Wednesday, January 31, 2018


"Stockings, garters, clipped, caged, gagged and plugged....perfect friends should be here soon....we're going to have so much fun!!!!

Hump Day

You don't have to dress up for Hump Day but I like to give that extra effort!!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sissy School - Wrestling Team

It was very short-lived program but the Vera Wang Academy also known as Sissy School sent out a team to compete in intercollegiate wrestling!!!!
They never won a match but they never lost one either....every single match ended in a disqualification!!!!

Now Do You Understand

"Now do you understand Sissy....when I'm not home Maid Sally is in charge and I have given her full permission to punish you for bad behavior in any way she see's fit!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I owwww....I understand!!!!"
"Don't tell me.....tell your other superior!"
"Thank you Maid Sally for helping me correct my bad behavior!!!"

Monday, January 29, 2018

She Watched

Every time the door opened she watched who came in....and was repeatedly disappointed!
Then she saw the door swing open and a whole large group of men came in....she looked them over and there he was.....her dream man!!!
She watched him in the group and every minute that passed she knew more and more that he was the one!!!
She waited and waited until he came to the bar....then she pulled him aside and whispered into his ear.....
He was surprised and he blushed adorably but he nodded and they left together to the catcalls of his boorish friends!!!!
She couldn't wait....he was going to look beautiful in her bra and panties while she took his cherry....his sweet little ass was going to remember her all week!!!!

Monday ManCandy

"I'm sorry honey but I have nothing to serve you for breakfast...."
"That's alright I'll get something later...."
"Wait I have an idea!!!! Wait right here!!!!"
"Okay Sweetie!"
20 minutes later....
"I'm sorry it took so long but I got you a nice warm breakfast!!!"
"I brought it back from next door and I kept it nice and warm like you like it!!!"
"'re the greatest!!!"
ManCandy!!!! Making sure that the honeymoon never ends!!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Same Thing

You know....she does the exact same thing to me.....except I'm obviously not the man fucking her and it's not her finger that she's pushing into my ass....
But otherwise it's exactly the same....


"I don't get it....I thought you already picked a dress?"
"I did...."
"Then what's this one for?"
"It's for him to wear of course.....he's already wearing my bras and panties so it only seems right that he should wear a dress too!"
"Oh my god.....I can't wait!!!"
"Does he know you got this for him?"
"It's a surprise....for him and for his friends and family too I guess!!!!"

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Modern Cuckolding

There was once a time where she actually had to come and take him out of my mouth so she could fuck my wife just texts me when she's ready for him!!!!


Listening....and waiting.....listening and waiting.....and waiting....maybe she's forgotten....but I don't dare move...there have been plenty of paddlings to teach me to stay where she tells me and listening.....waiting!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2018


I'm going to fuck you slow Sissy....I want to feel every inch of your big cock inside me!!!!!"
I have to confess that it's usually the other way around....


"Don't forget what I told you to do Sissy!"
"I won't Ma'am!"
She'd already reminded me once and that was enough!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

She Smiled

She smiled as she compared him to the length of her arm....
She didn't smile so much when she compared me to the length of her finger.....her pinky finger....
But after her long night of being fucked by this giant cock, it was still me with my little clit that she cuddled with as she slipped off to sleep....
So I win!!!!


She's not really subtle.....when she wants me she's pretty clear....
"Come along Kaaren....I want to cum!!!"
I hurried along behind her.....wouldn't you???

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Yes he was making her so happy and of course that makes me happy....
But the best part was that he told me I was next....I was shivering already just thinking about it!!!!

Wake Up

If I had my way this would be my wake up call every day!!!! It's certainly better than the alarm's more of an alarm cock!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I Told You

"I told you what would happen if I caught you wearing your sister's clothes again didn't I....I told you you'd get the spanking of your life didn't I....but you did it again anyway.....did you think I was joking???"
No I didn't think he was joking at fact I was counting on it!!!!!

Rare Occasion

On the extremely rare occasion when she did this for me she always told me what a nice change my small clitty was from her usual diet of big cocks.....she always told me it was cute....I don't know, to this day, if she understood that no one ever wanted to hear that their cock was small and cute!!!!
It didn't make me love her any less....if you ask me for the truth I'd have to say it only made it hotter for me.....she had found my inner submissive before either of us really knew about it!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Take Your Time

"Take your time Sweetie....I know they have a big selection.....I know it's hard to decide....but I want you to think really hard about this....which one of these cocks do you want me to fuck your sissy ass with...."
"I don't know.....I'm not sure...."
"Do you want me to pick a cock for you Sweetie?"
"No....give me a few minutes and I guess I'll pick one.....but are you sure I can't have more than one....two maybe....or three...."
"Just one this time Sweetie.....sorry but that's what you agreed to!"
"Yes Ma'am..."

Monday ManCandy

Alright I'll need you all to help me with this....
Everyone lean in really close to your screens....
Now stick out your tongues and wait a moment...
There it is....lick it up....can you taste it!!!!
ManCandy!!!! This is where Virtual Reality fails!!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Think About It

"This should help you to remember to check the toaster before it burns the last English muffin in the house!!!"


"Go ahead us how a man fucks a us right now!!!"
I began thrusting like a real man as they started laughing.....the worst part of it was the cage prevented any real pleasure for me but my wife and her date really enjoyed the show!!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Very Cold

When it's very cold it seems sometimes that no matter how warm it is in the house you still get a little chill....
I still wear my silks, satins and frills but you just have to put on a winter sweater!!!!
Luckily her last date didn't seem to mind....

Sissies Around The World

Ahmed had never been more nervous!!!!
This was the first time he had ever gone outside in his wife's clothes!!!!
What if someone recognized him!!!!!
The shame would be just too much!!!!
But his wife was watching from the car across the street and she had promised to make him a woman tonight if he did this for her.....
He had already seen her strap-on and it only made him more nervous....
He prayed silently that no one passing by could see the small bulge in his burqa!!!!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Her Date

"He's here Sweetheart and he's very good looking!!!!"
"And he has a great big cock Sissy!!!"
"Shall I get the door Ma'am!"
"No, I think you should stay right here....I want him all to myself!!!"
"Really Sissy.....I'm going to fuck him.....maybe all night and it's all for me!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"You may listen if you want....."
"Oh yes, thank you Ma'am!!!!"

How Much

After they inspected the Sissy they decided that she was just what they were looking for....
She thought about using her strap-on on her cute little ass and he was thinking about the hours of pleasure he would get from that mouth!!!!
"How much did you say she was...."

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trading Places

I can honestly say that I would gladly trade places with anyone in this picture...gladly!!!!

Good Morning

If there's any better way for a sissy to wake his wife in the morning I've never heard of it!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Quality Education

Private schools offered a quality education....
"Good now kneel down facing the wall.....I'm going to educate the hell out of you!!!!"


I know I'm small....I've always been small....even my wife is taller than me!!!
But I never really felt small until he grabbed me and used me like a toy!!!
I'm not was pretty nice to feel like a plaything for him....until I realized how big he was compared to the small opening he was planning to use....thankfully there was lots and lots of lube and he was more patient than he might have been and it all ended up being just....oh my god....just so!!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Yes I had put on the pretty undies...
Yes I had styled my long hair...
Yes I had put on the false eyelashes...
Yes I had put on the makeup...
But none of that made me a sissy....
Kneeling down and opening my mouth for her lovers cock made me a sissy!!!!
And I have never regretted it!!!

I'm Sorry Sweetie

"Oh Dear. I'm sorry Sweetie, I sent all your clothes out to be cleaned.....I know.....just feel free to slip on any of my things that you like, my undies are in the top drawer, but of course you already knew that.....then come sit and we'll talk about my house rules!!!!"
"Thank you Auntie!"

Monday, January 15, 2018


"Yes it was wonderful..."

"No, I'd never done it before..."

"Yes you took the only cherry I had left...."

"You're welcome..."

"No, Sissy understands...."

"Yes I was leaking all the way home..."

"Funny.....yes I guess you could follow my trail...."

"Yes I was a little sore but Sissy's tongue is making it feel soooo much better...."

"Yes all of it....Sissy loves it...."

"Maybe tomorrow....our place....I'd like Sissy to watch if you don't mind...."

"Good....I'm looking forward to it....I may ask you to do that again....I've never felt anything like that...."

"Alright good night....and if Sissy wasn't so busy I'm sure she'd say good night too...

"Haha....yes I'm sure she would.....goodnight Baby!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes you just have to pause....
Is it worth the effort.....
Of course it is....just take a moment to savor your warm creamy's not like taking's not to be swallowed and's to be enjoyed!!!!
A mouthful of happiness given and received!!!!
So enjoy it.....the flavor lasts all day!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's one of the best things you can have in your mouth!!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Oh No Sissy

"Oh no Sissy....your wife warned me that this could can't put your pretty new dress on while your little clitty is dripping!!!"
"I'm sorry.....I can't help it!"
"Poor little Sissy.....that's alright....your wife sent me a whole bunch of ways we can milk you dry....I've never done that before so I'm looking forward to learning something new!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

The Snap

When the plug finally "snaps" into place....oh my god....don't you love it!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


She doesn't look at my silly little blogs all that often but when she does she always finds a reason to give me a correction!!!
I am writing a post right now as she is reviewing my most recent posts and I get spanked for every spelling error!!!
So I have to be vrey craeful that I don't make any mstakes!!!

When She Came Home

She quietly tiptoed into the bedroom where her husband was softly snoring...
Quickly pulling off her dress and panties she climbed on the bed and settled her well fucked pussy on his mouth...
He woke with a start but quickly realized that she only wanted to share her nights pleasure with him and he began to hungrily lick all the wonderful creamy treat she had brought home for him!!!!
It made him so happy that she would share this with him!!!

Friday, January 12, 2018

That's Love

We were talking one night when she asked me if I remembered the first dress that I ever really wanted to wear....
Yes I remembered it very was a simple drop-waisted jumper....cotton and It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen!!!!
I so wanted to wear it but it was only for girls and I wasn't a girl....
She hugged me and I forgot all about it....
Three weeks later she told me she had something for me and when I went into the bedroom I saw her wearing THAT dress!!!!!
OMG!!!! I couldn't believe it and my little clitty woke from her slumber and tried to break out of her plastic house!!!!
Then she stepped aside and let me see that she had laid out another dress....identical...I stood unable to move!!!!
"It's for you Sissy.....I want you to have some new memories about the dress you love so much!!!!"
She had to help me dress...and I cried a little....but god how I got on my knees and made her was the least I could do!!!!


I may be cuckolded but at least I'm not ignored!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Even Though

Even though his nice big man-sized cock is inside my wife I still hear her gasp as my tongue hits her clit!!!! It makes me feel so good to know that some of the pleasure she's feeling is coming from me!!!!!

Take My Time

When I heard her gasp  I knew I could take my time making the coffee, my wife and her date were probably going to be busy for a little while!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Two Shots

"Alright Carl....finish your two shots and then get moving.....your dress and wig is upstairs....hurry....all the guys can't wait to have another go with my "maid" Carla!!!"

It's Not The Same's not the same.....but it's wonderful too....once you learn how to hit that spot!!!
Her laughter only makes it better and knowing you'll have to lick it all up is just the icing on the cake!!!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

All The Time

Have you ever given your wife/girlfriend a pedicure?
If you haven't you're missing out on one of the great pleasures in life!!!!
Trimming and polishing her nails......blowing on them to help them dry....kissing each little toe to show how much you appreciated her allowing you to provide this service for her!!!!!'s just wonderful!!!!!

Sissy School - Admissions Exam

"Alright Sissies.....this is a timed exam so when I say begin you may start sucking those delicious black cocks....remember we have only two openings so do your best girls!!!"

Monday, January 8, 2018

Can You See Me

Can you see me....I'm right there....I'm wearing the white panties.....yes that's, no not that one.....I'm the other one.....yes that one....the one with the cute bottom!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It's alright to sleep in now and then.....take a day for in with some complaint and snuggle back down underneath the covers and dream your sweet dreams!!!
But she won't leave you like that, a good woman wants to make sure you have everything you need even if she has to ask the next door neighbor for it....she serves it to you fresh and warm and you can go back to sleep with that wonderful flavor and that warm glow in your tummy!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Fueling sweet dreams since....well since like forever!!!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Looking Good

"You see honey....I told you it would look good on you!!!"
"I'm still not so sure...."
"Nonsense....give it a couple of months and you'll see how attractive it really is!!!"


When she joins me I know we're not fluffing anymore.....she means business and so do I....and I know that no matter which mouth he cums in it will be me swallowing that creamy treat!!!!