Thursday, December 31, 2020

Friend Zone

"I really can't thank you enough for this....I wouldn't have asked if...."
"That's alright....I'm glad I could help...."
"You wouldn't believe how helpful you've been....I needed something special for Sissy for New Years Eve..."
"You know....I'd love to give you more....maybe make love to you....I don't care if your sissy husband watches..."
"Oh know I love you....but not like're a good friend and I wouldn't want to ruin that!!!"
"So I guess I'll just keep cumming into your panties then?"
"I really appreciate it....and Sissy does too!!!!"

The Best

It's the first time I'm having my girlfriends over in months!!!!
We all agreed to quarantine for two weeks so we'd be able to do this!!!
I promised them that I'd provide entertainment!!!!
So don't tell me that's the best you can do!!!!
Start again Sissy....and you'd better get it right this time.....I've been patient so far... 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Hump Day

 It's very important that by the time Hump Day rolls around that your client has a firm grasp of where this is heading!!!!

Just like That

Just like that the decision was made....he wouldn't be one of the troops....he'd spend his enlistment time in pretty dresses, entertaining the troops!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


"You know I love you don't you Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"And you know I love to do this...don't you Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"And you know you're not allowed to cum....don't you Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"And you know you'll be punished if you cum....don't you Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am....maybe you should stop now...."
"Stop now Sissy!!!! I've only just begun,,,,"
"Please stop now Ma'am....I'm going to cum if you don't stop!!!!"
"Oh no wouldn't dare cum now because you know how hard I'll spank you!!!!"
"Please stop Ma'am.....please....please....Oooooooooohhhhh please!!!!!"
"Well you're in big trouble now Sissy....."


"If you still don't understand then maybe you should get down on your knees and suck a real cock...."
"No....I think I understand..."
"No Sweetie you don't understand at all....maybe I wasn't clear....I want you to get down on tour knees....right here....right now...and suck my lover's cock while I watch!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
She was so good.....she made his dream come true!!!!



Monday, December 28, 2020

A Little Jealous

It was her turn to be a little jealous....for the first time ever he picked her sissy husband to be first....

Monday ManCandy

No muss, no fuss....getting ready to get down to business!!!! 
What you need is a full serving and that's what you're going to have!!!!
No need a good warm breakfast and you can't fool have a busy day ahead!!!!
ManCandy!!! There's no substitute!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

 "And now Sissies we have a new volunteer....he's been medically screened and is completely safe for us to further our understanding of male sexual fact this man is currently the lover of our own Sissy Kaaren's wife...."
"Oh my goodness I see why you're always so eager to go home!!!!"
As all the other sissies stared, Kaaren's mouth unexpected chance to have him in her mouth again!!!!
It made the lockdown bearable!!!!


I Warned You

"I warned you Tommy....if I caught you wearing your sisters clothes again that I would let her decide how to punish you..."
"But I said I was sorry!!!!"
"Yes....we both know you're sorry....and you're going to be a lot sorrier when she's done...."


Saturday, December 26, 2020


Sure I guess I'm your typical sissy.....I always do my best to be covered in silks and nylons and lace...
My wife, on the other hand, feels extra comfy in an old pair of jeans....
Somehow that makes me feel like her girl even more!!!! 

Nice Enough

"If my sister was nice enough to send you pretty new panties for Christmas....the least you could do is send her a pic showing how much we both like them...."
"yes Ma'am!!!"

Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Brunch

"After we eat I'd like to invite every one of our guests to choose an item off the tree....Sissy will be available for corrections for the rest of the afternoon!!!"

Christmas Morning

"Oh....I'm sorry Sissy.....I unwrapped this one and it's clearly for you...."
"That's alright....Merry Christmas Sweetheart...."
"Merry Christmas Sissy.....why don't you go and try it on!!!"
"I'd love to Honey!!!!"

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Milk and Cookies

We always used to leave milk and cookies for Santa when I was young....but now my wife thinks we should leave something special for Santa to have!!!! 
So I'll wait until I feel that jolly old elf pulling down my panties.....and then....well...
Merry Christmas!!!!

No Excuse

"Christmas is no excuse for sloppy housework Sissy!!!!"
"No Ma'am....I'm sorry Ma'am!!!"
"When you're done dusting you're going over my knees....I just want to make sure you understand how important your chores are around here..."
"Oh yes....thank you Ma'am!!!"

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Special Delivery

"Okay....I just needed to make sure which one of you was the sissy....I have a special delivery just for's a new plug.....and it vibrates too!!!! The elves are very proud of it!!!"
My wife and Stacy tried not to laugh as I thanked Santa and groaned as he delivered my new toy....none of us wanted to tell him that I had two or three in my toy chest already!!!!

Hump Day

 With Christmas coming Hump Day you may have to rush to get multiple projects done all at the same time....but when it comes to making that extra effort you're just the one to do it!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

When I Was A Girl*

When I was a girl my father used to scream at me whenever I walked around in my undies....I mean he'd seen me naked lots of times....well not since I stopped needing diapers....but all the equipment was still the same....
"Put on some clothes goddamn it....I won't have my daughter parading around in next to nothing!!!"
He was practically apoplectic!!!!
So of course like any good little catholic girl I made sure to walk in on him wearing only my undies as much as I could!!!!
I never dreamed that one day I would marry a sissy who also loved to walk around in my undies....which he did until we bought him his own!!!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!

*stories from my wife's past.....


"Oh my Kaaren!!! You're number one on the naughty list again this're way past coal in your need a good spanking!!!"
It wasn't so much that the department store Santa knew my name and spanked me on my bare bottom that embarrassed was looking at the dozens of others waiting to sit on Santa's knee watching...."

Monday, December 21, 2020

Don't You Love honest....there's not many things better than sitting with the woman you love and rubbing your stockings together!!!!
I don't know about all of you, but we love it....

Monday ManCandy

It's the Holiday Season and the magic of Christmas is in the air!!!!
It's the season of sharing with each other....and it just makes it so much better...
So you and your friends can gather round for that special Christmas can keep your eggnog....this is so much better!!!
ManCandy!!!! A new tradition!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2020


 Yeah I heard a lot of complaints from the parents and the kids....but I waited in line for over an when Santa asked me....I knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas!!!

Sunday Brunch

"Your drink Ma'am...."
"Very nice Sissy....but I'm not accustomed to waiting over five minutes for service....I'm going to give you five strokes to remind you that you need to be more responsive..."
I bent over her lap and gritted my teeth as she delivered my correction....I stood and thanked her and went back to the kitchen....
"That's it," I told my wife, "That's the last time we invite your Aunt to brunch!!!"
"Would you like to go back out there and tell her she's not invited?"
Rubbing my throbbing bottom...."No I don't think so...."
"Well neither do I....she's been spanking me since I was a little we'll just have to live with it!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."


Saturday, December 19, 2020

That's Why

Don't worry'll get your turn eventually....after al that's why they call it a Bridal Party!!!

I See You

"You know I can see you peeping at me Sissy...."
"I'm sorry Ma'am....but you're so beautiful....I can't help it!!!
"Why don't you come closer and get a better fact why don't you make sure I'm fresh and ready for the day...."
"May I?"
"Yes you may Sissy...."
She bent a little further over the sink as I spread those beautiful cheeks and made sure that she was ready for the day!!!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Please Come In

"Tommy....please come in and let me introduce you to all the ladies in my club...."
"Yes Auntie.....I'm coming!!!"

The Game

"Which of us is it Sissy....Stacy or me....if you get it right I'll release you from the cage while Stacy uses the strap-on.....if you get it wrong I'll keep you in the cage while Stacy uses the strap-on...are you ready?"
"So I win either way!!!"
"I guess you do take a deep whiff and tell me which of us it is!!!"


Thursday, December 17, 2020


 She picks up my dress and releases my little clit.....
"Tell me" she says...
I know what she means....
I have to tell her if I feel like I might cum.....
Because that's not allowed....unless she says so....
And this time she didn't....


"Oh Baby....I love you like soft and smooth and pretty....and all're my perfect sissy girl!!!"
"I try so hard...."
"I know you do Sissy....I know you do....but I'm still not going to let you understand don't you?"
"Whatever you think is best Sweetheart...."

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Pretty Sure

I don't know why....I've never read it or seen it....I always thought that Santa would have a much bigger I'm pretty sure it's not really him....but I'm not taking any chances...he said he wants a blowjob and I want to keep him lump of coal for me this year!!!

Hump Day

Its Hump the preliminaries are finally out of the way and you and your client can get into the deep details....

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

So Mom?

"So Mom....what do you think?"
"He will never be able to satisfy you with this pathetic thing....I'd recommend chastity and panties for him...."
"But what about me Mom?"
"Oh of course we'll test out his tongue too...."
"But what if I want to get laid?"
"Oh Sweetheart....take as many lovers as you'd like....this little cuckold wouldn't dare object...make him suck their cocks....if you want make him take them in his'd like that wouldn't you Sissy?"
"I just want to be a good husband Ma'am!"
"And so you shall be Sissy.....being my daughters sissy cuckold will make her happy....and if you make her happy then you're being a good you see?"
"Yes Ma'am!"


When she woke in the morning she saw you differently....after watching you suck his cock she was full of new ideas....for you....for her....for the future!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2020

If You're Lucky

If you're lucky you'll find a sissy friend to play with....
If you're really lucky your wife will want to watch....
And if you're extremely lucky she'll invite her friends to join her!!!!

Monday ManCandy

 It's nice when it's served hot and ready to eat.....getting going on a Monday morning is tough enough already without a sore jaw!!!
But when it's ready to go before you really get a chance to savor it, you lose a little of what makes it so special!!!
You love everything about it....and that includes the anticipation!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Take your time and enjoy all it offers!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

So another weekend in lockdown....can't go home and enjoy all it has to offer....
Feeling trapped here with just a couple of hundred sissies and a handful of teachers...
So while all the others made their moves on the teaching staff....I thought of that Janitor...and I was so glad I did!!!!



After the guys discovered what a sissy James was...."Jamie" became a very popular guest at the neighborhood cookouts!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2020


Even though it's so much easier to keep my hair short....I mean the amount of time I spend on my hair is ridiculous....the amount of products I buy just for my hair....the attention I pay to it is almost obscene....but I love having long feminine hair.....sure I keep it in a ponytail most of the time....but sometimes I let it hang loose....
And when it's loose her lover can grab hold......he's deep inside me and him pulling my hair just makes it so much much better!!!!


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Friday, December 11, 2020

Tough Love

"Yeah...he wasn't a gentle man...he knew what he wanted and he took it...she told me it might be tough....but if I was ever going to learn to deep throat he was the man that would teach me!!!"
"Turned out she was right....and I couldn't help but notice her hand moving in her panties while she watched my lesson....I was so glad she was watching.....and really enjoying my training.....I mean....why should I have all the fun?"


"I found cum stains in your panties again to explain how that happened?'
How could he explain....if he admitted it was his, he'd get a really bad spanking....
If he told her that her boyfriend had fucked him while she slept, he'd get it even worse and cause an uproar between the two of them.....
But the worst answer was to deny all knowledge....that would make her really angry and she'd really blister his bottom!!!!!
"I'm sorry Ma'am.....I just don't know!!!!"

Thursday, December 10, 2020


There is such a thing as dressing for the occasion....and when you're about to suck your first cock in several months you should get out of the sweats you've been wearing and put on something pretty!!!


"What do you suppose it means Sissy? A few minutes ago his cock was in your mouth and you nearly filled that it's soft again while I suck it....can you explain it?"
"No Ma'am I can't...."
"I think I're a cocksucking sissy slut....and a hard cock in your mouth is the most exciting thing for that it?"
"No....the most exciting thing for me is giving you pleasure Ma'am....there's nothing better than that!!!!"
"Good answer Sissy....that one might even mean a release for you soon...."


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Hump Day

 Your client was very demanding and so you were very happy to show him that by Hump Day you were already showing some significant preliminary results and you looked forward to rapid completion!!!!


 I have to make an honest confession make-believe...
The day she sat me down and pulled up my dress and slipped the chastity cage on me....she was smiling.....and me....well I know this sounds crazy.....but I had never felt more loved in my life!!!!
It was my final surrender to her.....and proof of my devotion....and it still is after all this time!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Looking Good

Yeah....I'm looking good in her undies....almost as good as she looks....
Maybe I'll keep them on....maybe I'll keep them on and when she gets home she can see how pretty I look....maybe she'll see that I'm not really a man....maybe she'll be OK with it...
Whatever happens I won't stop....I've tried so many times but I just can't....this is who I am...I'm a sissy....and that's just the way it is....
Oh that her car pulling into the driveway....I guess now's the time....

Time Like This

 It's at a time like this where you really feel the need....when you so want to stroke can't help it....that's when you check to make sure if it's really locked!!!

Monday, December 7, 2020

If You Want

"But I've never...."
"But you will!!!!"
"I'm not sure..."
"But I am...."
"Are you sure?"
"'re going to be the best sissy cocksucker ever!!!!"
"The best?"
"Yes....the best....when I'm done training you....."

Monday ManCandy

The best thing about having your lover sleep over on Sunday night is that you don't have to get up to cook breakfast for your cuckold husband on Monday morning!!!!
He's perfectly fine with a warm cream breakfast....
ManCandy!!! Making both of your lives complete!!!!