Monday, November 30, 2015

Table for Three

After I served them their meal I knelt beside the table!
"Sissy would you mind giving me a foot rub while I eat?"
I hurriedly slipped under the table....

 I slipped her shoe off and the scent, the taste, the submissive joy was intoxicating!

As her toes slipped into my mouth I massaged her beautiful leg and I must confess...I peeked up her dress to see a little wet spot on her cream white panties....I would confess this to her later and take my spanking for it like a big girl...but it was so worth it....

 I used all my skills to make her happy...I know what she likes....and she knows what I like...I could do this all night....

But I could tell her dinner was almost finished and she would need my service in other ways before the night was over but this would linger in my mind as the bouquet and flavor lingered in my senses!!!

Monday ManCandy

There are some who only need a little taste to get them through the day! They're satisfied with a few drops and like to rub the rest on their skin giving them that healthy glow!!!! But then there's the others who really need it to get going! You know them....the ones who give their whole hearts to whatever they do!!!! They are the extreme weekenders....the ones who push the envelope...the ones who always want more!!!! They're the ones who need ManCandy so badly that they require a deep injection....they can't afford to miss a drop!!!!
ManCandy!!!! All need some and some need all!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

I think we'll try you out as a wide receiver today Sissy!!!

Happy Days

"I can feel how hard you are Bobby! Is it my hand or is the feel of my silky panties under your chinos?"
"I don't know Peggy....they both feel so good!!!!"
"Let's go back to my house....Mom and Dad won't be home till eleven and I'd love to see how you look in one of my bras and maybe a garter belt and stockings and maybe a cute dress and maybe...."
"Whoa all sounds wonderful but lets take it a little at a time okay?"
"Okay Bobby but I want to see you in a bra and you promised to lick know....down there...alright!!!"
"Yes Peggy, I always keep my promises!"
"Finish your soda fast then cause I'm ready to go!!!!!"

Saturday, November 28, 2015


We both smiled as we stole peeks at each other! Soon he would cum and we'd compete for who got more but for now we were both so happy!
She was happy that she could share her love for sucking cocks with her sissy husband, it made her feel so much closer to me!
 I was happy that she was happy! And....well I liked the cock too!!!!


He's like a sprinter in a marathon!!! He's done and he rolls away!!!!
But my job is just starting and I'm in it for the long haul!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

I Don't Know Why

I don't know why, but when he said he wanted my ass I thought he had other plans! No one had ever done that to me before...I mean sure I've been bent over and fucked like a squealing little bitch dozens of times but no one had ever tongued me there before!!!!
Now I know why she likes it so much!!!!
I'm so glad her Uncle Joe came for the holiday!!! He was always my favorite!!!

I Need You

"I need you now Sissy!"
Those five words only mean one thing!!!!
To be honest....those very words are the reason I learned to run in high heels!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


"Damn it Sissy I told you not to burn the yams....the yams are my favorite part of the dinner!!!!"
"But you made me suck his cock...I told you they would spanked me for being disobedient!"
"I don't want to hear your excuses Sissy! You had what you liked best and I didn't get're going to make me another Thanksgiving dinner and you're going to make sure that the yams are just the way I like them!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
" hold still you've still got another fifty to go!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Happy Thanksgiving

Everything is ready, the family is waiting! I burned the yams but I'm pretty sure no one will mind, she had me doing something else so I'm sure she'll understand!!!
But it's really all about the bird!!!! They say to let the bird rest a bit before serving and that gives me plenty of time to add the special seasoning to the stuffing that they all rave about!

I'm Very Busy

"Sissy I'm very busy right you think you can take care of it for me?"
"Yes Sweetheart, you know how much I love to help you!"
"Yes....well I think fifty should do it. Make sure they're hard enough Sissy otherwise I'll make time to give you fifty later!!!!"

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


"Sweetheart! I can't wear this to serve Thanksgiving dinner! It's transparent! They'll see my bra and panties!"
"But that's what I want you to wear Sissy!"
"But I don't want all of our families seeing me in a bra and panties!"
"Okay then Sissy! You can wear the dress without the bra but I insist on the panties!"
"No Ma'am, I will not wear panties in front of our families!"
"Okay then you'll wear the see-through dress with no underwear at all! Grandma will be thrilled when she sees your bright red ass after the spanking I'm going to give you!"

Sissies Through History - The First Thanksgiving

The new settlers were unfamiliar with the concept of squaw-men but the natives quickly showed them how to make certain of the men into their sissy servants!!!! After all someone had to serve at that first Thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Which Way

It's confusing sometimes for a sissy cuckold! You know what's expected and yet there's sometimes a distraction! Sometimes, quite literally, you don't know which way to turn!!!!

Tell Me Again Sissy

"He made you suck his cock right there in the office!!!"

"Oh my god Sissy! He didn't even shut the door!!!!"

"Tell me about his cock Sissy!!!!"

"Ohhh so big...!!!! I thought so but I wasn't sure!!!!"

"Tell me about his cock did it taste...did he cum in your mouth???

"Oh that's so hot....and you think his secretary saw you!!!!!"

"Tell me again Sissy, then you better get your pretty ass home quick....I need your mouth on my pussy right now!!!!"

"No, no Sissy don't hang up, tell me again....tell me again about how the man put his big cock in my sissy husbands mouth!!!"

Monday, November 23, 2015


"Hello, welcome to our home! Please come in and make yourself comfortable! My wife is busy at the moment but please allow me to get you a cocktail and then I'd love to suck your cock while you wait if that would please you!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You want to start your Monday right! You've done your makeup, picked out your outfit and you've accessorized perfectly!!! Now you just have to get that special ManCandy glow on your face and you'll be turning heads all day!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It makes everyone who sees you sit up and take notice!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

A lot of the game was a mystery to me until her lover explained it in terms I could understand!
The relentless constant push to go deeper and deeper into your opponents territory! Overwhelming the defense and driving, driving, driving, harder and harder till you have the satisfaction of scoring! It was all so clear now!
And the most amazing thing is he explained it all to me while all he kept saying was "Oh God Yes!!!" over and over!!!!


The sissies all agreed....Kaaren threw the best parties!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Here's How

"Here's how it's going to work! You're going to come upstairs with me and you're going to suck my boyfriends cock!! Then maybe...if you do a good job I'll let you kiss my pretty panties!"

Hold It

"Oh yeah!!!! Hold it just like that Kaaren! The look on your face is just perfect!"

Friday, November 20, 2015


The sitter she hired told her that she had lots of experience with sissies and she knew the rules! No cumming, no complaining. do as you're told! She smiled at me and asked me if I liked video games and I told her I did...I liked them very much!
When my wife left for the night she made herself comfortable! She played for hours!!!! I never got my hands on the joystick....hers or mine!!!!


She displays me in my full Sissy finery to her boyfriends!
She convinces them to let me suck their cocks!
All of this feeds the submissive side of my nature but nothing sends me into subby orbit more than kneeling and putting him inside my beautiful wife!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shhhhh It's A Secret

Okay I'll show you but you have to promise to keep it a secret!!!!
Just like the Freemasons, we Sissies also have a secret handshake....and I'll bet ours is way more fun!!!!

Come Upstairs

"Well it's obvious you'll never be my boyfriend but come upstairs with me now and put on a pretty bra and panty set and I think you'll make a pretty decent girlfriend!!!!"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

You Were So Right

"You were so right Mom, he is a cocksucking Sissy!!!"
"I knew it right away honey!"
"So I can fuck him all I want and have all my old boyfriends too?"
"Absolutely Dear, Sissy here won't complain! If he does just put him over your knee!"
"Thanks so much Mom! Did you get your whole fist in?"
"Not yet baby...but I will soon!!!"

Just Like You

As the twins cuddled with their brother Michelle....they all rubbed their nylon covered legs together!
"Isn't this nicer than sneaking off with our clothes and dressing up alone?" asked Jen.
"I just never thought you'd let me do this!"
"How could you think we wouldn't know sweetie?" asked Kara.
"I guess I just thought I was being careful enough...."
They all laughed!
"Hey." Michael asked, "How come you dressed me in pink? Why can't I wear white just like you?"
"Silly, you're our little sissy sister now and sissies wear pink! Do you like pink Michelle?"
"I love it!"
"We knew you would!"

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Slow Down Sissy

"Slow down Sissy....neither one of us is going anywhere anytime soon! I want you to do a thorough job!!!!"

Which One's The Sissy?

As the adorable Leeanne always asks: Which one's the Sissy? It could be any one of then and I welcome any of my readers to guess and tell me which one they think might be the....hey....hey!!!!
"Hey you what are you doing!!!!"
"I'm going to find out which one's the Sissy!"
"But...but this was a mental exercise!"
"Maybe it was for you Sissy! Now go away I'm busy!!!"

Monday, November 16, 2015

Paused For A Moment

They were kissing deeply and passionately! Their hands were all over each other as their arousal grew to fever pitch! He pulled up her dress and revealed her pretty black panties, but he had no time to admire them as he hooked his thumbs in and started to pull them down!
"But my husband..." she gasped!"
"Ah yes your husband...."
Turning to me he looked me up and down as I knelt beside them in my best maids uniform!
"Sissy go make up a pitcher of martini's while I fuck your wife!"
I jumped to my feet and rushed to the liquor cabinet as I heard them both laugh!

Monday ManCandy

Domestic service in a household is hard work! The hours are long and the work offers little in the way of personal rewards!
After a Sunday off it's hard to get up and get going before your employers, yet they count on you to be there when they wake up to see to their needs!
They receive so much from their staffs that some employers are willing to give a little too! This young maid was obviously struggling to get started so her thoughtful employer let her have a mouthful of his high energy, creamy ManCandy! She resumed her duties with new vigor that lasted her all day
ManCandy!!! A little effort brings so much in return!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

After calling a Timeout when his comms went out. the coach sent Sissy Kaaren in with the play! Despite the whistles the players haven't broken the huddle in quite a while! Even after repeated "Delay of Game" penalties it seemed the players were still going over the play with Sissy Kaaren repeatedly until each one had it!!! Some needed to go over it twice until they had it back and forth!!!

And Then There Was

"....and then there was Bob....and Bob's cock was so big Sissy....he used to fuck me all night long but he liked to cum on my tits.....and then Freddie he was big too but all he wanted was my ass....he loved to fuck me long and deep in my ass...I couldn't walk when he was done with me.....and Jamel....oh god he was the biggest I ever had....huge and he lasted forever....I could cum just from thinking about him...."
She kept talking but sissy's little clit had been dripping cum for minutes now and it was so hard to pay attention! Her steady rhythm and her voice in his ear was all he could think of...later he would dream of her with all of those men and his clit would stir but he'd have nothing left!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's Your Turn

"But it's your turn Leeanne"
"But I love it when you do it Kaaren!"
"You know I love it!!!"
"I love it too!!!!"
"Okay but next time you do it!"
"I can't wait!!!

I Cannot Let This Pass

I cannot let this pass....I know you come here for sissy fun and games but this is just so terrible!!!
I am forced to pause as I think of the 150+ souls out for a Friday night at a concert or bar or restaurant and.....I'm crying again....I've been crying all night....
I'll post something else later but for now....

Friday, November 13, 2015


He bends you over and pulls down your panties!!!! He's not interested in anything you have to say!!!
He checks the plug your wife put inside you this morning and he chuckles! He pulls down his pants as he pulls out the plug!!!! The empty feeling only lasts a moment!!!!

Close Supervision

She watched me closely offering encouragement and criticism! I so wanted to make her proud of me!!! I wanted to take him all....and I thought that this was my chance.,...he was big....bigger than me....well almost everyone is bigger than me...but he wasn't one of the really big ones she liked so much....she told me to take more each time and if I had to back off just make sure I came right back again....soon she told me...soon you'll have your nose touching him!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Before I was in chastity she really wasn't interested in my little cockette except to scold me about masturbation and stains on my clothes, the furniture, the sheets, the wallpaper....well you get the idea!
Once I was in the cage things changed and she was constantly fascinated by it! She was always looking at it and playing with it and caressing it!!!! I can't explain it really, but I kind of prefer it this way and I know that she does too!!!


Every drop is precious!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I honestly didn't think it would fit!!!! I'm so glad they let me watch!!!!

Time To Cum

"Alright Sissy,,,,you've been a good girl so I'm going to release you and I'm going to suck your little cockette until you cum....that shouldn't take long....and then I'm going to feed it all back to you so you can swallow all of your sissy cream.....would you like that?"
"Oh my god!!!! Yes please!!!!"
"Okay....oh look I forgot "Dancing With The Stars" is on now! Maybe we'll do it don't mind do you Sissy?"
"No Ma'am! I don't mind!" Sissy gritted her teeth and tried her best to think of something else!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Although there are other sounds in the room,....the radio in the kitchen, the sounds of the traffic outside, the sounds of her friends whispering and giggling....
Through all of this noise Sissy heard the click of the lock like it was thunder!!!!

Every Inch

She loved every inch of me....except for those useless couple of inches that we kept locked up!!! There was no point in her wasting any time there!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sissy Watched

Sissy watched as that monster cock stretched his wife's pussy as wide as he'd ever seen!!!!
Looking down at his own minor endowment, useless and locked away in its plastic cage he realized that even if she let him loose right now she would never feel him enter her again!

Monday ManCandy

Why waste money on overpriced toothpaste or whiteners when ManCandy is available for free almost everywhere!!!  After all what could be better for your pearly white teeth than a hot delicious mouthful of  pearly white ManCandy?
ManCandy!!! Making smiles brighter since....well since just about forever!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

I suddenly realized that perhaps making that trade in my Fantasy Football league really shouldn't be my top priority here!!!!
But as long as I kept my tongue moving he didn't seem to mind and I did have that weak spot in my offense and it would only take another minute or two....

That Smille

That smile!!!! What husband wouldn't be thrilled to have his wife smile at him like that!!! It makes her so happy that she can have this and it makes me happy to see her happy!!!
And of course getting to lick her clean afterward makes me pretty happy too....