Thursday, April 30, 2020


Before the quarantine this used to be a lot more I've been here for about fifteen minutes and I haven't seen anyone yet.....


"So you see Sissy....I told you so.....even with that tiny clit between your legs....i told you that you could satisfy me!!!! It is very satisfying watching my sissy husband sucking my boyfriends fact I think you'll be satisfying me quite a bit in the future....what do you think about that Honey?"
"Oh that's right.....don't speak with your mouth full Sissy!!!!"

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Hump Day - Quarantine Edition

Even though you're working from home it's important that you still recognize Hump Day....
After all it helps you remember what day of the week it is!!!!


I think the first time I realized that girls were really different.....I was very young and I knew already that girls wore dresses and boys didn't....
But that first time I saw a girl bend over and reveal the beautiful ruffles and bows that I didn't have.....then I knew girls were different.....girls were luckier than boys....
They got to wear such pretty things and we didn't....
It wasn't till I was older that I realized there was really nothing stopping me from wearing pretty things too.....and with that realization my life changed!!!!
There's so many things I've forgotten in the decades since....but I never ever forgot that first glimpse of femininity that set me on this path to the sissy I am today!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


"Go ahead know you want it.....undress him for me.....suck his cock for me...."
That first time my hands were shaking so badly....and it really wasn't until he was in my mouth that I realized just how real it all was!!!!!

Drive Through

In this era of drive-thru banks, drive-thru drugstores, drive-thru restaurants, drive-thru everything!!!!
So why are you surprised when we take advantage of drive-thru big black cocks....

Monday, April 27, 2020


By the twentieth day four out of five of  his roommates were regularly asking to borrow some of his.....formerly secret lingerie....
And he was pretty sure the fifth was wearing stockings in secret!!!!
Maybe this quarantine stuff should never end!!!!

Monday ManCandy - Quarantine Edition

Going to the supermarket during this quarantine is very can't find can't get toilet paper......there's no can't even get a can of beans for heavens sake!!!!
But thank god there's something that never runs out....that delicious cream sliding over your tongue and down into your tummy just seems to make all your troubles seem so far away.....
ManCandy!!!! Something you can rely on in troubled times!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Brunch - CANCELLED

"I'm sorry you have to cancel the brunch with the ladies....but it's not my fault!!!!"
"How can you be so sure it's not your fault Sissy?"
"It's a global pandemic.....I didn't start it!!!!!"
"Whether you did or didn't doesn't're going to be punished for it!!!!"

Things Change

It's funny how things change over time....
There was once a time where I truly wanted to swap places with him and fuck my wife till she was satisfied....
But I realized after some time that I could never satisfy her like a real man.....
Now when I watch her lover's take her....make her cum.....give her all that I can't....
Now I find that I really wish I could trade places with her....

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Gosh Jimmy

"Gosh Jimmy you're making me blush...."
"Well I've never seen you in a pretty skirt before Tommy!!!"
"If I'd known how much you'd like it I'd have worn one of my shorter ones...."
"I'd like that just fine Tommy.... "
"Would you like to see what I've got on under my skirt Jimmy?"
"Damned....I mean darned right I would!!!!"
"You promise not to tell...."
"I promise I won't tell anyone...."
"Alright you get down on your knees and you can put your face up in there!!!!"
 "Up under your skirt...."
"Yep and don't be shy Jimmy.....get way in there and make sure to give me a little kiss down there.....we girls all love a little kiss down there!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Life During Lockdown

She has been drinking a lot more wine since the lockdown started but on the plus side she's wanted me to fuck her much more often....
I really don't get the pleasure from fucking her as a real man would but I do get the pleasure of making her come.....and because this cock is not useless like mine....I can keep going till she's had enough!!!!
She's happy and I can suck that dick like a pacifier the rest of the's a win-win for both of us!!!!


Yes....sometimes I get caught up in the past....
Our school Librarian in my high school was hot....her presence alone accounted for so many more boys wanting to borrow books that our school was awarded some kind of literacy award!!!!
None of those boys were reading those books.....
She was very strict and no-nonsense about the books in her care and I loved her for that....
I loved books too....
That was why I was so distressed when I lost one of the library books!!!!!
I think I left it on a bus but it didn't matter how or where I lost could I face her and admit my carelessness!!!!
So I never did.....I never went back to the school library after that....I know it was the coward's way out but that was what I was like back then....

Now, living under the new lockdown I was organizing things in the attic and of all things....I found the book I thought I'd a box of my mothers things that was shipped to me after she passed....she must have wanted to read it....there it was after all these years....
It's been more than a few years since I left high school.....but in my mind I picture Miss Zielinski waiting there still.....just as she was then....ready to mete out my punishment for a book that's decades overdue!!!!!
And I can readily picture myself bending over and pulling up my skirt to accept her righteous penalty!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2020


He finally gave in to the urge he had fought for so many years!!!!
He slipped on a pair of her panties.....and it felt so shouldn't have such a profound effect....
Just a small bit of silk and lace......but he knew as soon as he felt them....his life had just changed.....
He wasn't sure how she'd react when she saw him like this....with his inner girl breaking through....maybe she would laugh.....maybe she would didn't matter....the girl inside had her foot in the door and she had no intention of going away....she intended to force that door open further and further....
Maybe he should try the matching bra.....but maybe that was going too far....too fast....but he was already reaching for it!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hump Day - Quarantine Edition

Thank goodness he keeps track....with the days all seeming to run together as we're locked down, I almost forgot it was Hump Day!!!!

From My Heart

As many of you know I've been down with, what turned out to be, the flu.
I developed the fever after not feeling well for a day....and of course I feared the worst....I honestly thought that maybe this was it for me....that's the way i think these days....
My wife put me to bed and it seemed like no matter how many blankets she put over me I couldn't stop shaking from the chills although my fever was rising.
I kept telling her that she had to stay away from me....that I was done for....that I was contagious....but, of course, she didn't listen to me....
She had her doctor come to the house....yes....imagine....a doctor making house calls!!!! Will wonders ever cease!!!!
Actually her Doctor....well....our doctor I one of her oldest friends....and I've heard a lot of stories about the things they got up to in college.....but that's a story for another day....
She was very concerned and did a couple of tests on both of us.....including taking a urine sample from me....which was just as embarrassing as you probably imagine...
The two of them put me to bed and that was it for me.....I was exhausted just from going across the hall to the bathroom.....
My wife.....put everything else aside as much as she could and sat in the room with me while my fever climbed up to 102....
She made me take fluids....and put cold compresses on my head....and she climbed in bed next to me when I told her I was cold and she held me while I shivered....
I remember asking her if I was dying....I don't really remember her answer....but I'm pretty sure it would have been a loud "No".
I asked her to stay away.....I didn't want to infect her too....but she wouldn't she told you in her fever broke and I was trying to get up and help her around the house.....but she just took me back to bed and threatened me with holy hell if I tried to get out on my own before she said I could....
I have read all the good wishes sent my way and I'd love to respond to each but I'm still feeling a little out of it.....and I'm using up all my energy typing this....
I just want to thank you all, from my heart, for the love you've all sent my way....I'm sure it made all the difference!!!!
I'll hopefully be back to my normal posting schedule soon....
Again....thank you....and I love you all!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Bra and Panties

When the doorbell rang I was sitting in the living room wearing only my bra and panties...
She was fully dressed so I expected her to answer the door....
The doorbell rang a second time....she looked at my pink undies....
"Aren't you going to answer the door Sissy?"
I gestured to make sure she saw I was not really dressed properly to answer the door....
"I can' this....I'm not dressed...."
"Oh I see....of course you're quickly....put this on and then go get the door....I'm expecting a very important package...."
"Hurry Sissy......"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday ManCandy

Thank you lord for these thy gifts.....which we are about to receive....
ManCandy!!!!! It's truly a blessing!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2020


My sweet husband "Kaaren" asked me to post an update to his blog followers, so here you have it.
He's doing much better but my personal physician has recommended he continue bed rest for a few more days and I quite concur.
Thank goodness the tests for COVID-19 came back as negative for the both of us and I have been feeling well and haven't any of the symptoms "Kaaren" has displayed.
He had a fever of 101 which later went up to 102.
He had chills that made him shiver even under blankets.
For two days he didn't eat and only drank when I forced him to.
He could barely manage the strength to get out of bed to go to the bathroom.
My friend, call her Dr.V, a friend of mine since college, came to examine him as soon as she could. She told me not to bring him to the hospital under any circumstances, unless his fever continued to climb. which thankfully it did not.
After climbing to 102 his fever declined back to a little over 100 but it was persistent.
Dr.V drew blood for testing and did swab tests on both of us, which, as I previously said, were negative.
"Kaaren" has the flu, she's already getting better. I can tell because her stubborn streak is coming out once again.
He's insisting that he'll be fine in a couple of hours and this morning he stumbled into my bedroom to ask me if I wanted him to prepare my breakfast.
He had such an earnest expression on his face I almost felt I was being cruel when I walked him back to bed and admonished him to stay there.
So there you have it. He's sleeping right now and the worst is past.
I checked and he currently has no temperature.
He'll be back to his blogging soon.
Thank you for all the good wishes, he hasn't seen them yet but I'm sure he'll thank you all when he's able.

Mrs. K

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

We Have To Talk

"Come in Sissy.....we have to have a talk about your behavior...."
I thought I was going to be getting a spanking....I was wrong....

Monday, April 13, 2020

Extra Time

She doesn't mean to, but she was making it increasingly hard for me to finish my housework......she has a lot of extra time on her hands now that she's working at home.
She seems to enjoy using most of it to sneak up on me and molest me for a few minutes before she had to go back to "work"!!!!
As if being caged around her all day didn't make me crazy enough!!!!
Just imagine trying to clean the house when you can never tell when she's going to be there with both hands up your skirt doing unspeakably wonderful things to you....but only long enough to make me groan before she stops to go back to her desk!!!!

Monday ManCandy - Following Government Guidelines

Please note that the government guidelines aren't clear on fact it's not mentioned at all....
But we all know that to stay healthy you have to eat healthy and what could be better for you than a warm mouthful of protein rich, creamy goodness!!!!
But note how careful you must be to not touch your face while you're eating....
ManCandy!!!! Keep your hands at your side and your mouth opened wide!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

"Well alright....I'll try it....but I think the sucker my wife got me for Easter will be sweeter...."
"Just go ahead and taste it...."
"Well I guess I was wrong....this is much tastier!!!"
"Enjoy it Sissy.....Happy Easter!!!!"
"Thank you I will and Happy Easter to you to!!!!"

And Happy Easter to all of you lovely people out there.....

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home -CANCELLED

"Shhhh....he was here when the Headmaster imposed the lockdown....he called his own headmaster at St. Dunstans to tell him he was trapped here by the he'll be here until it's all over Ms. Wilson!!!!"
"Oh my......then we should have a much better time than I thought Ms. Worth!!!!"
"Now if we could only get that damned Sissy Kaaren to stop banging on the door!!!!"
"Maybe we should just let her might add to the fun....."
"I'm sure it would....but I want some of this first....once Kaaren gets in here she's going to want it all......from all of us!!!!!"
"'re right.....we'll have him first and then we'll open the door and turn Kaaren loose...."

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Group Chats

"So what are you doing to pass the time during the quarantine?"

"I'm teaching myself how to cook gourmet meals...."
"I'm working on my novel...."
"I'm catching up on some old paperwork...."
"I'm teaching my husband how to deep throat a cock....."
"I'm learning to play a.....wait what did you say?????"

A Dream?

It was in my mouth before I even knew what was happening....and it tasted so nice and it was doing all the must be a was wonderful.....and soon my mouth filled with delicious cream and I lovingly swallowed every dream man silently left my sissy bedroom as I slipped back into deep sleep with the taste of him still fresh in my mouth...
In the morning I woke with the taste of him still very much alive.....
I found my wife already up.....before me.....making breakfast...."
"Are you hungry Sissy....I could make you something....."
"No Sweetheart.....thanks but I'm not really hungry right now...."
She smiled.....
"I'll bet you're still full from last night...."
I was....but it was only a dream....wasn't it?

Friday, April 10, 2020


Lying on my back....with my dress pushed up to my waist....showing him how much I loved pretty undies....feeling him taking hold of my panties and pulling them down....oh my god.....listening to him chuckle at the sight of my tiny caged clit as he opened his pants to show me what he was going to put inside was wonderful even before he fucked me....

Morning Inspection

Alright Sissy....let me see....

Very nice.....and the rest?

Very good Sissy....I'm expecting several packages this morning....make sure you smile when you answer the door!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2020


This was wonderful.....and soon....when they switched....he'd be licking her beautiful pussy.....and the cuck would have his mouth filled with that glorious cock....and as the night progressed there would be more switches and all of his wife's holes would be used....and all of the cuck's would too!!!!


She laughs when I watch her dressing in the morning....I always tell her how beautiful she looks in her undies....
She laughs because she doesn't think they're anything special....
"It's just my regular underwear's nothing special...."
She doesn't understand that I think it's special....that I grew up wanting to wear what she wears, the things she wears without giving it a second thought....
Even with my drawers and closets full of frills and satins and lace....I still love to see her....even if it's in her "regular underwear".....somewhere in the back of my mind it still seems like forbidden fruit.....
"Forbidden Fruit of the Loom" is more like it Sissy"... and she laughs....and I blush....and I still love to watch her dress....every morning....

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Hump Day - Quarantine Edition

He was working from home when his secretary texted him about how much she missed their regular Hump Day celebration!!!
His wife happened to pick up his phone and after reading his secretaries message decided to help him celebrate Hump Day at home....her way...

No Hurry

She's in no hurry....
After all she's in control....
She feels none of the sexual frenzy that so many men feel....
No rushed groping...
He's not setting the pace here....
She feels absolutely no need to reciprocate....
His tiny locked clit doesn't offer her much anyway....
She looks down and tells you to lick harder or she chooses....
She builds slowly to her glorious orgasm.....
And when it comes she screams with delight as she squeezes your head so tightly between her beautiful thighs....
And she tells you to she grinds against your nose and lips as the waves of pleasure wash over her.....
And then.....after she catches her breath......she smiles down at you....
"Again!!!!" she says...
And so you gladly begin proud that you have made her so happy!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Working From Home

She was on a call so I waited discretely to the side....
"Oh look's my husband now....come over and say hello to the ladies Sweetheart...."
I heard their comments and wanted nothing more than to leave the room....
"Oh my....he's a cutie...."
"Oh isn't he just precious...."
"Can I borrow him to clean up my house....."
And so on....
Just when I thought I'd been totally humiliated more than I could bear....
"Would you like to see his's a pretty ruby red...."
And I prayed for the floor to open up and swallow me as she grabbed my bottom to turn me to the camera....

I Never Thought

You know I had heard my wife complain about it....
And I had heard her friends laugh about it....
But I never really thought it was that big of a deal....
But bothers me...I don't know why....
Why does he keep his sox on?
In this instance I guess it's okay....I kept mine on too...
But it is a thing....that bothers me....
And I don't know why....
And that bothers me too!!!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Used To Play

Henry and Bernie used to play golf together every weekend....
Both of them were divorced....footloose and fancy free!!!!!
Then they met her....she was in the clubhouse and she seemed so interested in both of them that they were instantly smitten!!!!
Now they still play ways that they had never imagined....but they were both happy that they had made her happy....
She recently said that she wanted to increase their game to a foursome.....
They couldn't wait!!!!

Monday ManCandy - Social Distancing Edition

Yes I'm trying to obey the guidelines about social distancing and I'm willing to make some sacrifices.....but I really can't keep doing good as it is....I got bored with having the same flavor all the time a long time ago!!!!!
I mean if you eat lobster every day wouldn't you want a steak after a few days!!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Variety is the spice of life!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday Brunch - CANCELLED

Even though we can't host our regular Sunday Brunch she insists on keeping me on my toes as far as my submissive servitude is far she is pleased....and so are her friends watching via webcam!!!!

Life During Lockdown

"Shhh know how thin these apartment house walls you really want to let the neighbors hear you screaming like the little sissy bitch I've made you into!!!!"
He tried to keep quiet....he was imagining riding in the elevators with his neighbors....he was imagining their knowing smiles....

Pretty Hot

"I love how his little peenie looks in that cage...."
"Yeah....I don't know why....but looking at that useless little thing gets me hot...."
"Yeah me too....."
And it was like a light bulb lit up over both of their heads....
And sissy who had been silently accepting couldn't help but moan....
But they were already lost and didn't hear him!!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

It Could Be

Yes...I have had many people message me for a pic of me...but I've had to turn them all down....
I'm sorry, but my wife has a hard and fast rule that I can't allow any pic that could possibly reveal either of our identities....she's very serious about this and the one or two times I've violated this rule she was ready to delete the blog and forbid me from starting a new one....
But every now and then serendipity happens...
This could be me....the body is the same....the hair is the same....I have the same uniform....including the gloves and stockings....
The only difference is that my cage is smaller...much smaller....
So if you ever wondered what I look like......I look like's not me.....I have to emphasize this.....but it could be.....that should get this pic past my wife's review!!!!

Go Ahead Sissy

"Alright Sissy....I know you've been very stressed out by all that's going I'm going to allow you to cum...."
"'re going to let me cum?!?!?!"
"Yes Sissy...I releasing you from your cage....oh my it seems smaller every time doesn't it? Then I'm going to take you in my hand and let you cum!!!"
I felt the warm fingers wrap around me and it was pure bliss....and then nothing...
"Are you going to stroke me or should I push myself into your hand?"
"Oh....I don't want either of those Sissy....I'm just going to hold you until you cum!!!"
"But....please....Sweetheart....I'm always so wouldn't take much....I promise I'll clean it all up if maybe you could stroke it just a little....."
"Honestly's more trouble than it's worth....I'll give you another minute to cum and then it's back in the cage....I don't have all day for this you know!!!!"
I tried so hard....I thought about her beautiful bottom....and her sweet, sweet pussy....and her lover's big cocks....and how it felt when I sucked them.....and how it felt when they unloaded in my mouth.....and when they bent me over and fucked hard....and when...
"Times up Sissy....go bring me your cage and we'll get you all locked in, snug as a bug in a rug!!!!!"
Yes Ma'am...."
"Don' t you have anything else to say to me Sissy?"
"Thank you Ma'am...."
"You're welcome Sissy....maybe you'll have better luck next time...."

Friday, April 3, 2020

She's Taking A Break

"Kaaren....what are you doing?"
"I'm cleaning the kitchen you told me...."
"You can do that later Sissy....I'm taking a break and I want to play!!!!"
"But I'm almost finished....just a couple more minutes...."
"Dammit Sissy.....I want to play right now!!!"
There is that tone in her voice that lets me know the "play" is getting worse for me every second!!!
"Yes Ma'am....Ill be there...right away!!!"


"You know Baby....when you said you had your sissy husband caged....this wasn't what I pictured...."

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Let Me

"Well I can see that you've met my sissy husband....let me show you where he learned his technique!!!!"

Working From Home

I foolishly thought that because she was sleeping later that maybe I could too....
I don't know what I was thinking....

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

All In Order

"Alright Sissy....all seems to be in order....pull your panties up and carry on"
"Yes Ma'am...."
I love her dearly but this was already my fourth cage check and it's not even lunch time yet!!!!!

Hump Day - Quarantine Edition

When Hump Day rolls around this week you realize that despite the many inconveniences you've put up's pretty sweet celebrating at home....resting on nice soft cushions is certainly better than bending over a cold hard desktop!!!!