Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Regular Hygiene

She always took great care to make sure I measured up to her standards where my sissy hygiene was concerned and one day as she was making sure I was smooth she paused....
"You know little slip here....this way or that....and we could sell your chastity cage on Ebay!"
"Please....please I'd really rather not!"
I felt the close....
"Alright Sissy....although it's of no use to anyone I guess you've grown accustomed to it..."
"Thank you Sweetheart....thank you so much!"


"There now...we've settled that let's talk about getting rid of all that nasty body hair!"
"But why???"
"Because the panties I bought you will look so much prettier on you when you're shaved nice and smooth!!!"
"I'm not so sure I want....."
"You know what're right...I'm not sure either....I'll make an appointment at the salon and we'll get you might sting a little but I'm sure I'll be happy with the results!!!!"
"Then after we're done we can start talking about when you might have your next orgasm!!!"
"But....I....Yes Ma'am!"

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bedtime Story

Ever since she has decided that I should be her little girl things have she climbs into my sissy bed and reads to me before I sleep...
"You see this picture Sissy....that's Carl and he has eight inches and he likes it when I use my mouth to make him cum!!!! Do you want to see more Sissy?"
I always nod as I suck on harder on the little nipple in my mouth....
She turns the page....
"Oh my you remember sucking this cock??? This was Leroy and he has eleven inches...."


"No I can talk Sissy hasn't fixed my breakfast yet...."

"No it's alright....I have plenty of time before I have to leave...."

"Yes it was nearly split me wide open...."

"Next Monday....I think I can...I'll check my calendar and e-mail you....I'd love to take another ride on that big monster...."

"Yes....Sissy ate it up just like I said she would...."

"Stop're so bad!!!"

"If you want to.....Sissy loves big black cocks almost as much as I do...."

"Alright....let me go I'm getting hungry and Sissy is just finishing up....."

"Me....I'm probably having a couple of poached eggs and some fresh fruit...."

"Sissy....oh well Sissy is having last nights leftovers for breakfast!!!!"

Monday, August 29, 2016

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Even after all these years Billy always gave in.....
When Auntie called and said she'd be staying with him for two weeks he wanted to say no....but he didn't!
When she said she was bringing an extra suitcase of things for him he wanted to say no....but he didn't!
When she took his bedroom and told him to sleep on the couch he wanted to say no....but he didn't!
When she told him what she wanted him to wear he should have said no....but he didn't!
When she told him to bend over the counter he should have said no....but he didn't!
When she told him that he needed this he should have said no....but he didn't want to lie!!!!

Monday ManCandy

In the dog eat dog world of high finance one missed meeting could lead to your downfall!!!! You need energy and you need it fast!!!! Thank god a creamy energy boost is so readily available!!! That tummy full of cream will give you the eye of the tiger and your rivals had better watch out!!!!
ManCandy!!!! You know what you want and you know you're going to get it!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tell Them

"Go ahead Sissy...tell my friends why you're locked in the cage!"
"Because I have a tiny useless little clit instead of a mans cock....I cum too fast and I can't offer pleasure to anyone with it!!!"
When their laughter died down my wife continued....
"Tell them about the last time you had an orgasm Sissy!!!!"
"I don't remember the last time I had an's been a long time....":
More laughter.....
"Tell them when I had my last orgasm Sissy!"
"Last night she came over and over on Tyrone's big black cock....while I knelt and watched!!!"
The laughter seemed so loud......I was totally humiliated....I loved it!!!!


Sissy was sleeping when she came was always a long day...
The first he knew that she was hone was when her wet pussy settled on his face!!!
"Lick it Sissy eat it all...."
As his tongue dipped into the wetness  he could taste them was certainly worth waking for...

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Slowly the locker room quieted as he began to dress....

....but soon after he made a lot of new friends!!!!

A Little More

"Lube him up a little more for me Sissy!!!!"
"I'd love to Sweetheart!!!!"

Friday, August 26, 2016

One Last Check

She made one last check to make certain everything was ready for her date tonight.....she hoped he would come early.....and she laughed.....really...if she wanted a man who came early she had one here already....sitting right here in his bra and panties.....

Water Torture

I want it all but she's only letting me have it one drop at a time!!!!!
Water torture would be easier!!!!! She'll drive me mad!!!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hitching A Ride

The hitchhiker was just too cute to pass by and it turned out we were both headed in the same direction! We made small talk and from the corner of my eye I could see him eying my stockinged legs! I knew this dress was short and I knew that when I sat my stocking tops were visible but I really hadn't planned on having company on this ride!!!!
Tentatively he put a hand on my thigh and when I didn't protest he began to pull up my tight dress! I knew I should say something...I should warn him that maybe all was not as it seemed but his hand felt so, so nice stroking the bare skin above my stocking!!!
Reaching the lacy leg band of my panties his hand slid toward my caged clitty!!! When his fingers lightly touched my satin covered balls he stopped for a moment before slipping his hand fully between my legs and rubbing me softly!!!!
"Let's stop somewhere Kaaren, I'd love to buy you a drink!!!"
"I'd love to!!!" I replied as I noticed the growing bulge in his tight jeans!!!!

Let Me See

Alright Sissy....time for inspection.....

....face down Sissy.....

....let me get a closer look.....okay Sissy you pass but your bottom looks so pale....I'll get my hairbrush and brighten it up when I get home!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


As Sissy looked in the mirror he wondered.....maybe he should keep this on.....maybe his wife would understand....maybe....but it was such a huge risk.....Sissy sadly decided to change back to his drab male self!!!!!

She wondered how he would react....the small shopping bag held tightly.....those red panties were adorable and he would look so cute in them....and they would go so nicely with that cheerleaders uniform he had hidden in the garage....

It Doesn't Matter

It doesn't matter who he is don't have to know....just get that tongue out and taste him!!!!
He knows who you are Sissy and that's what's important....and if he ever wants your mouth again he'll let you know!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I'm Not Sure

I'm really not sure which of these Sissy's I'd trade places with....I think I would probably rather be the one on my knees....but I'd want to be dressed like the other one!!!!! Oh and that little kiss as the panties come down has me ready to cum....damn this cage!!!!

So what about all my sweet readers.....would you rather be the cocksucker or the cocksuckee?
Cocksuckee? Is that a word? If it isn't it should be!!!!! I'd love to hear from you!!!!


"Don't cum Sissy....don't or I'll punish you.....don't think about my hand squeezing you and stroking you....don't imagine my mouth on your naughty little tongue sliding up and down teasing you....don't you dare cum Sissy.....don't you cum thinking about being inside me....almost like a man....feeling my soft wet pussy swallow your tiny clit.....don't cum Sissy...don't you dare!!!!"

Monday, August 22, 2016

Just In

"We just got these in and as soon as I saw it I knew you'd love it as much as I do!"
"It's beautiful....I do love it! Is it the right size?"
"We still have the list your wife left for we're sure it will fit just fine!"
"I'll take it!"
"We knew you're going to look adorable in this Sissy.....your wife is a lucky woman...."

Monday ManCandy

You can tell that this is a four star hotel!!!! The rooms are exquisite, the service is impeccable!!! And when you order your creamy breakfast treat.... always arrives "freshly squeezed"!!!!

ManCandy!!! It's best when it's fresh....get it while it's warm!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Morning

When I went to wake her this morning I was surprised to find her already up!!!
But I paused in the doorway and waited while she took care of herself.....
My clitty tried its best to break the cage but its just not big enough for that....
I blushed when she called out my name when she came!!!!
I cleared my throat after she had a few minutes....
"Time to get up Sweetheart..."
"Oh Sissy...I was just thinking about you......"
"Good thoughts I hope...."
"I was thinking about you making me cum Sissy..."
"Right now Sweetheart?"
She gave me a little smile....
"Right now Sissy!"

Sissy Blogging

She doesn't allow me to close the door when I'm in here so she can make sure I'm sitting like a good girl....but I still have to type up a post for the blog.....hey why don't I just post this.....

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Beach

"I can't help it Sweetheart. it's so small it won't stay tucked between my barely reaches!"
"Kaaren! you are such a sissy! get that little thing under control or else it's back in the cage!!!"

My Wife

"My wife will be down in a there anything you'd like while you wait?"
"Well Sissy your wife told me there is something I really must try....."
"Let me tongue in your ass?"
"No.....I was thinking about a single malt scotch but I like your idea much better!!!!"

Friday, August 19, 2016

Sissy Training - Every Day

"Every day we're going to do this Sissy, do you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"Say it Sissy...tell me what we're going to do?"
"We're going to this.....every day!!!!"
"What are we doing Sissy....say it!!!!"
You're going to do this....."
"Do WHAT Sissy????"
"You're going to fuck my ass every day ....oh god please!!!!!"
"Your ass Sissy? Is this an ass that I'm fucking? If you were a man maybe it would be an ass that I'm fucking but you're not a man at all are you Sissy? So what am I fucking???"
"'re fucking my sissy pussy....oh my god...."
"So what am I going to do with my big dick every day Sissy???"
"You're going to fuck my sissy pussy with your big dick every day....."
"Very good Sissy!!!!"


"OK Sissy....I'm ready......are you?"
"Ohhhhhh yesssssss!!!!"

Thursday, August 18, 2016

I Really Don't Complain

I really don't complain very often.....
I mean....I understand that I am lacking somewhat in my ability to satisfy her.....
I understand why she has dates that come to our home and fuck her while I kneel nearby and watch..
But then there are things that just cross the line....
There are things that make me say..."Oh no. not in my house, not with my wife..."
I mean...I really don't care how cute the Teddy Bear is....I just won;t stand for it!!!!! Fucking bears...they belong in the forest....not in my wife!!!!!!

She Loved This

She loved this....if he came he'd be punished ....but without the cage it was such a temptation....even if she was sitting right there watching.....with the remote control for the vibrating butt plug in her hand!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Good Luck

Tyrell couldn't believe his luck.....when they gave him detention he laughed....when they told him his detention would be in the library....he thought he'd hit the jackpot....but as it turned out working for the school librarian had been far better than he ever imagined......right up until she turned to him with her hard little thing and said.....
"My turn now Baby!!!"

OMG!!! The Key!!!

She loved to tease her sissy husband by dangling the key and building up his hopes for release then, after he had performed for her....after she had cum, she would change her mind and put the key back wherever it was that she kept it hidden!!!!
This morning when she dangled the key, as she did so many times before, she sneezed and it fell from her fingers!!!! They both watched it as it circled the drain and slipped into the blackness!!!!
Sissy was frantically trying to fish the key out, having a very difficult time trying to see through his tears and pleading with her to call a plumber....
She left him there and quietly sat down to have a cup of coffee....she'd wait for him to become really desperate.....maybe another hour or so, before she'd tell him that was the key to her old suitcase!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


She generally approved of my technique.....but she said I had to work on my rhythm!!!

Never Really Worried

I never really worried about our neighbors window allowing a clear view of our deck. After all she was 82 years old and her vision wasn't very good! She had even mentioned the "nice girl" that lived with us to my wife several times.
So I never thought twice about sunbathing in my bikini until I noticed a young mans face in the window peeping out at me!!! Well, I decided, he's already had a good look so there was no use trying to cover up!!!
According to my wife the young man was the neighbors 19 year old grandson and he was staying with her for a few weeks till leaving for college! My wife said I'd obviously have to be a little discrete!
The next day he wasn't in the window at first but after a while I glanced and there he was! I gave him a nice little show as I rubbed my lotion all over myself! Shortly he disappeared.
The next day I didn't see him at all.
The day after I made quite a bit of noise, slamming the deck box closed and clattering some things on the table and sure enough there he was again!!!
I have a feeling the next couple of weeks are going to be fun!!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Just As Pink

My face was blushing just as pink as my dress as I invited her lover into our home!
As I curtsied he began to laugh and it seems that his laughter was contagious because she laughed along with him!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It may come in different packaging sometimes but it is still the same high protein treat you need to start the day!!! Actually it's like adding an exotic unexpected spice to your favorite dish!!!
ManCandy!!!! Sometimes it can be better than wonderful!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Young Billy wasn't happy that his Auntie and his cousins had made him dress and act like a girl but at least one part if him was still all male!!!! They couldn't take that away from him!!!!
"Andrea....go get the chastity device and make sure you bring the lock!"
"Yes Mummy....right away!"
Young Billy didn't know what they were talking about but he was pretty sure he didn't like it!!!

How Pretty

"I never realized how pretty your husband would be in stockings!!!"
"I know...he has great legs!"
"I can't believe how pretty he looks with my cock in his ass!!!!"
"I bet it's almost as pretty as the way his lips look wrapped around mine!!!!"

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Wasn't it enough that she took me to the local pub in a dress?
Wasn't it enough that she humiliated me in front of all the guys I had known for years?
Wasn't it enough that her friends joined in?
When she lifted my dress to show them all my panties....that was enough....the laughter...the absolute humiliation.......despite the cage.....untouched.....I began to cum in front of all of them!!!!!
My male life was officially over!!!!!

Sometimes We Forget

It can get very intense sometimes....there are times when we just get lost in each other and almost forget about him......almost......but hard and hot in my hand...that's hard to forget no matter how much she kisses me!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Beautiful Thing

It was a beautiful thing to watch and Sissy had the best seat in the house!!!!!

How Many

How many of us have had to answer this question at some time?
"They're not whose are they?"

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Your 3 O'clock

"Your 3 o'clock appointment is here Sissy so get that wig on!!!!! And just so you know...he's a spanker...."
His secretary had caught him in panties just a week had it gotten so far so fast????

Perfect Moment

A perfect Sissy moment my wife and I had a couple of nights ago...
"What do you think?"
"It's perfect....he'll love it!"

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Team Spirit

"Who's the best?"
"WE ARE!!!!"
"Who's the prettiest?"
"WE ARE!!!"
"Who's the horniest?"
"WE ARE!!!!!"
"Who's the sissiest?"
"WE ARE!!!!"
"Damn right you are so let's finish those drinks and get back our me that you have the skills!!!!! Who's the best Sissy cocksuckers ever?"
"WE ARE!!!!!"
"Go out there and get on your knees and show me what you've got ...go out there and be champions!!!!

C'mon Sissy

"C'mon me that you're my girl!!!!"

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


"Yes husbands ready for you now!!! I loosened him up for you......"

That Can't Be

"That can't be my husband!!!! Oh my god....He's been here less than a week!!! I never dreamed I'd get results like this!!!!"
"Well as it turned out once our councilors broke through his initial resistance, at heart he had been a little sissy girl all along!!!!" Of course we can change him back if you're not happy...."
"Don't you dare....I can't wait to bring my new little girl home and introduce her to my new boyfriend....he's going to love this!!!!"