Sunday, December 31, 2017

So Much

When she came home she gave me my she ground her well fucked pussy against my face his cream filled my good.....I swallowed and soon my mouth filled again.....and again......and could one man cum so much??? For a moment I saw her smiling at me and I many men....I might never know....but I would swallow every drop that she could feed me....after all that's what a sissy cuckold does!!!!!


Even I like the way it looks now!!! When I could see that little thing it was just depressing!!! Now it serves a purpose at proves my love and devotion!!!
And she loves it too and that just makes it soooo much better!!!!

I Almost Forgot

As I look across the room I watch her hand slip into her pretty panties....god how I love to watch her do that....
I almost forgot what I was doing until I felt his cock against my lips....

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Poor Sissy

"Oh....poor Sissy....I guess you still haven't learned any control....don't cry.....I didn't really think you'd get inside me.....come on Baby.....just come here and let me hold you....then you can lick it all up....and I'll get you into a pretty nightie and you can go to bed.....don't worry about me Sissy....I have a friend coming over...."

What Do You See

It just makes me so happy sometimes....when I look in the mirror and I don't see the unhappy boy anymore....

Friday, December 29, 2017


"It looks like I'll be busy tonight Sissy, why don't you go slip on something pretty....and maybe I'll save some of this for you!!!!"

In My Dream

In my dream I walk down that catwalk.....past everyone I know....and they laugh and they shout and they point.....and I just don't give a shit...
Because.....Baby I know I look good!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2017


After all these years of marriage my wife and I had developed little signals we could send to each other without anyone else being any the wiser...
She could signal me to rescue her from a terrible conversation at a party by simply raising an eyebrow...
I could call for help when the men started in on sports talk by eye contact and a slow turn of my head...
These were unspoken and informal....we just know each other so well that the signals we send are so crystal clear to each other!!!
But this signal tells me something special.....
This signal tells me she's having company tonight!!!!

A Little Late

I sit on the toilet and wait with her heated towel in my looks like she might be a little late to the office again this morning....but she'll be certainly be happier than usual....I counted three orgasms already!!!! I wish I could fuck her like I wish I could fuck her at all....

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Yes I love satin nighties and satin sheets but when I'm sleeping on the couch in the basement one wrong move on the middle of the night and you'll slide right out onto the floor.....


Sissy applied more lipstick as she watched him pull his pants off!!!! The bulge in his boxers looked so promising.....maybe one more coat so sissy could leave a nice red ring on his cock....

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Same

When I hold a real man in my hands and think of all those times I tugged on my little clitty it's really hard to believe we're technically the same sex....but at the same time we're so different....he doesn't think about sucking on mine while I think about sucking his (or one just like it) all the time!!!!

Who Says

Who says that chastity isn't pretty???

Monday, December 25, 2017

Now I Know

As I listen to them fucking in our her bedroom I know how all those toys felt on Christmas morning....
Unwrapped, played with and pushed aside for something better!!!!

Monday ManCandy - Christmas Stockings

"These are really lovely Christmas stockings Sissy!"
"But Christmas stocking is hanging by the fire!"
"But I like these so much better that I'm going to fill them with a special gift for you Sissy!!!"
"A rich and creamy gift Santa?"
"A white Christmas treat for you Sissy!"
ManCandy!!!! Who doesn't want to have a full stocking!!!!

Merry Christmas

I'd like to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas!!!! I hope that this Christmas all your dreams come true!!!!
Love and kisses
From me and the Mrs.!!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

White Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.....
And maybe if I'm very good she'll allow it!!!!

Skipping Ahead

Some people may like all the birds and rings and things....but this year I just want to skip ahead to....12 big black inches!!!!
I'll take that all twelve days!!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Little did Betty know that on the other side of Riverdale, Archie was having the very same fantasy.....except in his, he was wearing that pretty bra and panty set he'd seen in the store window downtown!!!!

I Did My Best

I did my best but he was clearly not interested....
Some men just don't want a blowjob from their lovers sissy husband so I'll pick up my dress and go to my sissy bedroom for the night....
His loss, he may get to fuck my wife but I am a fantastic cocksucker and he's going to miss out....

Friday, December 22, 2017


Yes I am her cuckold and I understand what that means....
I know she fucks men.....cums with men inside her....
I understand that she has needs....
I know that I'm not capable of giving her the pleasure she deserves....
And honestly.....when I watch a mans big cock pumping in and out of her,,,,it gets me excited too....
I love it....I really do....especially when I'm allowed to watch.....we both like it when I can watch but that really only happens now and then....some men don't mind fucking my wife but have an issue with me watching them do it....
But after all that there's one thing that still bothers me....even after all these years....I don't like to watch her kissing another man......I know it seems silly but for me that's going too far....
I know.....I like to watch her suck his big cock or watch him fuck her like a real man....but I still have this one issue.....
Kissing just seems too intimate to share with other men....

Bra and Panties

It really is lovely to wear a pretty bra and panty set....
But it's a little embarrassing to let a man see you like that....
Of course as soon as you start licking his cock you both get over it!!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2017


"You know he really looks like a girl standing there like that!"
"I know.....he's doing some corner time for being bad..."
"I can't understand how a hot woman like you ended up married to a cocksucking sissy, you should have a real man!!!!"
"What's to understand.....just look at him.....he's adorable!!!!"
"Well to each her own I guess...."
"Yes and he's completely my own!!!"

Sissy Training - Evaluation

"Wow Sissy....I don't think this is the first cock you've sucked....that's perfect....after he cums we can jump right to the next lesson....we'll see how well you do with penetration!!!!"

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Okay We're Almost Done

"Okay Benjamin, we're almost done.....soon I'll count to three and you'll wake up, you'll remember what I've taught you...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"What is your name?"
"My name is Sissy Slut!"
"And what do you like to do more than anything?"
"I like to suck cocks!"
"Very good....and what kind of cocks do you especially like?"
"I love really big cocks!!!"
"Mmmm me too Ben, Me too!!! So what are you going to do every day Ben?"
"I'm going to suck lots of cocks  and I'm going to call you every night and tell you all about it!!!
"Yes you are Sissy.....I told you that the divorce wasn't final until I said so didn't I?"
"Yes Ma'am....nothing is final until you say so!"
"If only you were this obedient when we were married.....oh well.....get ready....when I count to three you'll wake up and you'll need a cock in your mouth as fast as you can get one!!!!"


She gasps as he pushes his big cock inside her.....he's touching her in ways that I never have.....and even as she feels him filling her.....she looks at me....kneeling in my pretty undies as I watch another man fuck my beautiful wife....she looks at me and I should be embarrassed, I should look away as she tells him to "Fuck me Hard!!!"....but I can't....and she knows it....she knows that I need this just as much as she I look into her eyes as he gives her pleasures that I can only imagine.....I look into her eyes as she cums on his big cock.....she lets me see it's torture, it's''s just wonderful!!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sissy School - Holidays

Before they went home for the holidays the sissies wanted to make sure that their favorite teachers all got their presents!!!!


I have all those crazy sex dreams all the time.....cocks and pussies and me and....well know....
But they all melt away with one sweet kiss....there's nothing I could ever dream that would be better than that!!!!

Monday, December 18, 2017


I sit and listen as she fucks him....
I try not to....but how could I possibly ignore it....
He's moaning and she's screaming for more....
I picture her in my mind....she's so beautiful.....and he's fucking her...pleasuring her....while all I can do is sit and listen.....and adjust the cage as my little clit tries to get hard....
Soon they'll call for me.....
Every time, in the back of my mind I think is he the one....the one that fucks her so well that she'll leave me for him.....
But I know once I get between her legs I can show her that I still have some worth....that I can still make her cum....
Later, she always laughs at my insecurities.....she tells me she's stuck with my little useless clit forever....she tells me she loves me.....and I believe her....for now....

Monday ManCandy

At this time of year it's beholden on those of us with an abundance to make some provision for those in remember it's better to give than receive!!!!
ManCandy!!! The gift they'll remember forever!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Cuckolds Place

There is a place for the cuckold in his wife's relationship with her lover.....on his knees with a cock in his mouth!!!!!

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl we all had our "special" underwear....we didn't even call it lingerie then!!!!
We all had that one special set of undies that we would wear when we were pretty sure we were going to let one of those horny boys dreams come true!!!! They almost always came to soon and they never went down on us but we took what we could get!!!!
I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a sissy who also had "special" undies that he wore when he was cleaning up after the horny boys and going down on me until I begged him to stop!!!!
I never dreamed it but I really love it!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

All Day

"Oh no Sweetie.....your wife paid for the complete makeover....get comfortable honey you're going to be here all day...."


"How much longer Sissy?"
I answered as best as I could.....

Friday, December 15, 2017


He grinned at me as he cupped her beautiful bottom, I'm not sure if he understood our relationship....
I wonder what he'd think if he knew I'd picked out the pretty panties my wife was wearing especially for their date?
Well it was only really important that she and I knew....

Dark Fantasy

Yes it's one of my dark fantasies.....left a slutty a biker the middle of nowhere.....oh hot....

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Girls Learn Young

Little girls learn early to keep their knees together when they sit to prevent everyone from seeing their pretty panties.....
I never wore dresses when I was a little boy so my wife has had to teach me this one basic thing....
"Keep your knees together Sissy!", she said it over and over
Then she began to spank me as a reminder....and I remembered....most of the time...

Early Riser

Her lover from last night was an early riser just like me and we bumped into each other in the kitchen as I was starting my daily chores....always mindful of her instructions to give her guests anything they wanted I greeted him with a curtsy.
"Is there anything I can get you?"
"You know Sissy, at this time in the morning there's only one thing I really want!"
I nodded that I understood and dropped to my knees and in moments I had his big cock in my didn't take too long before he gave me a tasty mouthful....
He was grinning like the cat who got the canary....
"Actually Sissy, what I wanted was a cup of coffee....but that was so much better!"
I know I was blushing as I looked down, still tasting him....
"The coffee will be ready in a couple of minutes if you'd like to wait!!!"
He laughed and then so did I....

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


The embarrassment of exposure to each other and having to dance in tutu's for their wives was almost too much for the sissy's to bear! After a moment of silence in the room their wives began to applaud!!!
They were relieved, maybe this humiliating ordeal was over!!!
"That was lovely girls and don't you all look so pretty too!"
"Oh I agree....we should have them dance for our book club.....all the ladies would love it I'm sure!"
"And don't forget the Christmas Talent show at the country club....they'd make perfect little sugarplum fairies!!!!
The three Sissy's shook as each possible humiliation was worse than the one before....
"Well Sissies, we have a lot to decide....while we talk I think you should give each other hugs and kisses....and make sure you convince us that you're enjoying it...."
The three sissies looked at each other in shock but they never thought of disobeying! Although they were a little stiff when they started soon the only things stiff were in their pretty little panties...soon they were lost in each other and they didn't even notice as their wives began taking pictures....

Is It OK

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about our marriage.....
In bed she rolls over and gently cups my caged clit in her hand as she looks into my eyes...
"Is it OK Sissy? Are you still OK with this? Do you want me to get the key? Do you want to try and make love to me again?"
I looked into her eyes and all I saw was love and concern for my happiness!!!
"Yes Sweetheart, I'm OK just like this, I'd love to make love with you but I don't need the key for I?"
She laughed quietly and kissed me....and kissed me again....and we cuddled....
"I'm tired now Sissy, but you can make love to me tomorrow....."
"I'm already looking forward to it Sweetheart!"
"Me too too..."
She rolled over and went to sleep still holding me.....I slept too....eventually....

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

You'll Be Perfect

"Oh yes, I think you'll do just fine....don't you dare cum until I give you permission!"
"I'm trying not to...but how long do you want me to wait!"
"Oh don't you worry your little head about that it shouldn't be more than a couple of the way do you know what size dress you wear?"
"Dress... I don't know what you're talking about.....what do you mean a couple of weeks???"
"Calm down Honey....let's go into my bedroom and we'll slip into something more comfortable and if you're good I may let you lick my pussy!"

Monday, December 11, 2017

I Promised

I promised I wouldn't peek and I promised I wouldn't whine about watching her take that big cock inside her....somehow I think my wife didn't believe me!!!

Monday ManCandy

With the holidays coming fast you have so much to do!!!
Shopping, cooking, entertaining,'s a wonder you have any energy left for another week of work too!!! Everyone wants to know how you do it!!! They all want to know your secret!!!
You just give them a smile because it's no secret!!! You start your day with that warm creamy tastes so good and is packed with protein to give you that energy you need!!!
ManCandy!!! Available for lunch and dinner too!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

At My Feet

He grabs my hips and I feel him pour the lube over my boipussy and I look down at my polished toes and the pretty panties around my all seems so right!!!! I just wait for him to make me his bitch while across the room my wife watches!!!!!

Date Gone Bad

Even if I hadn't heard her slam the door I could tell just from the look on her face that her date hadn't gone well, after all she came home alone in a cab!!!
"Kaaren!!! I want you on my bed and ready to fuck in five minutes!!!!"
It seems she was going to work off some of her frustration with me....I was probably in for a pretty rough night....she would probably fuck me senseless....
I don't know who her date was but if he's reading this I just have to say..."Thank You!!!"

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Just A Given

It's so rare to see a married man shopping for underwear for himself and you almost never see any buying for their wives!!!!
So it is very important that those wives buy their husbands something pretty and flattering....and to make sure they wear them whether they want to or not!!!!

I Don't Care

"I don't care how much you were enjoying yourself!!! I brought you home for me not for my sissy husband....he can suck your cock when I'm done with it!!!"

Friday, December 8, 2017


Just watch.....that's years of practice Baby!!!!


She called out from the next room....
"Are you ready Sissy?"
Sissy trembled just a little....maybe fear....maybe anxiety....maybe anticipation...
"Yes Ma'am, I'm ready!!!"

Thursday, December 7, 2017

People Wonder

When people see me they wonder why I let my hair grow so long....
I have my reasons!!!!