Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Number One Again

Yes....it's Christmas season again....and the number one item on my Christmas List is the same as it's been for many years!!!!
I know that she's probably right that all of my chores would suffer if I had one....in fact there's no "probably" about it.....
But I still want one!!!


Kissing is probably the most intimate thing there is....
Others may disagree....but that's how it is for me....
I have sucked and fucked plenty of people....men and women....but I rarely kiss anyone other than my wife....
Sure...I've been kissed lots of times....by lots of people....but I don't count those because they weren't my idea.....I'd go along....but it wasn't the same as a real kiss...
When a man would kiss me I can't imagine how he could enjoy it because I couldn't kiss him back....
I was a little better with women....but not that much better....especially not if my wife was watching....
But when I get to kiss another sissy....that's different....she gets an enthusiastic kiss from me no matter who else is there!!!!
The only uncomfortable part is the chastity cages banging into each other!!!!
But I can live with that!!!

Monday, November 29, 2021

Do I Tell

"So....do I tell my Mom that I caught you sniffing my dirty panties again?"
"No please....please don't tell her....she nearly threw me out last time....I'll never do it again!!!"
"Well maybe I won't....but there's going to be a whole new arrangement between you and me from now on!!!"
"Whatever you want...."
"You shouldn't be so hasty....you have no idea how dark my fantasies can get!!!!"
"I'll do whatever you want...."
"You look a little too eager....let me make this clear....we're going to be indulging my fantasies.....not yours!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You started out this morning all grumpy and out of sorts...
It was going to be a terrible week....you could just feel it!!!
Nothing could make this better....
And then you had a mouthful of pure creamy joy...
Sweet flavor filled you as sweet soft cream slid down to your tummy!!!
Maybe this week wouldn't be so bad after all!!!
ManCandy!!! It can turn that frown upside down!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What the hell is this Sissy!!!"
"Don't get upset Sweetheart....it's a school assignment...."
"Giving my boyfriend a handjob is a school assignment...."
"Well not specifically your boyfriend.....but it's a refresher course for advanced sissies to make sure we haven't forgotten the basics...." 
"So you're just going to use your hand?"
"Yes Ma'am....and then he'll fill out the questionnaire on my technique.....I'm hoping for an A...."
"Alright Sissy.....but after this it's back to school you go....I'm calling the pink bus now..."
"That's alright.....I'm sure I'll be done before it gets here...."

Not Shy

I used to be a little shy....but being married to her has brought me out of my shell....now I know what I want......so I put on a pretty dress and grabbed her favorite strap-on and went to ask her to fuck me....
Today.....she liked the idea and after a few kisses we were off to the bedroom....

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Not Ready

"He's going to be here soon....."
"I'm not sure I'm ready...."
"Of course you're ready now hurry and get dressed...."
"But what if he laughs at me....I'd be so embarrassed...."
"Believe me Sissy....once you've got his cock in your mouth....he won't be laughing!!!"
"But.....I'm not some sissy cocksucker!!!!"
"But you are.....and soon you will prove it to me!!!!!"

A Small Gesture

It's a small gesture from the man who's balls deep inside my wife....
It tells me he understands that I've given up my manhood by allowing my wife to fuck him....
It tells me he's grateful for the privilege of fucking my beautiful wife....
It tells me.....I'm next!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Memory Lane

Her name was Amanda.....we dated in college....and she not only knew about my fetishes....she enjoyed them too....
The one scene that stands out most in my memory....is wearing one of her slips and her wrapping the lace hem around my stiff little dick and telling me how cute it was....
I almost came just from that!!!!
While she enjoyed our fun and games she was looking for something more "man" than me....
I didn't blame her....we had fun together.....but I was never going to be the man she wanted.
I still get Christmas cards from her....and I would love to wear her slip again....
She's the only one of my ex-girlfriends that my wife has ever been jealous of....
She shouldn't.....although I remember Amanda fondly.....she's not the love of my life!!!!


We will be having company for the weekend....a nice vanilla couple that we have known for years....
it puts me in the awkward position of pretending to be just one of the guys....
I can't wear a bra because the straps may show....and I feel naked without it....
There'll be no spankings....but I'm sure she'll keep track of how many I've earned....
She won't have any of her friends to share our her bed....and it'll be up to me to take care of her needs!!!!
But we all know that I'm woefully under equipped to do that....even if she was willing to remove the cage.....
So we had to work around it....

Thursday, November 25, 2021


 The best part of Thanksgiving that's been served on this table isn't the turkey....it's always been the stuffing....I always loved the stuffing best!!!!

The Power of Panties

There are so many things I never dreamed I'd do until that first time I slipped on a pair of panties.....but now I wanted to do them....and so much more!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Hump Day

 Although your response is constrained.....you can appreciate all the effort to seal the deal on Hump Day!!!!


"I'm going to want to examine you again after you've gotten my prescription filled Sissy!"
"What prescription?"
"I'm prescribing a complete removal of all body hair from your chin to your toes...."
"How will that make me feel better?"
"It won't....but it will make you prettier....and isn't that what we all want for you?"
"I guess....."
"I spoke to your wife and her lover and we've all agreed.....and I want to see you in a skirt or a dress next time too!!!"
"You're the doctor!!!"

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Is There Any Better Way

Is there any better way to say welcome home?!?!?!

The Hard Part

"Now that the hard part is behind us....I'm going to put the hard part behind you....go into the bedroom and put on a pretty pair of my panties and I'll be back in a few minutes....and I'll show you how we'll be having sex from now on....."

Monday, November 22, 2021

Job Interview

"So tell me Jeff....where do you see yourself in five years?"
"Where I'd like to be or where I will be?"
"Where you'd like to be...."
"I'd like to be flat on my back....dressed like a whore....with my legs over your shoulders while you fuck me with your big strap-on cock...."
"Well I don't see any reason to wait five years for that!!!!"
And they lived happily ever after....

Monday ManCandy

It happens so quickly....your mouth is suddenly so full....and you do your best to swallow your breakfast treat....but sometimes there's just a little more than you expected....
Just take your time and enjoy it.....you can always lick up the rest afterward....it's like dessert....
ManCandy!!! Dessert for breakfast!!!! What a delightful idea!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Book Lover

 I have never seen a single movie.....seriously not one....that could arouse me more than a talented author....the printed word can carry erotic dreams to a crescendo that exceeds cinema's ability!!!!

Sunday Brunch

After they'd all eaten and all the dishes were cleared....now it was time for the entertainment!!!
They all got to pick one implement....but my darling wife would always kick things off with a nice bare handed spanking....then the ladies would take their turns....
First one to make me cry would be the winner!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Girl Next Door

"I heard your wife telling my Mom that you can't get hard anymore....so I told her that I could get you hard....even if you're a pantyboy sissy....."
"Did she give you the key?"
"No....what key....why do I need a key?"
"Come in and we'll have a cup of tea and I'll show you why I don't get hard anymore...."
It's true....I don't get hard anymore.....but there are times that I really wish I could!!!!


Just Relax

"That's it Baby....just relax....when you're ready....I'll call my Sissy in and he'll take you inside his tight pussy.....and you can fuck him hard....and fill him with your cum....he wants it so bad....and I know you want to cum.....and I want to see you fuck him....just say the word and we can all get what we want!!!!"
"Now....call him now!!!! Please call him now!!!!"


Friday, November 19, 2021


He could feel her lover's hard cock.....hard against his cheek....and she wanted him to open his mouth and let him in.....she wanted him to suck her lover's cock!!!
This was the hardest thing she had ever asked him to do for her!!!!
How could he do it?
How could he suck another man's cock?
How could he do it and convince her that it wasn't something he'd dreamed of doing for years and years?
How could he enjoy it without letting her know how grateful he was that she had fulfilled his fantasy!!!!

Not Allowed

There are times when I'm just not allowed in our her bedroom....there are men who just don't want to have another "man" around....even if I'm wearing fancier lingerie than her....
So she'll usually send me off to bed....and I'll put on my jammies and go back for a goodnight kiss.....but sometimes I have to wait till his cock isn't in her mouth....I don't mind.....Teddy and I are patient....

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Daily Grind

Sure it eats up a lot of my time....but it's time well spent!!
Posting to multiple blogs every day can turn into a kind of daily grind....but I'm more than happy to make that sacrifice for all my lovely readers out there....


He told me it was perfectly normal for me to be wearing girl's clothes....
He told me it was perfectly normal for a boy dressed as a girl to give a blowjob....
He told me that for my first time I should let him show me how he liked it....
He told me it was perfectly normal to choke on his cock as it blocked my air...
And as long as it was all perfectly normal....we did it over and over....
And it was perfectly delightful!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Yes....my little clit is lost in the layers of petticoats....but so what....there's only one cock in our relationship and it certainly doesn't belong to me!!!!

Hump Day

It's so much easier to finalize the deal on Hump Day when you both have so much in common!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021


My wife and I differ a bit on my wardrobe....over the last couple of years I've become a little more age-conscious and conservative in how I see myself....

While my wife has very different ideas of how she wants me....

And of course I recognize that she has the last word....and I really don't mind that she still wants me to be her slutty maid after all this time!!!!!

Hitting Home

The supply chain disruption has affected almost all of us....speaking just for myself....I'm not going to have money for Christmas gifts if the truckers don't come back!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2021


I understand that they're crooked now but they were straight when I put them on!!!!
Those seamed stockings!!!! If I'm not constantly straightening them I'm giving her an opportunity to spank me!!!!
Actually that's kind of a win-win situation for me when I think about it!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Yes....Autumn is here in all its glory and soon winter will be upon us....but there's still time to enjoy a delicious breakfast outdoors in the fresh air....
Fresh air fills your lungs while your warm breakfast treat fills your tummy....
ManCandy!!!! It's the best breakfast no matter what season....it's a year round treat!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - Cancelled

"Sissy....why weren't you on the pink bus?"
"I'm sorry Sweetheart....we had a new student arrive and I was just showing her around and....well....I ended up missing the bus.....I'll see you next weekend...."
"Did you give her the full tour Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma'am....we took in everything...."
"I'll just bet you did....."


Some of us can "pass" in public and some of us can't....one of the tricks to "passing" is to not dress so that you draw too much attention....
In this case.....Sissy drew a little too much attention.....

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Memory Lane

 Her boyfriend was a jock who was dumb as a box of hammers....but he had a nice sized cock...
While I was staying with her I could hear them fucking....and I was jealous....of him....of her....I'm still not sure....
Anyway.....many nights he'd empty his load and fall asleep leaving her unsatisfied....then she'd come to me....
"Are you asleep?"
"You know I'm not....how could I be?"
"Could you?"
"Of course I can....."
And she would allow me the privilege of giving her an orgasm with my tongue....I knew that I was licking up his cum too....but I wanted her to enjoy herself....and I kind of enjoyed it too!!!
Then she suggested that I try it....why not get it straight from the source....you've swallowed his cum dozens of times.....why not just suck his cock?
"I'll get him drunk and he'll never know it was you....but I think you'd like it....and I'll be there to help you....please....just this once....it'll be our secret....."
I could never say no to her....and to be honest....it was one of my deepest fantasies....
Funny thing is.....it wasn't just once....and it wasn't just our secret....
But I was OK with that....and she was OK with being in love with a sissy cocksucker...

The Difference

"He's good with his tongue Sissy....not a good as you....but unlike you....he's got a big cock that he fucks me with after he eats me....you...on the other hand....eat me after I've been fucked with a big cock!!!!"

Friday, November 12, 2021


"It's a good start....so what would you prefer now....I could have you on your knees sucking cocks for me or I could dress you as my pretty little maid....in frills and silks and lace....with your face made up so pretty.....and your lips covered in ruby red lipstick.....which do you think you'd prefer....cocks in your mouth now or a pretty dress?"
"Please Ma'am.....I'd prefer the dress...."
"Alright then....first I'll dress you and teach you all you need to be my little sissy maid....and then I'll have you become a cocksucker....."
"But you said...."
"All I said was that you could suck cock for me now.....or you could suck cock for me after I put you in a pretty dress....either way.....you'll be my sissy cocksucker....do you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am...."

The Power of Panties

I know I should be looking at her....her feminine beauty completely revealed to me....I know I should....but my eyes are locked onto the panties that she casually dangles in front of me....
She does it on purpose....I'm sure she does.....because she knows me so well.....it's an exquisite form of torture.....and I love it.....

Thursday, November 11, 2021


I could see that our neighbor across the terrace was watching a movie about race cars....but I was watching a much more exciting show!!!


"Where are you going Sweetheart?"
"I'm just going to stop in to see how Jim is doing while his wife is away....I'll be back soon..."
"You're so nice....tell Jim I said hello...."
"I'll hurry back and then I'll serve you your lunch!!!!"

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Hump Day

Before you seal the deal on Hump Day make sure you try your best to spin it to your advantage!!!


"You boys are so eager!!!! I'll tell you what....let's make it a contest.....you two suck each other's cocks and the first one to swallow the other's cum wins a special reward from me...."
She stepped back and smiled as they went at each other without a word!!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

At This Point

He looks down and sees two girls in sexy lingerie sharing his hard cock....
At this point he really doesn't care that one of those two girls isn't really a girl....
Really....why would he care when it feels so good!!!!

Around The House

We have a few of those kind....you know...the ones with the suction cup....
She sticks them in various places around the house....
The rule is that when I find one I have to service it for a full five minutes!!!!
The way I service it is up to me....I can suck it or I can fuck it.....
How does she know that I've followed the rule?
Because I wouldn't dream of disobeying....that's why!!!


Monday, November 8, 2021


"No....you weren't disobedient...or bad....and you completed all your chores to my satisfaction...."
"Then why?"
"Because it's time Sissy....in fact you're overdue!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You've got a long day ahead....and you don't have any time for games.....just take your high energy snack and get going!!!!
You can enjoy the flavor all day but for now.....you've just got to get going!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Even when you're pressed for time...there's always time for it!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Almost As Good

When she said the bow was perfect it was almost as good as when I finally learned to hook my bra properly....no matter how many hooks it had....

Sunday Brunch

"Oh no you don't Sissy....you don't get to hide in the kitchen....all my friends want to see if your little clit is as small as I told them it was so you're going to go out there and show them how tiny and useless it is!!!"

Saturday, November 6, 2021


Where did you look first when you looked at the picture below?
Was it her pretty face?
Was it her beautiful hair?
Was it her magnificent breasts?
No...for me....it was that little glimpse of her panties that drew my attention first!!!
I'm curious what it was for you?

Think of Her

"Really Baby....don't think of her as my sissy husband....think of her as a hot slut who wants to try anal for the first time...."
"Well...when you put it that way...."