Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Wifes Friends Believe But What About Their Husbands

An ongoing Fantasy

"I honestly don't see what you're so worried about. It's just you and me."
"But honey please I can't serve your tea out in the yard, I mean just look at me...."
"I think you look adorable, don't you like being pretty for me?"
"Of course you know I do, but this dress is..."
"That dress is beautiful and fits you just right, Pink flatters your coloring, I wish I could wear colors like that."
"But honey someone might see me..."
"Oh so that's what's bothering you? You are so funny, All the women around here have seen you in dresses before, remember, they've seen you on your knees sucking a great big cock and getting cum shot onto your pretty face and you worry about them seeing you in your new dress. You're being so silly."
"But it's daylight and our fence is only 5 feet high, anyone looking over could see...."
"Could see what? A devoted husband serving his loving wife a cup of tea? I doubt the women around here would even bat an eye, In fact a couple of them have asked me how we came to this lovely arrangement. They want to try to make their husbands as attentive as you. You've become a role model."
"But honey, please, I know your friends know about me but what if any of their husbands come out...."
"So what if they do, do you think they'll yell at you? Call you names? "
"Honey I really don't want the men to know that I..."
"That you wear dresses for me? That you suck cocks for me? Do you remember a few days ago when we got the cage that you thought the women were talking about you?"
"Yes sweetheart I remember."
"Well do you honestly think that none of those women told their husbands?"
"I hadn't thought of that, I guess..."
"So you see you're worrying about nothing, silly Sissy, anyone who sees you probably already knows about what a wonderful sweet husband you are. Besides that you know I was thinking about how maybe we could have some fun tonight. I've got the key right here in my pocket  So you wouldn't want me to be cross with you now would you?"
"Oh yes please it feels like this thing has been on me forever, it would be so wonderful to have you release me tonight."
"Well I'm going out to the yard, you make me a nice pot of tea and bring it out and serve it and I'll definitely think about it. OK sweet Sissy?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Oh I like that, you should do a proper curtsey when you say that. We'll have to work on that. I'll be waiting for my tea outside."
She closed the door as I put the water on to boil. I smoothed down my dress and straightened my stockings and stepped out into the bright sunlight.

Go Get The Groom

Who Knew that the limo driver would shoot so much cum in me. My maid of honor is using the last of the tissues and I'm still dripping.
I don't want cum dripping down my legs as I walk down the aisle. Go get the groom, he's been trained to clean up big messes like this, it'll be such a sweet gesture for him to suck a strangers cum out of me so that I can feel comfortable during the ceremony. I'm sure he won't mind, I mean, he's never minded before.

We Have Too Many Expenses

"Kaaren, you have to cut back your spending. I know you want to be pretty and I know that you love buying new things but if you keep going like this we'll be broke."
My wife was reviewing our bills and I was in trouble again!
"We'll just have to get rid of some things, like the pool service man. I know it's hot out and I love when we slip on our bikinis for a dip but I think we'll have to let him go. You'll have to take care of the pool from now on."
"But honey," I pleaded, "it's so hard to do. I'll tell you what, he's coming today let me see if I can negotiate a lower price, please."
"Okay but it better be really low or he'll have to go."
"I can be very persuasive sometimes."
She looked up at me and laughed. "Oh I know you can Kaaren...just let me know if an agreement."
"I'm sure I will."

The date was going so well

The date had been going so well. When he picked her up he was dressed to the nines and he had a fantastic car. He had taken her to the most exclusive restaurant in town for a fantastic dinner. The wine was expensive and exquisite. The conversation flowed easily and she was very comfortable with him right away.
She had decided almost immediately that she was goig to fuck his brains out tonight!
After dinner they went to a club for drinks and dancing. Her drink was white wine while he drank Aged Kentucky Bourbon, neat of course.
The conversation had taken a suggestive turn and she was becoming more and more aroused. So much so that at one point she placed her hand on his knee and began stroking his thigh.
She felt him tense and thought that was cute. Gazing into his blue eyes she let her hand wander further up his right leg and she felt....nothing. He must "hang" to the left she thought.
He asked her to dance again.and when they returned to the table she switched and sat to his left. Once again she placed a hand on his thigh and stroked upward and felt...nothing.
He was blushing as she placed her hand in his lap and then she felt a small bump poking her palm.
She pulled her hand away, staring at him.
Oh my God, she thought, he's hung like a 5 year old!
She pushed her wine away and taking his bourbon told him to order her another one.
She stared as he walked to the bar, "Damn it, everything was going so well, damn, damn, damn." she said aloud to herself.

She considered her options and despite his shortcomings there was still a chance to salvage the night.
He had better have a fantastic tongue because she wanted orgasms tonight and damn it he was going to give them to her one way or the other!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Picnic

"You see Sissy" my wife said, "I told you that you'd have fun with us on our picnic date."
I couldn't answer her as I was busy sucking her lovers cock and swallowing his hot cum.
I love doing this outdoors as the idea of being caught is another of my hundreds of kinks and fetishes!

These Damned Heels

These heels are killing me. My wife laid out this outfit for me to wear to come meet her downtown. She said I should take the train. But just walking from the car to the train station was torture. I really have to get more practice in heels.
It's the funniest thing though, every time I stopped to rub my sore ankles I heard brakes screeching and I also heard at least one fender-bender accident. People seem to be very careless driving these days.
I also heard a couple of "wolf" whistles and I tried to spot the hot woman who prompted them but I guess I missed them by the time I looked around.

Looks to Me Like Grandma Knew Something We Don't

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this picture just incredibly hot. The lovely hair, the perfect makeup and some of the most feminine lingerie ever known to man!
Grandma had it going on.....

Friday is Date Night

"Sissy my friend Steve is coming over tonight. Please make yourself pretty for us." my wife said to me. "I think you should put on that sweet black corset I bought you and some white stockings. Bring it here and I'll lace you up."
As she pulled the laces tighter and tighter on the corset I felt my waist shrinking and breathing becoming more difficult. Finally she tied them off and she helped me put on the stockings because bending over in this corset was out of the question.

"What about panties?" I asked.
"I don't think you'll be needing them sissy and I like to watch your clitty try to get out of the cage!"
Her boyfriend Steve came soon after. He had seen me perhaps a half a dozen times before but he always seemed to find me amusing.
They retired to the bedroom and I lay on the bed, my wife kneeling over me as he fucked my wife hard from behind. I loved watching him stretch her sweet pussy further than I ever could.
He increased his intensity as she started to cum on his hard cock. Shooting his hot cum into her I got ready and as he pulled out it poured from her lips to my waiting tongue.

Steve watched for a few moments, shaking his head as I licked and sucked his cum from my wife's pussy. He turned and walked to the bathroom.
"Thank you Kaaren you've been very good tonight, please wait outside for a little while while I discuss something with Steve."
"Yes Ma'am" I always felt more submissive with the taste of another man's cum in my mouth.
Closing the door behind me I was a little confused, she usually wanted me to suck her lovers cocks back to life for her so they could fuck again. I wondered what was going on. All I heard was some whispered conversation and a surprised chuckle from her lover.
After some time passed the door was pulled open and Steve stepped past me pointing a finger over his shoulder, "She wants you...Sissy." he laughed as he said it.
My wife was sitting on the bed facing away from me and she hadn't said anything and I hurried to her thinking something was wrong.
Instead she pulled me close and kissed me, surprising me with the mouthful of cum she had just taken from her lovers cock.

Smiling at me through her cum smeared lips she said, "I just felt like sucking a great big cock tonight, but I saved all the cum for you my sweet Sissy"
"Thank you my love." I said as I heard the door close downstairs as Steve left for the night.
"Just you and me for the rest of the night Kaaren, what do you feel like doing."
We both dissolved in giggles. God how I love this woman.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Redheads Are My Kryptonite # 2

A fantasy....

It was one of my first times out "en femme" and I was very nervous. My wife kept telling me that I was fine and in a dark booth in the back of the restaurant I started to feel a little more secure.
The waiter didn't seem to pay any extra attention to me and the diners at the nearby tables were more interested in each other than in me.
But there was a beautiful redhead who stared at me for a long time, Long enough that her date seemed to notice her distraction and brought her attention back to him.
After our cocktails arrived I excused myself to go to the bathroom.
"Make sure you use the ladies," my wife smiled at me.
Stepping into the brightly. lit bathroom I quickly chose a stall and sat to do my business. As i sat there I heard the rest room door open, I hoped I could leave without this new arrival seeing me. I finished up, wiped and tucked myself away in my pretty panties.
As I opened the stall door there she was, the redhead...
She moved to me and touched my arm.
"You're looking very pretty tonight Kaaren, your wife said you and I should get to know each other."
She pulled off my skirt and panties as I was mesmerized by her beauty.
When she took off her own I was amazed to find out I wasn't the only Sissy in the room!
"I could tell from a mile away," she laughed, "and your wife is a very generous woman!"
Her tongue went to work on me and everything else was forgotten.....

Dreaming Again

My dream sissy had me on my belly and was about to take me. She leaned over to whisper in my ear.
"Push yourself onto me Kaaren. I want you to take me at your own pace."
I pushed back and felt her enter me, the fulfillment of my fantasies, she wasn't big but then neither am I . But the idea that she was finally inside me was all I could think of....just the idea was enough to make me cum....straining in the cage grinding on my pillow, my panties soaked through....Moaning her name as I came.

Suddenly waking from the delightful dream, my wife was smiling at me.
"Wow Kaaren," she laughed, "That must have been some dream!"
I blushed thinking of what a sight I must have been!
"It's OK Kaaren, I have some hot dreams too, but you've got me so turned on I think you're going to have to take care of me now or I won't be able to get back to sleep"
I gladly helped her satisfy her needs so she could sleep....

I lay awake for some time hoping that sleep would bring my sweet Sissy back to me!

All For You Kaaren

I know that I get the pleasure of having these big cocks and you only get to watch.
I know that your little clit strains in your cage when you see those big cocks hammering my pussy.
I know that you want to cum so badly.
But I also know how much more you love being my obedient chastity sissy and I know how much you love to clean me up  after he fucks me.
He cums in me....but it's all for you sweet Sissy.

The Only Thing Missing

The only thing missing in this picture is me between those beautiful thighs with my lips wrapped around that wonderful huge clit!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Never Get Tired Of Seeing This

I never get tired of seeing my wife cum. She is such a beautiful woman. The first time she came on a big cock I thought for a moment that he had hurt her but hearing her throaty moans of pleasure made it clear to me that he was giving her pleasures that I had never been able to offer.
I love to hear her cum, she tells her stud to "fuck my tight pussy" and "fill me with that big cock", but even in the middle of her orgasm she has always declared her love for me.
"Oh God I'm cumming..oh God I love you Kaaren."
It fills my heart that she may give her body to this man but her heart belongs to me. I may not be much of a man as I sit in my cage and panties but this beautiful woman is mine and at the end of the day he's leaving and she is cuddling up with me.

Vintage Sissy # 5

In Heels? Well of course she's in heels! What else would you wear with that dress?

I Had A Hard Day Sissy

I had a very bad day in work today Sissy, I could barely keep up as the work just kept coming. All I could think of that made the day bearable was having you at home waiting to help me ease my frazzled nerves.
Mmmmmmmmmmm yes Sissy just like that, that's exactly what I needed.

Energency Services

Whenever a sissy confronts a challenge that overwhelms her she can call the Emergency Sissy Maid Team or the ESMT's as they're known.
The ESMT's are trained to assist any sissy in performing her duties no matter what they are. The rapid response usually takes no more than a few minutes till they are on the scene. These Sissy's are all volunteers who have signed up with their master or mistress permission, although they're still expected to keep up their own housework because it's hard to ride a motorcycle with a bright red bottom after a spanking!

In this case a sissy just got a job that she felt she couldn't handle alone! Her wife had told her to entertain the new neighbor and Sissy just didn't think she was woman enough!

Hopefully with the assistance of the dedicated Sissy Maids of the ESMT squad they will be able to help this Sissy obey her wifes orders. Based on what they were told they had used the fastest motorcycles available while they hoped the Sissy could last until they got there!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do you Remember Where's Waldo?

Do you remember 'Where's Waldo"? You got a picture of a huge crowded place and you had to search for Waldo who would be in the picture somewhere. Like this...

Well it was quite the craze and it spawned books and games and probably millions of dollars for the creators.

Anyway I wouldn't mind making millions of dollars, at least I could pay my Victoria's Secret credit card bill...So I think I have something here...

A New game called Spot the Sissy. I'll cleverly conceal a sissy in a picture and you can all have fun trying to spot her. Ready? Here we go....

First "Spot the Sissy" challenge

I Know You're Watching

I know you're still in the room watching, I can smell your arousal! I can hear your breath. I know how much you love this game...almost as much as I do. I can't see and he hasn't said anything but his scent is unmistakable. I have our neighbor Tony in my mouth.
You never understood about the blindfold, you thought it gave you all the power but it really gives me the power to be the sissy that I was born to be. I can do whatever the master or mistress you provide me requires and I don't have to hold anything back.
They are anonymous to me, bodies that I can use to give and get pleasure from. I have Tony's cock in my mouth but it could be anyone's and I love sucking it and I love that you are watching.
I think the blindfold works two ways it allows me to let go and it also allows whoever you invite to let go as well.
I'm never going to tell you this because I love this game so much that I wouldn't want you to know that it's a game I win every time!

He Was Fantastic Sissy

She had had a good time with her latest lover, she came home and couldn't stop talking about him.
"Oh Kaaren, he was so big, his cock must have been 10 inches at least and so thick you wouldn't believe it. He fucked me cross-eyed. I don't think anyone has ever hit the spots he was hitting and he made me cum and cum and cum. When he came in me the first time I thought he was done, but after the third time I thought I was done. Anyway it was getting late and I told him I had a sweet litle sissy waiting at home for me like a good girl and after he laughed he offered to let me use his bathroom to clean up, but I told him that that was your job. So after you've licked these panties clean you can crawl over here and get started. It may take a while it felt like he pumped gallons into me...."
As she tossed me her cum soaked panties she never even paused in her narrative as I slipped them into my mouth and tasted her and her lover...

Hot and Fresh

I had eaten cum, my own and some others long before I did this for my wife. What stopped me was not knowing how she would react to me doing it. Would she be appalled or elated? I had no way of telling. We had had some adventurous sex and she knew about my dressing in womens clothes before we married and she seemed to enjoy it.
She was ever-so-slightly dominant when I was wearing lingerie and dresses and I had considered myself very lucky to have found such a beautiful understanding woman. I didn't want to take a chance to ruin what we had by going that one step too far.
But I knew my little dick left her unsatisfied most of the time and after one particularly embarrassing performance where I came in her almost immediately I slid down her body, dipped my tongue in and licked her clean giving her several tremendous orgasms.
When she made me stop she pulled me to her and kissed me despite having our mixed cum all over my lips and tongue.
"I always wanted you to do that." she whispered to me and kissed me again.
That was the moment that so many doors opened for us.
Now on the rare occasion my wife allows me to cum inside her it is with the understanding that I'll immediately lick it back out of her. It makes her happy and her happiness is all I want!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pussy Licking - Tastes Like Candy

What did you think I was talking about? You all have such dirty minds!
Aren't you all ashamed? Now line up and we'll all get a good spanking.
The line forms right behind me !!!

It's Whats Underneath That Counts

On the outside all the world sees is a male, perhaps a little effeminate, but clearly a male. Wearing jeans and boots nobody gives a second glance. But if you open those jeans just a little you can let the sissy out. It is such a simple thing, a tiny bow on your panties. But it makes a world of difference....


"I'm flattered," she said "that you want to marry me but there's a couple of points I'd like to make about how you're approaching this in the wrong way."
"First you're dressed entirely wrong, I want you in soft silky lingerie."
"Second I need to have your tiny little clit in a cage so I can keep it under control."
"Third and the most important point at the moment, if you want me to even consider your proposal you're certainly kissing the wrong part of my body!"


My wife has been dressing sexier for work these past few days. Finally she told me that her new boss was giving her the eye but she wasn;t sure if he was interested in her that way.
I think she got her answer because when she called me to say she'd be late, her breathing was heavy and she sounded incredibly turned on.
Her boss wanted to interview her for a position he had in mind to place her in she said.
I laughed and told her to enjoy herself. I would hold dinner for her and looked forward to hearing all about it when she got home.

Never Really Stopped Trying

Just because I had failed before doesn't mean I stopped trying. I can get tantalizingly close but can never quite reach.
I know in my head that it'll never happen but the incredibly remote possibility that I might finally reach that little clit makes it worth trying over and over year after year!

Guess Which One

One of you is going to fuck me in every way imaginable. Every position, every hole. One of you is going to fill me with your hot cum and make me scream like the hot little bitch that I am.
One of you is going to have me on my knees begging for your hard cock.
The other one is going to stand by and watch and lick up every drop of our cum.
Now can you guess which one is which?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet me At The Gym

When my wife called and told me to meet her and her hot friend from work at the gym for a workout I made two very incorrect assumptions.
First I assumed her hot friend would be a woman.
Second I assumed that she meant I would work out more than my tongue.

Monday ManCandy # 2

I know it's silly but this phrase was used in a TV commercial and it's just stuck in my head....hehehe stuck in my head....wouldn't be the first thing to get stuck in my head lol. Sorry no pun was intended it just sort of came up.....
Anyway here's the second installment in what could be an ongoing series.The first one is here

All Your Uniforms Are At The Cleaners

Sissy, all of your lovely maids uniforms are still at the dry cleaners. You seem to be very messy, he said he'd never seen so many stains on dresses in his life.When I told him I'd ask my husband to be more careful. He laughed at first but then he glanced at the size tag and then at me, he smiled, shrugged and said that they'd be ready on Tuesday.
I know you do your chores on Monday so I got you something to wear till you can pick up your frills tomorrow. And it's perfect too, I know you begged me not to send you out on errands in your sissy dresses....well this isn't a dress so you don't have to change to go out. Think of all the time you'll save.
You see sweet Sissy, I'm always trying to make your life easier!!!

Monday Morning

I couldn't help but notice that my wife was choosing much sexier lingerie to wear to work lately.
I wondered why but it isn't my place to question her. I'm sure if there's a reason she'll tell me.
My job is to offer her my love and support, and sometimes that support is meant quite literally!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Review

Kaaren, come in here please.
It's time for the review of your behavior for the last week.
I don't think you'll be sitting down the rest of today at least!

Now pull down your panties and get over my knee. I hope you don't mind that my sister watches. I'm going to be giving her spanking privileges so she wants to see how it's done.

As if I had any say in the matter. My wife's sister snickered as the first slap landed. But as my wife switched to the hairbrush and really reddened my ass her laughter changed to heavy breathing.
I'm afraid if she gets permission to spank me it might be a pretty frequent thing!!!

Oh Sissy Kaaren

You're not much of a lover when it comes to fucking, your little tiny clitty is so small I can't even tell if you're in me or not.
I had never really thought of having a husband who wore sexier lingerie than I did.
I really had to take a step back the first time I saw you suck a cock, I just didn't know what to think.
But in the quiet times, when it's just you and me I look into your eyes and all I see is love and devotion.
And to tell the truth, no one, man or woman, makes me come like you do when you get your magic tongue working on me.

Room Service

Oh Sissy the Room Service here at the Cuckold Arms Hotel is really fantastic.
While you lay there on your little cot in the corner they brought me a lovely breakfast. They served me and saw to my every morning need. They told me that all the wives that come here look forward to starting the day here.
And we were quiet as mice so as not to wake you but they also left something for you and it's best served warm. So rise and shine Kaaren, on your knees and open wide for your morning protein.

Don't You Dare

Kaaren, don't you dare cum. You have to learn to control yourself. I'm just going to keep stroking your clit but you are not going to cum.
If you squirt you're going to lick up every drop and then go over my knee. You'll learn control one way or another!
My goodness your face is so red and are you sweating?
Please stop that whimpering too, it's very distracting and I don't want to lose my rhythm here.
Just another 10 minutes and if you can hold out I may allow you to cum.
Did you say something or was that just a groan, oh my, you do find things to complain about!

Kaaren I was Only Gone For A Minute!

My goodness Kaaren I was only gone for a minute. When you said you wanted something to eat I assumed you wanted popcorn.
You are such a sissy slut!
But your new friend is kind of hot and he has a really nice looking cock so you should invite him to come home with us. Maybe you can have some hot cream pie for dessert!

Oh Sissy You Almost Got It

What a shame and you were doing so well.
But remember you have to catch the cum on your tongue not on your lips. Now lick my boyfriend clean, go and get us some snacks and in a little while you can try again.
No don't clean your face that's your incentive to get it right next time.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vintage Sissy # 4

Looks like Grandma's generation had some interesting ideas....

Saturday Mornig

When I woke my wife was already awake. Her lover from last night was softly snoring between us.
She smiled at me and scooted down to take his hard cock in her hand and she began kissing and licking the side of the shaft.
I slid down and began kissing and licking the other side. Looking into each others eyes we kissed with his hard cock in between our lips.
I didn't realize he was awake until I felt his hand in my hair pulling me close, I opened my eyes and saw he held my wife's hair with his other hand.
We licked and kissed as he pumped between us and when he came it was quite the mess but I got busy licking that up as he and my wife kissed goodbye.
he left our house with a huge grin on his face!

Friday Night is Date Night

My wife brought home someone new tonight. He had never been in a cuckold situation like this. He certainly seemed excited about having a hot woman and her sissy husband at the same time.
I had made up and dressed very convincingly after getting my wife's call that she was on her way home from the club.
I met them at the door in my finest maids uniform and almost before I could say hello he had his pants down and his hot cock was sliding between my sissy lips.
"He's very excited to meet you Kaaren," my wife smiled at me, "I've been telling him all about you all night. You get him nice and hard for me but don't you dare make him cum."
After a minute or two she pushed my head away from his delicious, dripping cock.
"Go turn down the bed Kaaren, and stay there he wants you very close to the action."
He chuckled as I bustled away to prepare the bedroom.
I had just turned down the bed and taken off my dress when I heard them coming up the stairs. We had done this before so I had a good idea what my wife wanted me to do.
As they entered the room they were groping each other and kissing. I assisted them in undressing and at a gesture from my wife I lay on the bed.
She crawled onto the bed over me until her sweet pussy was directly above my face. She turned to her lover and growled "Fuck me baby!"
I licked her pussy and I licked his cock as he fucked her. My wife toyed with my little clit as it strained in it's cage.
When he came and pulled out of her I took him into my mouth and sucked the last few drops of cum from him as he groaned, then as he watched I got busy eating all that sweet cream from my wife giving her orgasm after orgasm.


Inspired by this post over at Leeanne's wonderful blog I finally decided to get out those killer Fuck-Me heels and learn to walk in them properly.
I love how my legs look in heels and my wife finds it wildly amusing to watch me and occasionally pinch or slap my ass. She says the heels make me walk like a slut.
I had never thought of using the treadmill as a sissy trainer but you learn something new every day!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Yes Sissy Just Like That

Yes Sissy rub it just like that. That's the way you'll cum from now on when I allow it.
No more stroking that little clitty of yours ever. That's what men do and you are surely not a man. You are my sweet soft little Sissy. and from now on you'll cum like one.

I Had Tried To Wait

I had been listening to them fuck for almost an hour. Her lover seemed like he could last forever, her words of encouragement had become deep groans as he gave her orgasm after orgasm.
I tried to wait because I knew when he finally came in her beautiful pussy that I'd be called in to lick her clean and soothe her ravaged flesh.
I tried to wait but god how I had to pee. the urge started as soon as she closed the door leaving me kneeling in the hallway outside of our bedroom but I figured I could hold out and I didn't want to disturb her with her new lover by knocking and asking permission.
But he lasted forever and I had to go so bad I finally decided to take the chance and go to the bathroom.
Of course you know that as soon as I sat and began to pee that I heard her call my name. I tried to stop the flow but it was impossible.
She called my name in increasingly angry tones 4 more times until I was able to enter the room.
"You little Sissy bitch!" she shouted at me,  "You are in so much trouble, Get busy licking up all this cum while I think of how many times I'm going to paddle your little ass later."
Her lover chuckled as I licked her clean and then laughed out loud as she directed me to lick the cum from the sheet too!

Eye Contact

You have to keep eye contact Sissy, I know you want to keep looking at this magnificent cock but men love to see a Sissy's eyes when you're on your knees,
It shows devotion to his status as a man and your acceptance of your role as a Sissy, the eyes tell it all. See how he smiles at you as you suck his cock. He knows he is your master, he knows that you know it too. Now get busy and let's see how much of him you can take.