Wednesday, December 31, 2014

At Midnight

At midnight this New years Eve I'd like to give you all a sweet kiss!!! Unfortunately I'll be doing maid service at my wife's party so this will have to do!!!
Happy New Year sweet readers! I wish you love and happiness in 2015 and I thank you all so much for paying attention to my silly sissy blogs!!!
Remember me at midnight sweeties!!!!

Happy New Year for "My" Special Girl!

Nappy New year lovely Leeanne! I hope 2015 brings you all that you wish for!!!
I'm closing my eyes and making a New Years wish myself If you guess what it is please don't say it out loud or it won't come true!!!!
Much love and kisses sweetie!!!!

Listen Up Sissies

"Okay Sissies, your wives were kind enough to loan you out for my New Years Party tomight so let me make a few things clear! My guests are my friends and you will treat them as you would treat me! If a male wants you on your knees you get down there fast! If a female needs your service I expect your face to be between her thighs before she finishes asking!!! You may notice your wives with other men through the night and that's to be expected...they are are here to serve the guests!!!! Do I make myself clear?"
The sissies nodded but they all had their eyes on that nasty looking whip in her hand! Some were so scared they were shaking while at least one was already imagining the sweet bite of the leather on her bottom!!!!

I'm Sorry Sissy

"I'm sorry Sissy, but even uncaged and hard it's barely noticeable! But it looks absolutely adorable in those pink panties! Now go ahead and fetch your cage and we'll get you locked back up, safe and secure. Then you can finish helping me dress, I know how you love to do that!!"

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Heaven, I'm in heaven
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we're fucking one another cheek to cheek


"Isn't this nice Sissy? Why would you ever want to go back to the way you once were? You make such a lovely girl and you were never really happy as a boy were you?"
"Yes I'm much happier this way Sweetheart!"
"Mmm your bottom is so soft and your perfume is making me crazy Sissy. You're turning me on so much! Feel how wet my panties are Sissy!"
"You're wet for a sissy like me?"
"Why don't you get down there and you can taste how wet I am for my little Sissy! For my special girl!"
"I thought you'd never ask..."

Monday, December 29, 2014


"I think he's ready now Kaaren...put him inside me!!!!"
"Kaaren...I think he's ready..."
"Kaaren he's ready and I'm waiting!!!!"
Kaaren he's ready now!!!"
"Kaaren did you hear me?"

Monday ManCandy

Every day there are sissies that go to bed hungry for ManCandy! I know it's hard to believe that in this world of plenty for all, there are some that go to bed and wake up empty with no ManCandy to fill their tummies!
We're asking all real men to please give generously! For a small fee we'll supply the collection cups and for a slightly higher fee we'll send you your own personal sissy who'll only be too happy to collect any donations you care to make!!!
Don't let that precious ManCandy go to waste! Why use tissues when a Sissy is available!!!
Contact "Save Our Sissies Fund" at 1-555-EAT-ITUP to arrange for your donation!
Somewhere a starving Sissy is waiting!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Is Game Day

A little pressure and then there's the snap!!! It's a quarterback sneak and he drives forward with everything he's got!!!!

So Young

He had been out cruising the "cougar" bars when my wife found him!
He was looking for an older more experienced woman and instead he learned the joys a woman with a sissy husband could offer!
His pretty, young cock was a joy to suck! He could cum and be hard again almost right away after!!
It wasn't until later that we found out we'd taken his cherry! It just made it all that much sweeter!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Two Years

I was enrolled in Dance Class for the last two years I was in high school and, unlike many of my other subjects, I still use what I learned there pretty often!!!


She called out as she shut the door behind her.
"Honey I'm home! Where are you? I'd like to talk to you about something!"
She heard the unmistakable sound of high heels hurrying across the hard wood floor in their bedroom upstairs!
"I'm just finishing cleaning the floors sweetheart! I didn't expect you so early!"
She smiled as she heard the edge of panic in his voice.
"I'll come up and we can talk while you finish."
"No! No sweetheart the floors are wet, I'll be down in just a minute!"
She had suspected but when she saw his shadow the truth was revealed!
After their talk she would send him out to bring in the packages from the car...she knew his sizes but she'd had to guess on the bra size....well she could always take him to the boutique and have him fitted properly! She had a feeling they were both going to enjoy having another "girl" in the house!!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

It's Mutual

I  love to watch her being soundly fucked by a man with a big cock and she loves to watch when that same big cock is hannering into me! It's important that couples share common interests!

Thought It Over

"Honestly Kaaren, I don't know where you got the idea in your silly sissy head that I was going to release you for Christmas! I mean it's only been...what...a couple of weeks right?"
""It's been 9 months's longer than I've ever been locked up! I thought for sure you'd give me release for Christmas! It was at the top of my wish list!"
"Yes I saw that and honestly Kaaren I thought it over but I decided that during the holiday season I need you to be on your best behavior and extra attentive to your duties and every time I let you cum you always slack off afterward!"
"I promise I won't this time! Please Sweetheart, I'll do anything you ask!"
"Yes you will Sissy! And you'll do it better if I keep your little clit locked away!"
"Pretty please?"
"Alright Sissy, let's get past New Years Day and I'll consider it again OK?"
" always know what's best..."
"That's my special girl, now show me that pretty smile and then get that tongue busy! All this talk about cumming has made me so wet!"
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!"

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Best Presents

The best presents are the ones that fill you with joy! When she allows me to give her this pleasure it fills my heart with joy! Not just at Christmas but all the year round!!!

All Out

"Sissy, I came to bring you some lovely presents and a nice Candy Cane to suck on!"
"Thank you Santa!"
"But I'm all out of candy canes Sissy, maybe you could suck on this instead!"
"Mmmmmmm thank you Santa!"
"You're welcome Sissy, now get busy I still have to stop at Leeanne's before I go back to the North Pole!"

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

You're So Silly

You're so silly Sissy! You can gift wrap them all you want but you can't give me something I already own! And those sweet little balls of yours have belonged to me since we first met!!!!

Sissy School - A Visit From St. Nick

"Ho ho ho, I see my sissy girls are all here just like I always like to see them!"
"Yes Santa!!!" they said in unison amidst their girlish giggles!
"Let me get my list....let's see....Hmm Sissy Jo I see you've been a good girl most of the time although you've kept Miss Julie waiting for a sketch a time or two, I have a lovely hairbrush for you! I want you to give it to your Mistress...I think you'll find it's the gift that keeps giving all the year round!"
"Thank you Santa!"
"Now who's next....oh yes Sweet Sissy've been a very good sissy girl this year! I see you've been at the top of your class in oral sex all year! Quite the accomplishment! And you've had to put up with your roommates antics and you've only spanked her a couple of times when we both know you should have done it daily! I have a lovely black 14 inch dildo for you to practice on for the rest of the year so that you're always at the top of your class!"
"Oh thank you Santa!"
"Hmm, now Sissy've been at the very top of my Naughty List all year! The only thing I have in my bag for you is a big lump of coal..."
"I'll try to be good next year....thank you Santa..."
"You didn't let me finish Kaaren! I have a lump of coal, a nice pair of handcuffs, a paddle and a big bottle of cherry flavored lube! Now if you other sissies will excuse us for a little while I'd like to discuss Kaaren's bad behavior with her and get her started on next years Naughty List..."

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


"Oh hi Honey! I really wasn't expecting you home so early! I suppose you're wondering what I'm doing with this Sissy cock in my ass! Well I can explain see it was like this...."
"Shut up Sissy and let me just enjoy the show! We'll talk later!!!"

Oh Santa

"Oh Santa!"
"Oh Kaaren!"
"Oooh Santa!!!"
"Mmmmm Kaaren!!!!"
"Oh Santa thanks so much for bringing me that new bottle of lube!!!"
"Oh Kaaren thanks for showing me why you needed it!"
"Ooooooh Santa!!!!!!"
"Maybe I'll swing back after I finish my deliveries!!!!"
"Plenty of lube left sweetie!"

Monday, December 22, 2014

One Million Page Hits - A Special Thank You To Leeanne

Leeanne, you were and continue to be my inspiration , this silly little blog of mine wouldn't exist if you hadn't shown me the way! You make me laugh, you make me strive to be better, you make me sigh, you make me hot and bothered too!!!
I love the interplay we have in our posts and I love to see a comment from you! A word from you makes my day!!!
I don't want to embarrass you by this message but I just want to let you know that you have been a huge influence on me!!! You've almost been like the sister I never had! Hmmm, lusting after your sister...another fetish....add it to the list!!!
Thank you so much for all you've done and thank you so much for being my friend!!!
I bow at your feet!!!

Sweet Sissy Kisses and Hugs!
Your Friend

One Million Page Hits!

Early yesterday I reached this milestone! I'm pretty sure it's the first million of anything I've ever had!!!!
I am so grateful to all my sweet readers and followers who still come and read my silly sissy ramblings day after day! I love you all! And I humbly thank you for allowing me into your lives in my own small way!
If I have given you one moment of pleasure in the year and a half or so that I've been doing this then it has been entirely worth it!
I have made some friends in that time and you are all very special to me and I always look forward to your comments! Jo Alana, Joe D. DualPurpose, sissy teri and so many others thank you so much!
I hope that I'll be able to keep your interest as I strive toward the next million!!!
Once again thank you all so much!!!!

Much love and many kisses to you all!

Monday ManCandy

Christmas is the season of giving and men just love to give ManCandy to anyone who wants it! It's also the season for sharing and ManCandy is perfect for that too!!!
So allow all the men you know to experience the joy of giving you their ManCandy while remembering it's important to share with your wife or sissy or husband or boy/girlfriend....doesn't matter who it is as long as you both enjoy it!!!!
ManCandy! It's the spirit of the holidays!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday is Gane Day

"There's a flag on the play! Let's hear from the official what the penalty is!"
"We have a neutral zone violation! That penalty will be enforced with a sound spanking in the refs locker room after the game!"

Taking The Ride

In a new Christmas tradition my wife arranged for me to ride the Polar Express! I didn't realize at first that I was the ride but once the train started I didn't need a steam whistle for anyone to hear me coming!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Sissy served his wife and her niece a nice light lunch and then slipped under the table...

....for a little light lunch of her own!!!!


As he gently snored his beautiful cock stood at rigid attention!
My wife smiled at me, "What do you suppose he's dreaming about Sissy?"
"Surely he's dreaming of fucking's what I dream of all the time!"
"Oh Sissy that's so sweet! I bet he's dreaming of you sucking him after all that's what I dream of all the time!"
"Well I'd love to make your dreams come true!"
"I know you would Sissy! You always do!!!"

Friday, December 19, 2014

Let's Discuss

"Kaaren, come here please! I'd like to discuss that breakfast you served me this know with the burnt toast!!!"

By Any Other Name

So beautiful, so delicate, a masterpiece of nature! You want  to bury your nose into it and inhale the delightful fragrance! You could linger here like this all day! Oh yes the rose is pretty too!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

No Wig No Makeup

"No Sissy no wig and no makeup! Well maybe some lipstick but absolutely nothing else! When all my guests get here I don't want any of them mistaking you for anything other than a sissy maid! Now curtsey, kiss me there and get ready for all my friends to arrive!"

The First Time

The first time I sucked a cock was so much easier...nothing ever made me feel more like a sissy than the first time a man took me like this!!!!! It hurt! It was awkward! It was so New!!!!
It was incredible!!!! Having a man inside me was something I was born to do!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Change of Plans

I was getting ready to go for a quick morning run when suddenly he was there! My wife's lover from last night obviously needed some attention and as a dutiful sissy my plans would just have to wait! Judging by his moaning and thrusting my plans wouldn't have to wait for long!!!!!

Oral Skills - Sissy Training

You should train Sissy with a strap-on just a little bit bigger than your lover's cock. Not only will this assure that Sissy will not embarrass you, but Sissy will look forward to the extra "breathing room" that your lovers cock allows her!
Soon, if given the choice, Sissy will opt to take your lover in her mouth all the time!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Bastille - Sissies Through History

"I see you've dressed as I asked Henri but what else are you prepared to do to secure your fathers release from the Bastille?"
"Oh please Sire, I'll do anything!"
"I know you will! But my fingers are not the only part of my body I want to put in your mouth!"
"Sire I'll kiss your ass if you'll release my poor father!"
"Oh what a good idea! That sounds wonderful! You can do that right after you suck my royal cock!"
"Yes Your Highness, if that's what it takes! You can make me your woman as long as you spare my father!"
"Make you my are just full of good ideas aren't you!"

So Glad

"We're so glad you stopped by, Kaaren loves to be fucked, but I worry that my little sissy husband get's lonesome!"
"I know what you mean! It seems my sissy only seems to enjoy it when I have my lover over! He doesn't socialize much otherwise!!!"
"Well now our two sissies can be fuck buddies! I think they'll like that!"
"I hope so...because I'm enjoying it very much!"
"Say weren't you a cheerleader once?"
"Yes, why do you ask?
"Let me tell you about another little fantasy of mine...."

There's a Reason

There's a reason we both get up very early! I think every Sissy husband should show his devotion like this every morning...start her day with a smile!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014


"Kaaren what do you want to do?"
"I want to make you cum over and over!"
"And what about you Kaaren don't you want to cum too?"
"Only when you say I'm ready sweetheart!"
"Exactly right my special girl! Now come to bed, I want your tongue right now!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

The good little gets the cream!
ManCandy! The choice of Pussycats everywhere!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Her Fantasy

When she called me to the bedroom and I found my cheerleaders uniform laid out for me I wondered which of her fantasies she wanted to indulge tonight!
When she pulled me over her lap and began spanking I was so happy! If this went the usual way I'd end up with a very hot bottom and a very wet pussy to lick all night long!!!!!

Take Care Sissy

"Sissy, my boss is stopping by in a little while. I'll be going out for dinner with him to discuss a major deal!! This could mean a huge bonus for me Sissy so I want you dressed to impress when he gets there! Give him anything he wants....anything he I making myself clear Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am, anything he wants...I understand"
"Thank you Sissy, I won't be long,"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Was that her on the phone Sissy?"
"Yes sir, I didn't say you were already here, just as you instructed!"
"Sissy,your skills have become legendary among our top management and I was feeling left out, so pour me a single malt and show me these cock sucking skills I have heard so much about!"
"Yes sir I'd be happy to!"

It Was Sweet

"It was sweet Sissy! Taking your friends cherry was wonderful and I thank you both for the privilege! I've done my part you do yours...but be careful she might be a little sore...lick softly Sissy!"

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Decorations

Today we started to put up our Christmas decorations and it really helps me to get into the spirit if we have an early visit from Santa. I like to demonstrate how good I am for him so he'll bring me something nice!!!

Wake Up Sweetie!

"Kaaren,,,,Kaaren....wake up must have fallen asleep waiting...."
"Oh....I'm sorry ....I was up so early....what time is it?"
"It's very late Sissy....but you told me you wanted to taste his cum....and it's dribbling out of me now...but if you'd rather sleep..."
"I'm awake now honey! I can sleep anytime...I'd love to lick you clean if you'll let me!!!!"
"If I'll let you!!!! Sissy it was all I was thinking about while he was fucking me!!!! It's all for you!!!"

Friday, December 12, 2014

It's a Toss-up

Which makes you more of a Sissy? The snug feeling of that pretty bra you're wearing or the delightful taste of that cock sliding in and out of your mouth?

I'm Sorry

"I'm sorry sweetie but although you're very close you just don't measure up. Please step through the door on your left and we'll begin your feminization process.  I think you're going to make someone very happy as their Sissy Maid.....NEXT!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Office Temp

"Come home with me tonight Kaaren, I've always dreamed of having a sissy like you lick me all night long!"
"Miss Jeffries!!!! I'm a happily married sissy!!! What would my wife say?"
"Ask her yourself Sissy, I just got off the phone with her and she's meeting us at my place at 6:30!!!"
"But it's only 3 o'clock now, what will we do for all that time till she get's there?"
" and funny too! You're just getting me wetter!!!!


Pretty panties and secure chastity...a new Sissy begins her journey! What's next i wonder, full body shave, cock sucking,spanking, maid service, penetration, exposure, public humiliation....I almost wish I could go back and start again!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So Hot!

"Mmmmm Kaaren, isn't it so hot to watch a man jerk off his hard cock...god how I love it!!!!"
"But sweetheart I probably jerked off thousands of times before I met you! You could remove the cage and I would do it for you any time you wanted!"
"Oh're so funny...I said it was hot to watch a MAN jerk off and I'm afraid you just don't measure up..."


The wives sat watching and making comments as the two sissies got to know one another, together in real life for the first time!
The sissies, although only together for a few minutes, had already forgotten that their wives were there!