Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Show Off

"So do we understand each other Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am...."
" pick out a pretty dress from the rack....we're going out!!!"
" a dress!!!!"
"Well if you'd rather not wear a dress we can go as you are....."
"No I'd rather wear a dress...."
"I thought so.....I can't wait to show you off to everyone at the's been weeks since I had a new Sissy to show off!!!!"

Hump Day

So you still haven't come to an agreement by Hump Day....but you're definitely wide open to further negotiations!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021


Sometimes I think that having a sissy husband helped my wife fulfill a lesbian fantasy....
Maybe....maybe not....but it certainly fulfilled my lesbian fantasy quite nicely!!!!

Our Guest

"Make sure our guest has whatever she wants Sissy...."
"Whatever she wants?"
"Yes Sissy.....give our guest whatever she wants...."


Monday, June 28, 2021


I love women's undies....I mean that's how all of this started....but as much as I love them I have to admit....I had a hard time getting used to wearing a thong.....I still prefer a full coverage panty....but I'll wear a thong from time to time...

Monday ManCandy

Each blast gave you more and more energy to face the day!!!! 
It was all that you was the treat that you craved....
The flavor and warmth,,,,the joy as it slipped down to your tummy....
ManCandy!!!! Nothing else compares!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Just Because

Just because someone with a cock wears women's doesn't mean that they're a Sissy.....
The one kneeling down and helping her attach her garters is the sissy....
I'm sorry....but we're complicated....

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Sissy!!!! What the hell are you doing?"
"Oh Hi Honey.....I'm doing an extra credit project for school...."
"Giving handjobs to derelicts?"
"No Ma''s called "Outreach to the Homeless"...I ask each homeless man I encounter what I can do to make his life better!!!!":
"And you give them handjobs?"
"Not all of them....some wanted blowjobs and a couple of them were pretty enthusiastic about getting laid for the first time in quite a while....."
"Finish what you're doing're coming home with me and I'm calling for the pink bus to come get you...."
"Yes Ma'am.....I should be done here in a minute or two...."

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Never Dream

He would never dream of treating her like this....and she wouldn't allow it...
But I'm just the sissy cuckold so he can pretty much treat me however he likes...what he doesn't know is that I enjoy every spank and I'm really enjoying sucking his which one of us is really getting off on the rough stuff?


She had a little smile on her face all morning....her date last night must have gone well...I always hesitate to ask for details but my curiosity got the better of me...
"So how was it?"
"How was what Sissy?"
"You're night out...with him..."
"We had a wonderful time Sissy....we had a nice dinner...and went back to his place for cocktails...."
"And what Sissy?"
"You know....afterwards...."
"Oh you want to know if I fucked him?"
"I....yes I would...."
"Yes I did Sissy and it was glorious.....he had stamina and we went for a couple of hours at least...."
"Was he.....was he bigger than me?"
"Oh Sissy.....he was an actual man.....they're all bigger than you!!!"

Friday, June 25, 2021

Take Your Time

"Go slow Baby....after this I'm going to put you in the enjoy this one...."



They were both a little tipsy when the cab dropped them off....they'd obviously had quite a night.....
I met them at the kitchen door.....and I asked if I could serve them anything....
My wife and her date both laughed!!!!
"Yes Sissy.... you can serve us both....right now...right here....but me first!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Thursday, June 24, 2021


When she first discovered how sensitive my nipples were she would tease them constantly to see if she could make me cum....
While I loved it then...and still love it now...I would dribble some pre-cum but I never did have a full orgasm from it....
But all these years later....she still likes to try!!!


I kept waiting for her to tell me to stop....
She always stopped me before....
She always wanted his cock to explode inside her....
But this time he was so close and all she told me was to "Suck him harder!"
He was going to cum in my mouth....
And that's what she wanted to see today!!!!
And I was only too happy to put on a show for her!!!


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hump Day

Waste not, want not....lessons learned in childhood still apply today...especially on Hump Day!!!

It's Different

When she's getting dressed she just...well...she just gets matter how alluring her undies are....they don't have the same effect on her that they have on me....
I was putting on a dress the other day and I stopped to enjoy the pretty bra that I was wearing....she really doesn't pay much attention to her undies unless she's expecting someone to see them....not me....someone else....
But that simple bow on the bra stopped me in my was so was a shame to cover it up.....but I did anyway and I was super aware of it all that day....

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Random Inspection

Just because she's working at home doesn't mean the random inspections have stopped....
She texted me....
"I'm in a meeting and it's boring as hell....what are you doing?"
I texted her back...
"I'm cleaning your bathroom...."
"Send me a pic right now!!!!"
I sighed and took a selfie....then I got back to work....I hoped that would satisfy her for now....


"This is just hygiene Sissy....if you cum just from this you'll be punished more than you can imagine!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Might Do

"Yes, he might do....lets take a fifteen minute break....we'll all meet back here with our strap-ons and see how he holds up...."

Monday ManCandy

You can keep all your smart kitchen stuff....
I don't need a refrigerator to tell me that I'm out of orange juice....
Smart toaster....what the hell does that mean!!!!
I don't want my dishwasher on the internet talking to other dishwashers....
I like good old fashioned kitchens where you can get what you want without all that electronic stuff!!!!
A simple old fashioned dispenser that pumps out your favorite breakfast....can't make anything better than that!!!!
ManCandy!!! Sometimes progress is not an improvement!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday Brunch

Most of the guests had left when she decided that enough was enough...
"You are going to get it now Sissy....the eggs were runny....the bacon was all grease....the toast was burned....the croissants were stale.....the butter was frozen solid....and the coffee was bitter....."
"I'm sorry ma'am....I'll do better next time...."
"Next time!!! Next time you'll be kissing every woman's ass and begging them to forgive you....or maybe all of them should line up and spank you for the terrible service today!!!"
"Whatever you wish Ma'am!!!"
"Damn right Sissy!!!!"


 The thing about being a fluffer for my wife is....I'm not trying to make him cum....I'm just trying to keep him interested in cumming!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2021


When she invited me into her bed as her bull fucked her....the last thing I expected to be sucking was her nipple....I'm not complaining but it did really prevent me from getting any kind of view!!!!


"You damned sissy keep your mouth off of my grandsons prick....I don't want him becoming any kind of sissy loving pervert...."
He just laughed as he watched......that sissy's ass was going to be red hot when he snuggled up against it tonight!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2021


"Did you really think that letting me fuck other men was enough Honey?"
"You wear my panties every day....did you think that was enough?"
"No, Sissy Boy.....I want to watch you suck my lover's cock....I want to see that big black cock in your mouth.....and that will be enough Sissy.....for now at least!!!"


 He had his fun and so did she....and now it was my turn....but he made no secret that he didn't want to watch me lick her clean and maybe give her another orgasm or two....

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Came Back

When I came back with their drinks I realized that I might be holding onto the tray for a while...

Your Mark

 "Oh've come so far since Mom left it's time for you to leave your mark on a man!!!"
"You mean like getting my lipstick on his collar?"
"Oh're so old fashioned....I mean leaving a ring on his cock!!!!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

First Date

She never fucked anyone on the first date....but a blowjob was always a nice way to end the night!!!

Hump Day

By Hump Day your new secretary was fulfilling all your expectations!!!


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

So Nice

 It's so nice to be able to shop again....I bought a lot of pretty things online but it's just not the same as touching all the soft pretties before I decide which I just have to have!!!


It's not my creamy's better!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2021


One of the issues I have with her working from home is that I never know when she'll pop in on me to see what I'm doing!
Today was the day I changed all the sheets....and I was almost done when she walked in....
"Sissy....that's perfect!!! Stay just like that....I'll be back in a minute...."
Over the years I've come to realize that she gets more turned on peeking up my skirt than I do peeking up hers!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It doesn't have to be loud or messy....after all we're all adults here!!!
It just has to be warm and creamy and has to give you that burst of energy you need to start the has to be so good that you don't want to waste a single drop!!!!
ManCandy!!! No need for all the drama....just enjoy it!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What's going on here!!!"
When he didn't answer I figured that maybe I should explain it to my wife....
"You see Sweetheart....your boyfriend came up to help me pick out a top to wear.....and when I took off my school blouse he remarked about how pretty my bra was thing just kind of led to another and here we are...."
"And here we are!!! With my boyfriends cock in your mouth....again!!!! You're going back to school right now....I'm calling the pink bus for an emergency pickup.....pack your bags and for heavens sake stop sucking his cock!!!!"


Without a thought he reached up under my wife's dress and pulled her panties down...
He didn't care that I had gone through her panty drawer for fifteen minutes before deciding that this pair was the perfect one for her to wear on her date tonight....
He didn't know that I had licked her to an orgasm before I helped her step into them...
He didn't see how pretty they were.....
He wasn't interested in my wife's panties....
He was only interested in getting them out of his way....
The panties were for me....the pussy was for him!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Great Outdoors

Well no matter what you may be planning....when you've got to go, you've got to go!!!

In Her

In her apartment...
In her makeup ....
In her bra....
In her hand....
She fed me my cum and smacked my face when I didn't thank her fast enough...
Then she laughed as I tried to catch my breath....
She was the perfect woman for me!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2021

One Look

I didn't want to come out of the changing room....surely this was just too wife would never humiliate me like least not in public....
She rapped on the door to get me to come out....and I realized if I disobeyed I might get a spanking right here...right add to my humiliation...
She took one look at me as I stepped out to show her how the dress looked on me....when she told the salesgirl...
"I'll take it....and he'll wear it home!!!"


"So you see Mrs.'s all a big misunderstanding....I don't know who told you that your husband was fucking me....but as you can see....I'm the one fucking him.....I hope this clears that up!"

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Took A Break

He'd been waiting for so long that I felt bad for him....he was obviously unprepared for our lifestyle....
So when I sat down beside him he was so he thought I was going to bite him....but after a short time he realized that biting him wasn't on my mind!!!!


"First you swallow it all....with no gagging....then we can talk about letting you cum...."

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Hump Day

 Isn't it wonderful that as early as Hump Day you can put your current project behind you and let it finish up on its own!!!

Kill The Sissy Bitch

It was a great and everyone had a great time.....lots of men available to service and lots of women to serve....and so many sissies!!!!
But now it's morning and time to go home and I swear I'm going to kill the sissy bitch that took my pretty dress!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Tough Day

"Poor look so stressed out....was it a bad day?"
"Oh yeah....everything went wrong....the only thing that kept me going was knowing I was coming home to you!!!"
"That's so sweet....I've got what you need right here Honey....get down on your knees....let my cock be all you think about....."
"Yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am!!!"

I Saw You

"I saw you peeping at us last night Baby...."
 "I didn't mean to..."
"Did you like watching me suck his cock?"
"I....I liked it...."
"Would you have rather sucked it yourself?"
"Oh yes!!!!!"
"Maybe next time....but I'll have to dress you in something pretty for him...."
"Yes please!!!!"
"We'll see Sissy...."

Monday, June 7, 2021


"No Sissy....the cage isn't enough...."

Monday ManCandy

As life begins to return to normal many businesses are bringing people back to the you need to get your morning routine going again....get up get dressed do your makeup and have your breakfast....the special creamy start to a week where you're finally getting back to work!!!
ManCandy!!!! Just as good as it ever was!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2021


He still thought that the two of them were the freakiest people he'd ever met, he really enjoyed fucking her....and he loved making her sissy husband lick up all his was all so fucked-up but he was glad he had stumbled into it....

Sunday Brunch

Just because she hadn't invited anyone this doesn't mean that serving her brunch for one is any less special....