Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sissy School - Hold My Hand

"Hold my hand Leeanne! Don't let him see you cry. No matter how much it hurts just think of how hard I'm going to work to take your mind off of it when we get back to the dorm!!!"


"Look what I got today Sissy! Isn't it just perfect?"
"It's pretty thick sweetheart! Are you sure that you can take that?"
"Me? Silly Sissy!!!! I didn't get it for me!!! This is all for you!!! I think it's time we...how can I put this....expanded your horizons!!!"

Monday, September 29, 2014

Excuse Me Ma'am

Her secretary buzzed her on the intercom to let her know her husband was waiting!
"Your husband is here Ma'am, and he looks very cute in his little maids outfit! Shall I send him in?"
"Give me a minute Stacy, then send him in!

"Okay Stacy! Send the Sissy in!!! You can come too if you'd like!!!"
"Wouldn't miss it for the world Ma'am!!!"

Monday ManCandy

ManCandy! I have told you it's good for you! I have told you it's a great source of protein! I have told you it's just wonderful all around!!!!

But have I told you that it tastes good! I mean finger-licking good!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday is Game Day

"That's it Sissy, you give the guys a good half-time show and you can stretch your legs! When the game starts it's back on your knees...."


So big...so full...Sissy will have a big cleanup when his wife is done with this one!!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Any Second Now Kaaren

"He's going to cum any second now Kaaren! Better get into position! Clean him first, he's our guest! Remember if any gets on the sheets you go over my knee!"


"And what did your wife say when she dropped you off here?"
"I don't remember..."
A sharp smack landed on my already sore ass!
"What did she say?"
"I should be a good sissy and do what you say!"
"That you're in charge till she comes for me later!"
"Well Sissy as you can tell I run a strict house! I was hired to babysit you while your wife goes out with her date! In this house babies are fed, diapered and in their cribs by 7:30!"
"But I..."
"No buts Sissy! If you'd like to go over my knee again we can do that! I assure you my arm isn't tired!"
"On to the bed then Sissy! A nice dry diaper and then into the crib! I've got a nice bottle of warm milk for you."
With my cheeks blazing red I moved to the bed....

Friday, September 26, 2014

I Warned You

I warned you Sissy! Magic is not for amateurs! Show me what you wanted to transform into and I'll try to undo what you've done!

Oh my goddess Sissy I warned you that transformation spells were the trickiest of all! One word wrong...one tiny error in mixing the potion and it can all go so terribly wrong! But I guess you know that already! I'll call the sisters of the coven and we'll see if we can undo this...but it might take a while!!!

Sissy Watched

Sissy watched as his wife took that big cock inside her and knew that he'd never be able to satisfy her like that! Somehow though, Sissy was okay with that!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sissy School - Interlude

"You know you really are special to me don't you?"
"Yes Sweet Girl now be quiet and kiss me again!"

Where Did I Put That?

Kaaren you look adorable in your bit and harness but I'll be damned if I can remember where we left your adorable little tail! You really can't be my little pony without your tail now can you? Oh I know you can't answer me, no talking with the bit in place! You stay put while I see if I can find that cute little tail!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Doing and Thinking

Well...it's pretty simple....

Here's what I'm doing....

Here's what I'm thinking....

But then...that's pretty much what I'm always thinking!!!!!

The Reason

The reason I wake so early is so I can get the newspapers and start the coffee and begin prepping her breakfast! I like to leave some extra time for her shower and she seems to appreciate it too!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

As She Kisses Me

As she kisses me and we share the hot salty cum I would swear we were alone in the room! His cock is still just inches from my mouth but her lips have made me forget everything else! Her lips and the taste of cum....paradise!!!!!

I'm Not Sure I Belirve

I'm not sure I believe her! When I go on my errands I see them all the time!!!! But she says that when she goes there are simply no mops to be had!!!

Her New Position

Her new job gives her a lot of power in the company! I'm still not sure I even understand what she does but I do know that she does it very well! She has risen through the ranks and recently was made a vice president with massive responsibilities while I keep her house tidy and try my best to make her happy!
She complains bitterly about the corporate back-stabbing and duplicity but what bothers her the most are the ass kissing toadies looking to gain her favor!
When she comes home to me she wants to unwind, relax and have her ass kissed by someone who really knows how!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Couldn't Look Away

 Helping her out of her stockings after a long day at work is one of the great joys of my life and she knows it! She has the most adorable feet and she knows that too!
When she knows I can't look away...when she knows that I want them so badly...only then does she say, "Indulge yourself Sissy!"
She loves it and so do I!!!

Monday ManCandy

Monday ManCandy! The hands free high energy breakfast! No muss, no fuss, as you can see you don't have to lift a finger! ManCandy! Hands free, just open wide and take the delivery!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Is Game Day

I don't really understand the game...half backs and safety s and field goals? I just don't get it! But when you start talking about a tight end...well ....now I get it!!!

While They Slept

The house was quiet! Almost everyone was asleep but in the guest room someone was learning that having a sissy Son-in-law was not necessarily a bad thing! In fact it had some definite advantages!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


"So tell, was your Honeymoon all you hoped for?"
"Like you said! After I put the chastity cage on him he became so easy to control!!!"
"And did you....?"
 "Sample the staff....oh my god yes! You weren't kidding! Huge and very willing! I'm so glad you recommended the place!"
"And did he....?"
"Like you said! If I said I might allow him to cum he licked up every drop!!!"
"I'm so glad for you! We've been so happy in our marriage once he understood that I was in control!"
"Would you do me a favor?
"Anything honey, what do uou need?"
"Would you hold the key? At least for a while...I might give in to his begging!"
"Absolutely! Tell him he not only has to convince you to release him, he has to convince me too! And tell him I've heard it all so he better be really convincing!!!!!"
"Great let's drink to it!"


After he came we dissolved into giggles!` She had been making faces at me and I had done the same to fer!  This cock between us wasn't what we were thinking about we were thinking about each other! The cock was just a bonus!
The young man was oblivious as she scooped up his sweet cum and fed it to me! Coating my lips, she kissed me and I can honestly say I forgot he was there!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sissy School - I Don't Know Why

"I don't know why Leeanne it just turns me on! I just love your pretty feet! You don't mind do you?"
"Kaaren if you cum on my toes you'll clean it up?"
"Oh yes sweetie, that's part of the fun!"
"Okay but I think I get to try it next!"
"Sweet Leeanne! I wouldn't have it any other way!"

You Look Lovely But...

"Yes Sissy! you look lovely! Just as I instructed! Red lingerie and black plug and stockings!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am"
"But perhaps while you're getting paddled over my knee you can explain how you ruined your lovely stocking! Go fetch my hairbrush Sissy!"
"Oh yes Ma'am!!!"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feel It Kaaren

Feel it Kaaren! That's a man's cock! So big, so hard, so ready to fuck me until I scream! Get om your knees and suck him for me! Suck him before he fucks me! Suck his cock while I watch!!! You know it's what we both want!!!

Doesn't Seem Right

Although they both seen to be enjoying themselves it doesn't seem right that he is giving my mouth equal time with her pussy! I would give anything to be allowed to enter her and he's wasting his time between her exquisite pussy and my dirty mouth!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Really Sissy!

"Really Sissy, I come home after a long day and what do I find? Chores not done! Breakfast dishes still in the sink for gods sake!!!!! And where is my Sweet little Sissy maid Kaaren? Sitting on her cute little ass watching Dr. Phil on TV!!! Maybe I should call the Dr. Phil show and ask them if I could bring my sissy husband on to find out why she's not doing her chores!!! I bet Dr. Phil would tell me I'm not spanking you hard enough!!! How many was that Sissy? I've lost count so we'll start your fifty again!"

A Little Taste

Mmmm Kaaren it tastes so good....don't pout Sissy I just wanted a taste the rest is all for you my special girl!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sissy!!! - The Early Years

It took you an hour to look this good! Your parents and sister have come home early! Can you undo it all in about a minute! Maybe you can't but that's all the time you have!!!


It was so different from the times she fucked me with her strap-on! I could feel his hot flesh inside me, I could feel him throbbing inside me. Each thrust made me feel more and more submissive! And when he came inside me it was a feeling I can't describe! Fullness and heat! Submission and femininity! And looking across the room and seeing her smile made the experience complete!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014


I was laying on the bed waiting for the pool man to come! I'd been flashing my ass at him for weeks now and I loved to see the big bulge in his tight pants!
Suddenly there he was in the room with me! Naked and....ready!!!!
"Ready to tease me again I see....well today it's gonna be a little different!"

"The way you've been flashing that sweet ass at me can only mean one thing!"

"You need a good fucking! So get ready you sissy bitch cause here it comes!"

 "Oh my god Sissy you are so tight!"
"You bastard! Why did you wait so long?!?!?"

Monday ManCandy

Tough weekend? Out all night? Not enough sleep? Well like it or not, here comes Monday!
When you can't stay in bed but you can't face the day what can you do?!?!?!?
It looks like you're going to need some ManCandy to get you started! And in your case it's going to require a double dose! As you feel that warm, creamy treat slip down into your tummy  you'll feel that energy boost that you need! Soon everyone will wonder how you do it!
ManCandy, it's not a secret! Tell all your friends how you started the day with a mouthful!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Does He Always Take This Long?

"We're going to be late, does he always take this long to get ready?"
"Well Sissy wants to look her best you know..."
"But that's the sixth dress he's had on!"
"I'll just go give her a quick spanking...that should hurry her along!"
"A spanking....I'd like to see that...maybe we have a little time after all..."

Are You Sure Sissy?

"Are you sure you want to do this Kaaren? Because once I start it's not easy to stop!"
"I've been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now and I think I'd like to do this..."
"I was a little surprised when you brought it up but  I have to admit the idea turns me on a lot!"
"Did it make you.....wet?"
"Very funny Sissy! Well it actually did kind of make me wet Sissy! I'm a little excited about this!"
"Me Too sweetheart, I want to prove my devotion in a way I've never done before!"
"Let's go Sissy, let's do it right now!
"Yes please I'm so ready!"

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oh Thank Goodness

Oh thank goodness...I was so worried he'd be ready and I wouldn't get a taste of him! He definitely needs fluffing and I definitely NEED to fluff him!!!!

Can We Talk Sweetheart?

She was so serious when she came home...something was on her mind! I gave her space, she would tell me when she was ready.
There were no games tonight. No spanking, no sex, no fooling around....I was starting to worry!
My efforts to show her love were either ignored or gently rebuffed...
At bedtime I slipped on pajamas because it had been a little chilly tonight, outside and inside!
As we got into bed she looked at me...her eyes were so beautiful...and she asked if we could talk.
My heart began racing as thoughts flooded through me....she's found another man...she's tired of being married to a sissy....she doesn't want me anymore.....
"Sure we can talk sweetheart, what 's on your mind?"
"Kaaren" she said without looking at me, "I'm sorry!"
My heart stopped! This was it! She was leaving me!!!
"For what Sweetheart?" I choked out.
"I was so busy with work Kaaren, you know this new job is very demanding! I was so busy that I completely forgot our anniversary!" she turned to me with tears in her eyes!
Oh my god! Our anniversary!!! I forgot it too!!!
I pulled her into my arms as I started crying in relief!
I told her it didn't matter! Nothing mattered as long as we were together! As long as she stayed with me!
She laughed and assured me that we were together forever then we had a good cry together and then we had a little time together and....I don't often say this...that part is private!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Licking My Lips

Licking my lips just before I start licking hers!!!


Castoffs, that's what she called them! She only dated well-endowed men, if she wanted a tiny dickette I was always available but sometimes one got past her radar!
I actually enjoyed them because they were so grateful when they came! Did I mention that the ones that didn't "measure up" were always left to cum in my mouth? Some even came a couple of times...she didn't want them as lovers but she didn't want them to be unsatisfied either!!!
And she always enjoyed watching!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Excuse Me

Excuse me, where is your lingerie department? I seem to have left my panties somewhere and I'm looking for something I can wear home..I'm not picky about colors or styles as long as they're tight!

Fluffers Delight

It's always fun to speculate on just how much bigger he can get!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Look At It Kaaren

She stepped out of the room to change and her lover unzipped and pulled out his big cock!
"Look at it Sissy!" he ordered!
Was he kidding! I couldn't take my eyes off of it!
"She wants it, your wife wants my big cock!" he said.
Well duh! I pretty much figured that out when she brought you home!
"I'm going to fuck your wife until she screams! I'm going to fuck her until she begs me to stop!"
Well I certainly hope so! I love to hear her cum!
"Get on your knees and suck me Sissy! Suck my cock so it's wet for your wife!"
Well it's about time, I thought he'd never shut up!!!


When we were young and first getting to know each other intimately I was afraid to ask her if I could use my tongue on her bottom! It seemed so dirty then! She was so open to me about what she wanted me to do but she never mentioned it!
Then one day while I was licking her to her next orgasm I slipped my tongue down...just for a taste....and she went wild! Pressing my face down between her cheeks as she moaned and had an  amazing orgasm like I had never seen before!
It turns out that I was afraid to ask for the same thing she was afraid to ask me to do for her!
Those days are long gone and now she takes what she wants and I'm only too happy to give it to her!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What You Can't See

What you can't see is the joy on my face! She loves this and so do I but anyone looking on can only see her smile! Let me assure you that I am all smiles when I'm wrapping my tongue around her beautiful toes even if you can't see it!!!