Wednesday, July 31, 2019


There's nothing more delightful than opening his pants and finding his pretty undies there and his nice hard cock waiting for my attention!!!!!

Hump Day

You can point back at him all you want but the responsibility for a satisfactory outcome is all's Hump Day and it's all up to you!!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

All You Want

"You can go out and sing "Over The Rainbow" all you want Sissy...but you ain't going nowhere!!!!!"
"Now get on with your chores or else....."


Honestly I would have preferred to be on the other side of the bed to watch him stretching her pretty pussy open.....but this is OK too.....

Monday, July 29, 2019

What Do You Do

She's home early....
She knows you're in there....
There's no lock on the door...and even if there was, your clothes are in the other bedroom....
"Honey....what's going on? Let me in?"
Time for a talk perhaps?

Monday ManCandy

People go on these crazy diets all the time. They deny themselves the things they enjoy....the things they crave most!!!!
It gets to the point that when you get a really good breakfast.....a full creamy serving....we can actually see it filling your poor shrunken tummy!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Fits in any diet....and fills any tummy!!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Trying So Hard

I was trying so hard.....
I came into the room and saw he seemed to be napping....and I walked carefully trying to keep my petticoats from rustling too much....
I knelt and opened his pants so carefully that he never stirred....
And then I took him in my mouth and he was hard and dripping pre-cum in no time....
I thought that he'd wake later thinking it was a dream.....then I felt his hand on the back of my head....

Sunday Brunch

Her friends are going to love this hot apple pie....I made it from scratch.....and it's full of apples and cinnamon and cum and everything good....
Not my cum of course....I had to borrow some from the neighbors....but I taste tested each one....just for quality control you understand!!!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2019


Her sweet pussy is red and puffy from being fucked deep and hard....and a little bit of her lover's cream is leaking out....
Time to pull up your big girl panties and get to work!!!!!


I have always loved to eat was really the first real sex act I ever know....with another person....
And contrary to what some may think.....I know a cute pussy when I see one!!!!!


"My husband and I were here the other night and I quite enjoyed my was nothing too fancy but it was delicious.....I'm so sorry that my husband posted a one-star review simply because he didn't enjoy the meal I ordered for him...."
"Well we get used to unfair reviews....but we're so glad you enjoyed your meal!!!"
"I did....very fact I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to let you decide....."
"I'm not sure I understand....decide what?"
"Sissy.....drop your pants.....that's my good see I have him locked up and he has no way to have an orgasm until I release him with this key.....and I want you to hold on to this key until you think he deserves release!!!!
"So I guess you'll be coming in regularly...."
" least once every couple of months....isn't that right Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Friday, July 26, 2019

It's Her Rule

No stains on the wet excuses!!!!!
It's her rule and I have regretted breaking it before!!!!!

My Fantasy

This was one of my high school fantasies.....I jerked it so many times with my eyes squeezed tight shut and this playing over and over in my mind!!!!
I guess it tells you something that I never really fantasized about actually fucking the cheerleader.....I always fantasized about watching her....
My Darling wife offered to help me relive this and it was just as good as I imagined....however I never imagined kneeling at the foot of the bed with my little clit tightly caged while I watched.....but I did get to watch....I got to watch a beautiful cheerleader finger herself while moaning my name!!!!
It doesn't get much better than that!!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Mother Said

Mother always said to wear clean underwear just in case....
Well her advice actually worked out for me....
I was happily sucking his cock while waiting for my wife to change her clothes, when he pulled my dress up....
"Nice panties Sissy...."
"Thank you Sir" I said, proud that I was wearing pretty undies!!!!
That's what I said but I'm pretty sure he heard something like....

The Hard Part

Swallowing his cock wasn't the hard part.....the hard part was explaining the grass stains on my clothes to my wife!!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hump Day

Hey, it's been a crazy week so far....but it's Hump Day...take a little time to slow things down and really get a feel for how things are progressing!!!!


"Hey Bro.....I promised you if you wore one of my bikinis to the pool that I wouldn't invite any of my friends to see my sissy brother!!!!"
"Yeah but...."
"You might as well look up and smile.....I never promised I wouldn't invite all of your friends to see my sissy brother.....I warned you to stay out of my panty drawer but you just didn't what choice did I have?"

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Of course I love you Honey but really....just look at it....

Oh No Sissy

"Oh no look so cute in your panties that you've got me all hard....why don't you suck it for me like a good girl?"
"Suck want me to suck your cock!!!!"
"Well of course I do don't want me to stick a dry cock in your pretty bottom do you???"
"Of course not....."
"Then you'd better start sucking....don't you think?"

Monday, July 22, 2019

Others May Laugh

She didn't care....if all her girlfriends laughed it didn't matter to her.....she absolutely loved the idea of a man in women's had turned her on since....since forever!!!!
And then she found me....

Monday ManCandy

Some people are just morning people....they're up and eager to go at the break of dawn!
They can spend some extra time making sure that they get the best nutrition to start the day!!!!
Do they drink coffee? No they don't want all that caffeine!!!!
Do they drink fruit juice? No they don't want all that sugar!!!
Bacon and eggs? Cholesterol and fats!!!
They know that there's only one thing that will satisfy them.....only one sweet creamy breakfast treat that will power them though the day!!!!
ManCandy!!!! A morning fill-up that will stay with you all day long!!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"But you said I couldn't fuck him under your roof....and we're not technically under your roof Sweetheart!!!!"
"Dammit Sissy.....I should have sent you to law school instead of Sissy School!!!! I'm so tired of your looking for loopholes so that you can disobey me!!!!"
"But technically I didn't...."
"Enough Sissy....I'm not going to argue with you while you've got my boyfriends dick inside you!!!!"
"But nothing!!!!! You get your dick out of my sissy husband and you Sissy....pack your bags....the pink bus is on the way!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am......but maybe you could give us another couple of minutes...I think he's about to pop?"
"Absolutely not Sissy....I'll be the only one making him "pop" around this get going and move that ass fast....I want you packed and waiting on the curb when the bus gets here!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

What She Needs

I'm so happy that she gets what she needs to make her happy.....
I'm so happy that even as she cums on his big cock she still loves me....
Later on we'll cuddle....but I'll probably be lying in his wet spot....and that's OK with me!!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Very Pretty

"Oh that's very pretty wiggle that girly ass for me and beg me to fuck you all night long!!!!"
How could anyone say no to an invitation like that!!!!!

That Kiss

It's that kiss that assures me....that tells me she's still in love with me....that kiss....slow and deep.....that kiss before she turns around to the real man waiting to put his big cock inside her and make her feel the things I never can!!!!
But even as he fucks her.....even as she cums over and over on his big cock.....I know it's me that she the end of the day he'll be going home and she'll sleep in my welcoming arms!!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Keep Him

"Hi Janet....we came by to see you about the bridesmaid dresses and we found your fiance here wearing these pretty pink panties!!!!! We were wondering....considering his sissy you still want to marry him?
If not we wouldn't mind keeping him....we think he's just adorable!!!!!"

Working At Home

When I went to wake her she told me she wasn't going to the office today....she was working at home....
When she works at home it plays havoc with my schedule....there's so much extra to do....and so many things just have to be pushed off until tomorrow that it makes both days more difficult....
But if I have to tell the truth.....I love when she works at home.....despite all the drawbacks...the bonuses are out of this world!!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2019


"You've been eating his cum from my pussy for weeks....I think it's about time you got some fresh from the source!!!!!"


You should always warm up before the main event.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

All Agreed

After a week long trial period the sorority sisters voted unanimously to admit the sissy as an honorary exchange for their help in his feminization he would serve them and their guests without any thought of reciprocation!!!!

Hump Day

"But I'm just the sissy maid...."
Don't listen to that kind of nonsense.....Hump Day is for everyone!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Second Time

"You know that this is the second time I've had to correct your pretty bow Kaaren..."
"Yes Mistress Roxy....I'm very grateful!!!!"
"No sissy....after the first time I looked the other way....but this time you're going over my knees!!!! If there's a next time you'll really regret it!!!!"
"Yes Mistress....I'm sure that you know what's best!!!!"
"You'll get worse when I tell your wife of your sloppy behavior...."
"Yes Mistress Roxy....shall I dial her number for you?"
"Of all the insolence!!!!! You just added another 50!!!!"


Even as I suck his cock he only has eyes for my sweet wife....I can't blame him....she's just that beautiful!!!!!

Monday, July 15, 2019

No More

"No more sneaking into my more stealing my clothes....I have so many things I've outgrown that I can keep you dressed as a girl for years Bobby....I doubt Mom and Dad would we'll keep this between us....if that's what you want?"
"Oh yes Sis.....please....yes...."
"You're such a pretty girl Bobby I can hardly believe you're my baby brother...."
"Thank you Sis.....if there's anything I can do...."
"Did I ever tell you about my lesbian fantasy Bobby...."

Monday ManCandy

You're up early today.....starting another week....why not enjoy a nice breakfast out on the patio....fresh air and a tasty treat just kind of go the soothing cream coats your mouth and it slides down to your growling can enjoy the birds singing to welcome the new day!!!!
ManCandy!!! A glorious day starts in a glorious way!!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Brunch

Perhaps it was wrong that she made her husband serve at the brunch.....
He looked so cute in his little maid uniform that he hadn't had time to stop and take care of her needs and she was so wet....
Every time he got off his knees and started toward her someone else grabbed him and he offered them the service she herself had ordered him to...
Next week.....someone elses sissy maid could serve next week....because this was just torture.....she needed to cum right now!!!!

How Much Better

"Do you like it Sissy...."
"Can you taste him Sissy..."
"You'll taste him so much better when I take this thong off...Sissy!!!"
"Next time...if you're a good girl for me...I'll ask him to cum in your mouth...would you like that Sissy?"
"I thought so...."

Saturday, July 13, 2019


I honestly don't know how she heard the penny drop....but she gave me an extra hour holding it with my nose against that wall in the dusty basement!!!!!
Now I hear her and her lover's laughter, as clear as if they were next to me, through the air ducts...
I'd love to move across the room and listen in but I have to hold this damned penny....hopefully soon I'll be back upstairs either fluffing or cleaning....or both!!!

I Remember

I remember the other boy who was in the dance class with me in High School....he was also a victim of the bullies, like me!
He was small and thin and he had some effeminate traits....just like me....
His name was Samuel but he preferred m and an i....he was very specific about that!!!!
He was so nice....a lovely person....most of the girls didn't want anything to do with us so we rehearsed together....
I guess I should have seen it coming but he surprised me completely when he tried to kiss me.....and I just wasn't ready for that....
I ripped into him....I called him terrible names....I said I wasn't like that....I made him cry....
I'd like to write that I chased after him and that we ended up in each others arms but that's not what happened.....I was an asshole then....and I regret it to this day.....but I wasn't gay.....I wanted a girlfriend....even as I danced around in a tutu.....I wanted a girlfriend.....
We could have helped each other through the daily ordeal we both went through....but I pushed him away.....and to tell the truth I missed our rehearsals terribly  when he cut me off.....we used to wear all the girls costumes and we used to laugh....oh my how we used to laugh!!!!
I met him a few weeks back and he made me laugh right away....and I knew I was forgiven...we had wife and me and he and his was wonderful wife agreed with me as we drove home.....his husband was super-hot!!!
I'm glad life worked out for us.....I wonder how many of the assholes who used to give us a hard time are as happy as we are now?

Friday, July 12, 2019


I probably should clean him off first but she just looks so delicious that I can't help myself, he'll just have to wait!!!!

Tan Lines

"Don't worry about those tan lines Sissy....I'll even them all out for you!!!!"

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Oh My!!!

What more could I say!!!


Mornings used to be easy back when I was pretending to be a, half the time all I hear is my wife banging on the door and asking me if I'm going to be in here all day!!!!
She laughs when she does it....we have two more bathrooms....she tells me her father used to do that to her all the time....
Honestly, she knows I never ever lock the door....she just likes to do it for fun!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and thank heaven your week has finally settled into a pleasant rhythm....

What He Said

I don't know exactly what he said to her to make her so angry....but I think it might have had something to do with me....
After she threw him out I was disappointed because his cock was obviously looking huge and delicious even if I never got his pants down!!!!
But she was really angry and she came back from the door and pulled me down between her legs and told me that I owed her a lot of orgasms and that I'd better get busy!!!!
And yes I got busy.....but I have to say honestly....I was thinking about his cock most of the time!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Progress - Sissy Training

When it's time to move up Sissy should spend ten minutes with her "little guy" before she moves on to her next hurdle....two extra inches doesn't sound like much...but when you know that it's two inches longer and two inches wider maybe you'll understand why Sissy is going to take it slow....she'll please herself on the smaller and she'll please you on the larger!!!! Just remember that it's not about the Sissy's's all about yours!!!


"So you see Susie....after a couple of weeks in chastity they'll do anything for you!"
"Is that right'll do anything?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Will you lick my toes Daddy?"
"Yes Miss Susie!!!!"
"That's Mistress Susan to you Daddy!"
"Yes, of course, whatever you wish Mistress Susan!"
The women laughed....
"Just think Susie....he's only been in chastity for a couple of weeks!!!! Imagine what we can do with him after a few months!!!!"
"I'm already imagining.....You're the best step-mom ever!!!"

Monday, July 8, 2019

That Old Bookstore

He loved going to that old book store....the owner was such a nice man that he would spend hours just talking about books and authors with him!!!
The owner didn't care that he had long hair, or that he was a little effeminate....they just shared their mutual love for the printed word!!!!
In fact, the first time he showed up in a skirt the man just whistled and told him he had nice legs and nothing else was said about it!!!!
In fact the owner was so nice about it that whenever he was on a ladder he would rush over and hold him by the thighs to steady him!!!!
The effeminate boy was excited by this and so was the owner but neither ever acted on least not together....when they were home alone their fantasies would lead them to one orgasmic explosion after another!!!!!

This is kind of based in real life.....there was a book store....and I was the slightly effeminate boy....and the owner of the shop was so nice to me and we did spend hours together talking about books and authors.....I guess if we wanted to use current terminology that book store was my "safe space"!!!!
I cried when it closed.....

Monday ManCandy

After a long holiday weekend you're not sure this is going to do it for you!!!!
You want that warm creamy treat like you always do....but you're feeling so worn out from partying for the last four days that you have doubts....
And then it hits your tongue.....salty and warm, the best thing ever!!!!
There's no need to say anything.....that smile says it all!!!
ManCandy!!!! Bringing smiles since....well since forever!!!!