Thursday, November 30, 2017


"No wig, no makeup....I don't want anyone mistaking you for a girl Sissy...."

Waiting as ordered though I wanted to run....
"Oh....I don't suppose either of you has met my Sissy husband Kaaren?"
"I am pleased to meet you Sirs....if there is anything you desire I am here to serve!!!"
I wanted the earth to open and swallow me....I was so humiliated....
She smiled at me....
"Very good may serve the meal!!!"
Even a little compliment like that meant the world to me....and maybe I earned a couple of weeks off the next release date....

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

If There's Anything That Chastity Has Taught Me...

If there's anything that chastity has taught me....
It's so much easier when all you have to do is concentrate on her pleasure without any thoughts of your own!!!


Yes I was happy that she'd come home with her pussy full of his cum...
Yes I was only too happy to lick it all up......delicious....
But I'm not selfish.....even as I get my cuckolds treat from her primary idea is to give her another orgasm.....I know she appreciates it and I love it too!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It's Her Fantasy

I don't know the story behind her favorite fantasy but she indulges me in so many of mine so when she lays out my cheerleader uniform I know I will be helping her fulfill hers!!!
Last time she spanked me so hard that i was crying and pleading by the time she stopped and now I find myself waiting to see where this was going!!!!
She takes me into the living room where the two guys are waiting....
"Is this the bitch?"
"Yes it's her!"
Before I even knew what was happening I had a big cock in my mouth and another one pounding my bottom!!!!!
She sat nearby watching....her fingers buried in her pussy....
"You see Donna....this is what you get when you're the school slut....everyone is going to know about this you bitch......"
After that I had a hard time keeping track of what was going on as the two guys switched places frequently.....
 I don't know who Donna is and I'm not going to ask...if she ever wants me to know she'll tell me!
And besides this time was much more fun for me than last time although I still ended up a little too sore to sit for a day or two!!!!

Monday, November 27, 2017


You can have your fun in the red light district if you want.....but for a really good time come on over to the pink light district where all the sissies would love to see you!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Turkey, turkey, turkey.....
You've had your fill of turkey after the Thanksgiving dinner....first the meal and then the leftovers!!!!
But Monday's here and it's time to go back to work after a long weekend full of eating turkey!!!!
But you have to have something warm in your tummy so maybe you'll have that last serving of dark meat and of course that wonderful warm cream that fills you with joy!!!
ManCandy!!! Always served fresh when you want it!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Oh my god!!!! It's drowning!!!! Out of the way....I can give it mouth to mouth resuscitation!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

My Girlfriend

"Would you like to spend some time with your girlfriend today Sissy?"
I didn't know what she meant until she showed me the Fleshlight she had used to give me the greatest orgasm I have had in years!!!!
I shivered in anticipation as she lubed that sweet pussy up and she spent a few minutes working her fingers in and around caged clit was trying to get hard in anticipation of being inside something that felt so much like a woman.....
She rubbed it more and slid her fingers inside it .....and I was so ready....
Finally she produced the key....and she released me.....and I came all over myself before I could enjoy the pleasures she offered me....
She thought that my inability to control myself was the funniest she put the lock back in place and stepped away to put my "girlfriend" away for another day!!!!

The Best Part

The best part of date night is when I get my sissy cuckolds reward....I love it, she loves it and mist if her dates seem to enjoy watching!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Like High School Again

I don't know how she arranged it but here he was.....the guy from High School that was my first Sissy fantasy.....the cock I had wanted to suck....
Here he was....waiting for me.....bound and blindfolded....
She laughed.....
"Take your time Sweetie!"
Oh yes I planned to enjoy this!!!!
She settled in to the comfy chair to watch the show and I saw her hand slip into her panties before I turned my full attention to the cock of my dreams!!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Here in the good old US of A it's Thanksgiving Day!!! A day set aside to show gratitude for all we have received!
Here, spread before me on the table, is a bounty I never expected or thought I deserved! But here it is and I'm thankful for it each and every day!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Sweet Readers, may your feast be as good as mine!!!
Let's eat!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


After she came on his tongue she wanted to make sure he was hard and ready to fuck....thankfully her sissy husband was hard at work keeping him stiff and ready!!!!

The Truth

"Well to tell the truth....he's a cocksucking sissy with a tiny dick and I've had him in chastity for years!!!"
"Oh!!!! But what about you? What about your satisfaction?"
"Believe me, I've come to appreciate his tongue very much...."
"Is he good?"
"Oh yes....he's fantastic!!!"
"I'll bet I'm better....if you'll let me try....."
"I'd love to....but only if we let my sissy watch...."
"Okay....I think that might make it even better!!!!"

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Not Fair

"It's not fair know he's got a thing about high heels....."
"But Sweetie, I don't have even half the advantages that you have...."
"But I think he might decide to fuck you first....."
"I really hope so.....I never get to be first!!!!"
"Shhh Sissy I think I hear him coming....."
"I'm sorry Sweetheart, I hope he takes you first!"
"That's so sweet Sissy.....I love you!"
"I love you too!"
And the door opened and he stepped in.....


Is ass to mouth OK? Depends who you ask?
If he pulls his cock from the divine depths of my Sweeties beautiful ass, there is just no way that he's putting that in her mouth without cleaning it first!!!!
That's what I'm here for....after all the only time I ever penetrate that tight little hole is with my who's better to make sure his cock is presentable for any further use to her?
So is ass to mouth OK? From her ass to my mouth is definitely OK even if it's  a short stop on his way to her other delights!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Tis The Season

Well it's almost the season.....with Thanksgiving right around the corner it's time to start my Xmas list....
Number 1 on my list this year, just like last year.....

Monday ManCandy

Is it sweet....well not really...
But if you like sweets for breakfast there's still a way to get that healthy natural treat!!!!
Just pick out your favorite sugary treat and add that special cream to it for an extraordinarily special breakfast!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Would you like sprinkles with that?

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Ah to be a teenager again.....Anyone of you who had the opportunity probably did it, and for those of you who didn't, well you missed out on a wonderful thing....


"Look at me when I'm talking to you, you little sissy bitch!!!"
"Yes Sir....I'm sorry Sir!"
"I'm going to fuck your wife with my big big black cock.....I'm going to make her cum....I'm going to make her scream....I'm going to wreck that sweet little white pussy!!!! What do you have to say about that bitch?"
"Thank you Sir!"

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Who knows how or why.....
Congratulations!!!! It's a boi!!!!!

Not So Fantastic

"So you mean to tell me that you can stretch every part of your body to amazing sizes but this is the best you can do with this?!?!?"
"I'm sorry Sue....I..."
"Well when you named yourself Mr.Fantastic I thought you would know....fantastic!!!"
"But I can do so many things Sue...."
"What about your tongue,,,,does that stretch at all?"
"Well no but I can wrap around you and restrain you if you're into that....."
"Sorry Reed, but I think maybe I made a mistake with you.....I'm going to look up Namor.....he really looked hot in that Speedo.....
"But Sue!!!!"
"Look when you said we were the Fantastic Four I didn't know you were talking about your four inches...."

Friday, November 17, 2017

So Cute

She looks so cute as she comes out for breakfast....
The white shirt she's wearing makes her look even cuter....
There's something about a pretty woman wearing her lover's shirt when she comes looking for breakfast....
It's not my shirt.....

Betty and Veronica

"Oh no....please it's too big!"
"Oh I think you can take it Ronnie....after all Archie took it without crying too much!"
"Betty you're an evil bitch!!!!"
"Yes I am.....Archie should be here soon and if you're a good girl I may let him lick your ass after he makes me cum..."
"Lick my ass?"
"Yes....get his face down between those red cheeks and lick your's where he belongs!!!"
"I can't wait.....go ahead then....fuck pussy is so wet..."
"I wasn't planning to fuck your pussy Ronnie....."

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Sometimes she wanted it to be just him....him inside her....him making her cum....over and over....
My promises to keep away meant nothing.....I could watch but she made sure that I stayed where I was....
I think she enjoyed hearing my whimpering....

What's This

"What's this???"
"It's your breakfast Sweetheart....just like always!"
"I meant the pajamas....what's going on?"
"I'm sorry Dear but the kids are home from school today...."
"Well alright.....for today....but tomorrow I want you back in your dress and heels when you serve me!!!!!
"Of course would be my pleasure...."
"I know it will Sissy....go lock the door and fetch my strap-on...."
"But the children might hear!!!!"
"Then you'd better be quiet Sissy!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

No Sissy

"No Sissy, we have everything we need right can go to your room until the guys get here!"
"Yes Ma'am....if you're certain..."
"Go to your room!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Every Time

Every time her sissy husband moaned she could feel it on her just made it so much better....for her!!!!


Stainless? I don't think so....just look at all the pre-cum stains in my panties!!!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Vacation Humiliation

While we were on vacation we stopped by the store at the resort....they sold all kinds of things related to the theme parks and history of the company...
She called me over to a rack of t-shirts and when I arrived she asked a passing saleswoman for help....
"Do you have this in his size?"
"Oh, I'm sorry Ma'am you must mean the Mickey shirt....this one is for women...."
"No....I mean this one....why would I buy him a Mickey shirt when he makes a much better Minnie....isn't that right Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am....I'd much rather be Minnie for you!!!"
"I know you would do you have it in his size?"
The poor woman was flustered and blushing more than me....
"Yes....I'm sure the large will fit him just fine!"
"We'll take it....thank you!"
She rang up the sale....
"Thank you Ma'am......and you too.....Sir.....have a nice day!!!!"
She was still blushing when we was I.....

Monday ManCandy

There's nothing like getting that warm cinnamon bun covered with rich creamy frosting!!!
But you don't need that bun with all those hundreds of calories when all you really want is that rich creamy frosting!!!! Your favorite creamy breakfast treat may not taste like that sugary tastes so much better!!!
ManCandy!!!! There's no such thing as too much!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017


I seem to be suffering from S.A.D.D.
Sissy Attention Deficit Disorder....
It happens to all of us from what I understand....
Symptoms.....well....there you are with a wonderfully hard cock in your mouth and you're well on your way to your creamy reward....and then there's another cock and you just have to have that one right now....
Of course you'll eventually satisfy any cock that comes your way, you do really need to learn to concentrate!!!!!

Home Again

You can travel thousands of miles but you'll never find a place that feels as nice as home!!!!
Home.....where we can let our hair down!!!
Home.....where we can be who we are!!!!
Home.....where there's plenty of time to make each other happy!!!!
Home.....where she's so wet and ready for me to make her cum....over and over!!!!
Home......Sweet Home!!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017


You know....a vacation is all about the shared experiences and the sweet, sweet memories you bring home!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2017


"Sissy!!!!! This hotel has certainly earned it's five stars as far as I'm concerned!!!!"

Thursday, November 9, 2017


I'm not sure what she could be doing in the ladies room that is taking so long....but I am enjoying the break....I swear I'm only going to wait another five minutes then I'm going in to see what the hell she;s doing in there....
Oh OK here she comes....she seems breathless and her face is flushed....I'm sure I'll hear all about it while I'm driving.....

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


"Where have you been Sissy?"
"I was just relaxing down in the hot tub....after that long drive I really needed it!"
"Really, well maybe I'll go down there in a little while...."
"You should....I'm sure you'll love it!!!!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I understand that these conventions are all about making connections....
I know that she's here not just representing her company....I know that she always has an angle.....
All the rest if us are playing checkers while she plays's what has made her so successful....
She told me as she slipped the dress off that she didn't want to wrinkle it while we drove to his house....
After we parked she freshened her makeup....I understood because you always want to look your best.....
But when she got out of the car and I offered to help her put her dress back on she just laughed....
She told me to wait......and I waited and waited......and waited....

Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday ManCandy

Even though she's the one leaving for work and he's staying home, the good wife always makes sure her husband starts the day right! That includes a good breakfast!!!
Although she moves in the high pressure corporate world she appreciates all the work her husband does keeping their house in top shape and she needs to know he's got the energy to get through the day!!!
She'll have plenty of opportunities through the day to get her special treat and maybe he would too, but a good wife always makes certain!!!
ManCandy!!!! We all need fuel so why not rocket fuel!!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Alright I come.....keep your eyes open.....I already got her to agree to a stop for peaches and maybe I'll get some cream too!!!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017


We're going to be traveling Sweeties.....she has a convention to attend and I'm going to tag along....we're going to drive there and it will take a couple of days as we head south....
She says I'm not allowed to say where we're going so I can't tell you about the happiest place in the world that we're going to.....
But I did want to dress appropriately.....

Vacation Necessities

 Just taking the necessities!!!!

All packed up and ready to go!!!!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

I Thought

I thought my new pink dress was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.....when she came home with a friend I found out how wrong I was.....

College Days - A Glimpse Into My Past

The girls I used to date soon learned that the only satisfaction they would be able to get from me was from my little clit was so small and it spurted so fast that it was just useless!!!!
So, many of them used to settle themselves onto my mouth and let my tongue bring them pleasure!!!! But so many of them kept their cute little buttholes away from my probing tongue....they thought that licking their assholes was just too nasty.....I still brought them pleasure.....but not nearly as much as I could have!!!!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Favorite Spot

I do so love to take a nice big cock as deep into my throat as I can but if truth be told I can usually get a man right up to the dripping brink by just concentrating there....he may like fucking my face but he cums faster like this!!!!


Sometimes in this world all you want to do is hold onto the one you love!!!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Tip

They always ordered a plain pizza....and nothing else....they just barely hit the minimum for home delivery!!!!
His boss always grumbled about how cheap they toppings....nothing on the side.....not even a soda!!!! But he always took the delivery to them right away!!!
They were a nice couple....and the tips he received from them were always just spectacular!!!


He liked to think he decided to propose to her because he loved her so much and maybe he did.....but all the while he was asking her to marry him he was thinking of how pretty her brother looked in her underwear and how well he sucked his cock!!!!