I guess not....."
"Alright you mind if I finish getting dressed?"
"'m sorry.....I'll see you later....I mean downstairs....I mean we'll be having dinner....I'm not trying know...."
"Oh my.....just can help me zip my dress if you wait a second...."
"Oh....OK....I'd be glad to help....."

I think she knew right then that I was a submissive.....all I can say is that after that one incident she teased me relentlessly for the rest of my stay.....
Unfortunately, due to family issues we haven't talked in decades....but up until the day my wife put me in cousin was featured prominently in my masturbation fantasies!!!!
And the next time I stayed there I got to try on that was heavenly!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Much like CPR...always tilt the head back as you deliver the elixir of life!!!!
Is there anything better after a weekend full of tequila and regrets to get you back on track?
Let those bad vibes just wash away as the pure white goodness spreads it's warmth inside you....from your mouth to your tummy.....there's nothing better!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's a liquid love letter for you to enjoy all day!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sunday Brunch

After the meal has been served and the dishes cleared away.....the ladies liked a little entertainment.....and what could be better than a sissy maid to play with!!!!
It was great fun for them to see a male so humbled......his body and sexuality...just there for them to play with.....and as far as the sissy was concerned it really didn't get much better than this!!!!!

First Time

His girlfriend and her bestie were amazed!!!!
"OMG Baby....are you sure this is the first time you've done this?"
Obviously he couldn't answer.....
He would answer later....

Saturday, August 15, 2020

On The Job

"Just get used to it were an adequate carpenter but you're an excellent cocksucker.....thank goodness we found your frillies in your locker or you may have never found your true calling!!!!"
"Don't try to talk your mouth for the real men who need it!!!! But don't worry....I'll be here to offer you.....encouragement.....all day long...."

Worth It

Sure she has my clit caged....and I have no access to the key....but it's for my own good....she's assured me of that....
And yes......I am her maid in a very real sense.....I take care of her house....I take care of her clothing....I run all her errands....I serve her as best I can....
And of course I'm also her cuckold....I love to see the look of pleasure on her face when a big cock hits that place inside her that's out of my reach......every time she cums on her lover's cock fills me with joy.....and yes I do love cleaning her sweet pussy afterwards...
But most of all I love mornings like this.....where we cuddle together in bed.....we just kiss and hold each other....she whispers about how pretty I am and I just melt in her arms...I could stay like this all day.....but it takes so little to break the spell....
"Kaaren....I love you but I have to pee....."
Then we start giggling together.....and the moment is gone...but it's not the only time it has happened and the moment will come around again.....and again....and again!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2020

I Take Her Hand

I take her hand while he takes everything can't see it from this angle but if you could see her smile you'd know that everything was right in our world!!!!!


"But Sweetheart....I'm having a Zoom meeting with the Board in a little while!!!!"
"I know...that's why I'm making you look so pretty!"
"But....what will they say....if they see me like this?"
"Don't you own over 60% of the stock?"
"Actually it's closer to 70%...."
"Then I'm pretty sure that you'll be getting a lot of complements on your makeup!!!!"

Thursday, August 13, 2020


She really is the perfect wife for me....
She has always loved big cocks but even though I had a tiny little thing she fell in love with me......and once we were settled down and happy together I agreed to let her have the big cocks she needed.....and before you ask I'm sure she would never have cheated on me if I hadn't agreed....she would have settled for toys and my tongue....
But I did agree and it has been wonderful for both of us....
She gets the pleasure she deserves and I get to see her beautiful smile!!!!

Goodnight Kiss

There are some goodnight kisses that really don't help you to sleep!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

You Too

"You said it was OK for me to enjoy myself with his big black cock....and I did enjoy it.....very now I'm telling you Sissy....that it's OK for you to enjoy that big black cock too!!!!!

Hump Day

At first her new boss didn't appreciate the significance of Hump Day.....but he soon learned that it really meant something special to his staff!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

It Doesn't Matter

It really doesn't matter what I'm doing.....she wants what she wants and living with a submissive sissy has just made it easier for her to indulge her whims....
Goodness how I love when she indulges her whims!!!!!

Trained Too Well

She was starting to worry that she had trained her Sissy husband too well....most of her dates seemed to enjoy her husbands mouth a little too much!!!!
Right after this she was going to have to make some changes.....she loved watching a real man use her husbands mouth but not if it meant there wasn't much left for her!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2020


It's my own fault.....after she spanked me she asked me if I was sorry for what I did and I said no!!!!!
That is the one word that I'm forbidden to use and she immediately put me back over her knee and spanked me until I was wailing that I was sorry!!!!!
But that wasn't enough.....I had to spend a half hour with the bar of soap in my dirty mouth....
It was Irish Spring much to my tastes horrible....I prefer Ivory....but I am not really offered a choice....

Monday ManCandy

Yeah sure it was a lot to swallow.....but just tell me that you would have preferred less.....

Go on.....I'm waiting.....

I didn't think were grateful for every many other meals do you wind up scooping the drips and drops from wherever they fell and eating them up?

ManCandy!!! The five second rule does not apply!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2020


"Oh my god....what was I to think when I found these in your drawer.....these are the sissiest panties I've ever seen and I'm getting wet just thinking about seeing you in them!!!!"
"Do you really want...."
"Just get your clothes off and put them on now.....we'll talk after......"

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

It wasn't my fault this time.....sure I'd been teasing him all weekend....flashing my panties.....or bending over and letting him see my bum.....or eating a was just a what if it took me ten minutes to eat it.....
So when he came in and pushed me down and pulled off my panties all of my rape fantasies were coming true!!!!
Except that he let me go to the bathroom first and run up to the bedroom to get the lube out of my suitcase and freshen up my makeup before I ran back down to let him assault me.....all in all it was another fantasy to check off as fulfilled!!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2020


Our neighbors granddaughter has been staying here for the summer and she seems to enjoy teasing me....I'm certain she's seen enough to know my status as a submissive sissy....and I've seen her having "over the fence" talks with my wife where they both spent a lot of time giggling like little girls!!!!
Yesterday I was out doing some yard work.....I was dressed in what could have passed as male clothes......denim shorts.....and a tank top.
Maybe the shorts were a little too short and a little too tight.....maybe the tank top in blue might have fooled someone but the pink made it obviously sissy.....not to mention the pink bra I had on underneath....
When I looked up there she always in a very revealing outfit....we exchanged greetings.....
I told her she looked really cute in her outfit.....I was hoping to sound like a man on the make......
She laughed and said that maybe I could borrow it to work in the yard......she said she'd mention it to my wife the next time she saw her.....
Just before she went back in the door she turned and smiled at me.....
"Your bra strap is showing Honey...."
I blushed as deeply pink as my bra and she went into the house.....
I wanted to run back into the house too but I still had so much to do......and I was thinking about how embarrassing it would be if my wife spanked me out here....where she could hear.....

Long Hair

I've been growing my hair long for years and I'm very proud of it....
I don't have to wear wigs to be feminine although I have a closet full of them that I can wear to suit my mood.....or my wife's mood....
But one of the most unexpected pleasures of having long hair is when I'm on my knees with a hard cock in my mouth and he plays with my hair....if he pulls it or just grabs it to guide me deeper on to his cock.....
OMG it makes me crazy.....

Friday, August 7, 2020

Wasting My Time

I never waste my time while I'm waiting for them to fact I've become quite proficient with crossword puzzles....
But I always keep an ear cocked (hehehe) for her calling me for my cleanup duties!!!!