Sunday, May 31, 2015

Through A Straw

She loved him so much1 He was the man of her dreams and she had long since decided that he was the one she would spend the rest of her life with!!!
She loved watching him suck that soda through the straw but not nearly as much as she loved watching him suck her big black strap-on....just thinking about it made her wet!!! She could hardly wait to get him home!!!!

The Walk of Shame

Shielding his eyes from the bright morning sun, Sissy made his way toward the car! His dress was a little rumpled and his hair was a mess! He had spent a lot of time on his knees and his jaw was a little tired but it had been a wonderful party!
Sissy's wife was waiting for him in the car and it never even occurred to him to ask why she made him walk to the corner!
 It would be a walk of shame for some but Sissy felt no shame....she felt tired and a little sticky in her cum filled panties....but no shame!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


When my wife took me to the art gallery to see an exhibition of art by one of her favorite painters I tried to look interested but it just wasn't my type of art! Her explanation of the artists technique and "vision" was lost on me!
Finally, exasperated she asked, "Is there anything here that speaks to you? Anything that arouses your passion?"
Well, in retrospect, the answer should have been obvious....I may not know art but I know what I like!!!!

Sissy Love

Does a Sissy love big cocks? Well look for they say a picture is worth a thousand words!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

So Casually

He kissed her, deeply, his tongue seeking hers as they made soft noises into each others mouths! So casually she spread her legs for him as his hand slid up to feel her panties, already so wet for him! It was all so natural and was almost like they had forgotten I was there, watching him seduce my beautiful wife!!!

Eleanor - Sissies Through History

Mrs, Roosevelt loved the White House rose garden. She loved to just come out and sit and reflect on things. Her husband Franklin was the most powerful man in the world but sex with him was horribly unsatisfying and had only gotten worse since polio had crippled him!
She turned to her Secret Service Detail and eventually settled on young Tom. He had been surprisingly easy to mold into the sissy lover she wanted!
They all knew she preferred girls but she couldn't risk exposure and scandal. So if she couldn't have a girl she'd have to make one! Tom made her lonely days at the White House far more enjoyable than they had been!!! They were often seen in the Rose Garden where she sat with Tom obediently next to her...she really didn't need the leash, he wasn't going anywhere!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


He hadn't really been listening while she was talking about magic and spells and relics and all that bullshit! He was focused on getting into her panties! It was all he was thinking of!!!
All the stuff she was asking him....he wasn't really listening.....he just kept agreeing and stroking her thighs and kissing her neck!
When she started mumbling words he didn't understand he thought she was so turned on she was incoherent! When she grabbed his hand and pressed it to the coin she held in hers..well the world just swirled away from him....
When he came to....he was alone...he didn't feel right and a glance in his car mirror showed him why.....
"Oh my god!!!! I'm her!!!!"
After spending some time exploring the body he had desired for so long, he set off to find her....little did he know that the spell she had used was very Dark Magic and was irreversible!
He had always wanted to get into her panties and now he was going to get into them every day!!!!

Some Seemed

Some of her dates were a little unnerved by my erect little clit when I was uncaged but some seemed to enjoy my services even more this way! Some were very amused that I wasn't allowed to touch myself and some laughed out loud when it twitched all by itself while I sucked on their nice big cocks!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


After being on his feet all day he needed to relax so when Arthur got to his room it was time for the real changing of the guard!!!

Oh Look

"Oh look! Mine's bigger! So take your pathetic little cockette to the bedroom and put on your pretty nightie! I'll bring the lube!"
"Um...should I put on the panties too?"
"I don't see the point but if it's something you want to do then go ahead!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"Once you accept that this little thing belongs to me think how much easier your life will be! I'll make your decisions for you! I'll decide when or if you get to cum!!! I'll share my boyfriends with you!!! I'll dress you in beautiful lingerie and sweet dresses! All you have to do is give this little thing to me! Answer me Sissy...are you ready?"

New Method

After some trial and error Sissy found that her new method of fluffing worked just fine!

Monday, May 25, 2015


"Where have you been Kaaren, I've been waiting for you? Hurry up Sissy, get those panties down....I want you right now!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Most popular tourist guides will point out historic locations and perfect photo locations! Only the best guides will direct Tourists to those special spots where ManCandy is available! Before you see the sights you'd better fuel up with some high protein ManCandy! It will give you the energy you need to make the most of your vacation!
ManCandy!!! Just as good no matter where you travel!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sissy School - Roomies

He was good but he surprised Sissy Kaaren by pulling out and cumming all over her back! What a mess! And almost impossible to reach!!!! But with a glance at the clock she realized her roomie Leeanne would be back in just a few minutes! And no  one knew better than Leeanne about cleaning up cum!!!

The Click

She enjoyed hearing the click of the lock so much that she invited her sister to try it!
Sissy, of course, was not consulted!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Little Surprise

Although the office was very casual Bob always wore a shirt and tie. His co-workers used to give him a hard time about it! "Lighten up" they would say, "Relax" they would tell him,  "Just be yourself" they said!
After a short vacation Bob was finally ready to return to work...still wearing his shirt and tie but definitely feeling lighter, relaxed and more himself than ever before!!!


Her lover pressed my face into her ass as his cum oozed of of her! His enthusiasm was nice but far from necessary! He had nothing to do with my licking her clean! That was between her and me!

Friday, May 22, 2015

They're Beautiful

"Thank you Sissy! The flowers are beautiful! You are such a thoughtful husband!"
"I'm glad you like them!"
"I do Sissy, please put them in a vase and put them in the bedroom! I'm sure Mark will love them too! Oh and please turn down the bed I don't want you in the way when he arrives!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


She told me to kneel and wait! But it had been so long!!!
I thought I heard something a few minutes ago but nothing happened!
I wonder how long she's going to make me kneel here like this?
I think she's just trying to make me crazy! No one's coming!
But she said to wait....with my mouth I'll wait...I hope she's enjoying her little joke!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blindfolded, Gagged & Caged

I laid there on the floor, totally at her mercy! She told me there would be a guest tonight but I'd have to guess who it was! I felt her toes start to tickle my balls and I was enjoying it so much when I felt another pair of feet join in! I drew in a sharp breath and I heard the small was my sister-in-law!
She didn't like me much....she preferred macho her cheating soon to be ex-husband...but she seemed fascinated by the chastity cage....probably thinking how it could have kept the cheating bastard in line!!!!
I was beginning to enjoy the feeling of their feet rubbing on me when I felt a third pair of feet on me!!!! Oh my god!!! Who could it be?????
I would have asked...but the ball gag muffled my voice....instead I just gave myself over to the pleasure!!!!!

A Little Bondage Play

I enjoy a little bondage play and sometimes my sweet wife joins me!!! Her lover was interested and, although he had no experience, he had some interesting ideas! Both pussies available he said! I was ready and so was she!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stop Complaining Sissy!

"Stop your complaining Sissy, I'm only trying to help you!"
"Help me.....ooohhh my me how?"
"I'm helping you to expand...your horizons!!!!"


"How did you evade the Secret Service Sissy?"
"Wasn't that hard really, neither was he..."
"Was this some kind of conspiracy?"
"Not really, you know I have a thing for big black cocks!"
"And was it what you hoped for Sissy?"
"Well...let's put it this way...I think I found the part of him that's half white!"
"You mean..."
"There's a reason Michelle looks so unhappy all the time!!!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's Her Decision

Hiring a contractor to do work on your house is never an easy thing! You want someone who's prompt, meticulous and able to provide the services you require! She had been meeting with various representatives all day and after each meeting she reviewed her notes!
I know that it's her decision who she hires but I'm voting for these guys! I don't remember their names but I can say, as far as I'm concerned, they do wonderful work!!!

She Loves To Watch

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pulled Away

As the train pulled away his brother sent him a message that explained it all!!! The dresses, the men, the women, the whole thing! He'd remember that message for the rest of his life!

Monday ManCandy

You've spent the whole weekend taking on all comers and now your head is throbbing, your throat is sore, your knees are aching and you've got that stale taste in your mouth!
What you need is a little "hair of the dog"'ll soothe what needs soothing and help you start the week without the Monday blues!
ManCandy! It will help everything but the sore knees!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


The best part of being a Sissy Maid for my wife comes after I've served the dinner! The rule is that guests cum first in our house!!!


Alright Sissy, I'm going to bed! Come kiss me goodnight!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Didn't You Read It

"I'm sorry Sir but Mistress insists!"
""I don't get it....why..."
"Didn't you read your invitation?"
"Of course I fact I have it right here!"
"What does it say?"
"Please join me for dinner tonight, dress appropriately."
"That's my job sir! To help you dress appropriately!"
"I guess it's OK, but I'm no sissy!
"Of course not Sir! Please put on the nightie and then I'll try to help you tuck that hard little thing into your pretty panties!"


I take it as the greatest complement that he would take his wonderful cock away from her, even for a moment, and let me taste their passion! It's a small gesture but it means so much!

Friday, May 15, 2015


He's just so big!!! In a moment he will fill her like she's never been filled! Sissy watched as a real man took his wife....his thoughts were jumbled! Jealousy...yes! Envy....again yes!
Desire for the cock......oh my god yes!!!!!!!

The Fluffers Reward

You might think that fluffing her lover is a thankless job! You might think that the sissy husband gets nothing in return for his efforts! How wrong you are! I always take that first sweet drop for myself! That's the fluffers reward as far as I'm concerned!!!

Ever Since

Ever since she was young she always liked to have a big black cock between her legs!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Take Notes

While his wife sucked her lover's cock Sissy took notes on her technique! She did it so well!!! Sissy couldn't wait to kiss her afterward and taste him on her lips! Maybe later she'd let Sissy have a turn with him, just to see what she'd learned!!!

Is It....

"Is it Dave from down the block?"
"No guess again sissy!"
"Gary the UPS man?"
"Wrong again sweetie!"
"It has to be Jose the pool boy!"
"Nope Sissy try one more time!"
"How about that hot new guy who moved in down the street?"
"You mean the man who moved into the Jasper's place?"
"Yes he looks like he has a big cock like this one!"
"Sorry Sissy you didn't guess the mystery guest...but you gave me a couple of good ideas for the next time we play!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sissy Looks Pretty

"Yes Suzi you've made Sissy look very pretty!"
"Thank you!"
"But I don't want him "pretty"...I'm having a party and I want him to look like a cocksucking whore!!!"
"Oh I think I can do that, super bright red lipstick laid on heavy for starters!"
"Now you've got the idea!!!! I'll be back to pick him up in about an hour!!!!

Is It Too Much?

Well I love it but is it too much? What do you think? Is this something you'd like to see when the dress comes off?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Said You Could

"Honestly Kaaren! I try to be nice but you still find things to complain about! I said you could invite a sissy friend over and that you two could both have a big black cock to pleasure you! So tell me again, why are you complaining?"

How's She Doing

"How's she doing Sissy? She's never spanked anyone before although that bastard she married should have been spanked hard and often!!!!"
"She's doing it...ow...just right...."
"Okay....good....Sis you give him another forty or so and I think you'll have the hang of it!!!"

Monday, May 11, 2015

Almost Done

"You're almost done Sissy! You've been shaved and caged now all that's left is dress and makeup! Hurry now, all your friends are waiting for the surprise I've promised them!!!"

Monday ManCandy

After getting your morning started with a healthy mouthful of pure organic ManCandy, you just might still need a little more! Don't be shy! The second mouthful is just as good!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Good once....good twice....good all day!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tasted Terrible

The bar of soap tasted terrible!!! The 10 minutes I had to hold it in my mouth seemed to move at a glacial pace!!! I knew when this punishment was done....I knew absolutely...I knew I would never ever say no to her again!!!!

Valuable Work

While not as well known as agencies like the Red Cross, International Sissy Aid more commonly known as the "Pink Bow" also fulfilled many basic needs! When a "Pink Bow" package arrived in a third world village many sissies were finally able to fulfill their dreams! And we all know that a happy sissy usually means a happy Master or Mistress who in turn shares their happiness with friends and family and so on!!!
So when the "Pink Bow" shows up at your door...give generously!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

It's her Fantasy

I don't know the story behind her favorite fantasy but she indulges me in so many of mine that when she lays out my cheerleader uniform I know I will be helping her fulfill hers!!!
I haven't asked her about these fantasies and she hasn't told me much about them either and that's OK too! She's allowed to have her little secrets!
I slipped on the cheerleader uniform and soon she was pushing my face between her legs!
"Eat me Donna, get your fucking tongue in my pussy! Eat my cunt you worthless bitch!"
I don't know who Donna is and I'm not going to ask...if she ever wants me to know she'll tell me! For now any time she wants me to lick her beautiful pussy is OK with me!!!

Where You Belong

"Really Sissy, it's where you belong! You know that you've missed it you just have to admit it to yourself!"
"But I want..."
"You want to be my sweet sissy again! You've been running around like a teenaged boy...squirting your cum everywhere...but it hasn't been special has hasn't been what you'd know in your heart that you get the most pleasure from giving pleasure...that's one of the most special things about you...that's what makes you...really makes special girl!"
"I'm not sure....let me think..."
"Sissy I'll put you back in the cage but I won't lock it until you say so!!!"
Her beautiful smile made me think pf all the wonderful times I had made her cum and how I had learned to expect nothing in return....the feeling that I was giving her all that I had to give...the feeling of ecstatic joy if she gave me the slightest pleasure in return...
"Go ahead Sweetheart...go ahead and lock it....everything I have is yours!!!"
Smiling at me she leaned over and kissed me as I heard the lock click shut! I spent the next hour with my tongue inside her, giving her orgasm after orgasm as I felt the familiar sensation of my little clit straining against it's cage!!!
It was wonderful....I was back where I belonged!!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

She Had A Date

When she had a date she always made sure Sissy didn't feel left out! She always made Sissy feel like he was part of the action! It always got her night off to a good start!!!


My face was probably just as red as my ass as I listened to her sister's laughter!!! Stripped, scolded and spanked in front of her!!!  She didn't think I was man enough for her sister and now she was sure!!!
How incredibly embarrassing and humiliating!!!
How amazingly turned on I was!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Let's Take A Moment

In between all the crazy stuff there's still the simple pleasure of kissing her beautiful breasts and sucking on her stiff little nipples! She loves it and god knows I love it too!!!!