Tuesday, May 31, 2016


"Shouldn't they be dressed by now?"
"Well I don't know about your Kaaren but my Leeanne is very fussy and sometimes she just takes forever!!!!"
"Oh yes....Kaaren too.....she lingers over everything.....and she still has to come here so I can put her chastity cage back on!"
"Kaaren's not in chastity!!!!! Oh my god!!!! Neither is Leeanne!!!! You don't suppose...."
"No...I don't suppose....I'm certain... let's go!"

Kaaren heard them coming.....she redoubled her efforts...the spanking she would get was already worth it...but a hot creamy mouthful from Leeanne would be worth a thousand spankings!!!!


"Oh my god Ooooohhhhh""
"Good for you Sissy....you almost made it into my panties this time....you're getting so much better....you'll be inside me in no time....now lick it all up and we'll get you back into your cage for another couple of weeks or maybe a month this time...yes I think a month....it seems right to me....does it seem right to you Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am! Whatever you wish....I'll try harder next time!!!!"
"I know you will....now get busy....after you're back in your cage I want you to make me cum..."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Monday, May 30, 2016

You're Doing So Well

"Sissy, you're doing so well..I can't believe you've convinced him to let you suck his cock!!!!! Let me freshen your lipstick so your mouth will be pretty for him!!!! Show me your mouth full of his cum and I may let your little clit out of it's cage tonight!!!!

Monday ManCandy - Holiday Edition

You've been partying all weekend and there's no reason to stop now!!!! A three day weekend!!!! A whole extra day!!! Time to recharge those party batteries!!! Time for some ManCandy...some creamy warm ManCandy to fill you up and get you going for that big third day off!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Every mouthful is a holiday!!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Special Panties

"You don't have to steal them from my clothesline Sweetie!"
"I didn't....um I don't know what you mean..."
"Sweetie...I've seen you wearing them.....you really should close your blinds..."
"I....I wasn't going to keep them?"
"It's alright I like little sissy boys like you!!! You can wear them anytime you come over Sweetie! And you're always welcome to drop by..."

Sissy Training - Your Pussy Is his World

It doesn't matter what you're doing and it certainly doesn't matter  what your Sissy is doing...whenever you choose, his tongue should be deep inside you!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Oh My Sissy

"Oh my Sissy...aren't you just an adorable little girl!!! I love your dress....now come here and get over my knee...."
"But why..."
"Why? How about because you're my husband and you're dressed like an adorable little girl...or maybe because I've never spanked an adorable little girl before...either way...if you're not over my knee right now I'm going to be very unhappy with you Sissy!!!!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am...of course you're right as always!"

No Kissing

"No I'm sorry I don't kiss men..it's just a thing I have..."
"Are you kidding me Sissy.....you sucked my cock....I fucked your wife....and I fucked your tight little sissy ass and you won't kiss me???"
"Yeah well....kissing a man kind of embarrasses me!"
"Well be embarrassed then Sissy cause I insist....so get off that computer and kiss me like you mean it or I'll put you over my knee and spank you like I mean it!!!!"

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sissy School - Sure

"Alright Kaaren....you're lubed and ready......are you sure you want to do this?"
The bound Sissy nodded enthusiastically!
"Alright then Sweetie! I'm going to let them in one at a time....I'll ask you after each one if you want to stop......But I think I should go first after all the work I've put in for your gangbang!!!!"
 The bound Sissy nodded enthusiastically again!
Sissy Leeanne smiled as she slipped behind  her bound room mate....she reserved the right to be first and later she reserved the right to be last.....after all...what are friends for!!!!!

The Slow Way

"Sissy....Make me cum....and do it the slow way...."
She loved when I did it the slow way and, oh my god, so did I!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Just Remember

"Yes I'm putting it on thick Sissy.....you have to remember......you're not his best friend today....today you're his cocksucking sissy whore....and when he looks down at his big cock, going in and out of your mouth, he wants to see your lip prints on it!!!!"

I'll Be Back

"I'll be back in a little while Sissy...I'm sure you'll be fine here...after all what could possibly happen to you in the men's room!!!"

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Just Think Sissy

"Just think about it you Sissy bitch....that's the same size as my man's cock.....the one that your wife is probably choking on right now!!!!"

Home Improvement

The house painter tried to take notes as she explained that the Sissy's ass was the exact color she wanted......

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Who Wears The Pants?

Who wears the pants in our house....well neither of us do!!!
Who has the biggest dick? Well it certainly isn't me!!!!

How Much Time

"Tommy how much time do we have left before the pill wears off and we become guys again?"
"I'm really not sure....maybe a couple of hours!"
"I think that might be enough!"

Monday, May 23, 2016

You Know What

"You know what Sissy?"
"What Sweetheart?"
"You look so cute in your bra and panties that I think....maybe you'd better run and fetch my strap-on!"
"You mean ...."
"What I mean Sissy is you better go and get my strap-on....the big black one....and bring it here...and pull down your cute little panties and let me fuck you until you beg me to stop....until you've cum all over the floor!!!!"
"You're going to unlock me??"
"Sissy I don't recall saying anything about unlocking you....if your cute little ass isn't running to get my big black cock in 2 seconds I'll be spanking you instead of fucking you!!!! Is that what you want?"
She laughed as she watched him running down the hall!!!! He was just so cute!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Friendship is so important...to know there are people who care about you...who want to be with you....just because of who you are warms your heart....just like a big load of ManCandy warms your tummy....so when you think about ManCandy....think about your friends too!!!!
ManCandy!!! A good friend will share their lunch..a very best friend will share their ManCandy!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

He Lost The Bet

His girlfriend was laughing as she hooked the bra....
And he was smiling...trying to be a good sport about it....
But her panties were soaked....she wanted him to be her lesbian lover....
And his little cock had found it's perfect silky home in her pretty panties...
Just one little push would send them both over the edge....


There are very few things that would distract me from sucking this delightfully hard cock...worshiping her beautiful ass is way up at the top of that list!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


When she told me what she had planned for the bridal shower she was throwing for one of her work friends I wasn't sure what I thought!!
Out of my chastity...yes!"
In front of a room full of women...yes!!!
I told her that I would love to volunteer my services for her games and she just laughed!
"Oh Sissy. you're far too small a target!!! All I want you to do is keep him hard and don't let him cum...until later!"

Fluffing Her Lover

My wife always loves to watch me suck her lover's cock for her...she says it makes her incredibly wet and ready to take him inside her!!!!
So I guess by sucking this lovely cock I'm actually fluffing both of them at the same time!!!

Friday, May 20, 2016


As I watched him fucking my darling wife I wondered....how much time had I spent like this....how much time had I spent kneeling quietly while men fucked my wife?
Probably a lot....never mind probably....definitely a lot!!!!! But each time I got to see the pleasure it gave her!!!! And doesn't every married man want to see his wife enjoy sex....I know I do....and if I'm not up to it....as my little caged clit constantly reminds me....then I'm so glad she can get it elsewhere and I'm doubly glad that most of the time I get to watch!!!!!

The Bench

Just like my friend Dee says those benches have magic in them!!!
Every time I go there a man appears...and when I ask him if he's there to spank me.....well it must be magic because every single time the answer is yes!!!!
I love it...and as soon as I can sit down again I'll be taking another walk near that park bench!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

So Cute

She looked so damned cute curled up in that chair watching me that I was having trouble concentrating on the cock in my mouth!!!!! Normally I'm much more focused!!!!

I Always Knew

"I always knew you were a goddamned sissy....even when we were kids....suck my dick you little sissy faggot!!!!"
I've been down this road before and I know where it ends...
"Oh yeah....I'm gonna cum...oh yeah....."
And after I've swallowed every drop....
"That was great....maybe I could meet you again....have a drink or something....."
It was the "or something" that made me laugh....I gave him my number and told him to call me next week!!!! He was an asshole but he had a great cock!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


As I held her open for him I would only wish that after....after he had cum....after I had licked her clean.....I would only wish that she would hold me open for him too.....


I know I should never be lazy!
I know I owe her my best effort!
But sometimes I'm just so tired!
Up before dawn and sometimes I don't get to sleep again until the wee hours of the night!!!!
So sometimes I'm a lazy slut!!!
Sometimes I just kneel down and open my mouth and let him do all the work....sometimes it's like the only break in my day!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

After Her Workout

After her workout she likes to take some time to wind down....that's where I come in.....


Even as he pushed my head down....forcing his big cock into my throat....I was keenly aware that she was near...that she was watching....and that she was enjoying the show....

Monday, May 16, 2016

Your Orgasm - Sissy Training

Just because you're training him to suck your lover's cock doesn't mean you should go without!!!! On the contrary, your Sissy should get used to the sounds of your pleasure while he has a cock in his mouth!!!

Monday ManCandy

Over at the Sissy School, many of the young sissy schoolgirls were thrilled with the new hot breakfast program! As her tray filled with her morning meal Sissy Kaaren was glad that she hadn't filled up last night !
Breakfast was becoming her favorite meal of the day....if they would only allow it to be self service it would be perfect!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Filling schoolgirls tummies so they can concentrate on their studies!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Okay Now

"Okay now!!! Just wait here and my wife will be ready for you in a minute!"
"You're Okay with me fucking your wife!!!!"
"Sweetie if she wasn't interested in fucking you I'd want you to fuck me!!!!!

Oh Sissy

We had been at the club for a couple of hours....dancing with each other...I love to dance and so does she......
"I 'm having such a good time Sissy....."
"Me too Sweetheart!"
"I feel like sucking a cock Sissy!!!"
"Me too Sweetheart!"
"On Sissy!!! I love you so much!!!!:
Her kiss was deep and her tongue was in my mouth and I couldn't wait till it was my tongue deep inside her!!! And maybe she could have a friend stop by!!!"

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Warm Up

"Would you like me to....warm it up for you before he gets here Sissy?"
"Oh yes....Please!!!!!"

The Cuckold

I watched as he slipped his hand into her panties and I listened to her moans of lust....
My eyes were riveted om his hand as he made her squirm and sigh as he stroked her divine pussy...still hidden by her tiny panties...after some time I managed to tear my eyes away....I wanted to see her face...to see the pleasure he was giving her....
That was when I saw that they both had their eyes on me.....she had a look of thankful pleasure while he had a little smirk!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

So Carefully

I pulled on the stockings so carefully as he watched....he wanted me to look as feminine as possible before he would fuck me.....and I so wanted to be a girl for him...

That Moment

You sissies and girls all know.....
That moment....
When the first spurt hits the back of your throat!!!!
You may have had your eyes closed while you sucked his cock...but they were wide open now!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016


He stroked himself hard before I took him in my mouth.....it was so simple for him....he didn't have to wait for permission.....sometimes for months.....he did it whenever he pleased....I felt a little envious....but then I remembered that my wife had made my orgasms into something truly special....not an everyday thing like it was for him....each of my orgasms was earned and savored over all the time until the next one!!!!

Very Good Sissy

"Very good Sissy....now remember to wipe up your little drippies before you pull your pretty panties back up."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fluffing Gone Wrong!

It rarely happens but it's happened to me more than once...
I have his cock in my mouth and I'm slowly sucking on him...she wants him hard but not ready to pop...
He starts pumping into my mouth a little faster...and I try to put on the brakes but obviously I can''t tell him to slow down...
Then I'm flipped around and he is inside me before I know what's happening!!!! It hurts and I cry out but he doesn't stop until he shoots inside me!!!!
Then I get on my knees and start sucking again.....she wants him hard!!!!

Lipstick - Sissy Training

Whenever his mouth touches a cock....real or not....Sissy must be wearing lipstick....it's a basic requirement!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


"Why whatever do you mean by indecent?"
"Well Ma'am there's been some complaints about a naked man...."
"He's certainly not naked...he's not allowed to be naked in public....he's wearing my panties...is there a problem with that?"
"No Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you."


Success for a sissy cuckold is sometimes just a matter of...

...being in the right place at the right time!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Try It On

"I really think you should try it on....I'd hate to send you home to your wife with a bra that was too small!!!"
"No...it's alright....it's the right size!!!"
"I'm sorry...I really must insist...!"
"Oh OK....let me have it and I'll go to the dressing room and...."
"Oh there's no need for that...I want you to try it on right here....."
"I said right here!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday ManCandy

If you simply can't get it at home there are many places where you can get your mouthful of creamy goodness!!! Luckily there are so many men willing to donate the delicious treat that we all crave so much....so fill your mouth...fill your tummy...but don't be greedy....there are so many others waiting for their share!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's always available when you really want it!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pay Close Attention Sissy

"Pay attention Sissy....I'm doing this for you after all!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I didn't mean to interrupt, it was just that the cage felt a little tight...it won't happen again!"
"Alright Sissy....when you unsnap a woman's bra you take your time....kiss where the strap has been....slowly pull it from her shoulders and kiss and lick as you go.....make sure that when you get to her nipples that they're already hard and waiting for your lips and tongue....just watch me !!!!"
"Sissy I asked you to be quiet....Now let me tell you about taking off her panties...."
"Oh my god...please take off the cage!!!!!! Please!!!!"
"I'm busy right now Sissy.....I still have to teach you how to eat pussy and how to make a woman cum over and over and over!!!"
"So you catch her panties in your teeth Sissy and you slowly pull them down....."

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl my friends and I used to think that garter belts and stockings were old fashioned and maybe a little bit kinky! And truth be told most of us had them but we were too shy to wear them!!!
I never dreamt that one day I'd marry a sissy and would help him straightening out his stockings and attaching his garters!!!!
I never dreamt it but now both of us love it!!!

Sunday Funnies - Invention

The invention of Viagra explained!!!!