Friday, January 31, 2020

When You're Done

"When you're done in the shower Sissy.....come and see the pretty dress I got for you to wear to the party!!!!"

What We Want

He comes to my Sissy bedroom and my wife trails along behind him....she likes to watch just as much as I do.....
She settles down in my comfy reading chair as he watches me lube myself up.....and they both smile as I put some lube on him as well....really you can never have too much....
I get up on my hands and knees and he slips inside me....all three of us gasp!!!!
He slowly picks up the pace until he's slamming into me.....
I'm moaning as he uses me.....
And then I feel him unload his hot cum inside me.....
We don't cuddle or whisper sweet nothings to each other....and we certainly don't kiss!!!
We....all three of exactly what we wanted and I can have all the afterglow I want....but neither of them will be involved.....I hear them chatting and laughing as they head to the shower together.....I'm left alone and feel his seed dripping out of me....and I realize that I don't remember his name....I'll ask her what it is later....maybe....I really don't care.....

Thursday, January 30, 2020

I Love This Dress

Is it possible to feel completely naked while still fully dressed.....yes....
She laughs at me when I tell her how I feel......
"Welcome to being a woman!!!!"


"Your Sissy husband has a cute little girls ass.....and he's so tight too....he needs to be fucked by real men.....maybe later, after we make love.....maybe then I'll fuck your Sissy husband too...."
Leaving me no choice in the matter....just the way I like it....

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Hump Day

It's a Hump Day surprise when the person directly under you tells you to relax and takes control of the whole situation!!!


"Yes she's upstairs in her bed waiting for you....she's so wet.....I've licked her to the edge several times....she needs your big hard cock to take her the rest of the way!!!"
"So move out of the way Sissy!!!!"
"Well it's going to cost you a toll to get past me....."
"Whatever Sissy.....just let me by!!!!"
"I need a hot mouthful of your cum.....that's the only thing that will make me move!!!"
"Well Sissy.....considering how close I am that should be no problem at all!!!!"

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

All Day

She wore them all day...
They tasted like her...her juices, her cum, her sweat and his cum too....they were perfect and I couldn't have enjoyed them more!!!!!

Once Upon A Time

The first time I went down on her I wanted to slip my tongue back to her sweet little asshole....but I didn't want her to think I was some kind of pervert....even though I was probably the most perverted person she'd ever met!!!!
Later I found out that she was so hoping I would lick her little rosebud but she didn't want me to think she was some kind of pervert....even though she was probably the most perverted person I'd ever met!!!!
But later....once we were honest....she didn't just enjoy it....she insisted on it....and I gladly of the many reasons we're a happy couple that have outlasted so many of our friends marriages!!!!

Monday, January 27, 2020


The "Come In Your Mom's Underwear" party was a huge success....
The pub's owners were thrilled at how many had come....and how much they had spent....those old foundation garments were pretty good at holding large wads...of cash!!!!
They were definitely going to do it again.....and maybe next time they might get some women to come....

Monday ManCandy

After a rough weekend the thoughtful man always makes sure she gets hers first....he'll enjoy his in a little while....
ManCandy!!!! Sometimes one of you needs it a little more than the other!!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Down There

My top drawers were now filled with delightfully frilly and brightly colored panties....but cleaning out the basement was a really dirty job so I thought that maybe I still had some boxers down here.....

Sunday Brunch

We served the meal so well that all the ladies were satisfied!!!!
Now came the entertainment part of the afternoon....
She was uncaged so it was clear which of us was going to end up on her knees....
I was pretty sure the ladies would approve!!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2020


"Remember when you told me your fantasy Baby?"
"I....I guess so...."
"Well it's the funniest girlfriend and I had the very same fantasy....Sissy!!!!"
"But I didn't...."
"Get your clothes're about to become our Sissy bitch!!!!"


When she brought home the two men I thought that it was my lucky day!!!
Then when the clothes started coming off I found myself all alone watching the two of them pleasure her!!!!
I'm not allowed to stroke it so I really hope that one of them has a little pity on me!!!!

Friday, January 24, 2020

So Many

"Oh're so're going to have so many cocks in your pretty mouth...and I want to watch you suck them all!!!!"

In The Kitchen

I had everything I had time to clean up....I got rid of the scraps.....I washed the prep bowls.....
And then there was all that delicious meat I had left on the counter....that was my favorite!!!
A cooking tip....always include a special treat for yourself!!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

College Days

Usually, after a few dates, the girls realized the truth about my panty fetish....some enjoyed it.....most were looking for a man with a cock that could satisfy them...that was definitely not me!!!!

That Feeling

That girls and sissies know.....that feeling when his hands reach under your dress and he pulls your panties down....just thinking about it makes me shiver!!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hump Day

By Hump Day you can tell it's going to need your personal touch to see this through to a satisfactory conclusion!!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Cousin Robbie

It was one of those nights up at the cabin.....maybe we'd all had a little too much to drink....but I remembered everything....
Robbie always tried to tell me I was drunk and he put me to bed.....and I let him think I believed him.....but I remember every thrust inside me even if he thinks I don't!!!


"Just relax Sissy.....I just have to tie off this last rope and then we'll have so much fun...."
"What's all that noise outside?"
" that no mind....that's only some of your friends lining up for the gang bang!!!!"
"You're going to let all of my friends fuck you???"
"Oh are so funny....I suggest you relax and enjoy yourself!!!!"
"Wait....what do you mean?"
"I'm going to go open that door and you'll find out what I mean Sissy....I'm going to go first  though!!!!"

Monday, January 20, 2020

Blue Monday

It's a blue, blue Monday.....but it's getting's a good thing terri knows all about it!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Just because it's your most favorite breakfast treat ever doesn't mean you should forget your manners!!!!
Remember all those times Mama paddled you for not being a perfect little girl!!!! It didn't matter to her how hard your little peepee got in your sissy panties....she was always sure that discipline was what you needed.....
And now you still remember to wipe your lips clean after you enjoy a special creamy still get some tingles in your bottom every time!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Its more than you can change your life!!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Oh my god Sissy....what are you doing?!?!?!"
"Just.....ohhh...doing my homework Sweetheart!!!!"
"Why are you doing it on my new leather sofa Sissy....why are you doing it with my gardener!!!!"
"Well you yelled at me when your boyfriend helped me and you yelled at me when I used your bed...."
"I don't want my new sofa covered in his cum Sissy...."
"I know Sweetheart......that's why I asked him to wear a condom this time...."
"Oh that's good....wait....what do you mean this time?"
"Well this is our third time around....and after the first two I tried my best to lick it all up....but there might be a small stain...."
"Dammit Sissy.....for the first time I was going to sit back and watch the show....but now I want to see what you did to my new sofa.....finish up and pack your bag....I'm going to call the pink bus right now to come and get'd better hope that there's no lasting damage......!!!"


I knew I had gone just a little too far when his hand grabbed my head and he emptied his load into my mouth!!!!
Of course I dutifully swallowed the evidence as I began to frantically suck him.....any moment now she'd come out of the bathroom and the last thing she wanted to see was the two of us smiling and his dick drained!!!!
But it was delicious and I do love it.....

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Landlord's Here

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"When Mom and Dad said I was in charge....what part of that didn't you understand?"
"I don't think this is what they meant...."
"You think too lick me.....make me cum!!!!"
"I'm going to tell Mom you made me do this!!!!"
"That's alright....if you're any good she may want to try you out!!!!"

Friday, January 17, 2020


Peripheral vision can be a curse I am fluffing this delightful cock for her and all I can think about is watching her out of the corner of my eye!!!


I could have worn plainer panties.....he never took note of what I was wearing other than having a chuckle as I was paraded in front of him....he didn't seem to want to have anything to do with me....and who could blame him.....with her beauty on full display and the promise of a night of ecstasy in front of him....
But I decided to wear my prettiest pink ruffles  and although my wife told me I looked adorable I expected nothing at all from him....
So imagine my surprise when he looked over at me and looked me up and down and just before he entered my wife he winked at me....
"Nice panties Sissy....."
I was almost too stunned to reply.....
"Thank you Sir!!!!"
He just laughed and pushed his cock inside her.....I don't know why but those three little words just thrilled me....

Thursday, January 16, 2020


My wife does this all the drives me crazy.....and she just laughs.....
"Is that all you can ever think of Sissy.....I'm not trying to be sexy....I'm trying to be comfortable......why don't you make some popcorn and come watch the movie with me instead of looking at my underpants!!!!!"
Underpants.....she always says this instead of saying panties when she wants me to understand that she's not feeling particularly interested in any kind of sex.....she thinks it takes away the allure.....she's so wrong!!!!

Just Like You Said

"Yeah friends told me they heard you at the bar last night saying when you get home all you want is a cold beer and a hot this is how I'm gonna welcome you home from now on!!!!!"
"thank you!"
"What's that you said Baby?"
"Thank you!!!"
"I still didn't hear you...."
"Oh you're so welcome Baby!!!!"

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

That Old Book Store

Bear with me as we take a trip into my past....
I was bullied....sometimes brutally....during high school.
My father blamed me for mother let him....
My older brother had passed away and I had no idea that he had held back the bullies who had zeroed in on me!!!!
Once he was gone I became the favorite target of every asshole in the school....
It was a rare day that I didn't get hurt....emotionally hurt was bad but they were more interested in physically hurting me....
I took a couple of trips to the hospital after a few spirited rounds of beating the fag....
I needed a sanctuary.....someplace to hide.....and then one day I found it!!!!
"Ridge Books We Buy Used Books" the sign said.....and I went in and it captured me!!!
I marveled at the aisles stacked full of musty old many that they had outgrown the shelves and were stacked on the floor or still in the cardboard boxes they had come in!!!!
The owner was a man named Tony and he and I quickly connected....he became a mentor to me.....he didn't mind that I would spend hours in his store.....and sometimes only spend a quarter on an old sci-fi paperback.....and he would tell me a story about almost everything I ever bought.....the author's story or something related to the book I had in hand.....
He didn't mind that I was a little on the feminine fact I'm not sure he even noticed.....he never made a pass at me.....not once....he wasn't that sort of man...
I went there every day for almost two years.....even on weekends.....he asked me for help on many occasions but it was never a job....
Then one day I made the decision to slip into the bathroom and I came out wearing a skirt...
He didn't even miss a beat.....he didn't comment and he didn't try anything....although I must admit.....I would have given him anything he wanted!!!!
It wasn't long after that I showed up one day to find the door locked....and a note inside the glass that they had closed permanently!!!!
What became of Tony and his wife I'll never know.....but he was a wonderful man!!!!
He opened my eyes to the escape that books could offer.....I always loved to read and he was always ready with a recommendation....I escaped this world and journeyed into the past....The Romans and the Greeks....and then in the modern world Winston Churchill and Barbara Tuchman....and so many others....and I journeyed into the future with Asimov, Heinlein and Clarke....
Now, there are no bookstores near me....I get all my books from's a real shame....thank goodness I had this refuge....something the kids here will never know...
Sometimes I'll buy a used book online and the first thing I'll do is bury my nose in it.....the scent brings me back.....that's what happened tonight.....that wonderful scent of an old, old brought me back!!!!

Hump Day

It doesn't matter how big your project Hump day you're already halfway done and you're more than eager to take on the rest!!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

So Much In Common

"You see....I knew you two would hit it have so much in why don't you two show us how grateful you are.....give each other a big kiss....and keep yourselves entertained while we make can watch if you like!!!!"

That Time

Do you remember that time....
That time when you found yourself alone.....
Alone with the man....
Alone with his cock....
And you had a choice....
Become a sissy cocksucker....
Or walk away....
And you so wanted to walk away....
But you just couldn't.... knew that you your heart....a sissy cocksucker...
So you opened your mouth....
And sealed your future!!!!!

Monday, January 13, 2020


Hey.....wait a minute....that's my watch!!!! I don't mind sharing my wife with him but I never said he could wear my watch while he fucked her.....if it wasn't for the fact that she had stuffed her wet panties in my mouth I'd be complaining right now!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Life can be a dream.....but sometimes you have to wake up and get on with it!!!!
As sweet as your dreams are they're not nearly as sweet as that warm cream filling your mouth!!!!!
ManCandy!!!!! The stuff that dreams are made of!!!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2020


Even when we are just casually fooling wife always assumes her rightful place at some point!!!! I don't know if she even realizes she's doing it....I think it just seems natural to her!!!!

Sunday Morning

She wanted eggs and her lover wanted pancakes.....I loved making breakfast for my wife and her lover....
But I thought maybe she'd like a little bit more......
I was so surprised that the ground up Viagra pills didn't show as I mixed the batter...
I hoped she would really have a good morning!!!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2020


"Oh my're a man!!!!"
"No Sweetheart.....I'm not a man....I never was.....I was born a sissy cocksucker....would you like me to demonstrate that for you....."
He seemed confused.....
Across the room my wife explained....
"He really is probably the best cocksucker in this house....let him show you how well I taught him.....we can fuck later...."
"Wow you two are some kind of freaks!!!!"
"So you don't want to put your cock in my sissy husbands hot, wet mouth?"
"Now, I didn't say that....."

Pretty and Red

"Your lips are so pretty with that red lipstick on Sissy!!!!"
"Thank you...."
"And what do you do with pretty red lips like that Sissy?"
"I wrap them around your cock until you're satisfied...."
That's right Sissy.....oh yeah....that's so right....."

Friday, January 10, 2020

Adult Books

The Sissy came in the door and as it often happens in adult book stores, many of the men turned to see....
The Sissy was nervous and had a small paper in her hand.....obviously a shopping list...
Several of the men in the shop caught her attention....but she stuck to her task....
The outfit was so feminine and it left her panties plainly in view....
The Sissy's hand was shaking as she selected several DVDs and checked the titles against her list.....
The Sissy was so obviously nervous that it just about broke my heart....
But as I was moving to help her my wife stopped me.....
"Didn't you love it when I sent you here in a short dress?"
"Yes but look....she's so scared....she's shaking....."
"And later.....she'll be reliving this and enjoying every moment....."
And I couldn't argue with that.....and we turned back to the anal toys that we were shopping for.....
I kept an eye on her though.....and when she went to the video booths in the back half of the shop most of the men in the store followed along....
My wife selected the toys she wanted for me and when we left we saw a very well dressed woman sitting in her car laughing as she looked at her phone....
My wife smiled....
"Remember Sissy.....I did the same thing!!!!"


"Don't suck his cock Sissy.....he's all for me...I want that big cock inside me first....I'm going to get out of these clothes and while I'm not suck his you not suck his cock!!!!!"
"I understand Ma'am....and I promise I will not suck his cock until you allow it!!!!"

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Her Smile

I sat down at a table to wait for my wife to join me and after ordering a cocktail I took in the surroundings,,,,,then I saw her....
She was beautiful with a dress slit up to there,,,,she had gorgeous legs and an even more gorgeous smile....
I'm not much of a flirt....mostly because my wife spanks me for flirting, but I had about twenty minutes before I expected I picked up my drink and walked to the bar...
"Hi.....I couldn't help but notice your beautiful smile!!!!"
"That's very nice of you to say...."
"So why the big smile?"
"Mostly because I saw your panty line through your pants...and from the gingerly way you sat I'm guessing you're plugged too...."
"Oh I.....uhhh...."
"Are you meeting someone tonight?"
"My wife...."
"Does she know about you coming on to other women...."
"I wasn't....."
"Well I think I'll join you and we'll let her decide....."
"You don't have to beg me....unless your wife enjoys that.....order me a drink and tell me all about what kind of pretty undies you're wearing!!!"

Seeing is Believing

"He says he wants to see you licking me clean Sissy....look up so I can get a nice pic to text to him...."
"Yes Ma'am...."
" get back to work Sissy...."
"Yes ma'am...."

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hump Day

Yes it's Hump Day and as wonderful as that is, some people just go a little overboard celebrating.....


"I'm going to fuck your wife's little asshole so make sure you get it good and wet!!!!"
I was already going to do that but now I wanted to leave him very juicy.....

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


After a while I just learned to associate pleasure with her big latex cock in me.....
She used to stroke me till I squirted when she fucked me....and that was wonderful!!!
But then she just started to fuck me with no stroking.....and sometimes I would squirt my sissy cream....
And the she put me in the cage and I understood that the only way I could cum is when she fucked me....
And then I became the slut that I am still to this day!!!!


She looked at me....
I nodded and smiled....
She needed it so badly.....
I was glad that she let me watch!!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Barely There

As each year in chastity goes by she has been forced to buy smaller and smaller there's barely a bump!!!!"
"Maybe someday it will disappear completely Sissy....will you miss it?"
"Honestly....I might....would you?"
""Not at all Sissy.....I wouldn't miss it at all...."