Thursday, June 30, 2016

I Don't See Anything

"I don't know Sissy....I don't see anything in here that I you?"
"Oh yes Sweetheart....I see something I want very much...."

Not Much Room

There's not much room but then how much room does a sissy cuckold"s tongue need!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I'll Tell You What We'll Do...

"I'll tell you what we'll do...if you want me...really want'll take these upstairs and shave off all that nasty body hair....slip om my panties and come back to me on your knees....and beg me to let you taste my pussy!!!!"
"And then?"
"And then we'll see...."

I Love Your Slip

"I love your slip Sweetheart."
"It's very pretty isn't it Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am, it's very pretty!"
"Well, you've been a good girl lately, tomorrow you have my permission to take it from the laundry and wear it all day...would you like that Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma'am I'd like that very much!"
"But that's all you can wear Sissy.....nothing bra, no you understand?"
"I understand Ma'am!!!!"
"Alright then!"
She smiled as she walked away....Sissy must have forgotten that the carpet cleaners were coming tomorrow!
Sissy smiled as she walked away.....She must have forgotten that the carpet cleaners were coming tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Yes her lover spanked us both.....well to be honest we really deserved it....usually it's just me but this time she got the same....
As we knelt there with our bottoms tingling she started to giggle...
She whispered to me.....
"Oh my god Sissy....we just have to do this again!!!!"
And then we both dissolved into giggles like the girls we were!!!!!

Tying A Bow

"Don't worry my little sissy girl....I don't expect you to tie a pretty bow yourself.....I'll take care of that for you....then you can come and cuddle on the couch with me....maybe we'll watch some nice lesbian porn...I know how much you like that!!!!"
My groans told her that she was right....and my little clit tried it's best but the cage still denied me!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sissy School - Summer Session

Although Kaaren and Leeanne had expected a long dull summer...stuck at was starting out OK! Their summer counselor showed quite a bit of promise!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

There was no time for nonsense....she was a straight shooter who knew what she needed.....she needed that creamy energy boost to get her on her way....she had things to do and places to be and she needed that warm glow in her tummy to get her there!!!!
ManCandy!!!! A straight shot from a straight shooter is your best shot at a great day!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Sissy heard his bedroom door open and soft footsteps as someone came in.....
Sissy pretended to sleep as she listened for a clue....was it him or her.....
His covers slowly pulled down.....his nightie softly pulled up....then nothing....then a hand.....softly cupping his was his!!!! Sissy had so hoped!!!! And then another hand....smaller...softer....oh my god...they were both here!!!!!
Sissy held still....but his attention was on the hands....moving over his bottom....sliding in between his cheeks...making him squirm.....
A soft kiss on his ear and then her soft voice.....
"Sissy, I know you're awake.....he wants you....I told him it was OK with me if it was OK with you want to Sissy?? Do you want him to fuck you like a girl....I'll lube you up....and I'd love to watch....but it's up to you....."
Sissy remembered his big cock pounding his wife earlier....he remembered her cries as he entered her....he remembered how many times he had made her cum......
"Yes please!!!!"

So Clearly

Sissy could hear them so clearly even out here in the hallway!!!! Now it was suddenly clear...all the smiles and whispers....the neighbors all knew....maybe not that he was her sissy maid...but they certainly knew that he didn't have the big black cock that she was screaming about!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Can I Help You

"Can I help you Ma'am?"
"You seem to be searching for something in particular....perhaps I could guide you to it?"
"I'm looking for the panties my wife told me to buy....they were here yesterday...if I come home without them she's going to spank the hell out if me!!!!!"
"Oh I see...can you tell me what they look like Ma'am......Sir?"
"They were pink with lots of ruffles....please leave me alone...I have to find them...."
She went back to the counter and called the number on the card she had left...
"Yes he's here now...."
"Yes I have them behind the counter..."
"I should make him do what?!?!?!"
"Is he good at that ?"
"The best!!!! Really!!! Well I have to try that....and you're sure he'll do that if I sell him the panties?"
"Okay thank you...."
"Yes I promise I won't allow him to clean up juice will be all over his pretty face when he comes home!"

It's Her Fantasy

I don't know the story behind her favorite fantasy but she indulges me in so many of mine that when she lays out my cheerleader uniform I know I will be helping her fulfill hers!!!
I haven't asked her about these fantasies and she hasn't told me much about them either and that's OK too! She's allowed to have her little secrets!
She sat across the room, her legs spread wide as she made herself cum over and over!
"Suck his cock Donna...suck that big black cock like the filthy little whore you are make him shoot his cum down your filthy whore throat....that's all you're good for....that's all you'll ever be....a filthy cocksucking whore!!!!"
She kept repeating this until he came in my mouth.....and I swallowed every drop like the whore she wanted me to be....
I don't know who Donna is and I'm not going to ask...if she ever wants me to know she'll tell me! If it gets me a chance to suck a big black cock for her and then spend a nice long time with my face buried between her thighs....well it's her fantasy and I love it almost as much as she does!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

I Don't Know

"I don't know Sissy....they said it was the most aerodynamic paddle available...bit I'm still not sure if it's the one for me....what do you think Sissy?"
"It feels just like the old one Ma'am!"
"Yes, I don't really feel the difference either.....let me try another twenty five and we'll see how it feels then....are you ready Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Count them off Sissy!"
"Ohhh that's one.....ohhhh two.....owwww three...."

All Little Girls

Her instructions were very clear and as we pulled into the Walmart parking lot I cringed a little at the humiliation to come.....
"Go into the store Sissy...keep the pacifier in your mouth.....the only time you can take it out is when you ask someone if they can help you find the Barbie have to ask Sissy....little girls shouldn't wander around stores by themselves....pick out a Barbie for yourself...all little girls love Barbie.....and make sure you go to a male you understand Sissy?"
I could only nod as I sucked hard on my pacifier.....

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Handyman

He came in the morning and he fixed the leaking faucet and he patched the hole in the wall she made with her heels and he took care of that loose bed frame in our....her bedroom!
All the while he was so nice to me...
He called me Miss....
He told me how pretty I was.....
He treated me like a girl wants to be treated....
Add to that that he was adorable....
I lust after men almost all the time but I rarely kiss them....that makes that tiny tiny bit of male ego I still have rebel and say no!!!
But when has asked me for a kiss I kissed him! I thoroughly kissed him! And damned if he didn't feel me up while I did it!!!
Maybe if we needed his services again I'd let him know that I have some services to offer too!!!!

A Good Breakfast

I know all the experts say you should eat a big healthy breakfast but the experts don't know what it's like to get up and serve a demanding Mistress every day!!!
I'm lucky if I get a cup of coffee....cream, no sugar...

 ....and a doughnut....glazed of course....but I'm not complaining!!!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Glory Hole

Sometimes the name Glory Hole didn't really apply as little soft dicks pressed through for Sissy's hungry mouth!!! But occasionally there was one that really was glorious!!!!! This one Sissy would spend all day with...this one Sissy would use all his abilities to please....and when he was done....when Sissy had swallowed as much as he could.....he would pass him his wife's cell number....she loved big black cocks too....


Makeup's done now I'm going to get dressed....I'm thinking something frilly...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Something to Think About

As his cock pressed into my mouth....stretching my lips to their very limit....all I was watching was my wife....being fucked by another cock....not as big as this one......her sweet little pussy stretching to take him in.....her gasps told me it was a mixture of pleasure and pain for her....and this one was going to take her next!!!!! She would never feel me inside her's quite a thing to think about while your mouth is full of the cock that's going to ruin her forever!!!!!

Sissy School - Summer Vacation

"So Kaaren....are you going home for summer vacation?"
"No wife and her lover have signed me up for another year and summer classes!"
"Mine I guess it will be just us...and maybe a few others!!!"
"Well if we push all the beds together maybe we could all get in?"
"Kaaren!!! You are such a slutty sissy!!!!!"
" say that like it's a bad thing!!!! Let's go to our room....I'm ready to play!"
"Oh yes Sweet just keep om doing that......"

Monday, June 20, 2016

Things Every Girl Should Know.....

You should know that he's been checking out your best friend ever since he met you!!!! It's just the way men work.....
To break him of this habit you'll need your best friends cooperation! She can invite him over....get him a little worked up....get him out of his clothes....then she can watch as you take ownership of him....she can watch while you make him into your submissive bitch!!!! After you're done it doesn't matter what girls he looks at....he belongs to you and he knows it!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It really doesn't matter whether you prefer the original flavor....

....or the mild spiced......

....or the super spicy.....

It's all just sooooo good!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Each one tastes better than the last!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tucked So Well

Sissy I  know it's small but I if I didn't know it was there I'd swear you didn't have one.....


She kissed me so hard and deep that I almost forgot her lover was kneeling over me....but the reminder came soon enough....
"Roll over Sissy....let him show you how it feels to be a woman....let him make you into my special girl!!!"

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm Done

"Okay Sissy....I'm done....for now....keep that on for a while....I may want you again!!!"

This Will Be So Funny

"Oh come on....this will be so funny....Sissy is in his bedroom....we'll sneak in there and you put your cock on his lips and we'll see if he'll suck you in his sleep!!!!"
"But I...."
" quiet....I don't want to wake him!!!!"

Friday, June 17, 2016


She must see the yearning as she stares into my eyes....sometimes cage inspection seems to go on forever!!!!


You can spank me...whip me....cane me....deny me orgasm...humiliate public or in can scold me....smack me....make me do things I never dreamed....make me suck cocks...make me lick assholes.....make me lick the dirt off of the bottom of your can fuck me or allow your lovers to fuck can plug me....peg me....cuckold me....lock me in me to your friends....make me into your sissy maid....
But making me kneel so close....while you're fingers touch you close I can smell your arousal....while you've gagged me so I can't.....this is truly torture!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Her bemused smile said it all....
She knew he'd agree to wear her panties....
She knew he'd agree to be her sissy maid....
She knew he'd suck cocks for her.....
He didn't know it yet....but he would learn....she had plans.....


It wasn't long after this that Sissy was banned from her volunteer job at the nursing home....three non-fatal heart attacks....but nobody was complaining.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I usually kneel quietly when I'm allowed into our....her bedroom....when she's with her lover...but this time it was like I was hypnotized.....I had to be with her as his hands, his mouth, his cock thrilled her....I had to kiss her and be part of their lovemaking...their fucking....I just couldn't help myself!!!!


Obediently Sissy scrubbed the floor....all the while looking at the sponge mop just sitting there...
He still wasn't sure how it could possibly be out of order but if his wife said it was then that was what it was!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Special Panties

"I found my missing panties in your desk drawer and they are full of crusty cum there anything you have to say?"
"Ummmm....I'm sorry!"
"Oh no Sissy, you're not sorry yet! Strip and put these on and when my friends get here we'll all see how sorry you can be!!!!!"

Taking It All

"Oooohhh do you see Mummy, I'm taking it all....can you see...I'm taking his whole thing...ooooh Muumy it feels so good!"
"That's nice dear, you have fun but Mummy's reading now so please be quiet!"

Monday, June 13, 2016

They Are Pretty

"Yes Sissy, they are pretty.....but sometimes they're just in the way....."

Monday ManCandy

It's kind of like the Value Meal at your local McDonald's...she get's what she wants and so do you!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Billions and billions served!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016


It had taken many "corrections" before Sissy remembered that a good sissy maid always......always bends at the waist!!!!!

Hey Billy-Bob

"Hey Billy-Bob.....I see you're locked out again!"
Sissy could only nod...
"You two fighting again huh...."
Sissy could only nod...
"Money? I'll bet you spent the rent money again...."
 Sissy could only nod...
"I'll bet she's in there fucking the landlord right now.... "
Sissy could only nod...
"And she left you out here....dressed all pretty but gagged and caged...."
 Sissy could only nod...
"Plugged too?"
Sissy slowly shook her head....
"Well hot damn Billy.Bob what are we waiting for get up and bend over that rail and we'll show her....what's good for the goose is good for the gander!!!"
Sissy could only nod...


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Born To Be Wild

He heard the engines outside....the boys were waiting for him....
It was just a ride.....getting into the wind....
Feeling that big machine between your legs....
That vibration.....
It was time....
Get your motor running....
Get out on the Highway.....
Looking for adventure.....
And whatever comes my way....
"Sissy....make sure you put your bra on before you go!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
Born to be wild....

The Third Date

When she invited him up after the third date he knew this was it!!! When he left here he wouldn't be a virgin anymore!!!! He was so right....but not at all in the way he expected!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2016


I know I'm small...I've always been small...sometimes I still have to show ID to buy liquor!
I know she's been going to the gym.....she tells me it helps to relieve the stress she has at work...but I didn't see this coming....
Scooping me up and carrying me to bed!!!! It takes my breath away and turns me into a helpless girl for her to ravish at her will.....


The doorbell rang....
"Do you want me to get that for you Sweetheart?"
"No Sissy, I want you to stay right there....I'll get it!"
Footsteps...then voices...then footsteps....more than one...then feminine laughter...then nothing but soft sounds of kissing and moans....
Obediently I waited as I heard them cum, over and over and over and over.....

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hard To Hear

It was hard to hear with her thighs pressed tightly against my ears....but I could tell from the way she pressed against me when he was thrusting into her and I could feel her body shudder as she came over and over......

Oh Hi Kaaren

"Oh hi Kaaren I'm so glad to see's been a little slow today.....what are we looking for today...I've got some new beautiful babydoll nighties.....and some really pretty new bra and panty sets that I'm sure your wife would love to see you in....what can I show you!!!"
Every time.....I don't know how she does it.....I stop in...just to browse....and the next thing I know I'm at the register paying for the bags and bags of new pretty dainties....
She always gives me a kiss on the cheek when I leave and my wife always spanks me for spending too much.....and an extra hard few for the lipstick in my cheek!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Are You Sure

"Are you sure bitch?"
"Oh yes Baby I swear!!!!"
"I have your vote then?"
"Absolutely Baby!!!"
"Absolutely know what'll happen if I find out you lied!!!!"
"Oh yes Baby...can you please stop now I'm not sure I can take much more!!!!"
"Oh yeah'll take it and you'll like it!!!! And when we get to the White House the interns belong to me!!!!"
"Yes Hillary!!!!"

Whats on TV Today

The Brady Bunch Lost Episodes

"Now Greg, we know you've been stealing Marsha's panties....we found them under your mattress....we just want to know why..."
"You know Greg those are my favorite's not nice to steal!!!"
"She's right Greg!!! I can't imagine why you would steal your sister's underwear."
"Really...look at her....I'm a teenager for god's sake!!!!"
"Alright Greg! Calm down! Why don't you kids go upstairs and let us talk this over."
"Yes Sir"
As they went up the stairs Marsha stopped....she knew Greg could see her panties under  her short polyester dress....
"Greg...why don't you come to my room and show me which of my panties you like best?"
"Then you can put them on and it'll be our secret....won't that be fun!!!!!"
"Oh yes!!!!!"