Monday, January 31, 2022


"Do you like it Sissy?"
"Oh's very pretty and it looks beautiful on you!!!"
"I bought it special for tonight...."
"I know...."
"Do you think he'll like it?"
"Sweetheart....he'll love it!!!"
"I hope you're right Sissy....he's pulling into the driveway now!!!"
"Shall I let him in?"
"If you don't mind Sissy...."
"Of course not.....shall I fluff him for you?"
"Not this time Sissy....this time I want the first taste!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."

Monday ManCandy

Of course there are times that you're going to spill some....after all you're barely awake!!!
But unless you completely pass out you still get enough to make you want more!!!!
And going for seconds is not frowned fact it's encouraged!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Have some....then have some more....there's no such thing as too much!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Panty Thief

Yes....I admit it....I was a panty thief when I was young!!!
How else was I to get my hands on the sexy undies that drove me wild?
I didn't have a sister but a lot of my friends did....and I had taken panties from all of them....some from their panty drawers....some from their laundry hampers....
Yes....I knew the most intimate scent of all of them....
And I knew where each ones panty drawer was....most of them were the top drawer on the right....a few on the left....Linda B. was second down on the right....Laura D. was strangely the only one who kept hers in the bottom drawer....and my favorite....Donna V. was in her center drawer....she didn't own a single pair of cotton panties....not one pair and she was only fifteen then....and she had a garter belt too!!!
It was always my fantasy that the girls would all get together and figure it out and punish me for stealing their undies....and make me their slave....and do all kind of depraved things to me....
Maybe if I made a few phone calls and confessions I could actually arrange that....

Sunday Brunch

My legs were aching but she was still not satisfied....
"No Sissy....still not good it again!!!!"
I quietly moaned and dropped another curtsy...
"Goddammit I have to spank you again?"
"Please Ma' Ma'am...."
"I have some very important women coming to this brunch....what will they think of me if my sissy husband can't even do a proper do it again!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."
My legs ached even more than my bottom....but I tried again...and again...and again....

Saturday, January 29, 2022

You Can Tell

You can always spot the sissy at the local gloryholes....
The sissy can't help but clean up every's just the way we are...

Nothing Like It

 Honestly....there's nothing like it....nothing I can compare it to....
When someone else pulls your panties down.....the submissive thrill....the sweet humiliation....oh my god....if it wasn't for the cage I'd have cum in seconds!!!!
When it's her lover....feeling his hands on such an intimate way....oh!!!!!
He pulls your panties down while your wife whispers to you that he's going to make a real woman out of you....that he's going to fuck you deep and slow so that she can just watch your face....
And you lie he pulls those tight panties down over the soft curve of your bottom...and you want it so badly that you could cry....
There's nothing else like it!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2022

Let's Talk

"Honey....come upstairs.....let's talk about all that stuff you wrote in your "secret journal"...I found a lot of it very interesting....."
"You found my journal!!!"
"Oh yes....I've enjoyed reading it for has Steve from next door....we're both looking forward to helping you fulfill your fantasies!!!!"
He slowly climbed the stairs to where his new life was waiting....glad that she'd finally found the he could stop pretending!!!!


My Hair

I have been growing out my hair for years and years and it reaches easily to the middle or lower part of my back.....
I'm a natural blond but I will admit to doing a little coloring lately....
She loves my hair.
She plays with it....she braids it...she styles it....I feel like her life size Barbie doll....
But what she particularly enjoys is when my long hair brushes her thighs as I offer her pleasure....
She loves it....and she tells me she likes to think of me as her lesbian slave....
I do too!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2022


We're still considering having a ceremony to renew our wedding vows. 
We hope to be able to do it whenever this fucking virus eases up on us....
And I'm determined that this time I get to wear a gown....
I understand that everyone says the wedding is for the this time I want to be the bride....
And this time, I want to tip the limo driver!!!!

Love It

"We're going to keep feeding you your cum until you love it....and then...."
"Then what....."
"Then we'll put you in a dress and makeup and charge the boys five dollars to cum in your sissy whore mouth....what do you think about that?"
"I already love it....but I think you should charge them ten!!!!"

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

How Often

It seemed like every time my pants came down the woman I was dating suddenly remembered that she....
Had an appointment.....
Had to get up early....
Had to.....whatever
But it was the look on her face when she saw my diminutive endowment that told me everything....

Hump Day

By Hump Day you've made it as clear as possible that you will put aside any of your own concerns and go to any length to make your customer happy!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tell Your Wife

"Tell your wife I stopped by to see her...."
"Oh yes.....oh yes....oh.....I certainly will...."
"Will she be home early tomorrow?"
" she won't....."
"Good....then I'll be back tomorrow at the same time...."
"Oh my god......yes!!!!"


Dark Fantasy

She did this to me once....but she was pretty drunk at the time and I'm sure it was unintentional.
She even apologized to me the next day....and she blushed.....and I haven't seen her blush since....well I can't even remember!!!!
The thing is that this is one of the few things we haven't really talked about...she likes it when I give her a lick after she pees in the toilet.....and so do I...
We're both very open about our fantasies but she's never asked me about this and I've never asked her....
But I would if she asked me....
And I hope that one day she does....

Monday, January 24, 2022

I Love This Dress

Everything about this dress is just so perfect....
The sweet little Peter Pan collar....
The faux petticoat  peeking out the bottom....
The length....drawing attention to my legs....
The sash at the waist hiding the flat chest....
And the COLOR!!!!!
Just perfect!!!

Monday ManCandy

What to do when you need it but it's only available second hand?
You take it and be grateful that you can get it at all!!!
Even if you have a problem at first opening the's still worth it...
ManCandy!!! It's worth the effort!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Goddammit Sissy!!!! What the hell is going on?!?!?"
"Your boyfriend told me he wasn't allowed to touch me because you said you'd throw him"
"I know Sissy....I get found a loophole....sometimes I wonder if I should have sent you to law school...."
"Oh no Ma'am....please anything but least at my school when they call you a cocksucker it's something to be proud of!!!!"
"Pack your bags Sissy....but leave the bondage stuff....I think I might find it useful..."
"Yes Ma'am...."

Two Scoops

How many men get the privilege of watching their wife get double penetrated....
All three of them are lost in their hot desire.....and I lay down beneath them and wait....
The pearly reward will come raining down on me.....from two directions....and, like her,  I so want it all!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Yes Madam

"Jenkins....has my husband been properly prepared for his new role in the house?"
"Yes he has Ma'am."
"He understands that he will be the lowest ranking member of the household?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"He understands that he will service all the men as well as the women of the household?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"He understands that he must always present himself in frills and bows...he must be feminine at all times?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"Alright Jenkins....bring him in...."
"Yes Ma'am."
"So you have anything to say to me before you become the house slut?"
"Speak up Henry....I have guests on the way and I want to be sure you understand what's expected of you...."
"I understand Ma'am....I will be of service to any and all of your guests as they wish or as you direct...."
"And what do you have to say about that Henry....this is your last ever chance to voice an opinion...."
"I have only one thing to say Ma'am.....thank you....thank you a thousand times....I'm the luckiest man ever born!!!"
"Rightly so Henry...."


"Watch those wandering hands Sissy....I'll let you know when you've earned the privilege of touching my ass....with your the meantime get your tongue in there!!!!!"
My answer was muffled....

Friday, January 21, 2022


I'm not allowed to sucking and certainly no fucking....
But there is an exception to those rules....
I'm allowed to cum like a girl when she has her latex cock buried inside me!!!!
I'm not just allowed to cum like a girl....I'm encouraged to do it!!!!


Do you remember that nerdy girl in high school?
It's alright if you don't....because she remembers you....
And now that she's an internet millionaire and you're a penniless loser she plans to pay you back for all the jokes and pranks that made high school miserable for her....
She's planned a reunion where you will greet every guest with a cute curtsy...and an offer to suck off all the boys.....and hand a dildo to all the girls....
Probably only a few of them will take you up on the offers....but that will be enough for now after all....we're just getting started!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2022


"Honestly...I never dreamed he would eat up all our mess....but he's absolutely voracious!!!! Maybe you were right about him....maybe my husband is a natural born sissy....."

Mr. Jenkins

"Mr. Jenkins....several women have complained that you are walking around the office with a hard penis in your pants....although looking at you now I can't see how they even noticed that little you have anything to say for yourself?"
"No Ma''s just that....I really can't control it...."
" to avoid any further "control" problems, I want you to report to the company nurse where you'll be fitted with a locked chastity cage in an appropriate size for your little member...."
"But what about when I'm home.....and I want to....."
"To what? To stroke that little's a nasty habit and you'll be better off without it!!!"
"But....I have a girlfriend....what about when we want to be.....together...."
"I've spoken to her.....she supports my decision....she says she can never tell when you're inside her anyway so she won't miss it.....besides she has several male friends who can control themselves and she doesn't have to guess when they enter her!!!!"
"The nurse will give you the keys to the lock on your are to give one to me for safekeeping and your girlfriend gets the other one....and she has to call me on my personal cell phone to make certain you have complied...."
"How long do I have to wear it?"
"We'll review your case soon.....maybe three or four go!!!"

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hump Day

Settle it by Hump Day....that's what you said to him....and the key to it all was determining what he needs even if he doesn't know what it is.....then following through and showing him how right you are!!!

For Your Own Good

"Does it hurt Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"Was it too much Sissy?"
"Oh no Ma'am!!!"
"You know it's for your own good don't you Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma'am....I'm very grateful!!!!"
"I know you are....that's why I love you so much!!!"
"And I love you too Sweetheart!!!!"

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

All Hers

I had this pic and I offered it to my wife and asked her if she wanted to write something about it....

When I was just a girl, I loved to read.
And what I read fueled my many fantasies!
I always imagined the hero, the big manly hero, wearing girls undies under his clothes.
I don't know why or when this started but I can tell you it's one of my oldest fantasies!
Before I knew anything about sex, before I lost my virginity, before all of that I dreamed of boys wearing panties, just like mine!
Robin Hood, wore panties under his tights!
Long John Silver, in my dreams, he was more swishy than the author intended!
Nancy Drew needed to put the Hardy Boys in dresses!
I always loved sweet boys who would be feminine for me.
And I got so lucky when I first met "Kaaren", although it took a while for us both to realize it!
Mrs. K



 It's OK Sissy....I know what you need....I'm not going to stroke your cock anymore....I'm going to make you a girl!!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2022

The Factory

After the factory closed down he went to work for the local gym.....then that closed down and he couldn't find anything....
His girlfriend said she knew about an opening if he was willing to think out of the box....
Sure the initial investment in clothes and beauty salons had been pretty much all of his savings....but he made it all back in two nights!!!!
The tips were just fantastic...and the tips in the back room....well he kept those to need for his girlfriend to know about those!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You may want to stay in bed but it's breakfast time whether you're up or not!!!
Now just lay back and let it fill your tummy with it's creamy goodness....let the taste fill your senses with that sweet salty  flavor that lingers for hours!!!!
So open wide because it's breakfast time!!!!
ManCandy!!! Don't get up....we'll bring it to you!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2022


She gives me a little squeeze as he pushes inside her....not because he is fucking her....but because he is kissing her....she knows that I don't like that....for nonsensical as it seems....that is an intimacy that i prefer to keep just between us....
She knows how I feel about it...but she tells me that she sometimes just can't help it!!!

Sunday Brunch

This week there were quite a few new guests....and not all of them were women...although they were all dressed in feminine clothing....
One of them....I think "her" name was Olivia.....had been mean to me from the moment she'd arrived.... she berated me about my makeup....just everything!!!!
She followed me into the kitchen and kept pointing her finger in my face.....I didn't know what else to do so I opened my mouth and sucked on her finger!!!!
Suddenly she was quiet....and she gave me a downward glance....
I fell to my knees and she had something remarkable hidden under that dress!!!!
She was all smiles after....and told me how much she looked forward to visiting us again!!!!
I look forward to it too!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Asking For A Little Tech Support's not a clever title to a sexy post.....I really need some help from someone....
I'm having a problem on my blog that is driving me crazy and I hope someone out there is computer savvy enough to help me out....
For the past few weeks I haven't been able to comment or reply to comments on any of my blogs if I'm logged into it....I can comment across the blogs OK from one of the others....for instance I can comment on blog A from blog B or C....and the same applies across all three of my blogs!!!!
I'm using the latest version of the Firefox browser and I like if your suggestion is to use Chrome or something you can forget it.....
I haven't changed anything on my end so it must be either Blogger or Firefox that changed something!!!
I don't have the same problem on Safari on my Ipad....but I hate typing on my Ipad when I have this lovely full size keyboard sitting here....
Anyone have any ideas?
Please respond here if you can help!!!


After a few months.....uncaged.....he didn't last for even one full stroke!!!!!
He still felt it was totally worth it!!!!!
Not sure I would last any longer!!!!

Somehow Not

"Sissy....come in here...."
I had almost dozed off....she was having fun with the couple down the street....he was handsome and his wife was stunning....but I wasn't invited to play so I went to bed....I would"clean up" in the morning.....
I was in my flannel jammies....the pink ones with puppies and kittens...when I padded into our her bedroom....
Imagine my surprise when I saw him on her bed dressed in pretty pretty undies!!!!
"He thought it would be fun to have you suck his cock while he was dressed in your silky things Sissy....and we thought that would be fun don't mind do you?"
"Of course not Sweetheart....I'd love to suck his cock...."
And I did....I pulled my panties aside and sucked his cock....and they were all amused and happy....
And somehow....even dressed as we were....him in bra and panties and me in flannel pj's....somehow....I was still the only sissy in the room!!!

Friday, January 14, 2022

Doesn't Matter

"But I can't...."
"Yes you can're my beautiful sissy wonderful husband....and it doesn't matter who's on the other side of that let whoever it is come matter who it is it doesn't change a thing between you and me...."
I couldn't open the door to the unknown before I met her.....but now I can and I'm better off for it!!!"


"So you see how easy it is Sissy.....if he wants to fuck you all you have to say is one word....period....and he'll be in your mouth in no time at all...."
"I see...."


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tell Me Again

There was a time when I would never see her pleasure herself....she would have been embarrassed to cum while someone/anyone watched....
But that was something she got over long we make a night of it!!!
Now she enjoyed having me watch...I think she enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed watching.....although only one of us was going to have an orgasm.....
She sometimes relied on fantasies and other times she had me help her on her way to her bliss.....
"Tell me again Sissy.....tell me how he tasted.....tell me how it your mouth....tell me again how he stretched you out when he fucked you....tell me all of it....tell me slow...."
And I did.....


Before I put on panties there were so many things I never dreamed I would do....but now that I've done them I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn't!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

That's Enough

"Kaaren!!! That will be quite enough of that!!!! Get your Sissy ass over here and I'll put you back in the cage!!!! Then you're going over my knee!!!! I can't believe you did that right in front of me!!!!"
"I'm sorry Ma' was just...."
"I don't want to hear're in big trouble Missy....."
Damn....another minute or two and it would have been worth it.....

Hump Day

 Set aside some time on Hump just never know when you might be involved in extended negotiations!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

It's Alright

"It's Alright!"
I kept repeating that to myself....too softly for him to I reached up to open his free his suck his cock....
"It's alright....I'm a girl tonight.....I'm a girl tonight....and I really want this....I really want this...."
And soon I couldn't think at mouth was full and my mind was clear....

Household Help

I was constantly falling behind in my household chores....
So she decided that she would bring in additional help for a couple of days a week....
The woman she hired is working out very nicely....she makes sure I stay focused and I get so much more done under her supervision!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2022

Kaaren....I'm Home

I heard her drive into the garage while I was tending to dinner in the kitchen....
Instead of coming through the garage door that led into the kitchen....I heard her come in the front door....
"Kaaren....I'm me in the bedroom...."
I followed the path of discarded clothing toward the bedroom door....
But I didn't know....
Was this because she had a good day at work....
Or a bad day.....
Either way I was glad I put the dinner on to warm....


Monday ManCandy

I enjoy my breakfast....
I don't mean that I sit and smile and clean my plate....oh no I mean I enjoy my breakfast!!!!
I love to spread it over my tongue...maybe get a little on my face!!!!
I love to tell everyone how much I love it!!!!
I love to smile and let people see it in my mouth!!!!
I just love everything about it....the sweet, smooth cream as it slides down into my there anything better?
Not that I know of!!!
ManCandy!!! There's nothing else like it!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - Cancelled

I wanted to go home this weekend....I had a few cravings I wanted to satisfy....
My wife was making pot roast....I love her pot roast!!!!
The neighbors boys hadn't gone back to college yet....I love the neighbors boys!!!!
Her boyfriend was going to be there...I love to suck his cock!!!!
But I have so much schoolwork to catch up on...
How embarrassed would I be if I failed "Sucking Big Cocks for Advanced Students"...
I had to buckle down...I knew all about the practice but I was kind of iffy on the theory!!!

Calling His Bluff

"Okay Bobby....we gave you a dress and some fancy earrings....and some pretty said that you'd sucked lots of guys when you lived in the we got one here for you to show us!!!!"

Saturday, January 8, 2022

New Years Resolutions

 She hadn't made too many New Years resolutions....
Cage him.....check
Feminize him....check
Fuck him like a little sissy bitch.....check
There were a few more to go but it was still January....she had almost a full year to check off everything on her list!!!!!

All The Work

Have you ever sucked a cock?
I mean really sucked a cock....
Getting his softie out of his pants and getting to work on it?
Most guys take a while....
Sure some are ready to pop right away....that would be me....I was rarely able to last long enough in her hand to even get to her mouth,,,but I digress....
Most guys take a I said before....and no matter how many cocks you've had in your mouth....your jaw gets tired after a while....
You use your hands a lot to keep things going but's hard to suck a guy from soft to cumming....
So I really don't mind when they take over and just use my mouth....
It sounds terrible, I know! But it gets the result you wanted while giving your jaw a rest!!!!
And as a just makes me feel like a little slut.....
And that's part of why I enjoy sucking cocks in the first place!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2022


Following her up the stairs I could tell it was going to be one of those night!!!!

Blast In The Past

I just found this pic!!!!
I remember her from an old Playboy magazine I recovered from a neighbors trash....
When I was young I must have pumped out gallons and gallons of cum staring at her....
But it wasn't what you think....
I didn't want to fuck, no....I wanted to be her....still do....kind of.....

Thursday, January 6, 2022

In Shape

So....of course she's in better shape than I am......after all she gets lots of exercise while I just lie there.....