Saturday, May 28, 2022


 It's different this time....
I actually feel like I'm getting better....
I've been getting out of bed and doing things without help and I feel OK....
I've tried to shoo my sweetheart back to bed but she still sits watch on me....
I guess I've scared her so many times....I can't blame her....
The doctor comes to see me....yes....a house call!!!!
She keeps telling me that the worst is over....
Pardon my skepticism but I've heard that before....
When the day comes that I can get down in my knees and suck a nice big cock till it explodes in my mouth, without having to stop to catch my breath, that's when I'll be sure!!!
But for now....I'm getting lots of cuddles and the occasional I'm not complaining!!!!
I'm sure the list of offenses is very...very long...and when the spankings resume they'll be long and numerous....I can't wait!!!!
Thank you all for your support through all of this....and especially for the love and support you've given to my sweet wife....
I appreciate it more than I can express in words.....

Thursday, May 19, 2022

All Night

 After the first night he was home, Stacy and I wrestled the small recliner, from my home office, upstairs to the bedroom.
That's where I've been at night when "Kaaren's" asleep.
I sit and read while I listen to him breathe, just in case.
I was reading when Stacy poked her head in earlier to see if I needed or wanted anything.
I told her that some tea would be lovely.
She returned a few minutes later with my favorite, Irish Breakfast Tea, and stood by while I sipped at it.
She was staring at "Kaaren" and she looked so sad.
I suggested that she should cuddle with him for a while.
She carefully climbed into bed with him and spooned up against him.
He scooched back against her even though he was still asleep.
I sipped my tea and smiled.
She loves him so much.
I went back to my book and it wasn't long before I realized that she too had fallen asleep. Nestled together, like lovers, her arm holding him.
There was real beauty in this, my husband asleep in her arms while I watched over them.
 It's nice to know that he has two of us looking after him.
Some day soon I might be able to sleep without worry, but it's not going to be anytime soon. 
For now I'm sitting and listening to their rhythmic breathing and the occasional murmurs of their adventures in dreamland.
The dawn will be coming soon and then I can sleep. 
Somehow I feel like he's safe in the daylight and so I watch over him all night.
I was never afraid of the dark before, but I am now.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022


He's home!
He's back in my arms!
He's here!
"Kaaren" came home a couple of days ago.
I have prayed for this and made so many promises to God that I may spend the rest of my life trying to fulfill them!
But none of that matters because he's home with me.
When they took out the ventilator tube, after weaning him from it for a couple of days, his voice was raspy and, just, just so sexy!
I teased him a little about having a tube in his throat.
He smiled!
My Sweetheart smiled!
Joy doesn't describe it!
I'm never going to feel like this again, never.
He's home, with me, here, now!
Just thought I'd let you know.
Because he'll ask if I did, and I wouldn't want to upset him.
I'm going to cuddle with him, I'll be careful of the tubes and monitors.
But he's home! 
With me!
With me!


Saturday, May 7, 2022


My sweet husband has suffered a setback.
That's what the doctors call it!
I try and try to remain positive through all of this but I'm feeling nothing but despair.
For a week or so everything seemed to be getting back to normal, but Tuesday night "Kaaren" was in trouble.
They called it "respiratory distress".
Even with the oxygen he wasn't getting enough air.
The ambulance arrived pretty quickly I guess, although it seemed like it took hours as I tried to comfort my sweetheart.
They took him to the, all too familiar, emergency room and he was immediately admitted to the hospital.
Doctors and tests and hours and more hours, and then they told me that he was being sedated and put on a ventilator.
His blood oxygen was so low that he had less than an hour left to live when he got to the hospital.
They say that he should pull through, they say that this is just a temporary problem, they say a lot of things.
But they don't say that he would have died in his bed if I hadn't gone in to check on him!
I feel like I'm losing him a little bit at a time.
I can't imagine a life without him, I've been in love with him since I was just a girl!
"Kaaren" isn't religious, however, she's probably more christian than many churchgoers but she would never claim to be. I pray for his recovery every day.
I have never before thought about really losing him.
But while he lies there in a hospital bed, unconscious, and only breathing because a machine is helping him, how can I not!
I'm only writing this because I can't do anything to change any of this.
If he comes home again I hope that he will get better.
But recent days have dampened my expectations.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Monday ManCandy's a secret....
Sure they tell you to brush after every meal....but sometimes there's no time...
You're in a've got to save time....
So then you make a discovery!!!
There's a way to brush and have a meal at the same time!!!
ManCandy!!! Is there anything it can't do!!!