Friday, January 31, 2014

That Moment

Just looking at her face at the moment he enters her I can see the pleasure! I can tell he's filling her more than I could ever dream of and that she loves every inch as it slides into her. Even so it's me she's watching and as I smile she loses herself to the pleasure of his big cock!

Excellent Technique Kaaren

Sissy you have become the perfect little cocksucker.You've remembered to make eye contact, you know how men love to look into a sissy's eyes as she shows her devotion!   I love the tongue work and he does too! Considering how he's moaning I think you'll be getting his sweet cum any time now!

Operators Are Standing By

Every Sissy knows how many times a man at his peak of excitement will miss the target and you spend the next half hour licking cum off the floor, the refrigerator, the curtains and so on...
Introducing the new "Can't Miss Cum-Catcher", by SissyKaaren Inc. Almost a complete guarantee that you "Won't Miss A Drop!" now operators are standing by!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ever Since The Fire

Ever since we had the fire last month I've had this as one of my favorite fantasies! We haven't been able to make a date yet with our brave Lieutenant but in my mind I see him dozens of times a day!!!

It's Like The 4th Grade

Remember when Sid Morovich  made you laugh in the lunch room and the milk came out of your nose? Well this is almost like that only it's not milk and no one's laughing!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Was Waiting

I stopped off at her office to pick her up and just as she was ready to leave her boss approached her and told her he needed her for an important meeting before she left! Staring at me he slid his hand up her skirt until he was rubbing her through her panties!
"It won't take too long and I'm sure your husband won't mind waiting...will you?"
His stare challenged me until I bowed my head and said, "No I don't mind I'll just wait out at the reception desk."
As they turned toward his office I heard him chuckling and her giggling and gasping!

And What Happened Then Sissy

And what happened then Sissy?

Really, he did that?

That must have been so embarrassing for you...

How big?!?!?!?

"Oh yeah Sissy, tell me more!

No I can't wait till you get home, tell me more now!

Don't Look So Nervous Sissy

Don't be afraid Sissy, with pretty little nipples like yours you're going to love this! I know I will!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WhenI Catch You

When I catch you staring like that I it my pretty legs you're craving, or perhaps my lovely shoes,  or is it the key? Come here and kneel down and explain what you're thinking right now Sissy! Tell me which you desire most and tell me why!

Mind Your Manners Kaaren

Kaaren you really must mind your manners. In this house we always take care of our guests first! But hurry because I'd like to be cleaned up before he fucks me again!

Oh My Sissy!

"Oh my goodness Sissy, look at this large dildo I have here! Hot pink and so, so big! Wherever shall I put it?"
Just looking at it made my jaw drop, she laughed seeing my open mouth.
"Well your mouth is one option Sissy but I think I'd prefer to see it go somewhere else. Take down your panties I'll find a place to put it!"

Monday, January 27, 2014

All You Have To Do

I love how your tiny little clit looks in it's new cage but the final step is up to you.
All you have to do is click the lock shut to prove your devotion and submission. I'm allowing you this one last choice. But remember once you surrender control to me I'm not giving it back! Not ever, this is not a game! Think about it.


Monday ManCandy

Some are purists and prefer their ManCandy straight and plain. Although  that's wonderful, variety is the spice of life so I like my ManCandy blended and flavored with some delicious LadyCream! It is just the perfect combination of flavors...if you don't believe me then try it for yourself....Mmm Mmmm Good!

Things Change

It doesn't matter that he was the star athlete in school and she was just a cheerleader because once she had penetrated him their relationship changed forever! Every time he looked at her he heard her voice whispering in his ear, "You're my sissy bitch now!"
Once she had taken his cherry he belonged to her!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

She Caught Me

She caught me peeking but I couldn't help it...I mean he was gorgeous and she was moaning so loudly I really just had to see! I know she'll find some way to punish me but for a glimpse of his fantastic cock sinking into her and the look of absolute pleasure on her face any punishment will be worth it!


There were so many years where she wouldn't say what she wanted and there were so many years that I didn't either. I knew she was sensitive there when I would "accidentally" slip my tongue there while I was eating her sweet pussy.
One night I threw caution to the wind and just went straight for it and after her initial surprise she was very enthusiastic! She had worried about making me feel dirty and I had worried about making her feel the same!
Turns out that we both feel dirty and we love it!

Feel It Kaaren

Feel it Kaaren! Feel it as it fills your sissy pussy! Feel every inch of my cock as it slides in and out of you! That's me filling you up Sissy, that's me taking what's mine! You belong to me, whenever I want you, however I want you! That's it moan like the little sissy bitch you are! My little Sissy Bitch! My Special Girl!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well There Was One Little Thing

Well there was one little thing I guess I should have mentioned before the ceremony, but honestly didn't you wonder why it was only handjobs and blowjobs while we were engaged?

Watching My Diet

I have to watch my diet constantly, I have so many pretty clothes that fit me tightly that an extra pound or two will mean that they don't fit!
Salads instead of steaks, yogurt instead of ice cream, steamed vegetables instead of sandwiches...
But there's always room for a high protein midnight snack, served by my lovely wife while it's still nice and warm...after all the sacrifice, a Sissy is allowed to indulge now and then!

Do You?

"Look Sissy, he's nice and hard already, I could just take him straight to our bedroom and fuck him right now! He has a really nice cock Kaaren, so nice and warm, and oh so hard already! I'm sure he can't wait to slide it into my wet pussy and make me scream all night! But I think if you really wanted to I would allow you to suck it for a few minutes, I know how much you enjoy that! Would you like that Sissy? Would you like to get down on your knees and suck this nice cock for a few minutes?"
"Yes please Ma'am" I was already slipping down from the couch onto my knees, my mouth watering.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Betty Took Special Note!!!

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They had gone on for hours, or so it seemed. When she finally called me to "clean up" she must have had a dozen or more orgasms judging from what I had heard!
Her sweet pussy was so tender I had to use just the lightest touch as I licked up what her lover left for me. He dressed as I tended to her, Finally she had a small orgasm on my soft probing tongue before pushing me away.
I saw her date to the door...what was his name again...I had forgotten wasn't important to me....I said "Thank you sir on behalf of my wife and myself, get home safe."
He gave a small laugh and left without a word...sometimes it's like that after they cum...they want to remember her but not me, the sissy who sucked him till he was rock hard.
I locked the door and checked the house before going to my Sissy room and changing into a pretty nightie. When I came to her bed she was snoring softly...she's so damned cute...and I noticed she had rolled over onto "my" side of the bed. When I climbed into bed I realized that she had left me lying in the "wet spot" left over from their time together! I listened to her soft sounds as I slowly drifted off to sleep. A happy and content Sissy!

A Good Sissy Maid

A good Sissy ladies maid is attuned to her Mistress' needs and is ready to provide any service that will please her whenever needed!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Has The Prisoner Talked Yet?

"Has the prisoner talked yet?"
"All he has said is that his name is Kaaren, his rank is Sissy and he is less than 4 inches!"
"That's all?"
"Well he asks to be "fucked harder" and he screams for more ..."
"is that all?"
"Well I think the 4 inches is a bit of an exaggeration! but good luck anyhow. I don't think we'll crack this one!"

She's So Beautiful

She's so beautiful that it makes me want to cry, not from sorrow but from thankfulness that this woman has a space in her heart for a sissy like me!

I Had a Hard Day Sissy

"I just want to take off my shoes, stockings, skirt and panties and kick back and relax for a while! You don't mind do you?"
"Good I'm glad you agree, a little more tongue please....oh yes that's lovely...keep doing that...."

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

He Pulls Me Aside

As I was walking back to my desk he pulled his door open and asked me to come into his office. You're the temp filling in for Donna he asks. I nod my head.
Good he says as he pulls me to his desk and bends me over it! He pushes my dress up to my waist revealing the pretty lingerie my wife had me wear today. Nice he says as he rubs my ass through the soft lacy panties,
It's two o'clock and I always fuck Donna at two o'clock. I gasp as his finger hits my sissy pussy!
It'll be a little different but I think you'll enjoy filling in for her he said! He started to pull down my panties as I began to grind back against him! Oh yes Office Temp work can be very interesting!

Isn't This Better Sissy?

You spend too much time on the computer Kaaren I was waiting for you for over 5 minutes! Let me remind you...when I tell you to come! Maybe when I tell you to come you might even get to cum...if you're a good girl!

Really Sissy?

Really Sissy, why on earth did you think I wanted you to invite Darrell to come over? Sure I wanted to have his big black cock but even more than that I wanted to see that big black cock in your mouth!
Now get busy, I can't wait to see his cum dripping from your lips my sweet little cuckold!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let's Have Pizza Tonight Kaaren

It's been a while since I ordered a pizza delivery but I was impressed that the man on the phone remembered me! He told me he'd make one extra special just for me and deliver it himself! Now that's the kind of service that deserves a big tip!

On A Cold Winter Morning

On a cold winter morning, when the temperatures are far below freezing  I do my best to heat her up and start her day with a smile!

Do I look Like A Slut?

Well Sissy, you want to know if you look like a slut just because your lips are covered in the cum of a man you met a half hour ago? Of course you look like a slut, but you already know that you dirty girl, you just like to hear me say it, don't you? Now come here and kiss me you little slut and let me get a taste of him too!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Kaaren Time To Update

Hurry Kaaren, start licking up his cum while I get a few shots to update your Facebook page!

Monday ManCandy

Even when you have a busy, busy Monday and you find yourself all tied up, there's always time for a little ManCandy! It adds flavor to the rest of your day!

Don't You Dare

Don't you dare cum in my can earn the right to cum...but you haven't done it yet!
 You want to cum baby...I know I can feel how hard you are....You have to earn it baby....Let me see you on your knees sucking a big cock...that's what I want to see....Sucking a big fat mans cock in your sweet little mouth....don't cry can cum soon....just as soon as you give me what I want....give it to me baby...let me have what I want...Suck cock for me...Give me what I want and I'll give you what you want....Give me what I want...You can cum then...Give me what I want....
He sagged against her in surrender, his need overwhelming everything else!
She had won!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Is Game Day Sissy

I thought we should do something special for the championship games don't you agree Sissy?
Cruel? I gave you a knee pad didn't I?

I Want You

"I want you so badly!" I said as I held her close, my hands stroking her soft body through her satin lingerie.
"And I want you too Sissy!" she replied, pulling me close to kiss me.
Her lips on mine, her sweet tongue teasing mine, her hands all over me, making me wild with desire, making me moan her name.
Catching my breath I looked into her eyes, I could see lust, but there was more...there was understanding and love there too! There was a lifetime of experience that allowed her to understand me more than anyone. And her soft smile as she met my gaze told me she saw the same in mine!
I slid my hand toward her panties as I felt hers sliding toward mine...I savored the feel of every inch of her nylon covered thigh under my fingertips as I felt hers lightly stroking mine! My excitement built as I slid my hand past her stockings and felt the heat of her thighs, so close, so close...I slipped my hand upward and felt her through her panties, obviously aroused. rubbing her sex through her panties I hear her gasp even as my mouth covers hers in a deep kiss! I feel her throbbing under my hand and I know that this time I'll have her! This time I'll make her cum! This time I'll have ...this time I'll...this time...
I woke up crying in frustration! My wife asked if I'd had a nightmare as she tried to soothe me...
"Not exactly, it was wonderful until it ended to soon!"
"Dreamgirl again? I'm getting jealous." she said, but smiling thank god!
"Yes, but it's just a dream, you know it's you I love."
She smiled and cuddled closer, "It's alright Sissy, go back to sleep and dream all you want. I'll be here when you wake up."

She Was An Artiste

I understood just how he felt as he begged her over and over to let him cum. My clit stirred in it's tight cage as I watched her bring him to the edge time and time again. I could probably make him cum with one lick but he was her toy and sometimes she doesn't like to share!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What Difference Does That Make

What do you mean whose cum is that? Maybe your best man, maybe an usher, maybe your brother...what difference does it make? Just get on your knees, Sissy, and lick it all up!

No More Google+ for you

Much like the man who leads you on, promises you the world, swears to be yours forever and then brutally dumps you, Google+ is dumping me! I have apologized and pointed out that I didn't really do anything wrong but I am still suspended! It's enough to make me cry!
So all of you sweet readers out there who have added me in your Google+ circles and haven't heard back it's because of them, I have no access to my G+ account and THEY will probably delete it soon. I don't want to lose all you beautiful people so please go to my new blog at my Google+ account is suspended here but still active there!

Fluffers Challenge

Kaaren, he's so big! He's going to fill me like never before! How much of him do you think you can take?

Let him slide into your hot mouth Sissy, doesn't he taste good?

I love how that looks, let him into your throat Kaaren, just like we've practiced! 

Get your last licks in Sissy, in a few minutes he'll be pounding my pussy for the rest of the night! You can sleep in your Sissy bedroom tonight and listen if you want but no peeking!

I lay awake most of the night, savoring the flavor but even with her moans and cries I eventually slept! Hopefully he'd stay for breakfast...hopefully he'd BE my breakfast!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014


"I'm a doctor, a policewoman, a princess and an astronaut, so when I say you're my bitch you better get ready to bend over Ken!

Wow You're That Sissy

So you're Sissy Kaaren, I'm a big fan of your blogs. I can't believe that you've been right here under my nose all this time! I'll tell you what let me give you something nice to blog about right now!

Who Gave You These?

Who gave you these? Was it your sissy husband? Spread your pretty legs and I'll give you something your sissy husband can't!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's Alright Sweetie

Look at you so soft and smooth, these sweet nipples so responsive to my touch. Don't worry about your clothes, I have lot's of things for you to wear at my place. I'm sure I can find just the right thing for you to slip into!

Not What You Expected?

Not what you doesn't matter because since I laid eyes on you this is exactly what I expected! Get used to it Sissy!

You Greedy Sissy

You know he's ready Sissy, take him out of your mouth and put him in my pussy right now! You can clean up after.