Thursday, February 28, 2019

I Know

"Yes Sissy....I know he's really don't have to keep telling me over and over!!!!!"


He burst through the door....ignored me completely as he pushed her down and fucked her....right up the ass.....he fucked her and fucked her until she could take no more....
"Maybe" she thought as the fucking continued, "Maybe I should have someone else do my taxes!!!!"
Yes we're getting another accountant....we can't possibly be this fucked!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hump Day

Sometimes on Hump Day it seems like it all depends on you....and you make sure everything keeps going as smoothly as possible!!!!

I Like Mine

She likes getting up in the morning and stretching her muscles.....
God knows I love having my muscles stretched too!!!!
The perfect way to start the day!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

First Kiss

Our first kiss was just like kidding....the first time we met she actually sucked my little bitty thing and as usual I came within seconds....but it was the first time for when she pulled me up to kiss her I didn't hesitate for even a moment....I kissed her long and deep....she told me years later that was when she fell in love with me...

Monday, February 25, 2019


Suddenly the door swung open...
"Oh my god....Kenny is that you!!!!"
It was not the way he had imagined telling her!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Some Monday mornings are tougher than others!!!!
A tough weekend full of all sorts of debauchery.....but now you've got to put that behind you and get ready to face another week!!!!
You don't just want your special creamy need it....Corn Flakes are just not going to give you that warn feeling in your tummy....
ManCandy!!!! What you need when you need it most!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2019


Of course I felt it....she would explore my body and my dainties when she thought I was asleep...
What was she thinking? God how I wished I could read her mind!!!!
I would never let on that I was awake....and she would never try to excite me...but she seemed to love feeling the silks and satins that I wore.....and my soft different from her lovers....
Sometimes I would hear her cumming quietly which made me so happy!!!
She would always lean over and kiss me before she went to sleep....and then we'd both be satisfied!!!!

Breakfast In Bed

While her lover showers I bring her her breakfast in bed....if he wants something I'll be glad to bring it to him but my main concern is my beautiful wife!!!!
Her lover comes in second....although I'll suck his cock in a heartbeat....I got a little taste of him last night....delicious!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

On my Way

Passing our her bedroom on my way to the bathroom I couldn't help but stop and watch....if she didn't want me to see she would have closed the I watched on my 27 trips to the bathroom....but I swear I wasn't spying on her!!!!

Enough Is Enough

She looked out the window and now there was another car parked out front with the driver getting a blowjob!!!! She had had enough.....this was a nice neighborhood and she wouldn't stand for this any longer!!!! She marched right up to the car and banged her fist on the roof!!!
"Damn it Kaaren!!!! You can't be out here all night sucking cocks!!!! You march your Sissy ass right into the house right now!!!!"
"Hey....I'm almost there....can you let her finish me first?" the man asked.
"Well Okay....that seems fair...."

Friday, February 22, 2019

Almost Ready

The show was coming in just a couple of days and if Sissy wanted to win first prize there was still so much to learn!!!!

A Little Nervous

You sit in the changing room and you look at the flimsy little door and you get a little nervous...what would the women all around you think if they're nervous but at the same time you are so turned on that if it wasn't for the cage you would have cum already!!!
Soon your wife would be back with more dresses for you to try on!!!! You just can't wait!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Touch Up

"Let me just touch up your lips a little Sissy, I guarantee that he'll appreciate your pretty mouth!!!!"


There is no one who appreciates giving a man a thorough blowjob more than a Sissy....we just want it all the time!!!!
And we don't mind getting a good blowjob too....
What can I say.....we look out for each other...I have never heard of a Sissy saying no!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


When she wants me between her legs I am always grateful.....and if there's a little something extra left there for me to taste....well that's just a bonus!!!

Hump Day

Sometimes on Hump Day it feels like you're just along for the ride....and you take that ride for a while and you realize that letting someone else be in control is definitely OK!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

It Seems

It seems like every time she says "we have to talk" I end up doing very little talking and lots of crying....
But she knows what's best for me and if she thinks I need a correction then I must really need it!!!!

Start Me Up

Just grab a hold of it and give a big strong pull.....

Monday, February 18, 2019

With Me

"So.....I'm going to suck you want to stay with me? Be my Sissy? All you have to do is lean forward a little and take him in your's not such a big deal Sissy....I do it all the time.....and soon maybe you could do it all the time too!!!"
"I'm not sure...."
"Just because you didn't say no right away means that you will.....and that makes me so happy.....go ahead you can have him first....then I'll join you....."

Monday ManCandy

Of course Sister Helen had been up for hours already....baking bread for the poor....she never stopped to think of her own needs....but it wasn't the bread that made her kneel down and offer her thanks to god!!!!
All the sisters at the Order of St. Mary the Fellatrix loved when the Monsignor stopped by....he always made sure that they took care of their own nutrition. He told them they had to keep up their strength....
As the Order grew and Monsignor had gotten along in the years he had started bringing some of the older orphans with him to offer their help!!!
But Sister Helen always got her blessing direct from the Monsignor and perhaps she was guilty of the sin of Pride but he always told her he'd never met another who was as appreciative as her!!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Truly a gift from above!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Brunch

"So I told him, he had a choice....he could either give me the money to buy the ticket to come here or put on my panties and suck my boyfriends cock!!!"
"Oh My god......what did he say?"
"He didn't have much to boyfriends cock was filling his mouth...."
"And what ?"
"Did he wear your panties while he did it?"
"Certainly not!!!! He wore his own!!!!"


Nothing in the world makes her cum harder than watching her sissy husband suck her lovers hard cock while it's still wet from her pussy!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Some Days

Some days I'm just so happy to be a girl!!!!

High Five

The two brothers gave each other a high five.....I would have joined in but I was just too busy!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2019

All It Took

It was funny how much Sissy had wanted to suck his cock for years...
All through High School and College....her mouth watered at the thought...
But it was not to went on.....
Then the class reunion came around and this was the Sissy's big chance....and it turned out that all it took was a little pair of boobs.....he could overlook everything fact he invited her back to the hotel so they could "get to know one another better!"
Sissy just couldn't wait to show him all she had learned since they graduated!!!!

A Dream

I dreamt I was at a carnival...and I was the most popular person there....and a line formed at the carousel to join me on the ride....well not to ride with me....I dreamt that I was the ride.....round and round....up and down....all night long.....and when I woke up my panties were wet and my little caged clit was drooling....

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines Day

Usually it's the wife that gets the roses on Valentines Day but not this time....she sent me 12 beautiful pink roses and I love them....
Instead of 12 roses I got her 12 inches which she loved much more than some stinky flowers....
I smelled my lovely flowers while I listened to her play with her present for most of the night!!!!

Valentines Day

Do you remember the stress of Valentines Day when you were in the third grade?
What would happen if you didn't get a Valentine....or worse what if a girl returned yours saying she didn't want it!!!!
But all these years later....looking at some of the Valentines from those days...I realize that we were some kinky little bastards....I wonder what would happen if you sent one of these to a classmate nowadays!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hump Day

Even if you work at home, Hump Day is a sure sign that you're almost some cases...almost there is really as close as you'll ever get!!!


When she does this....pulls up my dress or skirt.....I just swoon in her arms.....and for a moment I think of what a slut I would have been if I'd actually been a girl...I would have been the girl that your parents told you to stay away from!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


"Does your husband have to watch us make love?"
"Oh yes....he absolutely has to watch....every caress, every kiss, every lick of your delicious pussy....he has to watch...."
"I almost feel bad for....ooooohhhh yes right there.....oooooohhhh Baby that's the spot!!!!"
I don't know who was moaning louder....

Sissy Walk of Shame

Well, she did offer me a ride home....but what could I do....he was halfway there and I was enjoying sucking his cock so much....
She told me that she was leaving and that I'd have to get home on my own....but what could I do....he was thrusting his big cock into my throat....I certainly couldn't have asked her to wait....
I heard her slam the door....I hoped she wasn't angry....but this was just too good to stop....his tasty precum on my tongue....bliss!!!!
Then he slammed it into me....filling my mouth with his delicious cream....and I licked up every drop.....every drop!!!!
And then he fell asleep!!!!
And then I found that she had taken my credit cards, my phone!!!!
But at least she left my clothes although I didn't have a proper jacket....I looked at him on the bed.....and fought the urge to climb in and start sucking on that beautiful cock again....
I figured he wouldn't mind if I borrowed a jacket to get home probably wasn't much more than a mile....thank god I wasn't wearing stilettos.....and so what if those construction workers yelled really rude things at me as I went by....I wasn't sure I'd heard them correctly so I went around the block and sure enough....I had heard them correctly the first time!!!!
My legs were cold but as I considered the suggestions those gentlemen had made I was feeling pretty hot otherwise!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Face Time

It used to be that my feminization was private....but now she liked to "face time" my pegging to all her friends and lovers....
Every time one of them told me they thought I put on a good show I just wanted to curl up and cry......and then I wanted so badly to jerk off!!!!
Damned cage!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

On a chilly winter morning when you're snuggled so nice and warm under the covers the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and face that cold cruel world!!!!
With dreams of all sorts of debauchery still fresh on your mind you just dread the start of a new week...
So it's so nice when you have a hot breakfast served to you right away....before you're really awake.....letting it's flavor overwhelm you as it's creamy warmth fills your tummy!!!
You'll still have to get out of your nice warm bed, but the world won't be quite as cold today and that's a good thing!!!!
ManCandy!!!!! The stuff that dreams are made of!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Brunch

I had no ideas that her friends would be so....demanding.....
I rushed to the kitchen, praying I had the ingredients for what they wanted me to serve!!!!


Do you ever wonder how many of your neighbors are doing this right now? Every now and then I think I see a hint of blush or a little mascara.....and I always check the nails for those little spots of color....

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday Matinee

Yes I love to go down to see the Saturday Matinee...I love the old movies with the nasty villains and hunky only problem is that I so rarely get to see the end...
I assume they get a happy ending....I know whoever is sitting next to me does!!!!


"So Henry....I see things have changed since we went to school together...."
"It's Henrietta I understand who I really am...."
"Do you still suck cocks for five bucks?"
"It's fifty now!!!"
"Well I guess I was mistaken....I guess things haven't changed all that much!!!!"
"I'll give you the old school discount if you'd like....I always liked you...."
"Well things have changed for me too....have you ever heard of a chastity cage?"

Friday, February 8, 2019


He steps in between my spread caged clit on full display...
He points to it and laughs....
"What the hell is that?"
"That's my clit Sir!"
He laughs....
He puts his cock in my feels so fills my hand....not like mine...
"What's this Bitch?"
"It's a real man's cock Sir!"
"Damned right it is you Sissy Bitch....I bet you want to suck it don't you?"
"Yes I do!!!!"
He laughs and turns to my wife....she's been watching with her hand in her panties....and she's so it from looking at his cock or from my humiliation...I don't know...
"And you actually married this Sissy Bitch....he's got no dick and he wants to suck mine...and that's your husband!!!!"
She laughs and says come on and fuck me now....
And I kneel and watch....I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to suck him....but I'm turned on by his laughter....I don't know why!!!


If I was to give you the leash....where would you lead me???

Thursday, February 7, 2019


Really often do I have to explain it to pull your panties up and get down on your knees and get him nice and hard and wet for me....

Sissy Training - Saying Goodbye to All That

A lot of what you do when you train your Sissy is mental...
Overcoming his taboos about being the little sissy slut you want him to be is all about changing his mind!!!!
So now it's time to go into his closet and get rid of his boy things...
Have him fill the large trash bags with all his male clothes....all his sports equipment....and most importantly, all his hidden porn...
This last item you may review before discarding, but ideally you'll replace it with some sissy porn and require him to watch it at least for a couple of hours a day!!!
After he's filled the bags you should explain to him that this isn't a isn't's for real....
His whole life as a "man" is officially over and then have him wear something really pretty as he drags the bags to the curb!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


"I told you have to tuck it between your legs and then pull your panties up tight!!!! If I can see it poking out then your date will certainly see it too!!!"
"Yes Auntie....I just forgot...."
"You just forgot!!! Do you remember what to say if he tries to slide his hand up your skirt?"
"I tell him it's my time of the month...."
"I offer to suck his cock?"
"Very good Sweetie....absolutely correct....just remember to keep it tucked!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."

Hump Day

By Hump Day you've learned that you're capable of taking on way more than you thought you could!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Way Down Home

He really didn't mind so much that he had to wear his older sister's hand-me-down fact he had come to enjoy it quite a bit...
But he had no idea that he'd have to suck off all her hand-me-down boyfriends too!!! fact he had come to enjoy that quite a bit too!!!!

What Kind Of Slut Are You!!!!

So many people would look at this picture and say that I'm a nasty little slut....
But I couldn't disagree more!!!!
Just look at the picture!!!!
I mean really look close!!!!
I mean it's obvious isn't it???
I'm seriously not a nasty little slut....
I'm actually the friendliest little slut in the neighborhood!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Takes My Breath Away

I know I have a foot fetish....along with all my other fetishes....but honestly...when she walks into the room wearing just takes my breath away....and I have to fight the urge to drop to my knees...unless that's what she wants...because as much as I love worshiping at her feet I'm pretty sure that she loves it more....

Monday ManCandy

Yes it was quite a party last night and everybody had a good time....some had too much of a good time!!!
Now you're wondering why the hell don't they move the damned game to Saturday so you could stay in bed the next morning!!!!
You're head is throbbing and you can't even picture yourself getting out of bed but the week is beginning and no one....absolutely no going to believe you if you try to call in sick!!!
This is when you need some serious help!!! You need something to fill your tummy and give you the energy to at least try to get started!!!! You need that soothing, warm, creamy treat to calm your system down!!! To bring everything back into focus!!!
How much will you need...depends on you Sweetie....but I'm betting you're going to need plenty!!!
ManCandy!!! Always ready to help you get ready!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Superbowl Sunday

I heard them coming....all of them pushing to be first.....and then the door burst open...
"Hello Gentlemen it must be half time....I hope you're all ready for a show!!!!"
It wasn't much of a show really....I mean I never really managed to get off the bed...but I'll bet they enjoyed it more than Maroon 5!!!!! I know I did....and I'm so glad I had time to change the sheets before the final!!!!