Friday, August 31, 2018

Not Always

It's not always about sex....
Well other than the fact that I'm almost always wearing girls clothes....which has become less of a thing for us and more the normal way of things....
I used to be slightly uncomfortable when we were just hanging out while I was dressed but now, it's on those rare occasions when I have to slip into a suit and tie for a formal function or a polo shirt and khakis for a neighborhood get-together that I really feel world has shifted over the years and now I'm far more girl than boy...
Even she has commented on it.....the natural way my hips move when I gestures....even the way I speak....has become more feminine as the years have gone by!!!
So much of this is done on an unconscious level that I'm almost always surprised when she points it out to me!!!!
But she loves having a husband who is also her best girlfriend....her confidante....who's always there to give her a hug when she needs one and give her a laugh sometimes too!!!!
So you see it's not always about fact the best time we've had in bed over the past few days was when we ordered pizza and wings and piled up the junk food and watched some good stuff on Netflix.....oh my god....Luke Cage....we both want him!!!

It Would Have Been Great

If I could have done this they'd probably have found my completely dehydrated body locked in my bedroom....I certainly would have never found any reason to go out...I can't imagine my teen years like this....with a cock always available....even if it was my own...I may have sucked myself to death!!!! But what a glorious way to go!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Not Tonight Sissy

"I won't need you tonight Sissy....I can handle this one all by myself!!!"
She must have seen the disappointment on my face....
"She's very good Sissy.....but you're still goodnight!!!"
I went to my sissy bedroom where I would hear them all night but I was happy....she said I was better!!!!!

From Now On

"From now on Sissy....if you want to wear my clothes....all blowjobs are your can start with my boyfriend Steve....Steve you don't mind if my sissy brother sucks your cock do you?"
"I guess not...."
"Remember Steve you can use his mouth anytime you want.....and your friends too!!!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


"I don't understand Sissy....why does it take you so long to do my laundry?"
"I have to sort it out...."
"But all do the laundry....oh well....I guess as long as it gets done...."

Hump Day

Yes it's Hump know the day where you're right in the middle!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018




Wouldn't it be lovely to look down at my own perfect breasts....with my own hard nipples poking up and demanding attention....
I love my wife's beautiful breasts.....they're as beautiful now as they were the first time I saw them when we were teenagers....
Sometimes I wish so hard that I could wake up with a pair just like hers....
She has offered to help me make this wish come true.....she says if it's what I want then she would love to do this for me.....
But I have to say faced with the reality I just don't know....I could really never again pass as a man.....although I so rarely do these just seems don't know...she tells me I don't have to decide now.....she reminds me that she can make me cum just from playing with my nipples and that it would probably get better if I had real boobs of my own!!!!
I just don't know.....when fantasy becomes it all you dreamed it would be?
If any of you gurls out there have gone through with it please let me know what you think...I'd really appreciate some input here....also if you thought about it and didn't I'd like to hear about that too....

Monday, August 27, 2018


She told me she lost it while she and her lover were playing with it....she said she couldn't remember where they were.....somewhere in the house she thought!!!!
I looked for it everywhere.....and after several hours of searching I spotted it...
How the hell did it end up there?
But mine is not to question....although I'd have to move the sofa to get it out of there and I kept wondering....
How the hell did it end up there?

Monday ManCandy

You've always wondered why the gym didn't offer this alongside all the smoothies and energy didn't seem right that you had to step outside to get the best high energy treat in the world!!!!
ManCandy....tighten those facial muscles with a tasty workout before work!!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Dinner

When she told me we were going out to eat I hadn't expected this....the best Sunday Dinner ever!!!!

Boys Night Out

She likes to arrange these "Boys Nights Out" with her friends....she thinks it's really important that we socialize....
But if the women in our lives really wanted us to get to know each other....they'd have unlocked us or maybe given us the keys...otherwise each of these nights ultimately ends in frustration and we go home and crawl between our wives thighs and tell them all about between their orgasms!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2018


It was pointless.....we didn't have anything that would fit him...I laughed a little because they were all too big for me....


It was so different from mine that I was afraid to take it in my hand at first!!!
My wife, inpatient as always, told me to stroke it....
But I was like a scientist who was finally allowed to explore an alien species.....sure I had  seen plenty of these in locker rooms over the years....but now it was here for me to touch and feel and enjoy and I was in no hurry....even though the urge to suck it was pretty strong....I was going to take my time enjoying this real man sized cock!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2018

C'mon Sissy

"C'mon've gotten me all horny!"
"But I have so much to do....."
"It can wait.....I see you in your little dresses all the time but I hardly ever see your cute little ass in tight shorts and you're making me crazy...."
"Well...if you really want to...."
"Sissy get those goddamned shorts down right now!!!! I want you right here....right now!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

What I See

Sweet readers.....whenever I picture you in my mind....I like to imagine that you're all looking really pretty and that reading my blogs has given you a glorious hard-on!!!!
Wish I could be there to take care of that for all of you!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Those Were The Days

" get to go out and see people all day while I'm home working my fingers to the bone!!!!"
"Sweetheart I've been at the steel plant all day....I haven't been out having a good time you know!!!"
" always say the same thing....steel plant....well I don't care about any steel just bend over and be quiet.....I need some stress relief.....some long and hard stress relief!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

It's Alright Sissy

"It's alright....your sister explained it to're a like to wear girls clothes....she told me I understand why we never did it!"
"And it's the funniest thing turns out that I like girls....I didn't know it until your sister convinced me.....she said it would be fun if we let you watch....I think so do you want to watch me make out with your sister?"
Sissy could only nod....he'd already cum in his panties once and was looking forward to doing it again!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hump Day

You really don't have to get dressed up for Hump Day but it doesn't why not???


"Put on that red lipstick looks so inviting!!!"
"Do you think so?"
"Oh yes Sissy....they look very inviting to me!!!"

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


As part of my submission to my wonderful wife she is of course going to be punishing me from time to time...
Most of the time it's a spanking administered by hand....just in case you think that's not so bad, I want all of you closet sissies and straight readers out there to picture yourself over your wife's lap, with your panties down, getting your cheeks warmed up while she explains your infractions!!!
For more serious situations she may take out her hairbrush....or her paddle!!!! Kiss goodbye to sitting tomorrow....
I have to admit that the submissive in me loves when she does this....the tingling in my bottom is a constant reminder of my place in the relationship....and I always look back on a sound spanking with a certain little joy!!!!
Then we come to the cane!
The first time I was caned was for ruining the dress she wanted to wear on her date...I hadn't even been aware that she had acquired a cane, much less that she knew how to use it!!!!
The first time she laid four stripes on my bottom and they were worse than any spanking I had ever had....
The cane sits in our her bedroom and I eye it whenever I'm there....the most she has ever given me is eight stripes which leaves me a crying sobbing wreck.....we have a safe word which I have never ever used, but if she went beyond eight I'd be screaming it so loudly that the neighbors would hear!!!
But I understand why she does it.....she wasn't a natural dominant when we started our relationship but she has certainly grown into the role...I know I need corrections....I understand that I make mistakes......just knowing that the cane is there keeps me on my toes and makes me a better sissy for her!!!

Fluffing Thoughts

I took all I could and there was still so much more.....I was scared that he'd destroy her!!!
But somehow she survived it....she walked a little funny all day but the smile never left her face!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Oh My God

"What are you doing back here in the bushes....oh my god are you jacking off.....hey are those my panties!!!!! You're back here jerking off into my panties.....oh my god wait till I tell everyone what a little perv you are...., hey wait a second.....take those panties that all you've seven year old brother has a bigger know keep those panties I really don't want them back now anyway....and I won't tell.....nature's punished you enough already!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

When you were younger and you had all the energy in the world you enjoyed it just because it was so good and fun too!!!!

When you matured a bit you appreciated the a fine wine.....and the energy boost that came with it got you through your busy day!!!

And as the years passed, you didn't lose the craving for your creamy fact you needed it now more than ever!!!!

ManCandy!!!! The flavor that lasts a lifetime!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"....and then he fucked me....hard.....and when he pulled out he made me lick his cock clean.....and then he opened the bedroom door and four of his friends came in and they used me all afternoon....they fucked me and made me suck their big cocks and they used and humiliated me in ways I had never even imagined.....and they were still doing it when my wife got home.....she was furious and she threw them all out of the house and then she made me lick her ass till the pink bus came to bring me back here...."
"Wow Kaaren....."
"Wow? Is that all you have to say?"
"No....I was kind of wondering if I could come home with you next all sounds so wonderful!!!"
"Well that's a week have plenty of time to convince me...."

Oh Yes!!!

"Oh yes Sissy!!! Oh my god yes!!!! Fuck me with your big cock Sissy.....fuck me harder.....fill me up with your cock Sissy!!!!"
Actually this was one of her cocks....but I knew what she meant!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2018


"Look Sissy....isn't your wife's ass a thing of beauty?"
"Yes's the loveliest one there is!!!"
"I'm going to fuck her there Sissy....I'm going to fuck her ass and fill her full of my cum....and then I'm going to sit back and watch you lick her asshole clean....what do you say about that?"
"...Ummmm....I guess....thank you very much!!!"

All Day - Sissy Training

Penetration is very important in sissy makes sissy understand that he's no longer the "man" in your life!
"How long?"
"Well just until you squirt your sissy cream in the sheets...."
"And then what?"
"And then you lick it all up and we start again....unlike your pathetic little doodle I can keep it up all day!!!!"
"But when will you stop?"
"Oh Sissy....don't you understand.....we're never going to stop....from now on there will either be a plug or my cock in your sweet little boipussy....unless of course you spread your legs for a real man.....but that's for later....."
"Oh my Sissy it looks like you've had your first Sissygasm!!!!"

Friday, August 17, 2018


"Smile Kaaren....this one's going in the family album!!!!"

The Key

I'm used to seeing the key dangling around her still makes me a little crazy but it's not so bad after all these years....
But I have to wonder....
The other day when she was releasing me to clean me up it took her two tries to find the right was a little frustrating and heightened my anticipation of getting hard again for the first time in a long sissy cummies of course....this was just for sissy hygiene....
But later....when I'd calmed down a bit, I thought about it....she had three keys and only one fit my somewhere out there I must have two sissy sisters in chastity!!! I'd ask her about it if I could think of a way to do that without ending up over her knees!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

What To Do

"What's going this door right now!!!"
She sounded so angry....
What should I do.....I just don't know what I should do....
He lay there stroking his big cock....
"Let her in Sissy....let her watch you suck my cock....what else can you do?"

No Matter What

"No matter what else is happening Sissy.....don't neglect the balls!!!"

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


"I'll just have coffee for now...."
"Just coffee for me too thanks...."
"What about you Sissy? Can I get you anything?"
"No thank you.....I'm good!"
"Okay then I'll be right back...."

Hump Day

I know that can only mean one's Hump Day and it's all downhill from here!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Not Allowed

"Yes I could tell you were enjoying your exam by all your wriggling....I'm just going to stroke it a little to test its hardness levels...."
"Is that necessary?"
"Oh yes, absolutely.....but you mustn't allow yourself to spray your sissy warn me when you're getting close and I'll give you some time to calm down...then we can begin again!!!!"
"Okay....I long till I see the doctor?"
"Just relax....the doctor will see you soon....."


As soon as the door closed she pulled me close and kissed me....
Surely she could taste his cum almost as much as I could....I had licked it out of her....
Surely she could taste her own pussy as much as I was so delicious....
But sometimes I think she puts all that aside and I think this was one of those times...
I could feel her arms around me....her lips on mine....her tongue and mine dancing together.....
Sometimes I think she kisses me just because she loves me!!!
She loves me!!!! And it feels so good!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

I Don't Know Sissy

"I don't know Sissy, it's such a cute picture of you that it seems a shame to hang it in your Sissy bedroom where no one will see it....."
"But I'd prefer that...."
"I know'd prefer that everyone can see I'm thinking about hanging it in the dining room so everyone can see what a perfect little sissy maid you are even if you're not serving that night!"
"Whatever you think is best Sweetheart...."
"Yes....that's exactly the right answer Sissy!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

No spilling, no waste...
For goodness sakes you've been doing this for years.....ever since you were younger than you care to think about now....
Honestly if you were having bacon and eggs for breakfast would people expect to see you dribbling them down your chin?
You learned long ago that it's too good to waste!!!!
ManCandy!!! Waste not, want not!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Brunch

A nice fruit salad with a delightful cocktail.....and that little something extra that makes it oh so good.....

How Did I get Here

His big cock pumping in and out of me as I gasp in sissy pleasure makes me think of the boy I once was.....
Did I ever dream I'd be here with my legs spread wide for him....and his friends!!!!!
I never dreamt it and neither did my wife who enjoyed watching men fuck me just as much as I enjoyed watching men fuck her....
We didn't know it was our dream until it came true for us!!!
We cuddle together later and whisper about it under the covers and give each other little kisses as we both share how happy it makes us....
A little sore, but happy!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Showing Off

My knees hurt...
I really don't mind kneeling across the room while she fucks her lovers but sometimes the reality sets in....
I'm not as young as I used to be and I've been kneeling here for hours....
And my knees hurt....
Well maybe it's not hours....but it seems like hours to sounds like she's cum a thousand times....and he keeps going....
He's almost superhuman, I'd have cum just from touching her pussy....but he's been pumping it inside her for days now!!!!
Well maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit....but it does seem like hours that he's been fucking my wife....
I want so much to crawl to her and have her feed me my creamy reward....but he just keeps going!!!!
And my knees hurt!!!!
Soon I hope.....I hear him making new sounds.....I watch his balls to see if they draw up....I'm as ready as can be.....please....please fill my wife with your creamy hot cum...I need it....I want it....and I've earned it!!!!
She just came on his cock again....a hard left her gasping...
But he's still going....
And my knees hurt!!!
If I had a religion I'd ask my god to hurry him along....but how would that prayer go???
Dear Lord please give this man release inside my wife so that I your servant might lick his seed from her...
I'm not sure that would work....
Wait....he's pumping hard now and she's grunting....she hasn't been verbal for the last few minutes....maybe this is it!!!! He's humping her as hard as he can.....she's cumming again....and ....and....and he 's slowed down again.....and now he's fucking her slow....and she's just moaning constantly....
And my knees really hurt now!!!!
But I won't get up because she might see....and I wouldn't do anything to disappoint her....not ever....
No matter how much my knees hurt!!!!!

Her Eyes

I can actually feel her watching me as I suck on her boyfriends big cock....soon she'll take him from me.....but I'm going to enjoy it while I can!!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2018

All Good Things

"I don't understand I got dressed and did my hair and makeup and you're still not ready!!!!"
"Patience Sissy, I'll be with you in a minute. I'm almost ready!"
"Thank goodness I didn't think I could wait any longer!!!!"
"All good things come to those who wait Sissy!!!"

All For Her

All I want to do is make sure she cums really hard on his big cock....after all her pleasure is my pleasure....

Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Great Complement

I didn't realize at first what a great complement she had given me....she told me that I ate pussy better than her sophomore year roommate....
It was only later, when I thought about it, that I realized she had ranked me better than an actual lesbian!!!!
It was one of the nicest things anyone had ever said to me!!!!

Sissy Cuckolds Life

I heard some odd noises coming from our her bedroom and I went to see if she was alright....
"No Sissy, I'm fine! I'll call you if I need you!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
My job is to get him hard and send him to her.....what she does with him afterward is none of my business!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hump Day

It's Hump Day, time to try to get a firm grip on things and get ready to finish up before everything just ends up in a big mess!!!!!

Last Night

"Finally!!!! I didn't think you'd ever wake up!!!!"
"Oh my head....."
"I've been waiting to see....."
"To see what?"
"I've been waiting to see if you're as enthusiastic about sucking cock as you were last night...."
"What....what do you mean....."
She pulled her big cock out of her panties and before he knew it he was on his knees with that delicious cock in his mouth....
"I thought so" she laughed "Wait till the other girls wake up....we're all going to have a nice little party...."
Of course he couldn't answer.....his mouth was full...