Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Just Can't Seem To Relax

"I just can't seem to relax Sissy....I'm so tired and I'd like to nap but my mind keeps going over figures and strategies from the office! I need something to soothe me...."
"I know just the thing sweetheart!"
"Ooooh Sissy you know me so well...........!!!"

I Know

I know I shouldn't let him record me sucking his magnificent cock! I know it will wind up on the internet and maybe somebody I'd prefer not see me with a mouth full of a man will see it! But haven't you ever been lost in the moment? My mind was elsewhere! My mind was between his legs!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sissy School - Girl Talk

"And what happened then Kaaren?
"Oh my God Leeanne he ran his hand up my inner thigh just like this..."
"That feels so good Kaaren,,,,"
"I know....and with his thumb he lightly stroked my little clit as he rubbed my thighs through my soft stockings...just like this....
"Oooohh tell me more Kaaren!"
"Then he kissed me deep and hard like this............ "

Best Friend

Don't worry I'll never tell....have you got a cigarette?

Nothing That Can't Wait

Oh hi Sis
No, nothing that can't wait....
Yes I've got time to talk...
Oh that's too bad....
Well I didn't think he was right for you anyway...
You need a man like mine...
Yes I guess calling him a "man" is a stretch I'll admit...
Right now?
Well I was just getting ready to spank him...
Red panties...
You know that's a great idea I think that may be just what you need....
How soon can you be here....
10 minutes...I'll have the sissy and the paddle waiting.....
He's already moaning....hurry up Sis...I'm looking forward to watching this....
Okay bye!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hi We Could Use Some Help

"Hi, we could use some help! We were on our way to the Mr. Nude World competition and our car broke down! Could we use your phone?
Every time the doorbell rings this is what I wish for!


"So we're agreed then?" she asked as she took his hard cock between her soft lips.
"Oh yeah" he groaned in response.
"Just so we're clear, I want you to fuck my sissy husband and I want to watch. I'll suck you off now and again after! Deal?
"Oh yeah baby, deal...."
"It's funny it's almost like I'm fluffing you for him....."

Monday, July 28, 2014

Thought It Would Be Easy

The sissies thought it would be easy! All they had to do was stroke their own clits for 2 minutes without cumming! Their wives would be timing them and if they succeeded  they would be allowed to have sex and if not they 'd be caged for another month!
They removed their panties and each started to stroke very slowly and they were doing alright until their wives ordered them to kiss!
As their lips and tongues touched they both realized they were going to lose this contest but it would be worth it!!!

Monday ManCandy

Every day's a sunny day if you start out with a warm, creamy mouthful of high protein and delicious ManCandy!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moves In Mysterious Ways

As the new nun reached into his robes and wrapped her soft hand around his quicly growing cock Father Anthony gasped!
"Sister, you mustn't....remember your's a sin...."
She smiled as she slowly licked a droplet of pre-cum from the head of his lovely hard cock!
"Well...about see I'm not really a nun...I just wanted to try on the outfit!"
As she took him into her mouth and the thrills ran through him he couldn't believe how good this felt!
"But young lady! You shouldn't be doing this at all!"
"Well," she said as she raised her head for a moment, "about see I'm not really a lady either! In fact I was once an altar boy here!"
He looked again at the face and it suddenly came to him!
"Oh my God is that you...."
She interrupted him, "I prefer to be called Kaaren these days!"
As she took him back into her hot sucking mouth she heard him whisper, "God bless you Kaaren!"

The Last Roundup

This was going to be our last visit to Baby Pony Ranch this summer! Since last weeks visit I've been thinking about this place.
It is deeply humiliating to have the trainers "prepare" you for the day!

But there is an erotic thrill to"taking the bit" that I find myself actually drawn to...

But, even so I'm glad I don't have to decide until next the meantime it's time for that last ride and as my wife takes the reins I want to make her proud and do the best job I can for her! This will be on my mind all year....

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sissy Standing By!

"Oh yes it's all been wonderful! I love a picnic!"
"Well you know it doesn't have to be over!"
What did you have in mind?"
"I was thinking we could spread out the blanket and I could make love to you right here under this beautiful blue sky!"
"That sounds so nice! Shall I have Sissy help you undress? Maybe suck your cock to make you nice and hard for me?"
"That sounds wonderful!"

A Good Sissy Cuck

A good sissy cuck knows her place! Watching a real man fill your wife with his cum and then licking it back out of her while your little clit strains in it's plastic prison is just where you belong and everyone in the room knows it!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

A "Quickie"- Sissy Training

When she says she wants a "quickie" your job is to make yourself available as quickly as possible! Remember it's for her pleasure, not yours!

Sometimes You Just Can't Stop

It's always a fluffers dilemma, sometimes you're just enjoying yourself so much you just can't stop!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Panties Are One Thing

Panties are one, yes but they are underpants and there is a male equivalent! A bra however is uniquely female attire! Although I love panties I have to admit that wearing a bra makes me feel more feminine!

I've Been Around

I've been around a lot of places and I've seen a lot of things but I have to say that this was the best dentists waiting room I've ever had the pleasure to visit! It's one way to make sure I come back for regular checkups!!!

Not Often Seen...

...but as sexy as hell!!!! I own several open bottom girdles and god how I love them!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stop Complainig Sissy

Yes it is new!
Yes I really like it too!
I know it's really pretty!
For heavens sake Sissy! Here, try it on and if you like it so much I'll take you to the lingerie boutique and you can get your own!

Get It Now Kaaren

"Get your last taste now Kaaren1 Then put him in me! Use your hand and put that big hard cock into your wife! I want it and he wants it but I think you want it more than either of us!!!"
She knows me so well!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's Time To Get Back To Work!

It's not all fun and games, keeping the house clean is a full time job! I don't understand these cum stains's not like me to waste a drop!!!

You Made A Lovely Dinner

You made a lovely dinner tonight Sissy! You made all my favorites! It was so thoughtful of you that I thought I would return the favor by making you your favorite dessert! Enjoy it Sissy!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Can I Help You?

"Can I help you?"
"Um...yes I need to replace something I lost on the train..."
"Certainly! what do you need?"
" you can see I need bikini's please...size 5!"

Monday ManCandy

Besides all the good things it brings you! High protein and low calorie energy boosting ManCandy just tastes so damn good!
 ManCandy! Savor the flavor!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Take Your Time Sissy

Take your time Sissy, you're not in a race like I was today! That 5k run was so much fun but it was so hot out there! When you're done here go run me a nice bath,  I don't think I've worked up a sweat like that in some time!
Mmmmm long slow licks....that's my special girl!

You're So Funny Sissy

You're so funny Sissy! He'll be here soon and I'm pretty sure you'll get a chance to suck his cock! In fact after last time I'm pretty sure he'll insist on it!
Now get on with your chores and for goodness sakes put on more lipstick, you know he likes your lips bright red!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

After The Ceremony

While her mother looked on with pride, she had her new groom make a few more vows than had been mentioned in the ceremony!
As he was kissing her daughters feet she pulled out the little pink panties he'd be wearing to the reception! They were the same as the ones her father was wearing under his suit!

Yes It's Lovely

Yes it's lovely but you seem pretty ready to me! I have a feeling that if I fluffed you you might cum and she's already spanked me once today! My sweet wife is waiting for you, allow me to show you the way!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Job Lost

Make all the "Al Bundy" jokes you want, there are few jobs that a Sissy with a foot fetish enjoys more than selling women's shoes! I was in a constant state of arousal and I was really good at customer service!
My boss said my behavior was inappropriate but I have to point out that none of the customers complained! A few even gave me their phone numbers!!!

She Serves Sissy

Thank you so much for serving me breakfast Sissy! And you look so pretty today too!
Have you eaten yet Sissy?
Here you go Sissy, breakfast is served!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Really Don't

I really don't care for tennis all that much but where else can you dress like this and show everyone your pretty panties while you play with fuzzy balls?

Kaaren Get Me My Dress

"Kaaren get me the black panties and my little black dress I laid out on the bed!"
"Yes dear, coming..."
"On second thought Kaaren forget the panties, I wouldn't be wearing them for very long anyway, he's usually very impatient!"
"Yes Dear..."
"You don't mind do you? That I'll be fucking him tonight? Right in our bed? While you watch?"
"You know I don't, if it makes you happy it makes me happy!"
"That's so sweet Sissy! Now hurry up with my dress, he'll be here soon!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When She Told Me

When she told me that my oldest friend was coming to visit a lot of thoughts and questions went through my head!
Why didn't he talk to me?
Was she going to fuck him?
Was she going to expose me as a sissy?
Imagine my surprise when I found him in a matching maids uniform and with his tongue licking my sweet wife!
Well two heads are better than one and soon both our tongues were giving her pleasure and somehow when our lips and tongues met it just seemed right!

Getting Ready For Work

When she starts dressing for work she usually allows me to pick out the pretty panties she'll be wearing for the day, She likes me to picture her in those pretty panties all day.
I hold them out for her to step in to and as I snug them up covering her beautiful pussy I always kiss them to show the proper respect!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why Can't I

What do you mean Mom, why can't I dress like this?

All these years later I'm still waiting for a good answer!!!

What An I Going To Do With You Sissy

What am I going to do with you Sissy? The only time I can be sure you're behaving is when I keep you on a short leash!
The mailman, the pool boy, the gardener, the UPS man,  the electric meter reader, I can understand all of these...but how you managed to seduce that Jehovah's Witness is beyond me!

When I Tell You

"When I tell you to suck a cock the proper response is "Yes Ma'am" followed by you getting on your knees and getting that cock in your mouth as quickly as possible! I don't want to hear about how long you've known him or how humiliating it is! The only thing I want coming out of your mouth is his cock after he's fed you his cum!"
"Yes....eight...dear....nine...I 'm ....ten....sorry.....eleven....twelve....thirteen....."

Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing Leeannes Game - Which One's The Sissy

I hope Leeanne doesn't mind me borrowing her game!
Because it would be terrible if she was to take me and push up my dress and slide my silky panties down my nyloned thighs and spank me till I understand the error of my ways....oh ohhh  ohhhhhh!!!!!!
Hmmm wait I wandered off there for a minute....where was I....oh yes....
Which one's the Sissy?

Monday ManCandy

Summer is picnic season and there's nothing more perfect for a picnic than ManCandy!
It cones in it's own container! it requires minimal preparation! Self-contained, requires nothing but you! Re-usable container has enough for several friends!
ManCandy! The perfect summer meal!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Every marriage has symbols of commitment. She has her ring symbolizing our spiritual symbol signifies that and more!!!

Oh My God

"Oh my God it worked! I'm in the year 3000!"
"Yes Karl it worked but I have to tell you there was a small malfunction! The life support has been flooding you with female hormones for centuries! I'm afraid at this point there's no going back!"
"Who wants to go back! The machine has made me think about sucking cocks for the last two hundred years! Help me out of this and get your pants off!"

It's Not Necessary

It's not necessary but I love it when she sweetens the deal! The deeper I go the more candy I get, this is two of my three favorite things to eat! Later I'll try out the green ones with her!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What To Do

When the car broke down I was at a loss about what to do! I had no signal on my cell phone and I certainly didn't know how on earth to do anything under the hood!
Then I remembered the lesson I learned back in Sissy School and with the little dress I had on I soon had several nice gentlemen looking under the hood and at least another couple of them looking up my dress!!!

Please Get My Watch Sissy

"Sissy" I heard her call, "Please get my watch, I left it on the patio!"
"But honey...I'm not dressed...."
"It's just the patio Sissy, for goodness sake..."
I stepped out onto the patio in my sweet black heels and as I picked up her watch I heard the door close behind me!
Oh no, please...I saw her slide the lock into place as I rushed to the door!
"Honey please! Open the door...please the neighbors might see me like this...please!"
"Come around to the front door Sissy and I'll let you in!"
"Please honey...please!!!!"
"Front door Sissy. I'll be waiting for you there."
I heard the sounds of the neighborhood around me as I tried to work up the nerve! It didn't help that the potential humiliation was so exciting that I was dripping in my panties!

Come With Me

I really don't care how much you were enjoying my Sissy's mouth, that's not why I brought you home! Kaaren can have you later if you're still interested that is?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Okay Sissy

Okay Sissy I've opened up the e-mail app and I've attached the how do I send it to all your contacts?

Deep Breath Sissy

You look so pretty and virginal in your pretty white undies that all I've been thinking about since I got home is fucking you! Long and hard!
Okay Sissy, take a deep it comes!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Love This Dress

God how I love this dress! It's a small wisp of fabric that covers what it has to, but not much else! It's as close to being naked at the cocktail party as you can legally get away with!
A daring choice for a sissy but oh how I want it in my closet!!!!

When I Turned

When I turned back from the bar with their drinks it was obvious that this was heading to the bedroom! I put their drinks on the coffee table and stepped away to await her orders! My clit strained against it's plastic prison as I watched this man seduce my wife...oh how I wished it was my hand on her sweet ass, my hand on her beautiful breast, my hand on his big cock....