Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is It a Deal?

"I want you to come home with my husband and me.....he's going to suck your cock and then I'm going to fuck you!!!!! Are you okay with that?"
"Well I don't know about that part with your husband sicking me....I've never had a man do anything like that to me..."
"Do you see that pretty blonde sitting next to you?"
"I've had an eye on her.....she's hot stuff....not as hot as you Baby!!!"
"That blonde is my husband....still have a problem with him sucking your cock?"
"No....Not at all..."

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday ManCandy

Time for your check-up!
Everything looks OK!
Okay then here you go!
Rinse but don't spit!!!
ManCandy!!! 9 out of 10 dentists agree that regular doses along with brushing and flossing should be a regular part of your oral routine!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

When You're Done

"Alright Kaaren, when you're done come back to the table! That's four of us that owe you a drink!!!"
As I finished him off I heard the bathroom door swing open....
"Kaaren? Kaaren are you still here? I have something I want you to do....don't worry...you take care of this for me and I'll buy you a drink!"

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sissy School - Scolding

Sissy was becoming more and more frustrated as the scolding went on and on! That was why she preferred it when the headmaster spanked her....few words before he got down to "business"!!!
She was ready to pull up her skirt....she was ready for the paddle....she was so close....
But the endless scolding just wet on and on......this was sissy hell!!!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Not The Guy

For those of you who are considering giving up your sissy cherry I have some advice....
Don't give it up to this guy!!!! This guy you have to work your way up to.....believe me....start small and build up.....you'll be happy you did!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017


As his sisters fussed over him to prepare him for his first date they kept asking him questions....
"Do you need panties or will they just be in the way?"
"Do you want heavy lipstick so you can see it when you kiss him?"
"Are you going to fuck him....I can put a small bottle of lube in your purse?"
"Are you going to suck his cock? You have such a pretty mouth it would be a shame if you didn't!!"
"Don't you love this dress....it's the perfect dress to wear when you give up your cherry!!!"
He sat just getting more and more excited as they peppered him with questions.......
When the doorbell finally rang his date had absolutely no idea of the sexual bombshell that was about to hit him!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


"Sweetheart...I have the ice...."

"Sweetheart...please open the door..."

"Sweetheart......I think I hear people coming....please let me in!!!!!"


In the room she laughed wickedly......she knew Sissy loved the humiliation.....and she was quite prepared to provide it!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2017


Well.....all I can say is that when we put our blanket down on the beach we quickly became the center of attention!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oh Yeah Baby

"Oh yeah Baby....I'm going to fuck you so hard....are you ready Baby?"
"Oh yes....please fuck me fuck my sissy pussy....please!!!!"
"OK Baby here it....oh wait Sissy I have a text from my boyfriend!!!!"
"Please let it wait I need you now...."
"Patience Sissy, he wants me to call him.....I'll be right back!"
"Sissy.....some day your maybe you'll understand....when your man calls....you answer or he starts calling someone else!!!!"

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Come Here

"Oh my god Sissy....come here....watch.....this is how a man fucks a woman....."
I watched.....and my little clit tried it's best to get hard....caged away it was useless.....but it was useless before the cage too....
That big cock was splitting her wide open and I was looking forward to cleaning her after he filled her with his hot cream!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017


"Attention....attention everyone.....will my sissy husband Kaaren please come to our room for his.....afternoon exercise!!!! Anyone wishing to watch please contact me in room 605!!!! Thank you!!!"

Thursday, February 16, 2017


"Can I come in now....I think I hear someone coming!!!!"
"Oh my god Sissy!!! I completely forgot you were out there....yes come in....he made quite a mess of me and I need you to clean up!!!!"
"Glad to!!!"

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017


I knew that if we were caught I'd be the one that was humiliated!!!
No one complains about seeing a beautiful woman baring her pussy but plenty of people complain about a sissy roaming the hallways!!!!

Going to be Traveling

My wife and I are going on a road trip vacation for maybe about 8 or 9 days so I'll be away from my desktop full of magic for awhile.....I'll try to post at least daily but it really depends on what's happening that day!!!!
But don't forget me my sweeties.....I will be back before you know it!!!!
In the meantime she's handing me the keys.....the car keys only unfortunately....

Monday ManCandy

After a weekend of over indulging the best cure for that hangover is a good dose of vitamin C.....coupled with a healthy serving of protein!!!
ManCandy!!!! When your head isn't the only thing throbbing!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I Know

"I know you've been wearing my panties so don't try to deny it....."
"No honey I...."
"Don't lie to me!!!! You've been lying to me for too long already!!!!"
"But I...."
"I know you wear them but what i don't understand is why you only wear the dirty ones....I have a drawerful of panties but you only take them after I wear them.....why is that?"
"I...it's hard to say!"
"Try harder!!!"
"It's the scent.....I love the scent of you!!!"
"That's flattering...and kind of hot.....so it's just the scent of my pussy that does it for you?"
"And the..."
"What? I didn't hear you?"
"And the taste...I love the taste of you too!!!!"
"And that's all....you're not gay or anything?"
"No Sweetheart I love only you!!!"
"Well then I have some thinking to do.....you just keep these in your mouth until I decide what I'm going to do!!!"
"Thank you Sweetheart!!!!"


"Pretend all you want Sissy, we both know you want to get down on your knees and suck this cock! Sooner or later you won't be able to stop yourself...sooner or later you're going to take a cock in your mouth and become the real sissy you were born to be!!!!"

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Housekeeper

"Whose panties are they?"
"My....My wife's..."
"And does she know you wear them?"
"Well since she's not here I guess it'd up to me to punish you for this!"
"As long as you don't tell...."


When I went to wake her this morning he was gone....the bed smelled of his cologne and sex.....I had heard them still going strong until sleep finally overcame me.....I was in dreamland while another man was fucking my wife....just across the hall....
I wonder if she showered after or will I get to taste them when she wakes....I slip into the bed.....into his spot.....and I feel the wet spot next to my hip....this is where he fucked her.....this is where she came on his cock.....this is where he poured his cream into her!!!
As I snuggled against her she almost woke....
"Is that you Sissy...."
"Yes Sweetheart....it's very early....go back to sleep..."
"Hold me Sissy I was dreaming about you...."
I put my arms around her and held her.....after fucking him all night she was dreaming about me!!!! If I could have gotten hard in the cage I would be hard as a rock now!!!

Friday, February 10, 2017


"It's funny that sometimes I find my panties are stretched and don't fit me anymore.....do you know anything about that?"
"What....me....why would I have anything to do with that....maybe it happens at the laundry..."
"I guess....maybe that could explain it.....I'll tell you what....why don't you just put these on and let me see if they're stretched to your size!"
"What!!! I'm not going to put on your underwear...."
"My panties...."
"Hmm....say it....say you won't put on my panties!!!"
"I won't.....put them on!!!"
"Look  at you....you're sweating.....you can't even say the word "panties" can you?"
"Of course I can....I uh..."
"Put them on right now....I want to see you wearing my panties!!!"
"I won't...."
"You will....and you'll do it right now sissy pantyboy!!!"
"Now I said!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

The Camera - Sissy Training

"Are you getting this? I don't want to miss a second!!!"
"Oh yeah I've got it all in perfect focus, feel free to make him start sucking anytime!"
"Alright then Sissy....before you start sucking that cock you should thank my baby sister for recording this for us all to review later!!!"
"Yes Ma'am.....thank you for recording me Ma'am!"
"For recording you doing what Sissy?"
"Thank you Ma'am for recording me sucking his cock!"
"You're welcome Sissy....!
A recording of the first time is a wonderful teaching tool and a wonderful home movie that you can play again and again as the years go by!!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Now That's Perfect

I love your little red dress....just perfect for a little sissy girl like you.....and your cute little lacy socks look so pretty with your slutty red shoes.....and that lovely big bow in your hair just makes you look almost like the perfect little sissy slut....but there's still something missing.....what could it be???
Oh I know what you need.....you need to have a lovely big cock in your mouth....now that's the perfect look for you!!!

Alright Sweetie

"Alright Sweetie.....one kiss then go put on something pretty and if I have time I'll help you with your makeup!!!!"
"Oh yes.....Thank you so much!!!!!"

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wait Wait Wait

"Alright Sissy.....almost ready....wait....wait....wait.....okay now go ahead honey....suck his cock for me.....I want to video every moment....my friends will be so jealous....none of their husbands will do this for them!!!!"

It Didn't Take Long

It didn't take long.....uncaged and ready almost immediately she used her magic wand to drive me almost to the point of ecstasy.....
"Alright Sissy.....now a nice cold shower and it's back into the cage and you can put on something pretty for bed!!!"
I once would have argued, begged, cried, pleaded......but now....
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!"

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I Knew

Of course I knew he was watching but what was I to do?
If I didn't make the bed I'd be over her knee with him watching!!!!
What I really didn't expect was his two hands grabbing my hips.....I thought he was in a hurry.....but judging by how thoroughly he fucked me......leaving me sprawled on the bed with his seed dripping out of me.....he had some time to spare!!!!

Your First

"So Sissy....your wife tells me that you're wearing a bra for the first time.....is that something you really wanted to do?"
"Yes Ty, I love the feel of the bra...it makes me feel like a girl!!!!"
"And she tells me that this is the first time that you're going to suck a big black cock! Is that right Sissy?"
"Not exactly....."
"But your wife said....."
"Well she's kind of right.....yours is the first big black cock that she's going to see me suck!!!!
"So, you've had practice Sissy?"
"Just wait and see Ty....I'm sure you'll be satisfied!!!!!"

Monday, February 6, 2017

Taking So Long

"What's taking so long Sissy.....I'm getting tired of waiting!!!"
"I'm having a little problem with this plug Sweetheart...it's very big I, unnnggghhh, don't know if I can get it all the way in......."
"Sissy....you can get it in or I will....either way I'm done waiting...."
"OooooooK! Sweetheart, it's in, let me just fix my lingerie and I'll be there in a minute!!!"
"Going right over my knee Sissy!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday ManCandy

There's only so much time to get ready and you really can't afford to waste a minute.....lateness is just not an option for you....you hold yourself to a higher standard and you expect the same from those around you!!!!
You need to make sure every moment is optimized and nothing is wasted!!!
That means your morning treat must be delivered in the most efficient way possible....you don't have the time to spare for messy clean-ups in the morning.....later....you could enjoy it more leisurely but for now.....well...let's go....
ManCandy!!!! Can't spare a minute....can't miss a drop!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday is Game Day - Superbowl

"Keep going Sissy....you have twenty more minutes to go!"
"But Sweetheart, the guys are all coming in ten minutes...."
"Just consider yourself part of the pre-game show Sissy!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Her Sister

 My wife's sister wanted to degrade me, humiliate me, emasculate me, fuck me.....and I just couldn't wait...

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Sometimes I buy everything a size too small just so anyone who cares to look can see....


She once asked me if I liked anal sex.....I told her I had never had the pleasure....
So now she makes sure I get my fill!!!!
She loves anal....he loves anal.....and I....I guess if truth be told....if this is anal....then I love it too!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2017


I always put women on a pedestal....
It allows me to show proper respect....
It allows me to submit to her superiority....
It allows me to show her my submission.....
and most importantly....
It allows me to peek up her skirt and see those pretty panties that I love so much!!!!


"It's only temporary Sissy...just for a couple of days.....don't you think you could let me have control for a couple of days?"
"Well OK I guess if it;s just for a couple of days...."
"Thank you Sissy.....I'll release you when the time is right!"
In the years that passed the right time became less and less frequent....but my devotion to her became deeper and deeper!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017


"Oh yeah Sissy....fuck me harder.....oh yeah like that.....deeper....fill my pussy with your hard cock!!!!!"
She looked down into my eyes and rather than cumming she started laughing!!!
She laughed until tears fell from her eyes and I had stopped even trying to fuck her!!!
Slowly she stopped and caught her breath....
"I'm sorry Sissy.....I looked at you and I realized what I was saying and I just couldn't help it!!!! You can start fucking me  again now!!!"
But it was pointless as she had rolled over on her side, leaving my latex cock waving in the air, as she laughed and laughed!!!!

I Sometimes Wondered

When I sucked cock for her I sometimes wondered which of us enjoyed it more.....

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Services

Obviously he had everything well in hand so I slipped away to catch up on some of my housework while he fucked my wife....I did peek in every couple of minutes to see if my services were needed!!!

Overnight Guests

If her lover stayed overnight I would always make sure his suit was steamed, his shoes were shined and his cock was well and truly sucked!!!! I felt that I owed him that much to repay him for the pleasure he had given my wife.....it seemed fair to me!!!!