Thursday, March 31, 2016

Young Billy Was Not Happy

When Auntie took him shopping for "something new" Billy feared the worst!!! When Auntie steered him into the Junior Dress Shop he knew his worst imaginings had come true!!!
In no time at all she had him in a pretty red dress and walked him through the store to ask the salesgirl's opinion!!!!
"Oh it's lovely". she said, "and the color suits him so well!"
"Hmmmm yes" his Auntie agreed, "we'll take this one but I'd like something far more feminine....more frou-frou if you know what I you have something like that?"
"Oh yes.....I have the most delightful party dress with acres of petticoats and ribbons.....oh he'd look just darling in it!!! Is it for a special occasion?"
"Well yes....Young Billy will be serving tea at my ladies club this Sunday....and it's a special day as all the ladies will be bringing their fact I believe Billy might know a few of them from school!"
"It sounds delightful....let me get that dress and see if it's what you had in mind!"
Young Billy had thought dress shopping with Auntie had been the ultimate humiliation.....he now realized it was going to be much much worse....and yet he was rock hard in his silk panties!!! He hoped it would go down before Auntie noticed!!!

Till I Get Home

"There now you just keep that nice plug right there till I get home alright Sissy?"
As if I had any choice.....
"Yes Sweetheart, thank you Sweetheart!"
"That's my good the way it will be dinner for three tonight Sissy..."
"Yes Ma'am !"
Finally things were getting back to normal around here!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just So We All Understand

I may be wearing panties and a may be here to fuck my wife.....but let me tell you something....when you're in my mouth I'm the boss.....just look at those teeth and think it over....I think you understand what I mean....

She Decides - Sissy Training

It's important that the new Sissy understand that his wishes mean nothing.....she decides when he eats, she decides what clothes he wears, she decides when she wants to fuck!!!!
Sissy's job is to be cooperative, obedient and enthusiastic!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I'm Worried

"I'm worried Sissy, I don't want you falling down and hitting your silly little head again."
"I'm fine really there's no need....."
"Oh yes there is Sissy, I never want to be scared like that again.....I think you need more practice in heels...even after all these years...."
"But I wasn't wearing....."
Suddenly I was talking to the hand in front of my face!!!
"Enough Sissy, I say you need practice so you will practice and that's all there is to it! We'll start with a half hour, under my supervision, in the morning. You can practice while I have breakfast....won't that be nice Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am...."

Cherry Picking

The wives and their lovers had a good laugh listening to the squeals as their Sissy husbands lost their cherry's!!! They were so glad they had invited their lovers to share the sissies big night....later they would get their strap-ons and then they could all line up for a turn with the newly de-flowered sissies!!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

I Just Have To Know

"Wait...I'm....What are you doing!!!!!"
"Damn it! I just have to know!!!! Half the girls here think you're a guy and half think you're a big girl!!!! I'm tired of guessing!!!! I'm going to see what's in those panties before you leave here today and settle this once and for all!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Let's face facts shall we....there are some Mondays when it's going to take more than a shot of ManCandy to get you going!!!! You've burnt the candle at both ends and you really feel like you've got nothing left!!!! The only thing for it is to have a multiple shot of ManCandy.....get that massive energy boost that only three or four shots can give you!!!! If that doesn't jump your battery then nothing will!!!!
ManCandy!!!! An unlimited renewable source of clean energy that will get you going no matter how much it takes!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

"Alright look beautiful and you've got your basket so it's time for our Easter Egg Hunt!!!! I've hidden a number of eggs around the neighborhood and all together they spell out your name....Sissy Kaaren.....I'll accept Sissy and I'll accept Kaaren but I'd if you find them all I'll take off your cage and suck your little clit for have until dark so you'd better "hop" to it!!!!"

2,000,000 Page Hits

A couple of days ago, while I was fighting the Flu, my silly little blog hit this milestone!!!! I thank you all sincerely for spending a few minutes a day with me!!!
Thanks to all who take the time to leave a comment and thanks even if you don't....I love you all!!!
Oh and as always a special thank you to my sweet adorable BFF Leeanne....none of this would be here without know how much you mean to's special and I cherish it!!!!

But because I was sick I really wasn't able to celebrate till now....

Saturday, March 26, 2016


"You're a slutty little cocktease Sissy!"
"Yes sir!"
Slap.....a hand print suddenly appeared on my bottom!!!!
"What are you Sissy?"
"I'm a slutty little cocktease!!!"
"And do you know what happens to slutty little sissy cockteasers?"
"No sir!"
SLAP.....another hand print joined the first!!!!
"I Sir! I don't know what happens to slutty little sissy cockteasers!!!"
"Little slutty Sissy cockteasers get fucked.....hard....right Sissy?"
"Yes Sir, little slutty sissy cockteasers get fucked hard!!!"
"Have you learned your lesson Sissy?"
"Yes Sir!"
"And what did you learn Sissy?"
"It's good to be a slutty sissy cockteaser!!!"

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Best Sissy Could Hope For

He pulled out and shot his entire load between her delightful was such a mess....such a hot creamy delicious mess!!!!


Really, is there anything that looks better than bright red lips on a rock hard cock?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Whole Thing

Yes whole fist....right up inside you...right're going to love it
I can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sorry Again Sweeties

I've been down with the Flu for the last couple of days, this has been one hell of a month, I hope to get back on my regular schedule soon....
The next time I'm lying over her lap like this I hope she'll have more in mind than taking my temperature!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The Board voted unanimously.....every meeting from now on would have a sissy om hand!!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday ManCandy

Straight from Japan where it has broken supermarket records!!!!!
Fresh ManCandy available at supermarkets everywhere!!!! Now when you're on the run and you have to pick up a few things....well why not get that creamy protein boost while you're there!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Cleanup in aisle 3 takes on a whole new meaning....cumming soon to a supermarket near you....if you don't see it make sure to ask for it!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

One Wish

One night as Sissy lay in her bed quietly crying her room suddenly lit up as bright as day!!! Looking up Sissy was surprised to find she was not alone!!!
"Who.....who are you?"
"I'm your Sissy Fairy Godmother and I heard your cries....what is it Sweet Sissy....what makes you weep so deeply that I heard it in the Fairy Realm?"
Just then his wife's moaning was heard through the wall!!!!
"Your wife is unfaithful is that what it is, I could turn her into a frog if you'd like?"
"No, no....I know all about that and she has my permission to take a lover for as you can see....", Sissy gestured toward his pretty white silk panties, "I'm not much of a man!"
"Then if you two are in agreement....why do you cry so hard....the sound is heartbreaking?"
"Her lover will not allow me to join them....he says I'm worthless as a man and not pretty enough to be a woman!!!"
"I could turn him into a frog if you'd like?"
"No that wouldn't help....I can see the truth in the mirror and her next lover would be the same...and the next and the next...."
Sissy began sobbing deeply and the Fairy moved to comfort her.
"I'll tell you what Sissy dearest, I'm limited in my powers to help you but I can fulfill one wish for you! Please think it over carefully because once the magic is done I cannot change it!"
"You're so kind to me and so beautiful my wish is clear....I want to look just like you....can you do that for me?"
"Are you sure that's what you want Sissy?"
"Yes I'd like to be your identical twin.....I'd love it if no one could tell us apart!"
"Alright Sissy.....close your eyes and count slowly to ten....when the magic is done you'll never see me again!"
"Thank you so much....I'll never forget this!!!"
"I know you won't, now close your eyes my sweet little girl!"
Sissy closed her eyes and began to count and her body tingled as if a thousand tiny fingers were massaging her! When she reached zero she opened her eyes and saw her new self....
How many times over the next few years did Sissy wish she had been more many times did she pray for the Fairy to return....why hadn't she thought of it at the time.....sure she was pretty now.....sure she had the body that she had always wanted.....but these goddamned wings were a real pain in the ass!!!!!

Excuse Me

"Ummm....excuse me wife was sitting here earlier and she left something behind....I was wondering if I might take a look around under your table and see if I can find it!"
The two girls looked at each other and exploded into giggles!
"Why don't you tell us what you're looking for and maybe we can help!!!!"
"I'm looking for a pair of ....."
"What....I couldn't hear you?"
" wife left her panties here....under the table she said....."
"Oh my.....what were you two getting up to!!!! Were you being naughty in the pub?"
"I....umm....I wasn't here....she was here with a friend....."
"Oh really....a girlfriend?"
"No....a man...."
"Your wife was here earlier with a man....and she left her panties under the table....and she sent you to get them that it?"
"Yes! May I please look....she's expecting me back in the car right away.....they're in a hurry to get home!"
"Your wife and her man are in the car now....waiting for go home with them???"
"Yes, please she won't wait much longer....I just need a quick look and I'll leave you alone!"
"What color are they....I'd hate to send you back with the wrong panties?"
"I don't know....I haven't seen them!"
"But her man has?"
"Yes.....please.....please I just need to look....I'll be quick!"
"No you are.....return these to your wife with my complements on having trained you so well!"
 "Thank you Ma'am!"
Rushing back to the car he breathlessly jumped in and handed her the tiny silky panty
"Sissy!!!! You march right back in there....these are pretty but they're not mine!!!! You must have gone to the wrong get back in there and you ask at every table till you find mine! You can take the bus home...." she kissed her lover deeply and passionately, "....we can't wait for you any longer!"
He heard the car drive away as he slowly walked back to the pub.....his humiliation almost complete and his excitement almost off the scale!!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

What Do You Think Sissy

"What do you think Sissy? Your wife has beautiful tits, doesn't she? I'm really going to enjoy getting a nice titty-fuck from her.....and you can lick up all my cum....won't that be nice Sissy?"
"Yes Sir...thank you Sir!"
I wanted to be mad....I wanted to tell him my wife is not just something to dump your cum on...I wanted to tell him that but I couldn't because my mouth was watering at the thought of what was about to happen!!!!

If You Don't Mind

"Sissy could you come here please?"
"Yes Ma'am is there anything I can do for you?"
"Sissy I just peed and as you can see there's no toilet paper to wipe up those last few drops....could you...."
"You want me to get you a new roll of toilet paper?"
" I don't Sissy...."
"You mean you want me to...."
"If you don't mind Sissy....I'd like that very much!"
Kneeling before her Sissy leaned forward!
"It would be my pleasure Ma'am!!!"
"Oh yessssss Sissy.....mine too!!!!!!!"

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I'll Have Plenty

As long as Mr. Bailey holds out I'll have plenty of Irish Cream today!!!

Holiday ManCandy

Off to the St. Paddy's Day parade? You'll need to pack in some good old Irish Cream  to make it through the long day!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's what keeps those Irish Eyes Smiling!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Not So Bad

I'd always heard about being caught between a rock and a hard place like it was a bad thing....but it's really not so bad!!!!

I Love This Dress

With a top that draws your attention and makes you think about whats there...whether or not it is or isn't....and a skirt that hides what might be there while showing enough to make someone want to find out what secrets you're hiding!!!!
A Sissy must have!!!!!


If your reaction is anything other than licking your lips....then you're probably reading the wrong blog!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

TV in Bed

"It's no fun watching Late Night TV without you Sissy....Jimmy Fallon is amusing but I need a little something more before I turn in!"


Looking again at his outfit he decided that maybe this wasn't what he should wear to fight this latest threat to the world!!!!! Reluctantly Superman turned back to his closet and put on the more familiar blue and red costume the world was so used to seeing!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Paul Revere's Ride - Sissies Through History

"Here now, what's all that noise outside? Oh look it's that nice Mr. Revere....I wonder what he's shouting....stop your sissy moaning so I can hear....oh it's a call to arms...the British are coming....well all I can say dear...if you weren't such a "Minute Man" you could be out there with the men....the British may be coming but you still have some work to do before I'm coming so get busy!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

During my recent hospitalization I watched how hard the nurses worked....long hours on their feet and always ready to respond to any emergency!!! It's tough work and it takes a special kind of person to do it!!! I wondered where they got their could they renew that freshness they needed to stay on top of their game??? Then I realized the perfect thing was at hand all around them....ManCandy....that creamy, tasty energy shot was just the thing to put that smile on her face and spring in her step!!!!
ManCandy!!! You don't need to bring it with you, you can always get it there!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


"No no Kaaren, just relax and open wide!!! Let us do the work, after all you're still recovering!"

Safe and Sound at Home

There's just nothing else that compares with slipping on a pretty nightgown and snuggling under the covers with the woman you love! I fell asleep in her arms as she whispered beautiful things to me and kissed me so lightly they might have been dreams....but I don't think I've ever had a dream this nice!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Going Home

After medical science has thrown all their awesome technology and expertise at my case and after consulting among experts in numerous fields the answer to the mystery of "What Happened to Sissy Kaaren?" seems to be....

"We don't know." I almost started laughing...

"It might have been as simple as a trip and fall....we've ruled out almost everything else."

I'm going to be released later today and I hope to get a post up by tonight....I'm still having that pesky vision problem but it doesn't seem as bad as yesterday!

They scanned my brain every which way and they say they can't find a thing wrong with it....which makes me wonder about the machines.....

Thank you all for your concern and kind words....I love you all!!!


Friday, March 11, 2016

A Quick Update

I was asleep until about 25 minutes ago....glorious restful sleep and it was so nice....then they came to take another goddamned blood sample....who takes a blood sample in the dark from a sleeping patient!!!! This place is full of Nurse Dracula's and Dr, Frankenstein's.

They gave me a pint of blood when I got here and I swear they've taken at least that much back!!!

On the plus side they say I'll be going home tomorrow barring anything coming up....I guess like finding my blood drained body on the bed.....

I'm having a slight fuzzy vision problem in my left eye but apparently that's where my head hit the corner of the table and the neuro-opthamalogist and the just plain neurologist agree that it's probably temporary and will pass in a few days!

I'll try to update more when I get home and damn it if they come for more of my blood they're going to have to fight me for it!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I'm Sorry Sweet Readers

It's quiet now so let me update you....
I don't know what happened but Tuesday morning when my wife came looking for me I was lying on the floor bleeding from a gash near my hairline. I don't remember anything but a flash here or there, I remember hearing her calling my name....I remember being lifted onto a stretcher and I remember a lot of doctors and nurses....
I was admitted to the hospital but didn't get into a room for several hours....slowly the fog began to clear only to be followed by the worst headache I have ever experienced.....then there were more doctors and lights in my eyes and questions questions questions.....but I was so tired I just wanted to sleep....they wouldn't let me.....I saw them talking to my wife who looked terrible...her hair a mess and it looked like she didn't have any makeup on.....she was nodding at them.....soon I was being scanned and imaged and x-rayed and poked and prodded and asked more questions....
Back in the room my wife and I finally had a moment of privacy! She hugged me carefully because of IV's and monitors and things attached to me....
I felt her shudder and I knew she was crying.....
She said how much I had scared her.....seeing me on the floor with blood on my face and on the floor....she thought I was dead.....when I didn't answer her  she was sure it was all over for me....She called 911 as soon as she found me and they arrived quickly and well I already said what happend after that....
Now I've been given a full neurological workup....and a plastic surgeon stitched up my head with the tiniest little stitches I've ever seen....he was nice...he told me there would be such a small scar no one would notice it and my hair would cover it.....
I'm still having a little issue with time....She stayed with me all night Tuesday....yesterday her assistant Stacy brought her a change of clothes and her bag and in no time she looked terrific....I asked her to please go home and get some rest....she said she would be back later after all the tests were done and we could have dinner together.....I asked her for a robe and my laptop...
I didn't get a chance till now to update my blogs.....Nurse Ironbottom, or whatever her name is, kept coming in here and shutting me down scolding me that I needed to rest....
So that's why there's been nothing from me for a couple of days....I'm hoping they'll let me out of here today and once I'm home I can get back to normal.....
I notice my cage is off....I meant to ask my wife how that happened....I'm guessing she has more to tell me than she's already told me....

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Couldn't Believe It

Through his tears Sissy wondered how on earth he could ever reach it!!!! Why hadn't he believed her when she said she was going to throw it away if he asked about the key to his chastity cage one more time!!!!
She chuckled as she watched her Sissy panic and if she would throw the real key away....she'd let him squirm about it for a few days and then tell him....then she'd let him squirm for maybe another month or two....he was ever so obedient as long as he was caged!!!

Monday, March 7, 2016


With a last glance back I went to my room where my little clit would strain in its cage while I listened to them fuck all night!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It's what you need to start the week with the fire in your belly....It's what he needs too but most men won't admit it and they'll try to tough it out!!!
So many men don't eat right and don't get enough exercise...they just don't take care of themselves like they should.....the thoughtful wife makes sure he get's his much needed mouthful of hot, creamy ManCandy, the truly thoughtful wife coaxes out those last drops for him!!!!
ManCandy!!!! When you send your man off into the world make sure he's got a bellyful, he'll love it and he'll love you for making him swallow it!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Just Like Him

"That's it Baby.....suck my cock....suck me hard.....suck my cum out of that hard cock....suck me like I was your husband......suck me....hey why are you laughing? What did I say???"
""Suck me like I was your husband!!!!" Let me cut 5 inches off and you came like an hour ago, that's my husband!!!!"
"Okay just suck me Baby!!!"
"Give me a minute to stop laughing!!!"

Let's Get Busy

"Alright you sissy bitches, our men are at your homes fucking your wives tonight and we decided that we wanted something seeing as you little bitches don't have a cock worth a damn, you all better have some talented tongues!!! So let's get to it sissies!"
""Yes Ma'am!" they answered in unison as they dipped their heads down to do what they did best!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

In Charge

"You understand that your wife left me in charge of you for the day while she is at her lover's house?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"So we have the whole day Sissy...what shall we do to pass the time?"
"Anything you desire Ma'am!"
"That's exactly the right answer Sissy.....let's begin...."

One Little Detail

"Sissy, I told you he was coming over here tonight and he wanted to fuck....but I never said anything about him fucking me.....just enjoy it Sissy....and lick me a little to the left........ooooooo....yeah....right there!!!!!!"

Friday, March 4, 2016


"Alright Sissy, let's see if you're months in chastity has taught you some self control! I'll set this counter to one minute !!!!"
"Ohhh my god!!!!"
"Well Sissy! Eight seconds to cum!!! That's twice as long as last time!!!! You're making progress!!! You lick up your mess and I'll go get your cage and we'll see how you do in a month or two!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"

An Offer

"Come here and take me Baby!!!! I've wanted you for so long!!!!"
"But.....what about your husband? No one wants to cross the Godfather!!!"
" don't have to worry about him...I offered him another fact you might say that I maid him an offer he couldn't refuse!!!!"

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Oh My God!!!!

Oh My God!!!! Oh My God!!!! Oh My God!!!! Oh My God!!!! Oh My God!!!!

When You're There

You know...when you're's just so wonderful.....her pleasure is obvious....his pleasure is obvious....your pleasure is a little more subtle and really only comes when they do!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


He felt the pressure of her hand pushing him toward the cock!!!! Her voice telling him that he had to obey her...her whispered commands to "suck his cock!"
He put up what he hoped was a convincing resistance!!!! He was drooling and dying to get that hard cock in his mouth and suck him till he screamed....but he had to let her think she was forcing him to do it!!! Just like he let her think that dressing him in girls clothes was something he didn't want to do!!!
Hopefully soon he could make her think that he didn't want a hard cock fucking him like a little slut!!!!
She wanted what she wanted and if it also happened to be what he wanted, well there was always a way to make everyone happy!
This guy was certainly happy as his lips closed around him and he began sucking him....and now all three of them had what they wanted!!!!

It's Not Easy

It's not easy to walk in takes practice....but I'm pretty sure that girls don't get spanked when they're learning.....
Once I'm doing it to her satisfaction she's going to show me off to all her friends so the choice comes down to....spanking now or humiliation later....and as much as I like them both my subby craving for humiliation always wins out!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm Busy Sissy

"Please!!!! I really deserve it!!!! I've been very naughty today!!!"
"Sissy, I'm very busy right now and I promised Mark that I'd fuck him when I finish up here!!!!"
"But, I've really been very naughty and I think......"
"Sissy, go see if Mark is interested....but remember how much stronger he is than me...last time you didn't sit for almost a week!!!!"
"Oh yes I remember....I'll see if I can interest him..."
"I'm sure you will Sissy....if I wasn't busy right now I would definitely love to help you out!"
"Thanks Sweetheart!!!"
"You two try to keep it down okay...I don't need the distraction!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Of Course

"Oh my god ....I wasn't expecting this!!!!"
"Sissy did you really think I'd leave without saying goodbye?"
"Oh yeah...and you know just how to say goodbye.....I can't wait till the next time you say hello!!!!"