Friday, February 28, 2014

Just For You Sissy

Here you go Sissy, you can taste me while you suck on this while I fuck your cousin Anthony! He has the nicest cock in your family!

Sissy School - Her Favorite Teacher

As Sissy Kaaren applied the finishing touch her favorite teacher held on to her for support.
"There you go Mr. Evans, I knew I could make you look beautiful! Your own wife wouldn't recognize you now! I knew you must be a sissy at heart just from the sweet way you treated us in class."
"This must remain our little secret Kaaren, Just between you and me....please", the teacher pleaded as he tottered about on his high heels trying to get used to walking in them.
"Sure Mr.E!" grinned the young sissy, "Just you and me and the Varsity Basketball team from St. Dunstan's! I told them my older sister and I would meet them in the locker room!"
"Kaaren, please.....I can't!!!!"
"Sure you can Mr.E! They have lovely big cocks and they love to have a sissy suck on them!"
"Kaaren." he said in a whisper, "You'll never tell...will you?"
"Oh Mr. E why would I tell stories about one of the best teachers I've ever had? But tonight I'm the teacher! You watch me and do what I do, OK?"
He nodded and they left together smiling....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yes Sweetheart I'm Here

Yes sweetheart I'm here, at the back door of St. Dunstans Prep, now what?

Yes I'm still wearing what you laid out for me...

It's 2:40 why do you ask?

No, Like I said, only what you laid out so I'm not wearing panties...

Get on my hands and knees? Yes sweetie I can do that.

Wait like this until I hear the bell?

I hear it now and....oh my god....thank you...thank you....mmmmph....

Cuckolds Moment Of Truth - Sissy Training

This is it sweetie! He's ready and so am I! I want to see you suck my boyfriends cock until he shoots his hot creamy cum into your mouth. We've practiced with my strap-on and he is about the same size so there's no reason you can't take him all! Kiss me and then become the cocksucking sissy cuckold you were meant to be!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rules are Rules

During my interview the HR Administrator seemed distracted by my short skirt. Luckily it turns out at this office short skirts or dresses are mandatory! Funny though how many of the other women were violating that dress code!
Also it seemed funny that almost every file they asked for all day was in one of the bottom drawers! And I've never seen a File room so crowded with men!

So Beautiful

Just so beautiful, the creamy clear complexion, the smooth skin, the soft glow of the light...I can't tear my eyes away!
Oh yes there's a girl there too!

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Perfect Little Sissy

You're my perfect little sissy, and this is where you will always belong!!! Between my legs looking up to me! Your place in life is to make me happy!!!

Monday ManCandy

It;s so good and good for you that some of the more determined women out there have begun insisting that their men learn firsthand what all you girls and sissies already know...ManCandy is the perfect start for a Monday morning!
ManCandy it's not just for girls (and sissies) anymore!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'll Be Needing Them

Kaaren, please empty the dishwasher. There's a few of those things I'm going to need tonight!!!
While I'm thinking of it maybe you could run down to the drug store and pick up some lube? Better get the large bottle!

At The Club

She flirted with him all night. At first he eyed me thinking that I would object but as the liquor flowed and her flirting became more and more obvious he seemed to figure it out! Grinning at me he pushed her pretty legs apart and offered to give her something that her husband was obviously not providing. I went to get the coats as he ground against her, she gave me a look that I returned with a wink and she smiled and turned her attention to her new toy!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

This Is The Last Time

As she reached for his big cock she smiled at him,"You know this is the last time I suck a cock as a single woman!?
"But we're still on for after the ceremony right?"
"Oh yeah although I'll want my new sissy husband to watch, You OK with that?"
"Oh Yeah, that's no problem!"

Until She Says Stop

It's a little stuffy under here but the scent of her arousal is almost overwhelming! Time means nothing! I can't see the clock or the window or anything really, my entire focus is on my tongue and her pleasure! I'll stay here until she says to stop and I so love doing this that I hope she doesn't say it anytime soon!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

After Work!

I love to greet her when she gets home looking my prettiest! She works so hard and a long day in pretty heels can be hard on her feet so I usually give her a nice foot massage as I help her take her shoes off! Sometimes she gets very aroused by this and she pulls my head close so I can get the scent of her arousal! After I serve her dinner I hope she'll allow me to serve her and satisfy her!

Fluffing - Starting Out

He doesn't want to cum in you he wants to cum in your wife, you're just a place to keep his cock warm until she's ready for him!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

She Makes Me Gasp

When her lips wrap around my nipple and the tip of her tongue teases it I gasp for air as my little clit instantly fills its cage! It feels so good! My entire body aches for more as she slowly sucks and licks me till I can't tell whether I'm going to scream from pleasure or frustration!

I Can Smell Him

I can smell him, fresh and cologne or aftershave to give him away! I'll never be able to tell who he is, but his nice big cock is waiting for me and as I wrap my lips around him I find that I don't care! I feel so free as I give his delicious cock all the attention it deserves!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sometimes I Procrastinate

Sometimes I procrastinate and she has to find a way to motivate me...usually it doesn't take too much persuasion. She can be very, very persuasive!

Do You Like It Sissy?

The perfume was a gift from her lover, it was expensive....very expensive!
She put a small drop on her wrist to let me smell it and it was exquisite...but the scent between her legs was so much more alluring!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rules Are Rules

As an office temp there are times when you find yourself in more of a warehouse environment. The manager told me I couldn't wear heels or have any loose clothing on in the warehouse area for safety reasons so when I had to go to the loading dock to get some invoices I did what he said...I didn't want to create an unsafe workplace after all!

You Looked So Cute

You looked so cute in your cheerleader uniform Sissy that I got one for myself! I know this is a sissy fantasy for you but it's also been a fantasy of mine since High School! I've indulged your fantasy sissy, now you indulge mine! Be my sweet lesbian cheerleader and eat me till I scream!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sissy In The City - Book Store

My wife just stood by smiling as her date bent me over and fucked me right there in the store!!!
"I had no idea that Literary Criticism turned you on so much Kaaren! You are such a slut!"

Monday ManCandy

You don't even have to get out of bed!. ManCandy suppliers are working hard to deliver a hot creamy serving just as soon as you open your eyes in the morning! A terrific way to start the day!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

When I Was A Girl I Never Dreamed

When I was a girl I never dreamed that one day a little piece of plastic would allow me to take control of my Sissy husbands entire life! I never imagined it but I love it!

And You Thought

Look Sissy, isn't it wonderful! And you thought my sister didn't want me to marry you. Why would she go out of her way to send me such a fantastic wedding present if she wasn't happy for me? Now you go slip on that pretty nightie I left out for you, I'll be with you in a couple of hours!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vintage Sissy

Well I prefer to be treated like a girl, is that close enough?

Yes I've Got Time To Talk

Hello...oh hi Ashley, what;s new girlfriend?
Me? Well you know that new guy at work I told you about....yeah that one...
Oh yes I did!!! He was so big!!! He made me cum like a hundred time!!!!
My husband? What about him?
Well yeah he's about to find out for sure!!!
Yes that's exactly what I mean....he loves doing it and it's like the least I can do...he may be a tiny dicked sissy but I still love him....

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day Sweet Readers

I love you all!!!!

She Promised

She promised she wouldn't make a big fuss about me sucking my one hundredth cock! I should have known better! The streamers and hat were bad enough, but inviting her friends to watch was just too much!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some Sissies

Some sissies belong in chastity, their tiny little clits are useless and unable to offer pleasure to anyone. And then there are some sissies that clearly belong in my mouth!!!

Top Marks

Some sissies might try for a B and be satisfied while the more ambitious sissies will strive for that A to please their man and mistress! But there's that rare Sissy that goes for the A+, I'm sorry I can't show you what an A+ looks like but just use your imaginations!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Job Lost

I'm sorry Kaaren but we're going to have to let you go. We have been over the procedure time and time again, the men donating sperm don't need your help! Spitting the sperm back into the jar isn't acceptable! Making the men repeat the donation because you "accidentally" swallowed the first one is not our standard practice! And we are not prepared to handle dozens of men lining up outside of our Sperm Bank every morning and asking for you!!!

She Always Goes First

She always gets the first taste, I love to watch her slide her mouth down over that big cock! I love it even more when she passes him to me! I've learned how to suck and lick and keep a man on edge to give her time to undress and prepare for a night of pleasure with a real man's cock!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life Changes

The young newlyweds had only enough money for a small apartment and he had a hard time finding a place to hide his collection of pretty frilly lingerie. He wanted to tell her but the time never seemed right.
She had gone out shopping with her sister and would be gone for hours so he took advantage of a rare chance to slip into his favorite sissy lingerie and stockings. He lay on the bed and dreamed of his beautiful wife making love to him dressed in the same pretty clothes he was wearing.
He hadn't intended to fall asleep but when he heard her key in the door it jarred him awake and the gasps from the women told him that his life had just changed forever!

Holding Your Place

"Hurry Kaaren! I held a place for you!"
"Thanks Leeanne that was sweet of you!"
"I kept it warm for you too sweetie"
"I can't wait it looks so good, thanks for everything sweetie!"
"MMMmmm Hmmmm"
"MMMmmmm Hmmmm"

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Treasures of Grandma's Dresser

We recently decided to take my Grandma's dresser out of storage and have it restored, it's such a beautiful old piece of furniture. As I began to clean it out I realized it was full of treasures and I think she must have known that I would appreciate it more than any of her other grandchildren. I know I was very surprised when she left it specifically to me in her will!

As I pulled on the beautiful lingerie I realized she must have known that I was the only one in the family who would cherish the gift!

Monday ManCandy

It's so good and good for you that you should gather all your friends and you can all get the week off to a good start with a dose of creamy delicious ManCandy. Good fun, good taste and so good for you!

Sissy School - Code of Silence

He had no doubt that it was Sissy Kaaren's idea! The others were simply followers...except that Sissy Leeanne he was going to have to keep an eye on her...
He thought that the threat of spanking them all would loosen one of their tongues but when he was met with silence he was forced to follow through!
Although they all needed a good spanking the one that deserved it most had still eluded him!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

For Gods Sake Kaaren

For gods sake Kaaren it's just the door bell, You don't even know who it is! Could you at least keep your panties on till I answer the door???

He Was So Ready

He was so ready to fuck her but he seemed to enjoy our lifestyle so much! He had loved the idea that her sissy husband would suck his big cock to make him nice and hard and he seemed to enjoy it! I was surprised when he told me I had to ask him nicely to fuck my wife! We had both gasped! Me from surprise and humiliation and her from excitement! I could tell from her wet, wet, wet pussy that she was more than ready! I slipped my fingers inside her as I asked this man, this stranger, to please fuck my sweet wife with his big hard cock...please make her come...please fill her like I can't!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

As He Waited In The Hotel Room

As he waited for them to arrive he went over it in his mind again and again. How could he have been so stupid to make a bet like that. Oh my God, he thought as he remembered the size of their defensive line! He heard the elevator and the unmistakable sound of the Seahawks defense as they neared his room...
Oh well, a bet's a bet so he pulled up his panties and tried to relax his jaw muscles as he went to the door....

Revelations - The Book of Kaaren

We were hiking on a lonely trail and as always my mind drifted to thinking of sex! I'm not a religious person but when I looked toward my wife, stopped ahead of me on the trail, I had a vision! It was like a sign from heaven! This is where I must worship! It couldn't be clearer, heaven awaited me between her thighs! Seems right to me!!!

Kaaren You're So Cute

Kaaren you're so cute with your mouth full of his nice big cock but I think he's hard enough for me now sweet Sissy! I want his cock inside me now!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Yes Just Like That

Yes Sissy you stay just like that, your face down and your cute little ass up! Be a good girl and I'll give you a nice surprise....Oh no Sissy....No peeking!

Just So You Know

My internet connection has been very flaky lately so if I don't post for a while it doesn't mean I'm gone it just means that I'm unable because I'm offline! They're not sending anyone till Tuesday!!! It;s almost like they're trying to restrain me!!!!

Just You Wait Sissy

You like sneaking in to the girls locker room and dressing up as a cheerleader well just you wait Sissyboy!
Dressed like this and with your pretty mouth looking so inviting with your red lipstick you're about to find out how much fun the boys locker room can be! In about 10 minutes this room is going to be full of hot horny boys! We'll come back in an hour to see if they're done with you yet....have fun Sissy!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Have To Get A Shot

I have never seen one that small! I have to get a picture of this or none of the girls will believe me!

You Should Smile - Sissy Training

You should be smiling Sissy, after he fucks my pussy you'll get to suck him hard for me again! Won't you enjoy that? I know I will!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Did You Know?

Apparently it's now legal in California for a Sissy to marry a giant radioactive reptile! They'll be honeymooning in Tokyo!