Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sissy School - Rainy Day

It was a bleak rainy Saturday! Nothing to do, no where to go!
"What do you want to do Leeanne?"
"I don't know Kaaren, what about you?"
"Want to go to my bed and see who can keep their panties on the longest?"
""You know I always lose at that game Kaaren."
"I know...I'm counting on it!!!"

Alright Sissy

Alright Sissy, I know! Isn't he beautiful? And that cock...I know you want it as bad as I you go ahead and indulge yourself sweetie...but don't make him cum Sissy...that's for are so adorable....go ahead for Goodness're practically drooling!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014


The bound sissies eyed the closed door wondering when their wives would return! Their cries muffled by the panties in their taped mouths, they watched the door! What would their wives have when they returned? Strap-ons maybe, or paddles? Maybe a couple of men with big hard cocks?
They heard the footsteps coming and as the door opened their eyes widened! It was what they had both secretly hoped for!

Well What Are You Waiting For?

Well sissyboy, what are you waiting for? Lick up his cum and be quick about it! I told you when we caught you sneaking into our lockers and wearing our clothes that you'd be handling all the blowjobs from now on! So get busy! The rest of the boys are waiting!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I always do my housework in lingerie, well sometimes I wear my maids uniform, but I always wear something pretty. As I was vacuuming the other day I happened to glance out the window and I was very surprised to see the young man from down the street peeking in! And he appeared to be stroking himself as he watched me!
I was so angry that I yelled to him to meet me at the door where I intended to lecture him about boundaries and privacy and inappropriate behavior! Throwing on jeans and a tank top I pulled open the door to let him have it and instead he let me have it!!!

Sissy School - Yearbook Photos

The Sissy School Yearbook Committee had decided to go with candid pictures of the young sissies instead of those stiff posed pictures from years gone by! They had spent several months snapping candid shots of the sissies doing everything from playing ball, to cooking. to reading and so on...and in all that time despite dozens of attempts this was the only picture they ever got of Sissy Kaaren and Sissy Leeanne where both of their mouth's were visible!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Not Too Short

No Sissy, I don't think it's too short! In fact I think all my girl friends will think it's just right! I can't wait for them to get here!!!

It Was For Me

He had wanted me! He had gotten hard for me! He had groaned and called me filthy names! He had gasped and moaned as he came in my greedy sucking mouth! He had tried to catch his breath as I swallowed his sweet cum! He had groaned and twitched as I licked up the last drops! And I looked with some wonder on what I had done! And I wondered if he'd want me to do it again? Maybe in a couple of minutes?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It Was Late

It was late and I thought her date had left so imagine my surprise when he opened my door as I was getting ready for bed! He stared at me and I froze! He had such pretty blue eyes and his cock was a monster! He seemed to really enjoy it when I was fluffing him earlier this evening!
"Is there something I can do for you sir?" I asked.
He laughed softly and closed the door behind him as he pulled down his zipper!


As the head of his beautiful cock pushes into me I hear him gasp as my body involuntarily clenches around him! He is a patient lover though and he waits for the initial spasm to pass before pushing further inside me! When his body is pressed against me and I feel him deep inside me I feel so many things, heat, submission, lust, excitement and mostly full! It's so strange that when he withdraws I feel the emptiness that made me welcome his next thrust even more!

Monday, May 26, 2014



Monday ManCandy - Holiday Edition

Some people have barbeques but the really good friends will serve ManCandy! When you want to celebrate with good friends serve up some warm and creamy ManCandy and they're sure to be lining up for seconds!

Monday ManCandy


Hostess Cupcake

Maybe those Hostess people are keeping some secrets!

ManCandy it's better than cupcakes!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Which One?

"Which one do you like Sissy?"
"I think I like the blue with the white ribbons."
"I think the white is prettier!"
"But I really like the blue sweetheart."
"Let's ask the salesgirl what she thinks Sissy"
"Oh no please, the white is beautiful, I really want the white!"
"OK Sissy, you can have the can have the blue set too if you'll tell the salesgirl that it's for you..."
I really liked the blue....a little humiliation is a small price to pay for really pretty underwear!!!!

Sissy School - Surprises

All week he had been surrounded by young oversexed sissies, flaunting their bodies at the male...and female staff! He had spanked a number of them and each time he felt his desire grow! How could it not? Sweet little bottoms turning pink, then red as the sissy squirmed in his lap....and then there was that Sissy Kaaren! He would swear that she looked forward to being spanked! It was almost as if she allowed herself to be caught disobeying the school rules!
He had heard that this place was where some of the younger teachers went when it all got to be too much...when your hand would just not do! He saw several girls who seemed appealing and then he saw a girl that could take care of him, little plaid skirt and stockings. He could fulfill his fantasies with her and be back at school relaxed, with no one the wiser, by morning!
Decision made he gave her a toot on the horn and as she turned and approached his car he shivered in anticipation! Rolling down his window he was shocked!
"Hi Headmaster!" Sissy Kaaren said reaching in to feel him through his pants, "Fancy meeting you here!"

Saturday, May 24, 2014

You Tell Me

You tell me Sissy if you think my strap-on is too big,,,oh that's right you can't....well that's OK because it feels just right to me!


Rock-a-bye baby
As hard as a Rock
In just a few minutes 
I'll suck your hard cock
And if in my mouth 
You happen to cum
My wife will spank me 
Till I'm red on my bum!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Can I

"It sounds like she's still in the shower, would you like me to get you another drink?"
"No, I want you to get your Sissy mouth back on my big cock while I finish my drink. Then I'm going to go fuck your wife whether she's out of the shower or not!"
"I'm sure she'll enjoy that."
"Don't talk Sissy, just suck!"

Not A Single Place

Sweetie I can't think of a single place on my body where this will fit; but I'm willing to try, all night if necessary, to find one!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

After a Hard Day

After a hard day she really liked to unwind, relax on the couch and have her Sissy take her mind off of her hectic work day!

First Door on the Right

Yes sir she'll be ready in a moment just allow me to make you comfortable until she's ready...

May I just say that your cock is magnificent, I'm sure she's going to love it...

  That's her calling for you now sir, let me get a last taste and then you can go upstairs, it's the first door on the right...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's Special This Time Sissy!

"I know you can't see so you'll never really know for sure....but this time Sissy I'll give you a went to High School with them!"
Them....she said them ...and then I felt hands and tongues and cocks and I was lost....I may never know who it was but it would fulfill some classmate fantasies I had back then!!!!

Hi, My Name Is Kaaren

Hi, my name is Kaaren and my wife is expecting you! Please come in and allow me to undress you and make you comfortable before you take my wife!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Job lost

"Okay Kaaren you can step into the locker room and change and when you're ready come out on the sales floor and I'll show you around"
"So this is the uniform then?"
"No, you'll need to have the matching pants...we don't have your size right now so we'll just go with the shirt for now."
That's what he said and that's what I did and I still got fired!!! Why does this keep happening to me?!?!?!?!?

Guess Who Sissy!

To be pretty blunt about it, I don't give a damn who it is but I'm sure happy they stopped by!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Right Here Sissy

I want you to get on your knees and suck my big cock Sissy. Get it nice and wet because I'm going to fuck you long and deep with it. Right here in front of this window, I want the whole city to see me take your sissy pussy!

Monday ManCandy

While a good morning dose of ManCandy is always a wonderful thing...sometimes it comes from an unexpected source and that only makes it even better! matter the source, it's a beautiful and delicious way to start your week!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

She Was Done!!!!

By the time he left they had been going for more than 5 hours!!! She was just groaning by the time of her last orgasm! She'd probably be really sore tomorrow but for now she was deeply asleep! I would normally clean and soothe her with my tongue but I couldn't disturb her. I kissed her goodnight and went to my Sissy bedroom, I would look after her when she was rested!

At the Pearly Gates

Three Baptist ministers and their wives got into a car crash and died one day. They found themselves standing at the pearly gates together before St. Peter.
St. Peter opened his big book, pointed to the first minister, and said, "You're going to Hell."
"What? Why?" cried the minister.
"Because you lusted after money. You never actually stole any money, but in your heart you were constantly thinking about money. Why, you had money on your mind so much that you even married a woman named Penny. So you're going to Hell."
And in a puff of smoke, the first minister disappeared. St. Peter flipped a few pages in his book and pointed to the second minister.
"You are also going to Hell," he said sternly.
"Why?" said the anguished minister.
"For the sin of lusting after alcohol. You never actually drank any alcohol, but you constantly lusted after it in your heart. You lusted after it in your heart so much that you even married a woman named Brandy. So you're going to Hell."
And in a puff of smoke, the second minister disappeared.
The third minister turned to his wife and said, "Well, Cissy, it's been nice knowing you."


"Oh yes we're doing just fine"
"No Sissy hasn't made a fuss all night...well maybe in the bath..."
"Yes well, we did both get wet while I was cleaning her but that's not a problem, Sissy has been very obedient and is taking care of my wetness problem as we speak!"
"Haha yes! And you were right...just about the best ever!!!"
"OK I've got to go....right now...I'll have her in her nightie and in bed when you get in...."
"Yes Ma'am, and thanks for trusting me with your Sissy!"
"Bye Bye"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

I Have It

What? Oh hi Sissy, I won't be needing your help I have it well in can stay and watch if you want...

It Was Like A Dream Sissy

"Oh Kaaren it was like a dream, he took me to dinner then dancing....then to his place for cocktails and ooohhh Sissy he was dreamy....the way he licked me....he made me cum again and again....and his cock was just nice and big and'd love it Sissy....Next time we'll have him over here for dinner and we can share him....I can barely stand up me out of this dress and then come to bed with can at least get a taste of him and god one makes me cum like you...thank you sweet Sissy for giving all this to me!"
"It is my pleasure sweetheart!!!"

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sissy School - The Curve

Kaaren I have to admit you give just about the best blow job I've ever had! You will be an honor student in "Oral Skills" for sure! However the best grade I can give you is a B, maybe I can stretch it to a B+. I'm sorry but I grade you sissies on the curve and your friend Leeanne has thrown it all A+ for her doesn't seem good enough! I hope you understand?
I understood and as I doubled my efforts I was so happy for Leeanne that I couldn't wait to get back to the tell get her to show me her get her to let me practice with her....

Let Them Laugh

Let them laugh all they want sweetie! They'll be gone in an hour while I plan to spend the next few months turning you into the perfect Sissy maid!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

She Wanted To Sample

She wanted to sample his tongue, she loved when her lovers would give her an orgasm or two before she took him inside her! My job was to make sure he was ready when she was!

I'm Going To My Book Club Kaaren

I'm going to my book club Kaaren I'll probably be getting home late, you don't have to wait up!

Mmmmm Kaaren, I have to go...I'll be late....oh my Kaaren you feel so nice and soft!

Okay Kaaren I guess I'll be late but you better male it worth my while...

Oh Kaaren that's so nice......

Oh Kaaren! Oh Kaaren ohohohoh Kaaren oh my god!

Oh Kaaren lick me clean, I'm dripping down my legs and I have to go!

Thank you sweet Sissy, maybe I'll be home earlier than I thought! No one does that like you! You're still my special girl!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl my friends and I used to laugh at the way the boys would do almost anything to get our attention! They would practically worship at our feet!
I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a sweet Sissy who actually did worship at my feet!
I never dreamed it but I absolutely love it!


Well Kaaren I hope you and your sissy girlfriends had a fun night but it's time to say goodbye for now. Leeanne's ride is here and Jo's ride should be here any moment  so you pretty girls get your dresses on and get going before I have to paddle some cute little bottoms!
Remember I want to check all those chastity cages to make sure there's been no tampering! Anything out of order and you girls can be sure that all three of you will be punished severely!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lunch Date

I borrowed this from your Grandmas Dresser, do you like it Sissy?
Oh yes I like it very, very much!!!

Help Myself

Your wife told me to help myself to anything I wanted in the kitchen Sissy! And you've got just what I wanted!

Monday, May 12, 2014

She Thought So

She smiled as he dropped to his knees to massage her foot. Within a day or two she'd have him in a crisp new Maids uniform serving her every whim!