Thursday, April 30, 2015


The other dancers watched as Madame put him through the routine! They were impressed that despite all the humiliations he had endured he still tried his best! They had to admit he did very well and he actually made a pretty good looking ballerina!
They also felt bad because they knew that, no matter how well he danced, Madame would find a reason to give him a sound spanking in front of the class! They felt bad but they also looked forward to watching!!!

Deep Cover

When Tony and Vito were told they would have to go into deep cover in the Witness Protection program after they testified against the Don, they really hadn't expected this!
The Marshall's explained that no one would think to look for them working as cocksucking whores and after several weeks of intense  training they started their new lives as Tonya and Vivian!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Supporting Our Veterans

When the nice young man came to the door collecting for wounded veterans I of course invited him in! He himself was an ex-Marine and he had certainly kept himself in shape! i got my purse and gave him a hundred dollars! He was very grateful but then I told him I had something else for him...after all they say you should give till it hurts...but it only hurt for a few minutes after that it was just wonderful!!!!

A Little Bondage

If you're like me you probably enjoy a little bondage play sometimes but the "equipment" is so expensive!!! I've found that you can do wonders with a few feet of rope and a chair from the local second-hand store and a little imagination! Hours of fun can be had with an investment of almost nothing!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Smile For The Camera Sweetie

"Smile for the camera sweetie! That's beautiful now get your face back down between my legs and do what you do best Sissy!!!"

A Quiet Evening At Home

Sometimes she just wants to kick back and watch a little TV....she'll pay you a little more attention during the commercials!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Come Come Now

"Come come now lad, it's not so bad! I think you look lovely and I'm sure Mommy and all the ladies will think so too...Why I remember when my Mommy first put me in skirts, I was so embarrassed but as you see I've come to love it!"
"But Father, must I?"
"Lad putting on the dress is the easiest part...but no need to worry I'll be there with you all the way through just as my father stood by me!"
"Thank you Father! I guess it does feel pretty nice...I think I'm ready!"
"Let's go son!"

Monday ManCandy

Her friends told her it was "icky"! Her friends told her that girls like her just didn't was nasty! Her friends told her no nice boy would want her to do that!
But these were the same friends who told her it was OK to drink tequila shots! These were the same friends who said it was a good idea to take her top off in the bar!!!!
She decided her friends didn't know anything!!! She wanted to find out for herself! Once she tried ManCandy she knew for sure her friends were idiots!!!!
ManCandy! Try it! You'll like it,,,no you won't like'll love it!!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Let Me Help

This will help make then grow Sissy! I'm so glad you let me help!!!

Fluffers Heartache

"Kaaren!!! What's taking so long??? Is he ready for me yet?????"
God yes he was ready. he was hard and throbbing in my mouth! He tasted so good and he was so nice to many of her lovers belittle me but not him...he said I was beautiful and he told me he loved being in my mouth!!!! God how I wanted to finish him!
His hand lifted my mouth away, he looked inro my eyes and smiled!
"Maybe next time Sissy....maybe next time I'll come just for you....but I can't make her just wouldn't be right!"
Reluctantly I let him go, but god how I hoped he meant time all mine!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

He's Not

"So what's your secret, I've never seen your husband being so attentive and helpful?"
"Ever since I locked his little cock in a chastity cage he's been trying to prove to me that I should release him and let him cum!"
"Oh my god! I'd have never guessed! How long has he been..."
"I locked his little thing up two weeks ago today!"
"And he's changed this much in just two weeks! Look at him over there serving drinks and hors-d'oeuvres, I love his darling little apron!"
"If you like that you should see the lacy pink panties he has on now too!!!"
The two ladies dissolved into giggles.
"Oh but you poor dear! With him locked up like that you're not getting"
"No dear you've got it all wrong....he's the one that's not getting any sex...I'm doing just fine!"

Happy Together

A happy couple shares everything, we share lingerie and dresses and makeup! And cocks...whenever we get the chance we always share a nice hard cock!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015


She was thrilled that her cuckold had developed a real love for the taste of cum!!! It was just something else they had in common!!!

Sissy School - Detention

It slowly dawned on the school administrators that their detention policy might need to be revised!!! Apparently locking several sissies in an empty room with nothing to do led them to find their own ways of entertaining themselves!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


"Come along Sissy Your sister called and invited us to dinner."
"But I need some time to change..."
"Nonsense, she said it was nothing fancy....just some friends and need to dress she said, just come as you are!"

Alright Sissy

Alright Sissy let's check! Jacket too tight, skirt tight and too short, bra and stocking tops plainly on display! Okay Sissy you look ready to me! Have fun shopping....remember to pick me up some tampons!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

She Needs - Sissy Training

Very early on during your Sissy's training it's important that he understands that when his Mistress says she wants his cock tonight she's definitely not talking about that little clit in his panties!!! Sissy's job is to make her happy in any way she desires and the sooner he understands that the faster the training can proceed!!!

Almost Time

Glancing at the clock Steve realized that it was almost time for his wife to get home! He'd better get out of her panties and get dressed quick! With a last little wiggle he pulled the panties down and off!
He was just putting them back into her panty drawer when he heard his wife's voice behind him!
"You really should wash those before you put them back Steve!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What Do You Think

What do you think I'm going to do with it Sissy?

Spring Cleaning

"I want those windows clean by the time I get home Sissy!"
"Sweetheart you know how embarrassing it is to do the windows! Can't I call Greg? He always did such a good job!"
"Hmmm Greg? Wasn't he the one who used to do our windows?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"And isn't he the one who wasn't on his ladder the last time I came home to check?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"So where was he then Sissy?"
" the house..."
"More specifically Sissy!"
"He was sitting in the living room..."
"And I was sucking his big cock but it wasn't his fault I made him do it!"
"As if I didn't know that already! You're such a slut! The problem is the windows weren't done! So now that's your job! So get on with it!"
 "Yes Ma'am!"

Monday, April 20, 2015

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl we all learned that you should have a little black dress! It was useful for so many occasions that you wore it over and over! I never dreamed that one day I'd be teaching my sissy husband about the importance of having a little black dress in his wardrobe! I never dreamed it but I love it!!!

Monday ManCandy

While I've gone on and on about the healthy rewards of ManCandy I'd like to just take a moment to discuss just how good it tastes! So many people just get that warm creamy load in their mouths and swallow it down without taking a moment to truly taste it, to savor it, to enjoy it like a fine wine! Why not contact your friends and host a ManCandy tasting party? I'd come and I'm pretty sure everyone else there would too!!!!
ManCandy! Becoming a Cum Connoisseur requires a little practice! Taste, then swallow!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ok So She Has Fantasies

OK so she has fantasies too! Who am I to object! She has indulged me in almost all my fantasies....except for those few deep dark ones that even I'm not sure I want to try!!!
Anyway, we were talking about her fantasies! Many of her fantasies tend to run toward the inter-species thing and I'm okay with that as a fantasy...I mean if I came home and found her being gangbanged by a herd of llamas that's something we'd have to have a long talk about!
But if I walk in on her being fucked by a guy in an alligator suit....well if that's what she wants then that's OK with me!
As long as it's not a Panda! I hate those fucking Pandas!!!

After The Party

"Hi wife told me come see you. It turns out that my Mistress went home with someone and I'm kind of stranded here till she comes back to get I was kind of wondering if I know...sleep in here with you....your wife said it was OK with her if it was OK with you...."
"I only have a single bed you know!"
"Oh I'm sure we could fit in together somehow!"
"So am I, let me help you get that dress off..."
"Oh thank you! I'm not sure how I can repay you!"
"We'll work something out sweetie!"

Saturday, April 18, 2015


"Oh I'm so glad you stopped by Tim! My hubby could certainly use the exercise! Are you playing nine or eighteen?"
"I had set it up for eighteen but Kenny bailed out on me at the last minute!"
"Well we have something to do, but it shouldn't take more than a half hour...would that be okay?
"Sure we have over an hour till tee time..."
"Okay then why don't you come keep us company while we take care of our little problem!"
"Ummm okay!"
"That's okay with you Sweetie? You don't mind your best friend joining us do you?"
"Whatever you want Sweetheart!"
"Exactly the right answer Baby!!!":


Sissy was so glad she had allowed him to watch!!! So glad his wife had given him the big dildo!
Sissy closed his eyes and imagined his wife's lover as he ground down on the latex cock! In a way her lover would satisfy them both tonight!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Party

I could tell from the moment they met at the party that there was an attraction between them! They flirted most of the night and when he whispered in he ear to follow him she took my hand and pulled me along with them!
I got to sit and watch this young stud give my wife extreme pleasure and when he left the room I got to share her pleasure and the taste of her lover!!! I'm a lucky Sissy!!!

It's All Right

"Really, it's all right. I just wasn't expecting it. Usually the men I fluff for her last a little longer! But it happens! Let me just get your cum out of my eye and we'll start again! My wife is still waiting for you!!!!"

Thursday, April 16, 2015


If he's going to be wearing my underwear then he's going to be sucking my cock!!! It just goes without saying!!!!

Opened His Eyes

We were sharing some time with each other! It's so important that a couple put aside some time to do things together! We were sharing our common interest and enjoying our time alone with each other when I noticed his eyes were open!!!
"Sorry if we woke you but it was just looking so delicious...."
He smiled and closed his eyes as we went back to work!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sissy School - Staff Relations

My adorable roommate Leeanne had a way of dealing with the staff that I truly admired! I couldn't handle the staff nearly as well as she did so I just stuck to the balls!!!

Can You

Can you taste him Sissy, he emptied his balls into me! I brought it home for you Sissy because I love you and I always want to share with you!!!! Suck it out Sissy, get it all! Taste the pleasure he gave me....taste how many times I came on his big cock!!! Taste him Sissy!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fluffing Her

He was just so damn big...I was afraid that she just couldn't take him without my help!!! I figured three or four orgasms might loosen her up a bit and if nothing else she's certainly more lubricated!!! It's for her pleasure, not mine!!!!

Sissies Through History - How many Times

"Tell me Prissy, how many times has Lord Mountbatten pinched your bottom?"
"I don't know Miss, must be hundreds of times!"
"Well we'll say five hundred, would you agree to that?"
"Oh yes Ma'am!"
"Well give him ten at a time then and until he has paid you the full five hundred he is your personal servant!"
"You mean I can..."
"Prissy, he's yours to do with as you will! But I want to watch the caning!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh Yeah

Oh oh oh ohohohohoh oh  Ow oh ow oh oh oh oooohhhhh Mmmmmm! Oh yeah oh mmmmmmmm!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

When a car runs out of gas it just can't keep going, it's the same as when your body runs out of creamy delicious ManCandy! Man, woman or someone in between, everyone needs ti give their bodies the fuel they need to get through the day so just open wide and tell the nice man to "Fill It Up"! You'll be glad you did!!!
ManCandy! Premium fuel for your premium day!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break

"So I told him I was going on Spring Break and that I would simply have to lock his cock in chastity while I was gone!"
"And he agreed to that?"
"Oh yeah, he'll do whatever I say! Funny thing though...I lost the key! Can you believe it??"
"Now what are you going to do?"
"Well his cock was barely adequate anyway so no great loss for me there! But he is wonderful with his tongue!!!"
 "So no big deal then!"
"Not for me at least!"

She Already Knew

She already knew that he was the man she would marry! The look on his face as her lover penetrated him was the fulfillment of so many of her fantasies!!!!
If he would do this for her he would do anything! As she felt his little cockette spill it's seed onto her belly she was already picturing him as her submissive bride, her obedient maid, her special girl! When her lover left she'd have him clean up his mess!
She had never felt like this before! She wanted him like she'd never wanted anyone else! She had found her dream sissy!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Slumber Party

She couldn't believe that her boyfriend would crash her slumber party!
She couldn't believe that the girls could make him look so pretty!!!
She couldn't believe how well he fit in as one of the girls!!!
She couldn't believe how happy he seemed to be as they dressed him and fussed over his hair and makeup!!!
She couldn't believe how much this turned her on!!!
She couldn't believe her boyfriends hand was creeping up her thigh!!!!
She couldn't believe that in a few moments he'd feel how wet she was!!!!
She couldn't believe she'd have to wait all night for the girls to go home to explore this new sensation a little more!!!!
She could believe that he'd be her sissy from now on....

I Gave You Permission

"When I released you from chastity I gave you permission to cum just as much as you wanted, didn't I Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am you did!"
"Did I give you permission to leave cum stains on your panties and sheets and clothes! For goodness sakes Sissy, did I give you permission to leave stains on the walls???"
"No Ma'am!"

Friday, April 10, 2015

Me First?

"Me first?"
"No, me first!"
"Please me first!"
"No, me first!"
 "Pretty please me first!"
 "No, me first!"
 "Pretty please with sugar on top, me first!"
 "No, you first!"
"No I insist you go first,,,,hey wait a minute!"
"Too late Sissy! Better luck next time!!!"


"Well maybe it didn't work out this time Sissy but just imagine...maybe the next time you'll actually last until I get you in my mouth!!!"

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Harsh - Sissy Training

Sometimes she has to be harsh to make sure her new Sissy doesn't slack off!!! A tap of the crop should be enough to let Sissy know that she needs to take at least another inch!!!

Sissy School - Spring Break

The Sissies all looked forward to Spring Break! It gave them all a chance to practice their skills! They would go back to school soon but for now....well bring on the cocks!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Five Stages

They say there are five stages of grief and I think there are five stages to being a submissive sissy cuckold too!

Stage 1: Denial
 "You stay right there Sissy and when the plumber comes you do whatever he says!"
"Hey I'm not some slut to be used to get a discount from the goddamned plumber!!!"
Stage 2: Anger
I can't believe she left me here like this! How would she like it if I tied her up and left her for the plumber!!! It would serve her right!!!!
Stage 3: Bargaining
I know she's only kidding around! She'll come back and I'll give her an orgasm and she'll untie me and the plumber will be just shit out of luck!!!
Stage 4: Depression
But why should she care about a pathetic sissy like me? I mean all I'm good for is sucking cocks and eating pussy!
Stage 5: Acceptance
Well so what! I love sucking cocks! I hope the plumber has a great big monster cock and I'll suck that son of a bitch dry!!! I'm glad she left me here like this! This will be perfect!!!
Is that a knock on the door?
"Come in please! I've been waiting for you!!!"

It's A Miracle

I passed this shop coming home from school for years! I don't know how many times I nearly crashed my bike into something....or someone because my eyes were always riveted on the delights in the shop window!!! It's a miracle I survived the many close calls!
The shop went out of business right around the time I got my drivers license and, while I was sad to see it go, think of the number of accidents I avoided because it was gone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It Was Always Fun

When I was young it was always fun when the neighbors went on vacation and they would actually pay me to check on their house, do the yard work and water their plants!
Who would have thought that she wore such pretty lingerie! It all fit me perfectly and whenever I saw her  I loved thinking that she might be wearing the same panties that I had worn!
When they got home she would always ask me if I had found everything I needed and she would smile! I wonder, to this day, if she left those pretty panties on purpose!!!!

Being A Cuckold

Being a cuckold means that you sit by quietly as her lover slides up her skirt and slips his fingers into her panties! He gives you a wink as he gets your wife wet and ready! The best you can hope for is that you'll be allowed to fluff him before and lick her clean after!!!
And you know in your heart that this is the way it should be!!!!
That's what being a Cuckold means!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

How It Worked

She really wasn't sure how it worked, whether it was a glitch or magic or whatever! All she knew was that with a click or two on her phone the Sissify app would change any man into an obedient sissy!

Monday ManCandy

No matter how good it looks....

No matter how good it tastes....

Accept no substitutes! Nothing is better for you than rich delicious ManCandy!!!

ManCandy! Anything else is just empty calories!!!!