Friday, July 31, 2015

My Work Here Is Done

I've done my part the rest is up to them!!! He had a delightfully thick cock and I enjoyed sucking it very much but a Fluffer knows when to stop and I delivered him rock hard and ready to my beautiful wife!!!! Now I would brush my teeth and retire to my sissy bedroom for the night!
I said good night but I don't think they heard me!!!

Sissy School - Warned

"I warned you Billy, didn't I!!! No more dressing as a girl!!!! I warned you there would be consequences, didn't I!!!! Imagine....What am I to think of you???? Dressing in a cheerleaders uniform!!!!We just can't have this type of behavior here at St. Dunstans School for Boys!!!!"
"I'm sorry Sir...I can't help it..."
"Do you think you'd be happier over at the Sissy that what you want?"
"I think so...I'm confused Sir....maybe I'm a Sissy like my friends Leeanne and Kaaren...I just don't know!!!!"
"Well there is one way to be sure....if you really want to know..."
"Oh yes Sir....please!"
As the headmaster pulled his pants open with one hand he caressed the boys blazing red bottom with his other! He knew the boy was a lost cause already and picturing him in lace panties and a short plaid skirt only made it easier as he slipped inside him!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Who's Fluffing Who For Who?

"Okay Sissy he's hard now are you all lubed up yet?"
"Almost ready Sweetheart! Are you going to stay with me?"
"Oh my god Sissy! I wouldn't miss this for a million bucks!!!!
"Keep him hard I'll be right there...."
"Not going to be a problem Sissy, but hurry!!!"


He told me he loved my outfit! Black lingerie was his favorite...I remembered that from last time! But just before I took him in my mouth he told me he really loved the satin gloves caressing his balls and he thanked me for "going the extra mile"!!! Soon with a last stroke from me he left me to join my beautiful wife in the bedroom!!!!
It really is nice when your work is appreciated!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Post Might Be Late

I keep a pretty regular schedule every day and that's mostly just because I don't have a lot of free time! If something takes extra time it throws off everything for the day!!! That's why the spanking she gave me this morning disrupted my whole day's schedule!!!!
That and having to write "I will not burn the toast" 500 times for her while sitting on the hard chair with no cushion has left me running late all day!!!! Sorry to keep my sweet readers waiting!!!! I'd offer to let you spank me but I'm already having a pretty hard time sitting down....maybe next time!!!


"Of course I'm going to try it Sissy! Unless you'd rather try it first!"
I laughed!!!
"Oh I think you know the answer to that Sweetheart!!!!"
Soon she was applying what felt like the whole bottle of lube as I waited to see if I could take it all!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Do You Love Them

"My date will be here soon Sissy and I just can't decide....what do you think of this pair?"
"They're lovely, you look beautiful in them!"
"But do you love them?"
"I love everything about them!"
"Show me Sissy!"
He leaned forward and began worshiping her beautiful shoes and feet with delicate kisses and long lingering licks! His cockette, caged as always, strained as if trying to break free!!!!
"I'm really not convinced Sissy, let's try another pair and we'll see if you really love them!!!!"
"But your date...."
"He'll just have to wait....what do you think of this pair...."

Tell Us Sissy

"So tell us Sissy do you like us better with our panties on!!!"
Sissy nodded enthusiastically!!!!
"And are you sorry for sneaking in here and stealing girls panties"
Sissy nodded again, not with quite so much enthusiasm!
"And do you like those pretty little panties we gave you to wear?"
Sissy nodded again, his enthusiasm returning!
"And do you like how my panties taste!"
Sissy nodded again, after all with those panties stuffed behind the gag what else could he do!
"Well as long as you're happy....the boys will be in here this afternoon! I'm sure they'll untie you!!! Bye bye now!!!!"
Sissy shook his head, No! No! No! oh please No!!!!!
But all he heard was the door shutting behind them as they left!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

First Thing

You know Jeff, the first thing I'm going to do when I get home is run into the bedroom and rip off my wife's panties!!!!"
"Oh yeah! How come?"
"They're too small and the elastic is cutting into my balls!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

The thoughtful lover always arranges for breakfast in bed!!! Imagine not having to lift a finger to prepare breakfast for yourself and there's enough left over so your husband can have some too!!!
ManCandy!!! How to show he really cares!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Up Close

You can feel her body move over you with each powerful thrust of his cock as she whispers in your ear how it feels!!! You feel almost as if he was taking you as he kneels between your wide spread legs and you feel almost every movement!
She tells you that when he cums she's going to crawl up and sit on your face so you can eat his cum and your breath catches! You want it as badly as she yearns to give it! His presence is almost secondary as he becomes just an accessory to the way you make love to your wife!
Her face is twisted as he makes her cum, over and over, but her eyes are locked on you! You are the focus of her desire even as he pushes deep inside her and empties himself into her!!!!
"Smile Sissy," she gasps as she begins to crawl forward, "Here I come!!!"

Young Billy Was Not Happy

It was bad enough that Auntie always gave him bare butt spankings, but when she let his cousins watch it was just so much worse!!! He tried to ignore the feeling of his little cock rubbing against Auntie's soft thigh with each slap on his reddening bottom! He tried to control himself!!!!
"Ewww Mommy he's making drippies from his little thing!!!" cried his cousin as she leaned in more intently to watch!!!
"Don't worry Baby! Anything he get's on the floor he'll lick up!!!"
Suddenly Billy couldn't hold back and as he exploded onto Aunties thighs and floor she rubbed his sore bottom and told him to clean up!
Sighing, all else forgotten he slid off her lap and dutifully lapped up all the nasty white cream as Auntie and his cousin pointed out spots he had missed.
With the salty taste that he had come to know so well in his mouth, Auntie told him that he could go now and change into the dress she had laid out for him in his bedroom!!!!
Billy went up the stairs as his Auntie and cousin shared a private laugh!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Connect The Dots

Well I'm not connecting the dots so much as eating them up!!!! It's like a sissy buffet!!!!!


When her brother got home she was so going to kick his ass!!!!
She had looked the other way when he had begun "borrowing" her panties! After all, aren't all teenage boys curious about that kind of thing...most of her friends said their brothers did the same thing!
She hadn't really thought too much about him "borrowing" some of her bras,,,,some of her friends said their brothers had done that too!
When she saw that he was using her makeup she was going to talk to him about it but it never seemed to be the right time!
She couldn't be sure but she thought that maybe he was trying on her dresses...but her best friend Stacy told her that she was probably imagining things!
But it all became clear when she came home early and found her brother in her best dress and her best friend Stacy fussing with his makeup!!!! They were double dating tonight and they told her they couldn't risk her interfering!!!
When he got home she was going to kick his ass!!!! Although she had to admit...he did look pretty cute!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Just So Wrong

Her lover recorded me while I fluffed him for her and when he showed me the video I could suddenly see how wrong this all was!!! What was I thinking!!!! It was like a sharp slap in the face!!!! What in the world had come over me!!!!!
I mean wearing a white bra with the black strapless!!!! Oh my about your fashion mistakes!!!! Luckily he didn't seem to mind for some reason!!!

Try Again

She sounded amused and that only made it worse!!!
"It's alright Sissy! We can try again in a week or two....why so sad Sissy you look like you're going to cry!!!"
"I'm so sorry....I don't know why I can't control myself....I hate to disappoint you..."
"Oh Sweet little Sissy! You never disappoint me! You cum because I excite you so much that you can't hold's actually very flattering!!!"
"I just feel bad because I can't please that...."
"Sweetie, I knew all about before we married and I still said "I do" didn't I?"
"Yes but I wanted to make you cum...I wanted to give you pleasure like your boyfriend does!"
"Oh Sissy! No one makes me cum like you do!!! Why don't you lick up your little mess and then show me how many times you can make me cum on that beautiful tongue of yours!!!"

Thursday, July 23, 2015

There's a Difference

Her lover loves it when she uses her strap on to fuck him! He loves it while I suck his lovely hard cock as she thrusts in and out of his ass! So he must be a Sissy like me you think....but you'd be wrong!!!!
After she fucks him for a few minutes and I've sucked his delightfully hard cock he pushes off of her cock and flips her around and fucks her...hard and long!!!!
Getting fucked by her is foreplay for him!!! For me it's the climax!!!! That's the difference between us!!!

A New Perspective

Sometimes a Sissy gets the chance to see things from a whole new perspective!!!! At least when his balls aren't in your eyes!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Yes Sir, it was delicious! Can I have some more please!!!!

Who's Next

Her husband groaned as she pushed her hard pink cock into him! Her friends all looked at each other and laughed!
"Sounds like me when Tommy popped my cherry!"
They all shared a laugh as she sank deeper into him!
"There will be no more secretaries for you baby!" his wife said as she buried her cock in him!
"No!!!" he gasped, "I'm sorry it will never happen again!!!!"
"Oh I know it won't because your Secretary is number 12 on the waiting list to fuck you today!!!"
"Oh my god...."
"And she's only about half way down the list! Mom and my sisters come right after her!!!
"No please....I...."
"They're upstairs now shredding all your male clothes! Your new job is to be my sissy maid!!!!"
"Too late Baby....I'm a little tired....who's next?"
Her best friend Stacy stepped up and after exchanging a quick hug she sank her big cock all the way into him!!!!
His groans were met with applause from the ladies in the room and the ladies waiting outside!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


"I said to put those panties on right now!!!!"
"But I'm no Sissy...."
"Maybe not yet! but when I'm done with you, you will be! Put them on now!!!!"
"Yes Sweetheart!"
Sliding the pretty panties up his legs he remembered to hide his smile! Let her think this was her idea!!!! He'd play her the next hypnotic tape tonight and hopefully in a couple of days she'd be bringing home men and "forcing" him to suck their big delicious cocks!!!!

Hurry Sissy Hurry

"Hurry Sissy hurry! he wants to fuck me again and he hates sloppy seconds!!!"
"I'm going as fast as I can...there's just so much..."
"No talking Sissy, just keep licking....mmmm....just like that!!!!"

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday ManCandy

The real go-getters know that to get ahead they have to be ahead of the pack! So while the others are just opening their eyes or turning on the coffee machine, the brightest and the best have already had a fine breakfast of ManCandy  before they even get out of their bedroom! The early bird gets the worm after all!!!
ManCandy! The first rung on the ladder of success!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bring the Wine

"Come to bed Sissy...bring the wine with you I might need a refill....I expect we'll be busy for the next couple of hours!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, shall I bring a glass for me?"
"Oh Sissy, you make me laugh!!!! The only wine you'll have will come from......well we'll talk about that later!!!"


Between sucking this nice big cock and watching my wife ride his tongue to one orgasm after another I had completely forgotten about his friend Anthony!!!! But he found a really nice way to remind me he was there that I would never forget!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Don't Keep Us Waiting

Sissy knew his wife and her lover were in a room on the second floor, but which one??? When his wife had called and told Sissy to bring her a bucket of ice she had hurried down the six flights of stairs from her room on the eighth floor as fast as could in the heels that were locked onto her!!!
She collected the ice but again, which room? She arranged herself into the proper submissive Sissy position, took a deep breath and knocked on the door to room 201!
An hour later sissy had refilled the bucket four times and prepared to knock on the door to room 205! Just 35 more rooms to go!!!!

You're So Funny

"You're so funny! Standing there and making cute objections when we both know exactly what's going to happen!!!"
"No I won't do it...I just won't!!!"
"In about 10 minutes your best friend is going to walk in that door and you are going to suck his cock while I watch!!!"
"I won't...I...."
"And you're going to be wearing those pretty pink panties you love so much!!!"
"And you're going to do it because that's what I want you to do! Because that will make me happy!"
"I...I .....I'll do it...I want you to be happy!!!!"
"I knew you would! Honestly Sissy, do we have to do this every time???"

Friday, July 17, 2015


She comes out of the bedroom where her lover lies sleeping! The coffee is ready and I have started to prepare a breakfast buffet for her to share with her lover!
She gives me a long, deep good morning Kiss and I can taste him on her lips and tongue! It is exquisite! Instead of a robe she is wearing his thrills and humiliates me at the same time!!!! I give her the daily newspaper and she immediately flips to the financial section: she understands all that stuff!
A particular article catches her attention and she leans forward to read it more carefully!
The shirt parts revealing her perfect breast to me, perfectly formed and firm still! Her nipple erect, perhaps just to get my attention because she doesn't seem to notice!!!!
I can't tear my eyes away! Perhaps it's because it's a "stolen" look at this breast that I have seen thousands of times before!!!! The thrill of something forbidden maybe....but looking at her just then....inadvertently exposed....I was a teenager again....seeing a perfect breast for the first time!!!!!
Distantly I can hear her lover....he snores like a buzzsaw....and I look at that breast realizing his hot sweaty hands were there and maybe his lips and tongue too!!! But that's alright! As long as he pleased her!!!!
I sat there, my coffee untouched and I started to smell my hash browns burning in the oven! She looked up from the paper and smiled as she pulled the shirt closed....but she smiled...that was the important thing!
"Honestly Sissy! You're incorrigible! Go check the oven!!!"

No Wait......

"No wait....let me get you in my mouth....untie me ....ohhhh...."
"Too late Sissy.........."
"Oh no it's going everywhere....ohhh right in my eye!!!!"

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'm Sorry But She Insists

I'm sorry but she insists that I'm always shaved....everywhere! It takes some time but it has to be done!!!! If you can't wait you'll just have to share!!!!
And while I appreciate that nice hard cock poking my ass you'll have to get her permission if you want to fuck me!!!!
I hope she says yes because it feels wonderful!!!!!

Ready Yet?

"Are you ready yet Baby? You look like you're ready! It's so nice when that cock starts twitching in your mouth!!! You'll love it! I'll love it too baby! I have always wanted to see you with a big cock in your mouth!!!! Do it for me Baby!!! I can see it in your want it....just open wide and I'll put it taste and I promise you'll be a cocksucker forever!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


He yanked the bedroom door open surprising his wife and her lover!!! They silently looked at each other as his face turned to crimson!!!! He saw the cum all over her! Her lover's potent seed covering her and leaking from her! The silence was so thick you could cut it with a knife!
Then he came at her, she recoiled as he lunged forward but it made no difference! He buried his face between her legs and began licking up the sweet cum that her lover had given her!!!!
Her lover chuckled a bit but he paid it no wasn't until she grabbed him and pulled his face up that he heard her!
 "Be on time next time damn it and no male know the rules....panties only!!!!"
Before he could answer she pushed his face back down into the creamy heaven between her thighs!!!!

I Know

I know it's big Sissy! But one more little push and it's in!!!! Be a big girl Sissy! and push that plug all the way in!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hard Times

The Bridal Salon had fallen on hard times, people just weren't marrying as much as they once did! They were sitting on a huge inventory of wedding gowns that they might never be able to sell!
The answer came one day in an off-hand remark one of the customers made!
"My boyfriend would pay anything to wear a dress like that!!!"
She and her friends had laughed but the idea had found at least one receptive ear!!!!
Now every Tuesday was "Sissy Day at the Salon" and sissies were allowed to come in after paying an entrance fee and the staff would assist them in trying on any gown they wanted!!! It was a huge success and, even after they doubled the $50 dollar fee, more and more sissies kept coming!!!!
Soon they were going to offer professional Make-up artists and Bridal Portraits and the sissies couldn't wait and the price didn't matter!!!!

The Beginning - Sissy Training

"You see Baby, doesn't it feel so good! The soft silky stockings and those sexy heels! I told you it's just us here and I won't ever tell anyone!!! This is special just between us!!! It makes me so damn hot!!!! Next time I want you to try on some sexy panties for me, I bet you'll look awesome in them!!!"
"Just'll never tell?"
"Of course not Baby! We'll just keep this between us!!!"
And even though she had his little balls in her satin gloved hand he couldn't tell that she had her fingers crossed!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2015


My chores were forgotten! I knew I was being bad but I just didn't care!!! I knew there might be a spanking later but that was OK with me too!!!!
After all it's not every day that  the postman brings me the new Victoria's Secret catalog!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Summer's here and people are heading outside and you know what that means!!!! Hours spent preparing food and loading heavy baskets and coolers!!! Sometimes you're exhausted before you even get where you're going!!!! That's when you think how much easier ManCandy would make things!
All your nutritional needs? ManCandy is the high protein energy boost you'll need for afternoons of hiking, swimming or biking!!!
Thirsty? ManCandy comes in liquid form after all and is non-alcoholic so there will be no worries driving home later!
ManCandy!!! Refills always available! Recyclable and environmentally friendly! Perfect for your picnics!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


He licked up his best friends delicious load from his sweet new wife's delicious pussy and she moaned as he brought her to another orgasm!!! In the bathroom he heard the shower running and he wondered if his best friend would take her again!!!! What a wonderful wedding present!!!!!

Awake or Asleep

I'm not sure if she was awake or asleep when she slipped her hand into my panties and held onto my balls and caged clit!!!! But I hears her say in a dreamy voice. "All mine."
Can't argue with that!!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015


The request had been so unusual that the Keyholders Club had never dealt with it before!
A request by two women to hold one man in chastity was rare but not unheard of....
A request by two sisters to hold one man in chastity was even more rare although there had been a couple of occasions....
A request by twin sisters to hold one man in chastity had never been made as far as anyone could remember....
And when the man in question was their big brother!!!! Well the whole club wanted to see that initiation!!!!


"Dude!!!! What the hell happened!!!! We're chicks!!!"
"Dude!!!! We've got no dicks!!!! What the hell happened to us last night???"
"Dude!!!! What are you smiling about!!!! Holy shit Dude we've got tits and pussies!!!!"
"Dude!!!! The last thing I remember was going into some bar!!! the Black something....I can't remember!!!"
"Dude!!!! It was The Black Magic Saloon!!!! All chicks in there....we thought it was a lesbian joint!!!"
"Dude!!!! That's all I remember!!!!!"
"Dude what the hell are you smiling know something about this???"
"Well while you Dudes were being drunken obnoxious assholes I made friends with the Witch behind the bar! She was really nice and she offered me one chance to experience life as a chick!!!! But it had to apply to you guys too!!! And as long as none of us cums the spell will wear off in 24 hours!!!!"
"What did you say Dude I wasn't listening!!!! It feels really fantastic when you rub yourself like this!!!"
""Oh yeah Dude!!! I hit a spot that feels amazing!!!!"
"Oh well Dudes!!!! This is what I really wanted anyway and it looks like you Sluts will get used to it quickly!!!!"

Friday, July 10, 2015

Not As Nice

As he came into my room his eyes were glued to my ass! I had a feeling I'd be seeing him again after I fluffed him for her I knew he was intrigued by the sissy lifestyle!
I smiled as he gulped!
"Not as nice as hers but you can have it if you want it!"
As he started to close the door she came in and joined him!
"Don't mind me," she said, winking at me, "I just want to watch!"
I kneeled up as he moved behind me....

Can't Decide

She gives the best blowjobs....but her sissy husband is damn good too....

 I mean they are both natural born cocksuckers...

It's impossible to pick which one's better.....

So whichever one makes me cum first will be the least till next time!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Foot Fetish

It turns out that her latest guy has a few fetishes of his own! Apparently coming into our world where we're obviously a little more open-minded about fetishes leads her guys to express some interests they might have otherwise kept secret!!!!
Mark apparently has a bit of a foot fetish....he doesn't love her feet quite like I do but he just loves to cum on them!!!! This really works out for all of us! She makes herself cum while he cums all over her pretty feet and then I get to clean it all up!!!!

Can't Wait

I had just hung up my phone when I heard a sweet voice from behind me....
"Excuse me....Kaaren is that you?"
"Yes I'm Kaaren and you are?"
"A fan of your blog sweet girl!"
"Sweet girl? Orly one person calls me that!!! Leeanne is that you?"
"Who else would recognize you so quickly?"
"Quick come with me! Hurry!"
"Kaaren, are you staying in this hotel?
"Then why are we in here?"
"My room's on the twelfth floor and I couldn't possibly wait that long to get your pretty panties down!!!"
"Mmmmm nice but maybe we can go upstairs together later?"
"Sure but for now this will do nicely......."

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Place For You

"Well Kaaren, if your typing skills are as impressive as your oral....qualifications...then we might have a place for you in our organization!"
"Well I do my best to please my superiors!"
"Oh yes I could tell!!!"

Sissy School - Sitting In

St Dunstans School for Boys administrators had reluctantly agreed to allow the Sissy School student, Sissy Kaaren, to sit in on their Theoretical Physics class! No one at either school had believed she was really interested in the course but after a long private interview with the Science Department Chairman he had enthusiastically endorsed the idea!!!!
Now every day after class she would report to him for an hour of private tutoring to help her catch up and all the students in the class took turns being her study partner!!!
As a matter of fact since Sissy Kaaren started sitting in, the class had never been more popular!!! Every day the waiting list grew and grew!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Recognize These Sweetie?

"Hi Sweetheart! Do you recognize these panties? I found them in your toolbox out in the garage!!! I found a lot of other frilly lingerie too! Is there anything you have to tell me?"