Monday, May 31, 2021

Couple of Things

 "Sissy....where are you?"
"I'm in the bedroom Sweetheart.....I'll be out in a minute...."
"Oh there's no hurry Sissy....I've got a couple of things I want to show you...."

Monday ManCandy

Sure I might have spilled some....but it's a holiday today and I'm planning on going back to sleep....
I love it.....really I do....and I'll lick it all up later....but for now just a taste and it's back to bed I go!!!!
ManCandy!!!!! Waking up is hard to do....but going back to sleep with a full tummy is easy!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

Finally the lockdowns were being lifted and life was almost back to normal....
But some regulations were still being enforced....the schools medical staff still checked every one of the sissies before they left for home.....and even more important....when they returned to school on Sunday.....


"So you see can cum like this....with a good stiff cock inside you....I hope you enjoyed it because it's the only way you're going to cum for the rest of your life!!!!"

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Just A Little

" look so much like your sister....does she know you wear her clothes?"
"I don't think so ....please don't tell her...."
"Okay....but you have to suck my cock..."
"C'mon....I really don't want to do that....I'm not gay...."
"Yeah....neither am I....but you're pretending to be a girl and girls suck guys cocks so then neither of us is gay...."
"Okay....yeah....that makes sense....but maybe I'll just suck it a little..."

Are You

"Are you going to suck my cock or not?"
"Oh yeah Baby.....I'm going to really enjoy sucking it....I just want to make sure my Sissy husband is paying attention...."
"You two are just so fucking weird....."
"But you like it weird don't you Baby?"
"I guess so....nut how about less talking and more sucking...."


Friday, May 28, 2021


Yes....when we were dating....she did this for me....she used to tell me how cute it was....and's caged...but she still says it's cute!!!!

New To You

"I know that this is new for you Sissy.....let me explain.....this is a cock....not like that pathetic little thing in your need to become very familiar with the cock....because you'll be taking care of so many of them for me.....lets begin.....where do you want me to put this cock inside your mouth or in your pretty little bottom?"
"I"ll leave that entirely up to you Ma'am...."
"That's exactly the right answer Sissy!!!!"

Thursday, May 27, 2021


It was just a casual, neighborly kind of know....just a sissy and the guy next door kind of thing.....the kind of blowjob he's gotten from me so many times before.....but we've been in lockdown and quarantine for so long.....well....I could tell from the slaps on my ass that we needed to take this to the next level!!!!

Are You Sure

"Sissy....are you sure you don't know where my hairbrush is?"
"No Ma'am.....I swear....I haven't seen it since last time...."
"Well Sissy....that's all the worse for you then....."
"What do you mean....."
"Well, without my brush I'm just going to have to improvise!!!"
"Wait...I think I remember where it is now...."
"Too late Sissy!!!!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Hump Day

And then there's one of those Hump Days where you just have to admit that everything is just, absolutely perfect!!!


He was going to give her what she's needed for close to fourteen months...
I was so happy that she was finally going to have a man again....
But she still had some standards....and I was there to make sure he was everything she wanted....
Isn't that what any husband would do?

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Some Would Say

Sure....some would say this was her dominating me....forcing me to worship her beautiful feet....
But that couldn't be further from the truth....
The real truth is I begged to be allowed to do this and she eventually gave her permission!!!

Skirts and Jeans

If you were to just drop in  on us at home it's likely that you'd find me in a dress or skirt and my beautiful wife in jeans and a tee shirt!!!
But I'd say it's a fifty-fifty bet on which one of us would have a cock in our mouth....maybe it's more sixty-forty.....most of the guys still prefer her.....and who can blame them!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Uncle Tony

"I think a few of these panty's in your panty drawer are mine Uncle Tony....unless you're here....within an hour....this pic goes viral with your name and address...."
"Wait Jennifer....I can explain...."
"You can explain with your face between my cheeks kissing my ass!!!!"
"But I....."
"Tick, tick, tick Uncle Tony!!!!"
"I'm on my way!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

When he offered to stay over to fix your breakfast in the morning, you weren't sure that he knew what you liked best.....but you were so pleasantly surprised that he'd gotten the creamy treat just right!!!
ManCandy!!! So easy to prepare and neither of you has to dress for breakfast!!!


Sunday, May 23, 2021


She wouldn't tell me who he was....but as we encountered other men she would whisper to me....
"Maybe it was him Sissy!!!!"
Then she would laugh...
But I wish I knew who he was because I'd really love to have him fuck me again....he was wonderful!!!!!

Sunday Brunch

 "Why are you pouting wanted yo wear your new shoes and apron and here3 you are...."
"Well I was hoping for....a dress too....or just something to cover my bum Ma'am...."
"Well it's too late now Sissy my guests are already time you need to be more specific...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Saturday, May 22, 2021


"Damn it many time do we have to do this?"
"I'm so sorry Ma'am......I forgot....I won't do it again!!!!"
"Sissy when you come into a room that I'm in, you curtsy....why is this so hard for you to remember?"
"I'm sorry Ma'am...."
"Not good enough Sissy....this time you'll be punished!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"



When she asked them both to come home with her this really wasn't what they had in mind!!!
But whoever was still hard would get a chance to fuck her, so they were both enthusiastic!!!
Boys were so easy.....she got so many of them to do this for her....and she loved it!!!

Friday, May 21, 2021


It's what she expects....
It's what she deserves....


The Big Day

All the wives had looked so forward to the big day.....their sissy husbands were the most perfectly behaved sissy maids now.....but today they would all be given their chastity cages....making their training complete!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Logged Off

She'd been working online from 7am and it was almost 8pm before she finally logged off for the day....
I'd been trying to keep her dinner warm since around 6 but I'm afraid it just wasn't going to be very appealing to looked like leftovers already....
"I'm not hungry Sissy....what I need is a stiff drink and a nice orgasm....can you do that for me?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


"Sissy....have you been naughty again? What are all these cum stains doing on your know you're not allowed release without my permission....explain yourself right now Missy!!!!"
"Honest's not mine....I was just holding it for a friend!!!"
"A likely story.....tomorrow we're getting a cage for that little clit...."
"Yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am...."

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Just What I Need

"Oh Baby....this is just what I need!!!"
"But what about your husband?"
"What about him?"
"He's kneeling right over there watching...."
"Yeah....that's just what he needs...."

Hump Day

 Even when you're working from home it's till important to note that Hump Day means you're more than halfway there.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

What To Do

Oh my god....she's home early....and she's got a man with her!!!!! What am I going to do....I can't let them find me like this.....what will she say if she sees me in just my sexy undies....
I may still have a chance to get my dress and shoes on before they get up here....but it's shoes are downstairs and my dress is in her bedroom down the hall....
I have to pick one or the or dress.....I'm not sure...
What do you think?

Almost None

I almost had no gag reflex at all....but the only way I discovered this was to become a sissy it was a win for me no matter how you looked at it!!!

Monday, May 17, 2021


"It's been a pretty intense two weeks since I asked you to wear my panties....look at how far we've should be proud Sissy....I've never feminized a man faster than I did you...."


Monday ManCandy

It's a beautiful day for breakfast on the patio....but you have to be careful....while the fresh air gives you an appetite, you have to make sure not to spill any while waiting for more!!!
ManCandy!!! There's really never enough is there?


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

My wife's lover was very disappointed this weekend....I didn't have time to play....I had to study for my finals!!!

Discovering Strap-ons

Betty had no idea what was waiting for her.....
Ronnie had already perfected her technique on Archie, Reggie, Jughead, Midge and Josie.....

Saturday, May 15, 2021


So many people hate doing the laundry....but I love it....
It's just a matter of having a system....
Empty the hamper into the basket....take the basket your fingers through all the pretty panties.....give them a good sniff....and into the machine they go....


She'd made him grow his hair....
She'd taught him to dress as a woman....
She'd taught him how to wear makeup....
But his last step in feminization...
That one he'd done on his own!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2021


"Are you sure...maybe I shouldn't...."
"'re a need this...."
"But....I'm afraid.....I've never had a man make love to me...."
"Sissy...he's not going to "make love" to you....he's going to fuck you..."
"Is it going to hurt...."
"It always hurts the first time Sissy.....but you'll learn to love it...."
"Will you be there with me?"
"Of course I will....I'll be there right from the start.....until he's finished with you..."
"Are you sure...."
"Yes Sissy....I'm hold still while I get your stockings straight!!!"

Life At Our House

"I'd like some more coffee Kaaren...."
"Coming right away Sweetheart!!!"
"And I'd like an orgasm too...."
"I'll be there right away Ma'am!!!"
"Bring a pillow to kneel on...."
"Thank You Sweetheart....I will...."


Thursday, May 13, 2021

Just Got Home

"Hi Baby....I just got home and I wanted to thank you again for a great night!!!"

"Yes he's here.....he's licking it all up...."

"Yes....he'll get every drop.....he's a good husband...."

"Ha....yes....maybe next time you can feed it to him yourself...."

"Who cares.....I'd love to watch that...."

"Okay....why not....tomorrow night sounds great to me....I can't wait...."

"Until then Baby...."

Real Girls

"Sissy....real girls don't wear stockings and garter belts to bed unless they're planning to play with someone special...."
"But're very special to you want to play?"
"I always want to play, Sissy!!!!"
"Me too.!!!!"
And then we got under the covers.......

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


"Hey, what's going on.....usually your sissy husband licks up all my cum?"
"He's being punished so all he gets to do is watch me eat it all up...."
"You two are the freakiest people I've ever know that!!!!"
"But you enjoy it don't you?"
"Oh you know it Baby!!!!!"

Hump Day

It's Hump Day already and things are definitely looking up!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I'm Sorry

"I'm sorry Gentlemen but my wife is still in a Zoom Meeting.....can I get you a drink?"
"Yes....thank you....I'd like a Scotch and a Bourbon for my associate...."

"Here you are is there anything else I can do for you while you wait?"
"Well there is one more thing...."


There's only one thing I need in the morning.....well actually there's two things I need in the morning and they're both delicious!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2021

There Was A Time

There was a time when she would have been far too shy to do this while I watched....
But after she locked my little clit in chastity she insisted that I watch...

Monday ManCandy

When the Theme parks re-opened you were right there at the front of the line....
You had booked a room in the fanciest resort they had....after all you'd been saving up for it for almost a year!!!
But you weren't there for the rides, or the events, or the characters.....or any of were there for one reason only....
They had the absolute best breakfast service anywhere!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Makes your mouth into the happiest place on earth!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sunday Brunch

I knew that her guests were coming over and that she'd promised them all something special for Mother's Day....but I hadn't realized that this was what she meant!!!!
Her sister and I never got along very well but that didn't mean she wouldn't be first in line!!!
And after her fourteen more to go....


"If you want to get a housemaid at a discount price....I have this you can see her clit had to be caged to prevent her from playing with it....and while she doesn't currently have a vagina she does have an alternative hole which is always available....and I have to tell you that she's very enthusiastic when it comes to oral service...."
"Sounds good to us....wrap her up....we'll take her...."


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Not Much

"It's not it Sissy?"
"No Ma'am...."
But it's a cock still....isn't it Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am...."
And where do cocks belong Sissy?'
"In a Sissy's mouth Ma'am...."
"Exactly so please put that pathetic cock where it belongs...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Like Him

Sitting on her bed watching her dress for her date....
"I think you'll like him Sissy....he's nice and funny and he's been just everywhere....and he has great stories.....and he has a nice big cock Sissy....and he told me you could suck it if you wanted to....isn't that nice....I can't wait for you to meet him...."
And she went on about him for a few more minutes until the doorbell rang....
And he was all that she promised and more....and yes....I wanted to....

Friday, May 7, 2021


Even the most dedicated Sissy has to come up for air eventually!!!!!

That Dress

"You're wearing that green dress again know that dress makes me crazy..."
"I know you like it....that;s why I wore it...."
"You sexy little bitch.....I'm going to fuck you so hard...."
"I was so hoping you would....."
Then she was on me.....she can be so aggressive sometimes....and god how I love it!!!!