Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Size Does Matter

Some sissies like men with 7 inch cocks!
Some sissies like men with 8 inch cocks!
Some sissies want 9 inches or bigger!!!!
I can't speak for them but I've found that it takes about 36 inches to satisfy me!!!!

Understand His Need!

He pushed her down and reached up under my wife's dress! She gasped at the sudden action but she was still smiling!!! I watched as he roughly pulled her pretty white lace panties off and tossed them to me!
"Put them in your mouth Sissy! Taste her pussy!!!! Lick those panties while I'm fucking her!!!"
I slid them in my mouth, wet part first of course, although by that time no one was watching me!!!!
He needed release and he needed it now and he had a hot pussy to release into!!!! I understood his need!!!
I have had that need for a long. long, long. time!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Says So Much

As he enters her, her eyes seek me out! They say so  much to me....
This is what I wanted....
This is what I needed....
Thank you for letting me have this...
I love you....
One glance says so much before she closes her eyes tight as he fucks her to ecstasy!!!

Sissy Training - Watch and Learn

Watch closely Sissy! Your wife is showing you how to properly suck a big black cock!!!!
In a couple of weeks this will be your job so pay close attention!!!
Watch the woman you love wrap her lips around that thick cock!
Listen to her moans as she sucks him!!!
She loves to suck cocks Sissy!!!
It's too bad that all you can offer is that puny little caged clit!!!!
Men dream of having a woman who loves sucking a big cock and you married one!!!
Too bad that you just don't measure up!!!!!
So forget yours and concentrate on his!!! Watch and learn Sissy! She wants you to be a cocksucker and you know you will give her anything she wants!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015


Whether you want it or not, it's not up to you! You stand, quietly waiting for the command. The idea that you have a choice never enters your mind!!!

Monday ManCandy

You can have your bubbles, I don't need them!
You can have your scented oils, I don't need them!
You can have your water jets and Jacuzzi"s, I don't need them!!!
Keep your candles and pillows and romantic novels I don't need them either!!!
But don't get in the way of my ManCandy!!! Creamy delicious and so warm in my tummy!
A hot bath and a hot mouthful they just go together!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Making bath time better since...well since the invention of baths!!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"Sissy that's a much more sensible outfit you have on this week! I can't afford to keep replacing all those ripped panties!!!"

I Love Your Touch

"Oh my god Sissy, I love the way you touch me!!! No one else can make me cum like you do!!!! I feel your little caged clitty rubbing on my ass and that just excites me more!!!!"
"I love doing this for excites me too!!!"
"Would you like me to get the key right now Sissy? Would you like me to unlock you and maybe you could last long enough to cum inside my hot, wet pussy??? Is that what you want right now Sissy?"
Oh my god is that what I want right now!!!! I want it so badly I could scream!!! But a caged cuckold has to be careful with questions like these!!! It's like walking in a minefield!!! One wrong step and you're locked up for another week!!!!
"No Baby! All I want is for you to cum right now! I live to give you pleasure!!!"
"Oh god Sissy I'm cumming!!!!"
As I continued stroking around her far to sensitive clit she slumped back against me!!!
"I love you Sissy, but you'll be in that cage for another month now for lying to me!"
Stepped on a mine this time I guess!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I do....I do....I do....I do....

After the reception the Sissy Groom may not sit comfortably for a few days but that was okay...she preferred him on his knees!!!!

Here We Are!

"So here we are! He's hard and ready Sweetheart!!!!"
""Thank you Sissy! You can stay and watch him fuck me if you'd like!!"
"I'd like that very much! Thank you Ma'am! Shall I put his cock into you?"
"No Sissy just watch...see how a man fucks a woman!!!"

Friday, September 25, 2015

Her Lover Dropped By

I was doing my chores when her lover dropped by....
"I'm sorry she's not home right now!"
"I came to see you Sissy, I have something for you!"

"It's just something I've always wanted to do...."

"And I know how much you love having a cock in your mouth...."

That I figured you wouldn't mind if I fucked your mouth three or four times!!!"

After he was satisfied and removed the gag he asked if I was OK!!!
"Sure I'm okay, I love having a man burst into my home, force me to my knees, bind my hands and force his big fat cock into my gagged mouth, pumping my tummy full of his hot cum!!!"
"I'm sorry Sissy I'll...."
"No, no. I wasn't being sarcastic! I really did love it!!!! Can you come back tomorrow!"
He laughed....
"We'll see Sissy!"

Put Them Away

"You can put all the rest away Sissy!!! Nothing looks better on you than pretty pink panties!!!"

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Best Part

"You know what the best part of this gown is Sissy?"
"That it's so beautiful and it makes me feel like a fairy princess?"
"Well that's nice too but the best part is that there's no way you can take it off until I help you!"
"Why is that so good Sweetheart I mean it's not like..."
Sissy was interrupted by the doorbell and his wife's sweet laughter!!!!

Sissy School - Just a Few Minutes

"C'mon Leeanne, just a few minutes...please....pretty please!!!!"
"Dammit Kaaren I have a class..."
"I'll write you a note! Leeanne couldn't attend class today because she was fucking her roommate!!!"
"You know I can't turn you down sweet girl, but I think you need a spanking first for making me miss class!"
"You're just making me want you more baby!!!!"

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

All The Way In

Pressing me against the wall as he pushed slowly...oh so slowly into me I felt like every inch took forever until I felt him pressed hard against me!!!!
He leaned close and whispered.
"I'm all the way inside you Sissy! I've got my cock inside you and your beautiful wife is watching me make you my bitch!!! I'm going to fuck you long and hard and shoot my cum inside you!!!! Do you think she'll ever think of you as a man after this!!!! You'll be a sissy bitch forever!!!! How does that make you feel Sissy?"
From across the room I heard my wife gasp as she fingered herself to another orgasm!!!!
"Yes Sissy!" she cried as waves of pleasure overcame her. "Yes Sissy, how does it feel to be his woman!!!"
Although I was quite breathless as he began to pump slowly in and out of me I managed to call out an answer for both of them!
"It feels wonderful!"
And then all thought fled from me as he began a deep rhythmic stroking that actually made me cum even with the cage!!!!

With Each New Curl

When he saw his face with the makeup she had spent so long applying he was stunned! As she styled his hair he realized that with each new curl....with each new wave....the last few shreds of his masculinity were falling away!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


She was sweating and's always like this in withdrawal! She was writhing and clutching at air as the withdrawal came over her!!!! I knew what I had to do to get her through this...I had done it so many times before!!!!
She was gasping as her lover withdrew that lovely big cock but as I dove between her thighs and licked up their mixed creams it brought her focused her attention and as she began to cum again with my tongue deep inside her she was able to at least say a few words!
"MMMmmmmm More Sissy More!!!"
I wasn't going anywhere until she was over the withdrawal pains!!!!

Some Comments

Some comments really do get my attention!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

New Panties

"Thank you Sweetheart I love them!"
"Don't thank me boyfriend got them specially for you!"
"Your boyfriend...."
"Yes Sissy. I think tonight might be the night....your night Sissy!"
"You think he's going to...."
"I think he's going to have two girls fucking him tonight....Oh Sissy I'm so excited for you...I can't wait to watch him take your cherry!!!!"
"I'm a know...a little nervous...."
"You need to get your mind off of his big cock! Get down on your knees and eat my pussy for a while...that should settle you down!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

When you've had a busy weekend you really need a serious eye-opener on Monday to get you started for the week!!!
ManCandy!!!! Opening eyes for years!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"I know you don't really have any male friends Sissy, so I invited some nice guys I met at the Car Wash over to watch the game with you! Won't that be fun?"
"I'm not sure I...."
"Snacks are in the kitchen and the 'fridge is full of cold beers! I'm going out with my boyfriend for the day! You all have fun!!"


I lay there like a wanton legs spread wide and dress pushed up to my hips and my panties rubbing against his strong legs....his body above me as he thrust his beautiful cock in and out of my mouth...making me yearn for his cum to splash over my tongue and coat the inside of my throat....the few precious drops of his pre-cum on my tongue had sent my mind away and I became just a hole...just a place for his cock to enter me...just a place for him to seek his pleasure....I was just...
"Damn it Kaaren! I've been waiting over 10 minutes!!!! He looks pretty hard to me!!!!"
Brought crashing back into reality by her voice I reluctantly let him was so pun intended....but I pushed him away....
He chuckled as my wife came and took him by that lovely, stiff, wet cock and led him to our....her bedroom! Just before she slammed my door she glared at me.
"You may have enjoyed yourself now but you'll be regretting it tomorrow Missy!!!"
Moments later she opened the door again.
"And if I catch you peeking tonight I'll give you your spanking outside on the front steps!!!!"
My mind raced as the door slammed again! On the front public humiliation...what a delicious idea!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Just imagine how embarrassed you'd be if your wife caught you like this!!!!
Oh my goodness! The screaming that would follow!!!! The stupid empty apologies you'd make!!!!
The promises that it would never happen again!!!
And she's be right of course....isn't she always?
From now promise....that from now on she will never find you like this!!!
From now on you will always wear a bra!!!

That's Not All

"Fuck me Willy! Stick that big black dick in my tight little white pussy!!!!"
"Damn Baby, if I fuck you with your husband there he's gonna have my balls all over his face!!!"
"By the time we're done that's not all he'll have on his face!!! Now fuck me baby!!!!"

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Surprise

"Sissy there's a surprise for you in your room!"
"A surprise! What do you mean? What is it? What's the surprise?"
"Just go upstairs and see!!! For goodness sakes it won't be a surprise if I tell you, will it?"
I went up the stairs a little excited, a little nervous....
Taking a deep breath I pushed open my door...
"Oh my god Sweetheart!!!! It's just what I wanted!!!"
I could hear her laughing as I stepped into the room to play with my new toy!!!!!

Do You Remember Sissy?

"Do you remember when we started dating Sissy? Do you remember that I told you I wouldn't do anal?"
"Yes I do Sweetheart!"
"Well Sissy, I've reconsidered...please fetch the lube and prepare me...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
All I could hear was his laughter over the clicking of my heels!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just Perfect Sissy

"Very nice Sissy, Mark loves to see you in pink! We'll be home around Eleven so make sure you're there to meet us!!"
"Yes Ma'am! I'll be waiting!"
"Thank you Sissy! You really are my special girl!!!!"
"And you're mine! Thank you Sweetheart! Have fun on your date!"
"I will Sissy...I will...and maybe tomorrow we'll talk about how you just earned an orgasm!!!!!"

So Beautiful

She's so beautiful in the early morning light!!! Sipping her morning coffee, she stands there like a goddess!
How I love her!
I offered her breakfast but she told me there was plenty of time for me to prepare something for her! She said she'd much rather I finished sucking her lovers cock first!
She has to be the most thoughtful wife ever!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pleased To Meet You

"Kaaren I'd like to introduce you to...."
I'm sure she said a name but I had already stopped listening!!!!
""Pleased to meet you Sir!!!
"Enough talk Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Her New Friend

"Oh my god!!!! Your friends strap-on feels so real....!
"Ha Sissy, I bet it does! I'm getting this on video! Wait till you see it later!!!!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Not For Me

That face is not for me!!!! He is fucking her deeper than I have ever been!!!! Her pleasure is obvious and the best I can offer her is my tongue after...

Of Course

"Of course he'll want to fuck you! A pretty little Sissy like you! You're so pretty that I feel like fucking you myself!!!!"
"You're just saying that because you love me...."
"Oh you think so? You run your sweet little ass upstairs and get me my strap-on!!!"
"But he'll be here soon!"
"Then he'll just have to wait!"
"But Mom!!!!"
"No more back talk or he'll be waiting while I spank you!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday, September 14, 2015

Just Another Day

"I'm gonna fuck you like the little bitch you are....beg me....beg me to fuck your sissy pussy!"
"Please Mistress...please make me your little fucktoy!!! Push that big cock in my sissy pussy! Split me wide open!!!!"
"Are you ready to cum sissy? Are you going to cum with my big dick inside you?"
"Oh yes!!! oh yes!!! OH YES!!!!!"
"Oh you nasty sissy! Look at that mess! You lick up every last drop!!!"
"Yes Mistress!"
"It's 2:40 your next appointment is at 3:00....will that be all Mr. Weiss?"
"Yes thank you Melinda! Please have those sales figures on my desk for me to go over with the client,"
"I will Mr. Weiss, you just make sure your desk is nice and clean!"
"Oh....heh...of course thank you Melinda!"
"Thank you Mr. Weiss!"

Monday ManCandy

Feeling a little under the weather? Don't think you'll be able to get started today? Maybe you need to see the Doctor? Maybe what you need is some medicine? Maybe what you need is some ManCandy!!! It's so good and delicious that after a spoonful or two you'll be ready to go!!! Who knows what joys this wonderful day has in store for you! When you step out the door with your tummy full of tasty creamy ManCandy you're ready to take on the world!
ManCandy!!! Take one now and repeat as needed!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Are You Listening?

"Kaaren....Kaaren! Are you listening to me?"
"Oh...yes Sweetheart...of course I'm listening...."
"He was so big big....Kaaren are you listening????"
"Yes Sweetheart....big...he was big,,,,""
"Forget it Kaaren! Just get your tongue in there and make me cum!!!"
"I heard that Sweetheart!!!!"

Sunday Is Game Day!!!

Sissy took a few minutes to huddle with the offensive's important to keep up team morale!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Is It Too Much?

"Do you like it?"
"Oh god yes!!!"
"And you'd like me to do this again?"
"Oh please...oh yes!"
"And maybe sometimes...if you've been very good...I'll take you in my mouth...would you like that?"
"Yes please...yes!!!"
"I know you've been wearing my underwear! My pretty bras and panties! Did you like it?"
"No I...l.oh no please don't stop!!!"
"If you lie to me I'm going to stop so did you like wearing my panties?"
"Yes...I'm sorry but I loved it!"
"You can wear them anytime you want and I can do this for you if you'll dress up pretty and suck my boyfriends cock while I watch!!!!"
"I...I don't mean it...anytime I want,,,,you'll do this for me...."
"Anytime you want! You dress up all femmy and suck him off and I'll make you cum every day!!!"
"Okay, I'll do it! I'm going to cum!!!!!"
"I didn't tell you that you'll have to lick that all that OK?"
"Yes...oh yes anything....oh yes....thank you Sis!!!!"
"Quiet Sissyboy, you don't want to wake Mom and Dad!!!"

When They Came In

When they came in from their date I was waiting in my prettiest lingerie, on my knees waiting to serve them...
Maybe I'd have to get them drinks as they chuckled at my mincing walk in these 4 inch heels....
Maybe they'd already done it and she'd have me lick his cum from her while he laughed at me...
Maybe she'd have me undress him and worship his body while I blushed in humiliation...
Maybe she'd fuck me with her big black strap-on...he enjoyed watching her do that while he urged her to go faster, harder. deeper....
I never expected them to rush past me pulling at each others clothes with a hasty "Good night Sissy!" as they closed the bedroom door behind them! I knelt there in my pretty frills and felt a lot of things but mostly I felt stupid!
I had assumed and she was always telling me to never do that...maybe some day I'd learn....

Friday, September 11, 2015

All I Can Do

All I can do is rub my nylons together but that's only making the pressure in the cage worse!!! Every thrust, every moan, every minute is such exquisite little clit so ready to explode as I watch him give my wife what she desires so much!!!!

Football Season - Patriots vs Steelers Post Game Inspection

"In a moment we'll have a statement from Sissy she comes now...."
"Thank you ladies and gentlemen I was contacted by the league to conduct surprise inspections and after exhaustive testing I can testify that all the balls in last night's game were fully least they were when I checked them!"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sissy School - Nature Walk

"You see Leeanne, now aren't you glad you came with me for this nature walk?"
"I am now Kaaren, who knew these woods were filled with such delightful wildlife!"
"Nature in all it's glory is a beautiful thing Leeanne!"
"It is, maybe I could get a chance with nature's glory for a little while?"
"Certainly Sweetie! This was just an unplanned distraction, it was you I wanted to explore in the woods anyway!!!!"

Bath Time Humiliation

"Sissy please assist Mark in the bath, I want him squeaky clean when he comes to my bed!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Tell me how he feels Sissy!"
"How he feels?"
"Yes Sissy tell me how he feels as you slide your hands over him!"
"His skin is very smooth....I can feel his tight muscles....his thigh is soft like a baby...his tummy is flat and hard...."
"My tummy!!!" Mark laughed!
"You mean his abs, don't you Sissy?
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Apologize and say it properly!"
"I'm sorry Sir! Your abs are magnificent!"
"What else Sissy?"
"He has a wonderful big cock....even soft he's bigger than I've ever's delicious too....I look forward to any opportunity to have it in my mouth!!!!"
"Very good Sissy! Now rinse him off and he'll turn around and you can do his back! I can't wait to hear all about how that makes you feel!!!"
I was surprised that the heat from my blushing face didn't make the water boil!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I've Told You Before

"I've told you before Sissy, never assume!"
"But I thought..."
"Your job is to satisfy me Sissy, not to think! I told you I was going to remove your cage and let you fuck me....I never said anything about that pathetic little clitty going inside me did I?"
"No but!"
"Shhh now Sissy, let me just slip this part into your mouth!"

Sissy Training - I Don't Have All Day

"Hurry up in that shower!!! I've laid out your lingerie and I'm waiting!!! You should know that it's unwise to keep me waiting!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


"Really Sissy, you didn't really think I'd leave without spending a little time with you, did you?"

Why Did Sissy Get A Spanking!!!!

When Sissy presented herself for his wife's inspection he ended up over her knees! What did Sissy do wrong?

Monday, September 7, 2015

So Slow!

Ste was going so slow that he began to think he'd never cum!!!
She lifted her head and asked him again....
"Will you let my Sissy husband suck your cock?"
"No, hell no I'm no fag i only do women....real women!!!!"
"Suit yourself!"
She went back to sucking him so slowly! He gasped!
"Faster, harder please!!!!"
"I'm sorry but the only way you're cumming is in my Sissy's mouth! Want him to suck you yet?"
"Yes please!!! I need to cum!!!!
"Kaaren, he's all yours!"