Friday, March 31, 2017

Between My Lips

As his cock passes between my lips I look to see if she's watching.....her hand is busy inside her little panties as she leans forward to see me taking her lover's cock into my mouth!!! Later it will be me watching her enjoy this cock but for now it's all mine as she nods and smiles at me!!!


He was waiting as she had instructed for a long time....bent over and exposed....totally vulnerable....
He strained his ears to try to hear what she was doing but she had turned music on and it drowned out everything else....
Finally he thought he heard footsteps coming up the stairs....he couldn't be sure....maybe it was just the beat of the music but he thought he heard more than one person coming!!!!
When the bedroom door opened he fought the urge to turn and look....he had been punished before for that and didn't wish to be punished again!!!
"Very pretty make a lovely picture with your panties down and your cute little bottom on display....a perfect little slut!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"So which shall it be today Sissy.....shall I spank you or do you want a hard cock in your cute little sissy ass?"
"Whatever you wish Sweetheart!"
"Very good answer Sissy but I want you to choose....spanking or fucking....which will it be?"
"Please....I can't choose....can't I have both?"
"Sure you can Sissy.....why don't you fuck him first and after you're done with him I'll spank him for being such a slut?"
"Sounds good to me Baby!"
I didn't recognize the voice.....but as he pressed his hard cock into my small opening I was already hoping he would stay the night!!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Class Clown

"Come wanted to be the center of attention and I'm sure all the class will be paying very close attention to you now!!! It will be a relief to have all of your horny classmates stare at something other than my tits for a change!!!!"
"You're the class now I get to laugh too!!!"

Sissy Training - Understanding

It shouldn't be long before Sissy understands that penetration and pleasure go hand in hand!!! You can't have one without the other!!!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Billy couldn't believe that Auntie wanted him to dress like a little girl....he had been so embarrassed when she had taken him shopping for new clothes.....
When she made him come out of the changing room so she could see how he looked he thought he would just die!!!! When she made him stand still while she tied and re-tied the bow on the back of the dress.....while the ladies and girls in the shop laughed....
But he couldn't believe it when Auntie told the cashier that they would take this dress and two more of the same style in blue and green!!!
"Would you like me to wrap them all in one package Ma'am?"
"The other two yes....this one he'll wear now....isn't he the prettiest little thing!"
"Yes Ma'am....very pretty....should I wrap up his pants and shirt from the changing room with the dresses?"
"Oh heavens no!!!! You may discard them....he won't be wearing anything but dresses as long as he lives in my house!!!"
Blushing bright red Billy tried his best to make his little cock go down before Auntie noticed!!!!


Did it hurt? Oh hell yeah it hurt....I thought he would rip me apart....but after a got nice....very nice....oh god yes....very very nice....

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

No Expanation Needed

Why is he fucking me Sissy? Do I really need to explain it to you?

Sissy School - Entrance Exam

All the sissies had gathered to watch and they were thrilled when Bradley, soon to be Brittany, passed the entrance exam!!!

Monday, March 27, 2017


He had seemed so nice at the office and when he had so shyly approached her to ask her out he had blushed so adorably that she just couldn't say no!!!
When he told her during dinner that he wore women's lingerie she was more intrigued than shocked....a lot of men were into that....she had dated a few guys who wore panties!!!
What she wasn't prepared for was the size of his cock....if you could even call it was so small she got the weird feeling that it was like she was molesting a little boy!!!!
As if that wasn't bad enough.....he had squirted as soon as she pulled up her dress!!! But she wanted more than that from him.....she wanted to cum and he was going to give her an orgasm and she didn't care how long he had to eat her pussy!!!!
She was understanding....but only to a point....and he looked cute in his undies....maybe this could be more than one date.....if his tongue was good enough!!!

Monday ManCandy

Meeting friends for breakfast is a great way to start the can tell each other all about your weekend adventures and your plans for the coming week!
But first things first you'll need to take care of that craving you all share!!! A warm creamy mouthful of white creamy goodness is what you all need and thankfully it is available just about everywhere!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's OK to share because there's always more there!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Right Up Until

He loved having a Sissy room mate....the benefits were so obvious.....he loved every second of it....he loved watching him put on the clothes.....he loved watching him put on the makeup....he loved watching him....her....get down on her knees and suck his cock....he loved it...he absolutely loved it....right up until his girlfriend walked in and caught them...


Somewhere in the night I must have dozed off....I wake very early every day and sometimes when she has a big cock to keep her awake I just can't keep my eyes open no matter how hard I try!!
That's why I didn't hear her come into my Sissy bedroom....that's why I didn't wake as she snuggled next to me.....but I do vaguely recall pressing back against her....feeling her light kiss as I drifted back into my sweet dreams!!!
I do so love waking up with her next to me....

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I Forgot to Mention

"Oh I'm sorry Honey. I haven't dome the laundry and you have no underwear left so you'll just have to wear a pair of mine!!!"
"What!!!! I can't wear panties....for heavens sake...."
"OK...then you're going commando today!!!"
"Well OK I guess it's OK....just for today!!! You won't tell anyone will you?"
"I won't tell anyone as long as you put the bra on too!!!"

The Twins

The twins were thrilled when Michael came home from school with his new girlfriend!!! It wasn't long at all before they had him back in panties and chastity!!!
At first his girlfriend objected to the chastity until the twins explained that he was her toy to play with and he wouldn't mind at all if she fucked a couple of other guys while she was there!!!
But the most fun his girlfriend had was watching the twins "welcome" him home!!!

Friday, March 24, 2017


"Come here Sissy.....most of his gift for you dripped into my panties but if you get your tongue deep in there you might still be able to taste him!"


Yes some things make me jealous.....I kneel there and watch them....waiting to be used.....and I watch him fuck my beautiful wife....I listen to her moan as he makes her cum...over and over....but that doesn't make me jealous....watching him kiss her....that's what makes me jealous!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Sissy knew when to be careful.....he was ready to pop, and as much as Sissy would appreciate a warm salty mouthful of goodness he was only supposed to keep him hard for her!!!!


"Do you remember you remember when I would put your sweet little clitty in my mouth and I would suck and lick you remember how much I told you I loved was so cute....and I didn't have to worry about deep throating you because you were just so you remember how much you loved you remember how fast it would be would squirt your little cummies in no time at you remember.....and you would just groan and moan.....just like you're doing you remember?"
"Yes I remember....oh god please....."
"Now isn't this better.....I can suck and lick you for as long as I like and I don't have to worry about your sissy cream getting in my mouth.....I think this is the best time I've had with your little girly clit in a long time.....isn't this so much better?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This Is Why

This is why she keeps me in embarrassing to cum all over yourself like that!!!

Sissy School - Homework

Homework was a bitch.....and now so was I.....

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


It cost them 65 thousand dollars to send their son to that school!!! They thought he was getting the best possible education that money could buy!!!!
They were so surprised when he came home for Spring Break and informed them that he was now a sissy!!!!
After a couple of days they came around, reluctantly, to accepting that he looked more like a girl than his sister......
It wasn't until her professor Tyrone showed up that they really began to wonder if they had been wise in sending their boy to Brown!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Her Place

I loved being invited to her place after a date.....I was never sure if I would get the chance to disappoint her with my tiny clit or if I'd cum far too soon as usual or if she would let me go down on her and satisfy her the only way I could....a lot of girls are a little self conscious about letting a man, even one like me, get down on my knees and lick her.....I never understood why....
But one of the best things about being in her place was that there was always a chance you'd get to peek in her panty drawer and maybe....just able to stick a pair in your pocket before she got out of the bathroom....

Monday ManCandy

Nothing gets you moving faster on a cold Monday morning than the thought of a nice hot breakfast waiting in the kitchen for you!!! Sure you're sluggish and you'd love just another hour to sleep but the week is starting and it won't wait for you!!!
You can smell the coffee brewing but that's not what you need....that's a temporary artificial stimulant....what you need is something that will last all day, warming your tummy and giving you that morning boost you need!!! What you need is that favorite treat that we all and creamy and fresh as can be!!!
ManCandy!!!Fresh and organic...the perfect hot breakfast!!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Show Me

"You want to dress like a me you can suck a cock like a girl!!!"


As I watched him fuck her....his big cock sliding in and out of my wife....making her moan and hand slipped into my panties....the cage was holding fast but there were some Sissy drippies that I was able to scoop up and eat while I dreamed of cumming as hard as her!!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Looking Back

The whole thing with the leash....I understand it and accept it...he's a man and he has the right to dominate me....but I spent almost the whole time watching his hard cock bobbing up and down as he led me into our.....her bedroom where she was waiting for him with her legs spread wide!!!!
He tied my leash to a post and climbed on the bed and told me to watch how a man fucks a woman!!!!
As if I could tear my eyes away!!!!

Don't Know Why

"I don't know why you bother even grabbing that little bitty thing Sissy!!! You know you're not allowed to have any sissy cummies!!!"
"Quiet Sissy, don't talk with your mouth full!!!"

Friday, March 17, 2017

St Patrick's Day Parade

"Listen Kaaren I have good news and bad news....which do you want first?"
"Give me the bad news....."
"Well there's only two bagpipers left after these guys!!!"
"Only two....oh no!!!! What's the good news?"
"Well the good news is it was a Bagpipe and Drum band and there are lots of drummers!!!"
"Bring me a couple of pints of Guinness and bring them on!!!!

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Happy St.Patrick's Day!!!
They say that everyone is Irish on St. Paddy's Day and there is a little bit if the green in all of us!!!
Some of us have a little bit more of the green in us than others.....and it's delightful!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Taken Her Time

She had taken her time, showered and redid her makeup! She wasn't worried because Sissy was entertaining him! She would surprise him by walking in nude and maybe fucking him right there....with Sissy watching!!!
So it was with some surprise that she found them....Sissy moaning and him on the edge.....she was going to storm in...take her man....but Sissy was having such a good time.....let them finish....let Sissy have her fun....then sissy would help him shower and suck him till he was hard for her....and she would enjoy Sissy's sloppy seconds for a change!!!!
Of course Sissy would be spanked for this but that was for later.....

Good Morning

Is there any other way to say good morning?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


"I can't believe he sucks that big cock for you!!! What a Sissy!!!"
"I want you to closely....see how Sissy takes it all the way into her throat....I taught her that....and I can teach you that too!!!!"
"Me!!! No way Baby....I'm no cocksucker!!!"
"That's what Sissy said to me once....why don't you just relax and watch and we'll see how it goes!!!!"


While their wives talked, the sissies were sent off to the spare bedroom to amuse themselves!!! Of course they both knew the rule about unauthorized cummies!!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Picture

After he snapped the picture he slowly and reluctantly slipped off his sister's pretty red panties and put them back into the laundry hamper!!! He would have the picture to jerk off to later and for now that would have to be enough!!!
Some day he would have a drawer full of his own pretty panties....but for now this would have to do!!!

But Mom

"But Mom, I don't know if I should...."
"Of course you should Baby....he needs it!"
"Are you sure?"
"Baby, your husband needs it just as much as your Daddy does, believe me!!!"
"Is that right Daddy? Do you need to be fucked by Mom and me?"
"Oh god yes!!!!!!"

Monday, March 13, 2017

You Do, Don't You

"I think these are perfect on you! If you don't mind my saying so, they match your outfit beautifully!"
"How much are they?"
"I have absolutely no idea!!!"
"You do work here....don't you?"
"No, I just came in here to get a pair of brown loafers..."
"Then why are you down there on your knees helping me try on shoes?"
"Because it's where I belong!"
"Oh.....I think you and I are going to become very good friends!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It may still be winter outside but you've got a spring in your step as you step outside bundled up and warm from the glowing warm spot in your tummy!!! Mom always said a warm breakfast was the most important way to start the day and she was right!!! She also said it was important to keep your face covered against the cold and she was right about that too!!!
ManCandy!!!! Mother knows best!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

TV Guide - The Lost Brady Bunch Episodes

Jan had been thrilled when her groovy older step-brother Greg had told her what he wanted her to do!!!! She felt so sophisticated....this was something only the most hip, with it people would do!!!!
Her self esteem skyrocketed to the stratosphere as she opened her mouth for her older brother and she was enjoying herself as he slid in and out of her lips....
He moaned and groaned as Jan sucked hard as he told her to do.....then just as she sensed his excitement had reached a fever pitch he clamped his hands on her head and pushed himself all the way into her throat....and groaned!!!
"Oh God....oh yeah....oh Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!!"

The Difference

Empty calories....

Nutritious calories....

Is there any contest?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tried Their Best

The ladies tries their best to concentrate on their work but it was so pun was so hard to concentrate with all the screams coming from the sissy testing room....
It gave them satisfaction to know that their work was appreciated!!!!

It's Her Fantasy

I don't know the story behind her favorite fantasy but she indulges me in so many of mine that when she lays out my cheerleader uniform I know I will be helping her fulfill hers!!!
I haven't asked her about these fantasies and she hasn't told me much about them either and that's OK too! She's allowed to have her little secrets!
"That's it you bitch!!!! Donna you've had this coming and I mean to give it to you as hard as I can!!!!"
I don't know who Donna is and I'm not going to ask...if she ever wants me to know she'll tell me!
But I get a scolding and a it's just a bonus as far as I'm  concerned!!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

It's Alright Sissy

"Don't pout Sissy it's about what I expected! Maybe next time you'll last till I get my panties off!"
"Do you think so?"
"Of course I do, sooner or later you'll get to be inside me!!! I've got plenty of time! For need to lick up your mess and then we'll get you back in the cage! What do you think Sissy? A couple of days? A couple of weeks? A couple of months? A couple of...."
"I think a couple of days!!!! A couple of days!!!!"
"Hahahaha, okay Sissy! We'll see!"

Deep Dark Secret

He really hadn't expected her to come home early!!!! When he'd heard her key in the door his only option was to dash for the bathroom!!!!
Now he'd been in there for over half an hour and his wife was right on the other side of the door asking if he was alright!!!! He was fine as far as he was concerned but he wasn't sure she would think so when he eventually had to open the door!!!!
"I'm very worried about you Honey...just unlock the door so I can see you're OK....if you're sick I can help....but're scaring me....please the door!!!"
"OK...." he said softly, "I'll be out in a minute....there's something we have to talk about!!!"
"Is it about wearing the lingerie and dresses? I've known about that for years....I just want to make sure you're OK....please come out!!!"
Shocked he reached over and unlocked the door....

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Big Date

"Your wife said she wanted you to get the full makeover and makeup....big date tonight?"
"I don't know who it is but she's been wetting her panties all week about him!"
"Oh Kaaren!!! You're terrible....what a thing to are you going know...prepare him for her?"
"Betty, I'll be on my knees as soon as she gives me the OK....with all the anticipation I'm guessing he must be something really spectacular!!!"
"Damn it Kaaren....every time I do your hair you get me so excited just imagining it!!!!"
"Call my wife...if she says it's OK I'd love to take care of that for you!!!"
"Oh're so bad....I couldn't do that....could I?"
"Do you want me to call for you?"
"No Kaaren....I'll be right back!"
"I'll be waiting Betty!"

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


A good sissy maid is didn't matter how often they switched places....a good sissy maid was enthusiastic no matter which hole was being used and no matter who was using it!!!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In A Moment

In a moment I'd take my last taste of him and then I'd help put him inside my wife! It makes me so happy when I get the privilege of tasting her lovers big's usually his very first sweet drop of pre-cum that let's me know it's time!
I don't like to kiss her lovers but I always kiss their sweet cocks goodbye before I give them to her.....she always tells me how sweet I look doing it!!!!


An early morning correction keeps me focused on what I need to do to please my wife.....every time I sit I get a tingly reminder that I need to finish my chores on time, have her dinner ready and be prepared to service her and her lover when she gets home!!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Heads And Tails

She always won the coin toss....I always got tails....someday I was going to have to check that coin...but I lost....and as she enjoyed his hot cock sliding over her tongue and his pre-cum drizzling it's delicious flavor into her mouth I was left to deal with his ass!!!!
At first he jumped a bit....but soon he was squirming against my finger while I watched my beautiful wife sucking least I was sure that she'd share that creamy reward with me!!!! i couldn't wait!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Some of us have experienced it....usually that first time you have a taste of the pure white's almost like a religious it fills your mouth and slides down to your tummy you realize there's nothing else in the world like it and, as it warms you from the inside out, you realize you can't imagine living without it!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Once you've had it you'll never forget it!!!!