Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat!!!!!
"So what did you get?!?!?"
"I got a Snickers Bar....a full size one!!!!"
"I got a Milky Way Bar....a full size one!!!!"
"I got a cock....it wasn't full size at first but it got there pretty quick....and it was cream filled too!!!!!"

Happy Halloween

"Dressed like that Sissy.....you'e hot enough to wake the dead!!!!"
I blushed at the compliment until I found out she was serious!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Scene From Our Marriage

She was gasping and spread wide waiting for him...
His big strong cock was poised.....how I envied her.....it was beautiful and I could still taste him....
But he stopped....
He looked at me....kneeling across the room....my lipstick smeared and my dress bunched above my waist as I displayed my pitiful little caged clit for his amusement....he looked at me....as a man looks at another man....
"Do you want me to fuck your wife? Do you want to see my cock inside her?"
Oh my god how I hated myself, how I hated my tiny inadequate clit that was even now trying to get hard in it's little plastic prison!!!! I could see that she wanted that big cock....that she needed release that I couldn't give her!!!!!
Did I want him to fuck her? No, I wanted to fuck her....I wanted to have her suck my 9 inch cock and spread her beautiful legs and invite me to fuck her.....I wanted to fuck her until she pleaded with me to stop.....I wanted to fill her with my seed and lie back after while we both caught our breath.....I wanted her to laugh as she saw I was hard again....I wanted to hear her gasp as I entered her.....I wanted to hear her moans and screams as she came over and over as she rode my big cock....till I came inside her again....exploding into her....filling her with my hot cum and making her cum again!!!! That was what I wanted.....
But his voice came and called me back from my reverie....
"Well Sissy.....do you want me to fuck her or not? Tell me now....I think she needs me now!!!!"
I looked at her....she nodded.....desire was written all across her face....she wanted to be fucked by a man....a real man!!!!
"I didn't hear you Sissy!"
"Yes, please fuck my wife!!!! I want to see your cock inside her....inside my wife....I want you to make her cum.....I want you to give her what I can't!!!!"
He laughed.....
"Very well Sissy.....just kneel there and watch!!!"
And I did....

Monday ManCandy

This is why you get up early.....no need to rush through breakfast......taking all the time you want to savor the flavor!!!!
As the creamy treat slides toward your empty tummy all you can think of is how much you'd like some more!!!!!
Glancing at the clock you see that you have the time.....glancing at him you see that he is oh so willing to serve you seconds....you never thought the day would come when you looked forward to Mondays but as you swirled your tongue around, enjoying the flavor of your first serving you were only hastening your second serving....
Would there be time for thirds???
ManCandy!!!! A rich renewable energy source for the modern world!!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Slowly some of the girls I dated in college began to suspect about my panty fetish.....most of the men they dated tried so hard to get their panties off while I tried so hard to get her to keep them on!!!!!
Men don't understand about panties....some see them as just an obstacle......but we, and I include women and sissies in this.....we labor over which panties to wear....what color....what style.....satin.....nylon....lace....cotton....
They have to be just right!!!!!

I Would Have

While we were watching she leaned over to me and whispered....
"I would have fucked him in a heartbeat Sissy...."
We watched for a while longer and I leaned over to her and whispered....
"I would've fucked him too Sweetie...."
She laughed....she has a delightful laugh....
"You are such a sissy!!!!"
"Your sissy...."
"Yes Baby....all mine....."

Saturday, October 28, 2017


I really liked this restaurant....it was quiet and discrete, the seats had comfy cushions, the food was absolutely wonderful and there was no gum stuck under the table!!!
I spend a lot of time under tables and I absolutely hate getting gum in my hair.....I mean it's just.....yucky!

It's Not Easy

"It's not my fault Sissy, a double cheeseburger and extra fries? And you wonder why that pretty new dress doesn't fit!!!! You have to remember that you're a sweet little girl now....a light salad should be enough....we have to watch our figures don't we ?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Alright you chubby little girl....suck it in and we'll get this shaper closed!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"No one said being a girl is easy Sissy, remember that!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Friday, October 27, 2017

I Tried

Wearing stockings.....yes!!!
Wearing makeup.....yes!!!!
Big dildo buried in my sissy pussy.....yes!!!!!
Licking my own cock....nearly killed myself trying but it was just too small for me to reach it!!!!
Were any of you able to do it.....I'll bet every single one of you that reads this blog tried!!!

There's A Difference

There's definitely a difference between those that feel they have to and those that want to!!!!
I think you'd probably never find a sissy that didn't want to!!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rocket Science

It's not rocket science but let's pretend, for demonstration purposes, that it is....

First there's the countdown....

Then there's the Blast Off....

Then there's the re-entry....

Will You

In case any of you ever wondered about the proposal....how does a submissive sissy propose marriage to a woman....
Well it went something like this....
"I love being your girl....I wish it could be forever...."
"Me too Sissy!"
"Do you think you could stay with me....do you think you could love me forever?"
"Oh Sissy, you're so special to me and I love you so much....are you trying to propose to me?"
"Yes, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life loving you!!!!"
"I don't know what to say Sissy.....why don't you get on your knees and ask me again!!!"
"I'll get on my belly and grovel...."
"Oh Sissy I was only teasing!!!! Of course I'll marry you.....where in the world would I ever find another man so devoted to me?"
And she took me in her arms and kissed me.....I was smaller than her and it felt just wonderful to be swept up in her arms as she kissed me to seal our union!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Good Girl

She releases me to shower twice a week.....don't get me wrong....I shower every day but she only allows me to clean my sissy area twice a week so I try to be pretty thorough....
First I soap up my little bitty balls and I make sure to work that soap into every little wrinkle.....then I work up a lather as I make sure that they're clean.....then I check for stubble and if I find any I'll sit and take the razor and take care of it....it just wouldn't do for her to find it....
Once I'm satisfied that my tiny little balls are clean I turn my attention to my diminutive little clit.....by this time she's usually raging hard....such as it is....and ready to spurt my sissy cream!!!!
I have to be careful now and I've found that a couple of blasts of ice cold water usually does the trick....no more hard little clit....only a cold little clit trying to hide....
I take the scented body wash and I use it to lube my hands as I soap and stroke the little sissy bit between my legs......it's been dropping drips of this and drops of that into my panties for three days now and it really needs a good cleaning.....there was a time when she used to supervise this but she trusts me now....she knows that I know the rules!!!!
A judicious use of cold water and mental restraint make sure I don't have any accidents in the shower.....and after I step out I cautiously avoid spending too much time drying any of my little bits.....
She has left out what she wants me to wear and today's outfit is particularly attractive....it makes me think that perhaps she and I won;t be the only ones to see me in it....
Then I start thinking about the possibilities......maybe I'll get to....
When I report to her after I've dressed she scolds me for my drippies....
But she uses the cup of ice she has nearby to make sure my drippies are all I'm going to get as she slips the sleeve of the chastity cage back on....
"Be my good girl today Sissy!"
"Oh yes.....I'll always be your good girl Ma'am!!!"
She toys with my chastity cage and smiles...
"Yes you will Sissy....yes you will!!!"

He Promised

He promised....if I made him cum that he'd push it in deep.....

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Whenever she blindfolded me all my other senses kicked into high gear!!!
When she lead me into the room.....even though she turned me around a couple of times to disorient me....I was still pretty sure it was her bedroom....when she lead me in, tugging me along on her leash.....somehow I had the feeling that we were not alone!!!!
I listened so carefully and I sniffed the air trying to locate a telltale scent but there was nothing....other than my gut feeling and I couldn't explain it but I was almost sure....
"Here you go Lover.....here's my Sissy husband....just like I promised.....take his leash and lead him where you like.....but remember to save some for me....for tonight!!!!!"
There was no response but there was a sharp tug on the leash.....I would be his toy for a few hours....I wondered if she'd be watching because I wouldn't want to disappoint her!!!

What Did You Wake Up In?

So what did you wake up in this morning? Scratchy cotton or even worse, flannel!!!!
Admit it to yourself......waking up in silks and satins is just so much nicer!!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Yes Ma'am!

"Are you ready for me Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Are you wearing my pretty pink panties?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Have you tied on a pretty pink ribbon in a sweet little bow?"
 "Yes Ma'am!"
"And is your cock big and hard for me?"
 "Yes Ma'am!"
"That's good Sissy because I need a hard cock to make me cum...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Come to bed Sissy.....try to make me believe you're a real man!!!!""
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday ManCandy

It's early on Monday Morning and you have that long work week stretching out in front of you!!! It just doesn't seem fair somehow that you should have to work to get that creamy treat you love do much!!!
It only seems right that your breakfast shouldn't require you to tire yourself out when the whole point is to give you the energy to get through your day!!!!
So lie back and enjoy your warm, sweet treat.....soon it will be desks and computers and meetings and contracts and deadlines and so on and so on....but through it all you'll have that tummyful of sweet creamy goodness that will keep you satisfied all day!!!
ManCandy!!!!! Enjoy it at your leisure, enjoy it all day!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Deal

"So what do you think? Do you want to take my Sissy husbands cherry?"
"I'm not sure...."
"He's a virgin.....I guarantee it!"
"How about if you fuck him first and then you can fuck me too!!!!!
"But Sissy has to be watching...."
"Honey you've got a deal!!!!!"

Early Sunday Morning

It's early Sunday morning and the world is still and quiet....
I've been awake for awhile and had my breakfast already even though sunrise is still a while away....
She's sleeping soundly.....making those soft little snores I love so much....her lover is also fast asleep....it's no wonder considering how long he fucked her last night!!!
I have a lot to do today.....so I need the early start....she has friends coming for brunch and I have to get all the prep work done so the actual cooking time will be short!!!
Her lover wants a wake up call at 6am so he can go to wherever it is he has to go on an early Sunday morning....maybe back to his wife....maybe to his church.....maybe to another woman's bed....I really don't care.....of all her lovers he's not one of my favorites!!!
But I do love this time to myself.....slipping into my bra and panties.....pausing to take a look and then satisfied.....picking up my dress and reaching back to zip it closed....

I think about it all.....my wife...her lover....my lingerie...my dress....my caged little bits....my life as her sissy....my life in general.....I see the scars of the life I once lived.....emotional and physical.....and when she wakes I plan to drop to my knees and show her how thankful I am that she allows me to share my life with her...
She'll laugh of course....she always does.....but it's not mean laughter.....she laughs because she thinks I'm funny.....the things that I worry and think about never occur to her!!

Anyway, I'm up early and dressed in my pretty clothes, and I have a wife who loves me who has a stud in bed with her until I wake him in about a half hour....maybe I'll get a chance to suck his cock but I don't think so.....he's one of the one's who is an enthusiastic participant when she's there but keeps his distance when she's not....it's like he thinks that maybe I'll infect him with some kind if sissy virus!!!!

I get a little long-winded when I'm the only one up in the house.....but I can't help it....I'm peeling and curling and prepping for the brunch where I'm sad to say I'll be a host instead of a hostess.....but under it all I'll be her sissy.....always....

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sissy Training - There's Only One

The most important lesson your sissy can receive is that there's only one cock in your life and it certainly isn't that tiny thing that you've locked away....


It reminded me of when we were kids playing hide and seek....
"Ready or not Sissy, here I come!!!!"

Friday, October 20, 2017

That Look

I took a few moments to enjoy the beauty of the look of satisfaction on her face....she had been well and truly fucked....she had cum hard on his big cock and when the time came he had filled her with his sweet cream!!!!
I was almost too distracted to catch the first drops as they leaked out of her....almost...

Some Kind of Joke

"C'mon Dennis this has to be some kind of joke.....why are you dressed like a chick?"
"No joke Brian.....it's what I've always wanted!!!!"
"You want to be a girl....man that's fucked up.....I don't believe it.....you're fucking with me.....I mean....we grew up together....what the fuck????"
"No, I don't really want to be a girl.....but I like to dress like one.....and act like one...."
"But....it's....oh c'mon this is all bullshit.....you don't really want to be a chick!!!!"
"Alright....I'd hoped we wouldn't have to do this but.....here let me prove it to you....."

Thursday, October 19, 2017


"There that's perfect.....now come to bed and fuck me Sissy.....I need a good hard cock tonight!!!!"
"But I won't be able to feel you!!!"
"And without it I won't be able to feel you either Sissy....now come along!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

The First

My friend Dee asked what was the first exposure to the opposite sex in an erotic way?
I had some fleeting experiences before this but none so profound until some time later...
I think the first time I actually spurted while tugging on my little thing was while I was looking at her
She was the  first completely naked woman I ever saw....in real life that pleasure came later...but she became the standard I used to measure women against!!!!
Playboy playmate Marilyn Cole....January 1972's Playmate was the first fully nude Playmate of the month....I found her in a stack of Playboy magazines in a friends basement and I fell in love....it should have been a tipoff that I never ever dreamed of fucking her.....all my dreams centered on kneeling between her thighs and worshiping her!!!!!
Do you remember the first naked woman you ever saw?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

So Far

She couldn't be more pleased....Sissy was doing so well.....just as she'd taught him....he had been such an eager student!!!!!

Yes I Want It

She had laid down the ultimatum before she left for work in the morning....I had stewed over it for most of the day before I decided.....I dressed for her and waited....
When I heard her footsteps coming up to the front door I rushed to let her know my decision....and I flung open the door!!!!!
"Yes," I cried, "I want to be a cocksucking sissy for you!!!!"
The delivery man was surprised but he was more than willing!!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Cuckold Thing

His big cock was pumping in and out of my wife's sweet little pussy....she was cumming over and over on it!!!! Soon I would kneel between her thighs and lick up his cream...
None of that really bothered me.....I know she needs a big cock to cum....I know I don't have what she needs.....so it's OK with me that she fulfills her needs with other men....
 But it's the kissing that bothers me.....that seems to be too intimate to me....later....after he's gone.....while we cuddled together I would tell her about my concerns.....she would laugh.....his cock inside her was alright but a kiss upset me.....
She told me that it was nothing....it was just natural to kiss the man that's fucking you....
I wouldn't know.....whenever I got fucked I was face down....but I think I understand....

I Love This Dress

Do you remember the first time you went outdoors in a dress?
Not the first time you wore a dress, I mean the first time you went outdoors!!!
Girls are born to it....it's natural for them, but boys.....well we don't usually step outside in a dress till so much later!!!
It felt so revealing....it felt so odd.....it felt so different!
A thin piece of fabric hanging loose over you.....well tight in some places depending on the style....
You're suddenly aware of the bottom of the dress....a breeze may blow it up and show the world your pretty pink panties....and the tightness above the waist.....almost as tight as your bra straps holding you so close!!!!
You walk carefully in those special heels you've bought for just this occasion and you feel like you've never felt before....and you'll never feel again....that first time out the door is like losing your virginity....it only happens once in your life!!!!
When you did/do it I hope it was/is in a pretty dress like this....

Monday, October 16, 2017

Lets Talk

Alright Sissy....I think it's time we had a talk about those sensitive nipples of yours...

Monday ManCandy

You've got that big interview today and the evil bastards have scheduled it for first thing on Monday morning!!!! They're probably expecting to see you at your absolute worst but you'll show them!!!
You only slept a couple of hours but that's OK....you can crash later!!!!
You spent hours on your hair and makeup and you spent the entire weekend picking out just the right dress....
But more importantly you allowed yourself the time to enjoy a healthy serving of your favorite breakfast treat!!!! It satisfies your hungry tummy and the taste stays with you for hours!!!!
ManCandy!!!! You need to put your best face forward!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017


"You're a boy and boys don't wear girls underwear!!!!"
"Yes Mother Superior....I was just curious!!!!"
"Boys who dress as girls get treated like this!!!!"
Their grim faces as they shoved that cock in my mouth made me understand.....if I was going to dress as a girl I'd need to find a woman who would make me suck men's cocks!!!
I'd like to find them all and thank them now!!!!


Even the sluttiest, slutty slut, like me, sometimes reaches their limit!!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

I Wanted To Scream

Her lover dominated her so easily....the woman who controlled my life....my beautiful wife so willingly submitted to him as he gave her instructions to humiliate her!!!
I wanted to scream!!!! You can't do that to my beautiful wife!!!! That's my chair and my dildo!!!! That's my collar and leash!!!! And I think those just may be my stockings she's wearing too!!!! You can't do that to her, that's what I'm here for!!!!
I wanted to scream but with her panties in my mouth it was so hard to keep it from sounding like moans of desire.....


I had dozed off....it was so late when she came home with her date and I had gotten up so early....no matter how raucous they were in our her bedroom I just couldn't keep my eyes open....
I don't know how long I'd been asleep when I heard her come in....
"Kaaren.....Kaaren Sweetie.....are you awake?"
"Yes Baby....I'm awake.....is anything wrong?"
"Oh no Sissy.....nothings wrong.....I just didn't want you to miss your treat...."
She climbed on the bed and I could see it running down her leg.....and a moment later she was on my face.....her lips against mine....as I enjoyed the cuckolds reward....

Friday, October 13, 2017

It's Her Fantasy

I don't know the story behind her favorite fantasy but she indulges me in so many of mine that when she lays out my cheerleader uniform I know I will be helping her fulfill hers!!!
I put on the uniform and waited to find out what she had in mind.....last time it was a spanking and she really seemed to enjoy herself....I didn't sit comfortably for a couple of days....
"Alright Bitch......bend over that bed and stick your ass out....I swear to god Donna I'm going to make you sorry for what you did.....you just wait there and think about that while I get ready!!!!"
 I don't know who Donna is and I'm not going to ask...if she ever wants me to know she'll tell me!
And who needs to sit anyway?????

He Didn't Stop

He was so big.....it hurt me when he pushed inside me.....but it only hurt for a short time...I enjoyed it then....he pounded into me....I could feel his balls bouncing off of me....I could sense his excitement growing....I knew that soon he would cum inside me....he would make me his bitch....his sissy slut bitch.....harder....faster...deeper....so deep....so hard.....so much cock....
And then he came.....I could feel his seed filling me....the heat of him warming my insides as he kept fucking me....kept fucking me.....kept fucking me.....he didn't stop.....he didn't get soft....his big cock kept fucking me.....driving me mad.....I know I spurted my sissy cream at some point......but he was like a machine.....and finally.....oh my god he filled me again....I never felt anything like it.....
Across the room my wife applauded.....
"Encore!!!" she shouted!!!!
Both of us collapsed and I felt his manhood shrink inside me....even soft he was still inside me and I wriggled against him to let him know that an encore performance was more than welcome!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

It Peeks Up

It peeks up, eager for more, wanting her, wanting more, wanting to be like a real cock!!!!
Her laughter is all it takes to make the little thing shrink back into it's silky prison....where it belongs!!!!

Young Billy Was Not Happy

"It will be fun Billy....you have so many pretty dresses after all!!!"
"But Auntie, everyone will think I'm some kind of sissy!"
"Nonsense Billy, it'll just be your cousins and me and maybe a couple of their friends....we're going to do this Billy so get used to the idea!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
Billy couldn't understand why his cousins and their mother dressed him and then ran outside....hadn't they already seen him in his pretty party dress?'
When he stepped out onto the patio young Billy was greeted by the applause of every girl from his class in school!!!!
Auntie instructed him to give them a twirl....
"Girls, get your cameras ready because Billy loves petticoats and frills....Billy do a nice twirl so we can all see all your pretty ruffles and bows!!!"
Billy blushed bright red as he heard all his female classmates rushing to be the first to post the pictures on the internet!!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Never Know

"That was wonderful Sissy....here let me help you with that.....


I'm sure your wife will never notice that I was here.....

Pretty Please

"No Kaaren, I have to go to work...."
"Please....pretty please.....stay home with me today and I promise I'll make you cum dozens of times.....I want so much to lick your beautiful pussy.....kiss your beautiful ass....please...."
"Kaaren, goddammit, I have important meetings today.....I need to go to work....what's gotten into you?"
"I just love you and want to be near you.....I've been feeling a little down lately and making you happy always makes me happy too!!!!"
"Oh Sissy, that's so sweet!!!! I'll tell you what....I'll see if I can postpone some of my afternoon meetings and come home early.....would you like that?"
"Oh yes Ma'am and I promise to make it worth your while!"
"Yes Sissy.....I know you will but I have to go now!!!"
"But you're so wet.....maybe a quick cum before you finish dressing?"
"Alright Sissy, but then I have to go....."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

No Sissy

"No Sissy, I won't be needing you tonight.....go up to your room, close the door and stay there till I say you can come out....we have a lot of catching up to do!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."

While the Cats Away

The maid next door liked to visit when her Mistress left for work.....we would gossip and compare notes....
"It must be hard for you....being in chastity.....oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to put it like that..."
"It's OK....yes some times are harder than others but I'm very used to it by now....but you....you must have lots of orgasms!!"
"Not really.....in fact I haven't cum in ages! Mistress forbids it!"
"But.....how would she know?"
"I'm not good at lying.....she knows if I'm trying to hide something...."
"Does she know you come here?"
"No....she's never asked so I don't have to lie about it!"
"Oh I see...."
"Hey I have an idea....how about you give me a little bit of that tongue action you say your wife enjoys so much?!?!?"
"I'd love to but my wife forbids me touching any woman's pussy unless she personally approves it...."
"Oh....that's too bad.....oh well....."
"But maybe...."
"Maybe what?"
"I could lick your ass....she never said anything about that....would you like that?"
"I think that would be lovely Sissy!!!"
"Me too!!!"

Monday, October 9, 2017


It was just diabolical.....their wives thought it was so funny....
"You two can kiss and you can play with your clitty's....but only your own....no touching each other....if either of you cums you must stop and it's six months chastity for both of you!!!! If you can last 15 minutes then you can suck each others little sissy bits!"
I thought it would be easy....but at the first touch of my dream girls lips I knew I'd never last....

Monday ManCandy

When it comes to October your thoughts obviously turn to Oktoberfest.....that fantastic festival of beer and pretzels and sausages.....especially sausages!!!
The beers may weigh you down and the food may fill you up but that oompah band is playing and your blood is stirring and you just need that one little push to get you completely there.....that's why you start your day with your creamy breakfast treat....so warm....so good....
ManCandy!!!! It's better than beer and cheaper too!!!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

This Place

This place said they had an automatic ball return.....I've been sitting here for over an hour and I still don't have mine back!!!!