Saturday, September 30, 2017

Oh My God

"Oh My God......Oh My God.....Oh My God....Kaaren are you looking?"
I had to nod because I couldn't speak with her panties in my mouth but I hoped my smile was clear,,,,

Here To Do

She was a sweet woman....the years had left her with a kind disposition and a pleasant personality.....she took my hand as we entered because she could see how nervous I was....
"You'll be just have to relax...." she said!
"I'm trying.....I'm not sure if I'm ready!!!"
"You'll be understand you'll have to suck all the cocks here....that's the agreement?
"Yes I understand...but I've never...."
"There's nothing to it Sissy its what you're here to do after all.....I've been a sissy cocksucker for over fifty years....would you like me to stay and hold your hand?"
"That would be nice..."
"Alright....but I get first chance on any spills!"
"Never mind....this looks like a good spot....get down on your knees and lets get this party started!!!!"

Friday, September 29, 2017

They're OK

They're OK I guess....but cotton briefs are just can't explain it...
All I can say is how much better this would have been if he had been wearing silky panties!!!!!

Watching Again

He was there again...the man in the house across the street and this time he had binoculars!!!
Last time Sissy had left the curtains open a couple of inches....this time she'd open them a couple of feet....if he was going to peep so obviously then there wasn't much point in trying to hide!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


His slip had pulled up revealing his tiny clit in it's chastity....
She had ridden his mouth....her wet panties covered her soaking wet pussy....
But she had moved off of his mouth....
And he had stopped trying to urge her back....
They were both completely concentrated on that big black cock sliding in and out of her mouth....


She had paid plenty  for them so Sissy didn't really mind that his wife wanted all her friends to see his wonderful new boobs!!!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Despite all his arguments once I got him in my mouth he seemed to completely forget that I was her husband!!!!

TV Guide - I Dream of Jeannie - The Lost Episodes

"It was a good try Tony but not even close to enough!!!"
"I gave it my best Jeannie.....maybe I should have wished to last longer...."
"Or be bigger!!!"
"Or be bigger....but it doesn't matter....I'm still your Master...."
"Well not fact your poor performance set me free and now there's something I've really wanted to do since you found me!!!!"
"What's that Jeannie?"
"I want you over my knee, and I want you to call Roger so he can watch!!!!
"'I'm Master more word from you and you'll be a French whore selling your ass for two dollars!!!!"

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


It had become a serious problem at Hogwarts School of much so that the Ministry had launched an official inquiry!!!!
The number of male students dropping out of their studies in the middle of their second year had become almost overwhelming!!!!
Finally after months of study the Ministry decided that the school shouldn't teach the sex change spell to regular students.....they would save that for staff and post-graduate studies!!!!

I Needed Your Big Cock Sissy

"Oh yes Sissy....I needed your big cock....I've been so wet just thinking about fucking you all day!!!!"

Monday, September 25, 2017

Fairy Godmother

In a flash she appeared.....he had been stroking his little cock and he was startled enough to least for a moment....even if this was a dream....she was still hot....
"Please stop that....I'd rather not see your shortcomings before we talk!!!"
Reluctantly he let go of his diminutive member....
"Who are did you get in here?"
"I'm your Fairy Godmother.....I've come to grant your wishes...."
"What do you mean.....I don't believe in all that stuff...."
"That's alright.....I believe in you and that's I know you want to be a girl....I've heard your wishes for years now.....all of us fairies have heard have wished it so hard!!! I'm here to make your wishes come true!!!!"
"I....I don't believe it...."
"All you have to do us come to me and kiss my wand and your wish will be granted...."
"Just kiss the wand and I'll be the girl I always dreamed I could be?"
"You'll be beautiful!!!!"
He reached for her hand and pulled the wand to his lips and kissed it with all his heart....and ....nothing happened!!!!
" said...."
"Wrong wand Sweetie....pick up my dress and kiss the wand that's waiting for you there!!!"
Reluctantly he reached for the hem of the dress....
"Hey you're not a godmother at've got a....."
"I thought I was clear....I'm your FAIRY get'll be good practice for your future!!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It's a natural reflex by now....even asleep you can somehow sense that your breakfast treat is near!!!! As your mouth fills up with that warm delicious cream you wake to a whole new week....a week that's starting off just right.....
And as your special treat slides oh so slowly down your throat to your tummy you can just feel that this week is going to be one of the best weeks ever!!!!
ManCandy!!!! The tasty way to say "Good Morning"!!!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

I Can't Hear You Sissy

"I can't hear you Sissy!!!! I want to hear those heels clicking for at least an hour!!!! When I take you out I want to be sure you will walk like a lady!!!"


Have you ever been so stuffed full of cock at each end that you could almost swear you feel them meeting in the middle of you!!!!
You have!!!
Yeah, I have too!!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2017


"Kaaren, bring me another glass of wine...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Hurry sissy...this book has given me some wonderful ideas!!!"

The Club

They had danced together for a while before they went outside!!!
"You are so hot Baby....let's go to my place...."
"You need to know....I'm not really a girl....I just dress like one..."
"Yeah I know!!! That's why I invited you.....there's nothing wrong with your tongue is there!!!!"
"No!!! Not at all!!!"
"Then I think we'll get along just fine Baby!"

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Key

"I'll be taking the key Sissy, I want you to watch this gay porn all night long and if I find a single drop of pre-cum you'll be on your knees sucking cocks for me tomorrow night!!!!"

I See You're Ready

Ms. LaSalle looked up as he entered the store. She smiled as she saw how nervous he was always the same with the new ones!
"Did you do as I asked?"
"You mean...did I ...."
She waved he hand impatiently....
"Did you bring the lingerie?"
"Yes I did!" he blushed deep red!
"Well! Where is it?"
"I'm....I'm wearing it!"
"Wonderful mon petit! Now take this little dress and let's see how pretty you can be!!!"
He paused for a moment as if on the brink of an abyss....
"Yes mademoiselle! Thank you so much!!!"
And he stepped off the edge and his world changed forever!!!!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Summer's Fading

It was a fun summer but now it's fading and my tan lines are starting to fade too!!!

So Good

"Aren't you glad he wanted to fuck you too Sissy!!!! Doesn't his cock feel wonderful inside you?"
I would talk to her about it later.....for now every nerve cell in my body was sending pleasure signals to my brain....

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I Love This Dress

I know you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day but for this dress I'll make an exception!!!!
The perfect party dress for all you girly boys out there!!!!!

Sissy Training - Keep At It

As hard as it is to believe, some Sissy's in training don't care for the taste of  a real man's cum. The caring Mistress will make sure that Sissy keeps at it....all day if necessary until Sissy willingly and gladly swallows and smiles about it!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Never Assume

Not all dominant women wear leather...

The Queue

"The queue is getting longer'd better work faster....just be grateful that Stacy put that plug in your bottom or you'd have two queue's to service!!!!"

Monday, September 18, 2017


God how I love doing this.....I thank the heavens above that she enjoys it too!!!!
I think most women would love this if they would only let those crazy inhibitions down...
Sucking her toes feels so right....and I'd be so hard....if I could.....

Monday ManCandy

You've had your treat and you're ready to go but you will allow yourself that luxury of licking up that last little feels so nice where it is that you almost don't want to but it's like your tongue has a mind of its own....
ManCandy!!! Every drop is precious!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Such A Thrill

It was such a thrill....he couldn't believe it!!!!
The other cheerleaders had all helped him blend in and he was sure no one had noticed the additional "girl" in the squad!!!
And he was one had noticed at what he would later describe as the most humiliating day of his life he would always one had noticed at first!!!

The Age Old Question

"You two want to be sissy girls!!!! Well alright then....prove it to us....let us see one of you suck the others cock!!!
Their wives, stunned by their discovery, waited while the two sissy husbands stood and stared at them....
"One of you bitches better be on your knees in about five seconds or I'm on the phone to a divorce lawyer!!!!"
With an almost imperceptible nod from Steve....he slipped down to his knees and took him in his mouth....
The women were silent as they watched the scene in front of them....
The age old question was answered.....yes, you can smile even if you have a cock in your mouth!!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Veronica's Solution

So you see Archie....I don't have to worry about you fooling around with Betty anymore!"
"But Ronnie.....what about you and me?"
"Well I've decided that you can kneel and watch but I have no need for your little doodle anymore!"
"Okay Ronnie...if this is what you want...."
"That's Mistress Veronica to you....."
"Yes Mistress Veronica!!!"

She Taught Me

She taught me that making love wasn't rushed.....we would spend hours kissing and caressing,....I used to rush to get her bra off but now I delighted in how it felt against mine!!!
Once the idea of my orgasm was taken off the table I began to understand that making love with her had absolutely nothing to do with my little caged clitty at all!!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2017


"I don't know calendar is pretty full for the next few months....I honestly don't see where I'd have any time to release you anytime sooner than November....maybe December...."
"But it would only take a couple of minutes Sweetheart!!!"
"Are you questioning me Sissy? Perhaps December was too optimistic....."
"No....No, no, no....I would never question you Sweetheart....whatever you decide is fine with me!!!!"
"Very good Sissy....."

What He Wanted

She told me to take care of him while she dressed....
"Take him down to the kitchen Kaaren and give him coffee and whatever else he wants....I have to get ready to go!!!!"
I gave him a nice cup of coffee but when it came to "whatever".....well he was pretty specific about what he wanted.....

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ain't Misbehaving

"Oh hello Ellen.....he misbehaved again.....would you like a turn?"
"I'm just enjoying the show for now.....maybe in a little while!!!"
"Suit yourself....I was just hitting my stride anyway!!!"
"I can tell by the sissy's whimpering!!!"
"It is nice isn't it......."

That First Day

Do you remember that first morning in chastity.....of course as soon as she left, you searched for the key but she was better at hiding things than you thought....
So you figured you'd give it a shot anyway......and shortly after, you fully realized what you had agreed to....and that only made you want to stroke it more!!!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


He came to visit several times a year....and we would both enjoy his visits!!! He always left her happy and me too!!!
He never used a condom with her and I eagerly licked up the cuckold's reward he left for me.....delicious!!!!
But when he came to say goodbye to me he always used a condom.....the last time he was here I asked him why.....and his answer was so simple and so clear....
"You don't deserve my cum Sissy....unless you're licking it from your wife's beautiful, tight pussy!!!!"
Sounded right to me....


Sometimes when I wake her.....he doesn't have to be there...I can smell the scent of him.....of her....and our her bed tells me the whole story....I know she had a great night because I heard them through the walls in my sissy bedroom.....I brought her coffee....and I knew she might be sore so I brought warm towels....she might not be interested in my was always....but of course it was entirely up to her!!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

You Just Never Know

"Kaaren!!!! Can't you stop with that damned computer even when you're peeing?"
"I'm sorry Sweetheart...but you just never know when inspiration will hit you!!!"


Whenever I start to think I'm being treated think she's being a little cruel.....I look at the love and happiness on her face when she checks the cage and all those thoughts melt away.....I live to serve her.....and I need to remember that she wants what's best for me!!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Young Billy was not happy as he slowly climbed the stairs...
This was where all his trouble had begun!!! When the principal caught him looking up the girls dresses as they climbed these very stairs! He had begged her not to but the principal called his Auntie anyway!
Auntie had used her own unique method of punishment!!!
Now here he was with two of the boys that used to be his friends looking up under his frilly dress and seeing his sissy panties and he was embarrassed and humiliated and he prayed that they couldn't see that his little cockette was rock hard!!!

Monday ManCandy

Is it ever enough?
Do you ever have enough you ever have enough breakfast....does it ever last all day.....there's something that will wake you and shake you and it's there just for the asking!!!!
The flavor will stay with you all day and the warmth in your tummy is guaranteed to remind you all day of your creamy breakfast treat!!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Nothing else is like it and nothing else is liked more!!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday is Game Day

Every team had their own way of getting ready for the game.....and Sissy was just proud to be able to do her part to help them work off those game day jitters!!!!

At The Altar's a day of worship at your altar and I'll worship at mine!!!!

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Newly married they had decided that they would share everything equally.....expenses. housework, bank accounts and most importantly....her boyfriends cock....

The Balls

Consider the cute dangling often ignored....
She taught me to always remember them....if I'm sucking his cock I must remember to spend some time licking and sucking his balls....

Just look at them.....they define a man.....but sissies have them too....

Friday, September 8, 2017


I was truly amazed that she could take that big black cock in her ass....
I know her pussy just about drowned me as he fucked her...
I licked it all up....her juices....his cum as it leaked out after....
Now it was my turn.....if she could take it then I guess I could too....I felt him push at my hole and I tried to relax.....

Not True

Of course what it says on the shirt isn't true.....if I ate that much candy I wouldn't fit into any of my dresses!!!!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Birthday Present

Her niece was surprised on her 18th birthday when she opened her gift and found a dildo and a harness....
"What am I supposed to do with this?" she asked.
Soon enough....she found out....

One Thing

Wedding rings are one thing but if you want a real symbol of commitment.....give her the key!!!!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

And Then

"And do you know what happened then?"
"He asked if he could wear my panties!!!!"
"OMG I don't believe it!!!!"
"It's true and when I went to my panty drawer to give him a pair, he said he wanted a pair of my DIRTY PANTIES!!!!!
"Oh no!!!! What did you do?"
"I took off the pair I was wearing and made him put them on!!!"
"I can't believe it.....he was wearing your dirty panties....that's gross....and maybe a little hot too....."
"But the best part is he really likes you.....and I told him how much you wanted him to wear your dirty panties!!!!"
"You didn't!!!!!"
"I did, and he should be here in a couple of minutes!!!!"
"What should I do?"
"Just wait....your panties are in my room .....he'll put them on and we can make him do anything we want from now on!!!!!"