Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's only Because I Care

I know you're having some trouble getting used to wearing heels but that's only because you slip them off whenever you want to. So now I've fixed that. You'll be wearing heels all day and soon they'll be all you want to wear.
I'm locking them on just because I care. I only want whats best you know...


When my wife volunteered me to drive the church van I was surprised but when I met Pastor Leland and noticed a sizable bulge in his pants I kind of figured it out.
After he greeted us "Ladies" we pulled out for a run to a pick up supplies for the church.
Once my wife had him in the back of the van he didn't stand a chance. His one concern was me but my wife assured him that I didn't mind.
"Don't worry about Kaaren" she said "maybe you can have her next."
"Lord be praised." he said and they were at it.

I had to pee so badly that I pulled over and just stepped to the side of the van, the pastor peeped out as I was going and I heard him exclaim, "Good God, get thee behind me Satan cause I'm gonna get me some of that hot sissy ass as soon as I'm hard again!"

It was his personal second cumming!!!

Relax Kaaren

Relax Kaaren, we'll go slow. Do you feel how hot and smooth and hard he is? He is about the same size as my strap-on and we've practiced with that plenty of times. You know you want this don't you Sissy? To be taken by a man with a big hard cock in your girly pussy, I know you dream of it. Just relax a little more and he'll be in you balls deep and then I promise, he'll fuck you like you can't imagine. I know because he's fucked me and made me scream and cum over and're a very lucky sissy...

Hand Wash Only

When you finish hand washing my lingerie Sissy you get right back in here, I'll be needing another orgasm!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Honestly Sissy

Honestly Sissy, there's a pretty obvious reason why one of you is fucking me and the other is wearing pretty panties. But cheer up, afterwards I'll need your sweet tongue! And Lionel might need it too if you're lucky.

These Panties

These panties are not going to clean themselves Sissy. You better get busy before your friends cum dries up.....

Sissy Motivation

Sometimes when a sissy is just beginning to come to terms with his feminine side he (she) will need a little motivation. Locking him away in a chastity cage is the first thing his wife/girlfriend/mistress must accomplish.

After that all it takes is to dangle the key and the sissy will be very obedient.

I Didn't Agree

Wearing panties and stockings under your suit is no excuse for poor work performance. Allow me to offer you a few minutes of career guidance and then get back to your desk Sissy!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

How Many Times

How many times a day does this happen somewhere in the world? How did your partner find out about you? 

Monday ManCandy

Thick, delicious and creamy good. There's nothing like a taste of ManCandy to get the week started!

I Chased the White Rabbit

I chased the white rabbit and soon I found myself to be Kaaren in Wonderland!!!!

A Born Dominant Woman

Truly dominant women are born that way. From the time they can walk and talk they know that they are entitled to the devotion of the submissive of the species.

She had always known that she should get her way. Some said she was a brat but it was just in her nature. At the same time the little boy next door born on almost the exact same day was a natural submissive. It wasn't sexual for them when they were little, it had been about power.
On every play date somehow he would end up crying while she laughed. She loved to put him in her clothes somehow knowing intuitively that this was a way of stripping his maleness leaving him only the sissy core of his nature.
9 times out of 10 their parents would find him in her clothes, in some type of restriction and crying his little eyes out.

20 years later very little has changed.. Much to their mutual delight.

Disclaimer: No I don't lock kids in cages nor do I advocate anyone else doing so
I found the picture on the 'net,
I'm just having a little fun and I believe it's true that dommes and subs are born that way.

Oh My Captain!

"We have to tell someone Captain! Someone is going to figure it's beeen three days since the transporter put us in each others bodies. I feel so strange.."
"You're right Yeoman Rand but I'm kind of enjoying being in your body at the moment and from the look in your eyes I can tell that you are enjoying being in mine!"

As the days went by Kirk became more and more at home in this female body but his dream still eluded him, Spock would not join them for the threesome that he wanted so much!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dammit Kaaren

I told you over and over, you either have to wear longer skirts or you have to pull down the shades!

I Was Thinking of You

I was just thinking how cute you looked in your nightie Kaaren, it gets me so wet!

No Golf Today

Come with me Sissy, let's show your buddies why you're not playing golf with them today.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sometimes I Wish

I sometimes wish for a strong man to just take me, nothing said, no choice on my part, he just comes and grabs me and fucks me senseless. I get shivers just thinking about it!


I may have a teeny clit instead of a manly cock. I may wear panties instead of boxers. I may suck cocks instead of....ummm...well...instead of not sucking cocks. But nature has not totally forsaken me....
I have a way of satisfying a woman and I know how to use it.

Friday Is Date Night

Sometimes when she's feeling particularly horny she brings home more than one new friend which is always challenging.

Fluffing takes on another dimension

But I do love to watch

Sometimes it makes cleanup a bit of a challenge but where there's a will there's a way

And In the end we all get what we want

Friday, July 26, 2013


Rex couldn't believe his eyes. He had come looking for his beautiful Missy but he had not expected this!
Ever since he had that operation she had been unsatisfied, he knew but was helpless to change the way things were. He had not been consulted about the surgery or the after effects, He felt like he was less than a male should be and when he was able to see what had been done to him he knew why!
But he was shocked when he found his golden haired Missy entwined with their black neighbor T-Bone. Strangely though he felt that he had no right to interfere and so hung back and watched as the pair pawed each other!


Sometimes you're the artist creating something original and beautiful. Fulfilling your artistic vision of an ideal that requires all your talent to realize. You see beyond the "what is" to the "what could be". Transforming the world to express what you know is real. Beauty is revealed in your work.
Sometimes you're the canvas, I like being the canvas!

I Can't Tell You How Often This Happened To Me

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Honestly Sissy, Why Should I Bother?

Honestly Sissy, why should I bother going through all the trouble of getting the key and releasing you when we all know that your little clit can't possibly please me like this big cock can.
You just wait here while a real man fucks me and I'll let you clean me out after he cums.
If you're a good sissy maybe I'll let you suck him hard for me later.

Classic Sexy

Wow those girls knew how to work it back then! Silks and satins and garters and heels...when I think about it, I dress just like Grandma did!

A Good Sissy Doesn't Spill A Drop

The big moment comes and Sissy doesn't spill a drop. Training and natural talent I guess.
Love the eyes!

Don't Look At Me

Don't look at me sissy, it's your own're the one that said you couldn't go outside in a skirt because you'd be embarrassed!
Bet you'd like to have that skirt now wouldn't you?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Wasn't What I Had In Mind

When my wife and her friends suggested that all their husbands should have a night out we all loved the idea. I should have known. I still haven't learned to ask for details.
For a boys night out this really wasn't what I had in mind!

How About Pizza Tonight?

"Kaaren, how about we get a pizza tonight? It's hot and you shouldn't have to cook. Order whatever you want"
I knew just what I wanted, I wanted the "Meat Lovers Special" It was my favorite!


I Love Everything About Being A Sissy

I love everything about being a sissy. I love wearing silks and satins. I love serving and giving. I love to give pleasure. I love cocks...I really love cocks,,,I mean I really, really....ahem...where was I? Oh yes. I love women above all else. The way they move and the way they look and smell and taste. I love cock but I worship women.

When You Wish Upon A Star

When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are.
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you!

Looks like Sissy got her wish,,,and she wants to show them to everyone!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Excused Myself To Answer The Phone

I excused myself and stepped into the kitchen to answer the phone.
"Hi Kaaren," it was my wife, "has the repairman come for the washer yet."
"No dear he hasn't come yet."
"Really, they told me he'd be there over a half hour ago. I'm surprised they're usually so punctual. Did they call to let you know they'd be late."
"Well, I did speak to him just a few minutes ago and he said he was close so he should be coming soon."
"Alright Kaaren, I'll check in with you later. I love you."
"I love you too, bye."
I hung up the phone and went back to the laundry room. I smiled at my new friend.
"Now where was I....oh I remember."

Stormtrooper Secrets

After a long day guarding the Emperor Bob liked to go home and unwind,,,,he wondered if any of the other stormtroopers knew his secret.....
And what about Lord Vader? They say he can read minds....if he read mine he'd be here now taking me any way he wanted!

Mini-skirts Make Me Goofy

All it takes is to slip on a cute mini-skirt and the next thing you know I'm doing the sissy dance in front of the nearest mirror...

Ken and Barbie

It wasn't too long before Barbie realized that she held all the power in their relationship. After all she was a doctor, a model and even an astronaut while Ken's job was to look pretty. Eventually she had made him into her sissy servant.

But sometimes Barbie wanted a man who had real genitals and so Ken became her cuckold doll!

Monday, July 22, 2013

My Favorite Place To Be

I always liked to be involved, I love being in the center of the action. Where else would a good sissy be?

Kaaren I Have To Go To Work!

Kaaren I have to go to work, I have an important meeting today. Please let me get dressed in peace. Don't you have some housework to do? If you keep this up you're going over my knees. No not now I mean when I get home. God Kaaren you're such a sissy!

An Hour A Day

I want you to practice that for an hour a day, soon you'll be moving your hips like that naturally sissy.

Monday ManCandy

Maybe I should copyright the name ManCandy? Nah...some corporation would end up stealing it from me anyway. And, oh my god, wouldn't it be embarrassing to try to take them to court! Imagine the headlines "Sissy tries to reclaim ManCandy."
Anyway here you go sweet readers this weeks, still corporate free, Monday ManCandy!

On Second Thought

"On second thought I think I liked you in the other dress better."
"You mean the red one or the green one?"
"The green one suits tour coloring better."
With a quick curtsey her husband went to change his dress again.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

On A Nice Warm Sunny Sunday Afternoon

I feel like I could just be my girly self and slip on a beautiful sundress and have a nice sissy frolic.

Satuday Night...

I must have had a few more of those cocktails than I thought, Saturday night is nothing but a blur to me,
I had the same dream over and over, and my ass hurts.

 My wife just smiles when I ask her what happened.but I'm pretty sure I know....