Tuesday, March 31, 2015

After A Long Day

After a long day of power suits and corporate politics she likes to come home and slip on a pair of jeans and relax!!! I know her feet are sore and sweaty after a long day in her heels and I know exactly what she needs to soothe her aches and pains!

It's Funny

Since she released me from the cage I've been cumming almost constantly! I don't mean just walking around spraying cum everywhere, although that would have a certain humor value! I mean like a teenager, pulling and tugging on every little hard-on!
I had thought it would be....more special somehow after being denied orgasm for a year!
She's just been smiling at me as I reach into my panties to stroke my little erect clit again and again! She's told me to take care of it privately! She doesn't want to watch! But she does remind me to lick it all up!
I'm not sire what's wrong with me...I should be in ecstasy and instead I'm just confused!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Never Go Back

"Sissy since you've become my maid you've become so much more helpful around the house! I don't think I could ever go back to the way it was! You really were never much of a man but you are the best sissy husband ever!"

Monday ManCandy

Just look at that smile! She knows that she has that extra edge...that little something...that energy boost that will see her through the day!!! While the world hustles and bustles around her she is ready for anything with a tummy full of warm delicious ManCandy!
"ManCandy! It gives you that smile that's the envy of anyone that sees you!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

One Year Plus

The last time was March 23, 2014!!! She removed my cage today!!! She said it would be off for a while!!! She said my year of chastity had been the ultimate test of my commitment to our love, to our life, to our relationship!!!
She told me I had earned the sweet pleasure of release! She told me to indulge myself! She told me to lie back and we should get the first one out of the way! Did I want it fast or slow!!!!
"Fast....please god...I'm almost ready and you haven't even touched me yet!!!"
"Fast then!!!"
And it was fast...so fast...the pleasure was intense but somehow not as much as I had dreamed! I think my time caged had made me build up my expectations! Don't get me wrong....it was wonderful...truly wonderful...but somehow in my mind and my year of almost constant arousal I had thought it would be more....I don't know....not trying to make a pun it just seemed anticlimactic!!!
But I'm just a silly sissy who just came for the first time in more than a year so my thoughts may be a little scattered!!!


As her hands slipped over her husbands feminine body, feeling the outlines of his bra and panties under his short dress she was so glad they had met! "All mine!" she thought, "I'm so glad Sissy is all mine!"
As he stroked her and let his hands play over her beautiful body he looked into her eyes and he saw it there! No matter how many men came to her with their giant cocks she was still in love with only him! "I'm so glad she's all mine!" he thought before he kissed her good night, before she went to bed with her lover!
He may be fucking her tonight but in the morning he'll be gone and she'll still be all mine, I almost feel sorry for him!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

First Time

"Use plenty of lubricant Miranda, it's Sissy's first time and you know the Master likes a smooth entry!"
"Yes Ma'am I remember it well!

That's My Special Girl

"Beautiful Kaaren...isn't it one of the most beautiful cocks you've ever seen? Don't you love it?"
"Feel him in your mouth Sissy....feel his warmth...feel the soft velvet head on your tongue...taste him sissy...taste the MAN in your mouth....feel that cock throb....feel the heat....he'll cum soon sissy and I want you to swallow it all...you should be rewarded for your efforts...swallow his manly seed and then suck him hard again sissy...this time for me....

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sissy School - Keeping You Up

"God Kaaren...just look at what you do to me!"
"Honestly Leeanne I swear I don't know what you mean! But if you have a few minutes I can take care of that for you!"
"Kaaren all my grades are slipping! and...."
"Mmmmm...it's so nice Leeanne"
"and I was top in my......ooooh..."
"Mmmmmm...and it tastes so good sweet Leeanne!"
"Kaaren you're such a sissy slut....oh yes...oh yes!!!"

I warned You Sissy

"I warned you Sissy, I told you over and over to take shorter, more ladylike steps! Well now I've fixed the problem! We'll see if this will help you learn!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Right Now Sissy

Stop staring and get busy! It's not going to lick itself Sissy!!!!

If I've Learned Anything

If I've learned anything from this past winter it would be this; when someone says to expect 8 inches tonight it's not always something to be happy about!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another Inch

"Just another inch to go baby! Just another inch and that cock will be on your lips! You know it's what I want!!! You know it's what you want!!! Just another inch to go and you'll become my sissy cocksucker! Don't disappoint me! I want to see you with a cock in your mouth! You want to have a cock in your mouth! Suck him for me! Suck him for you! Just suck him Sissy!!!!"
"Just another inch to go baby!!!!"

So You Say

So you say you're not a sissy...when it is so obvious to me that you are!!!! I'll tell you what I'll do...I'll go wait in the bedroom and if you come in without this bra on then we can fuck....but if you have it on we'll have wild and weird sex that will just make your head explode!!!! Your decision sweetie.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

She Kissed Him

As her Sissy husband writhed in pleasure/pain she kissed her lover! Her hand on Sissy's back was reassuring but he was so, so big Sissy was sure she'd never be the same!!!!
Through the haze Sissy heard her...
"I told you you'd love my husband! he's the perfect girl!!!!"

Honestly Kaaren

"Honestly Kaaren could you stop staring at my boobs for just a minute and listen to what I'm saying?"
"I'm sorry Sweetheart...I really wasn't looking at your boobs..."
"Really! Don't you like my breasts? What a terrible thing to say!"
"No I didn't mean it that way! I meant that I was looking at the key..I'm sorry!"
"Well I'm glad we decided to wait till the weekend to release you! That will give you a couple of days to prove you love my boobs!"
"Wait when did we decide to wait till the weekend!!!???"
"You see you really weren't listening!!! Oh my Sissy, staring at my boobs and not listening to me....normally I'd add a week to your chastity for that, but you've been my good girl for a whole year and I just want to wait for the weekend to reward you properly!!!"
"Oh god...oh yes....thank you...it's just another couple of days...."
"But behave Sissy....you could still earn a punishment!!!!
"Oh god ...I'll be good...I promise...."
"That's my special girl!!!"

Monday, March 23, 2015

You'll See

"You'll see Sissy, I'm not changing anything! All I'm doing is enhancing what's already there! There's a beautiful girl here and all I'm doing is letting her out!"

Monday ManCandy

Sissy may be small now but she's eating ManCandy! ManCandy has all the vitamins and protein that a sissy needs to grow in all the right places! ManCandy! Start your day off right and keep your eyes open for new developments!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Key To Success

The key to successful anal sex is lubrication! Desire is all well and fine but without a little lube both parties will be disappointed!
In a sissy household this is never a problem!!!!

Hurry Kaaren

Hurry Kaaren....it doesn't have to be perfect...it's just going to get smeared on my pussy anyway...please Kaaren I need your tongue right now!!!!!*

^ An actual quote from my sweetie!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

You Wouldn't Believe

I try to be open minded....I really do...but I"m human and I really can't be expected to like every man she likes! We're different people...although we've been together for so long...sometimes I really don't care for one of her dates!!! I still fluff them for her...they're here for her pleasure after all...and sometimes they have a cock that makes me overlook whatever it is about them I don't like!
All that being said, you just wouldn't believe the man she brought home last night! What a clown he was!!!

Kiss It Goodbye

No matter how beautiful it is! No matter how much you want it! After you've got him wet...glistening and hard...so so hard....it's time to kiss him goodbye!!!! He's here for her not for you....he only belongs to you in your dreams!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Go For It

He was wearing her beautiful lingerie so why not try her lipstick too! He could just imagine wrapping his ruby lips around a big throbbing cock and sucking him until...Oh my god...is that the door...there's no time to hide....
"Are you home? I saw your car in the driveway!" she called out.
"Yes, sweetheart, I'm home! I want to talk to you about something very important..."
"Okay I'll be there in a minute!"
Welcome to the longest minute of your life Sissy!!!!

Pretty in Pink?

"You can say you don't want to wear my panties all you want...I think your little friend really wants to be wrapped up in silk and lace! Now stop being silly and let's see how pretty you'll look in this pink thong!"

Thursday, March 19, 2015


"Watch Sissy, watch a real man fuck me!"
Could she really think I was watching anything else????

A Show

"I think he wants us to put on a show for him Kaaren!"
"What kind of show Leeanne?"
"Really Kaaren, you can't figure it out?"
"Sweet Leeanne...after you put your hand up my dress I can't think at all!!!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Even as the big black cock filled her, even as waves of pleasure washed over her, even as her orgasm was near....she still sought out my eyes as I knelt next to our marital bed! She didn't need my permission or even my approval but I know she looked for it anyway! I blew her a kiss and mouthed  "I love you" and she closed her eyes and came hard! Soon I would get the chance to kneel between her thighs and show her my devotion!

Okay Sissy

"Okay Sissy your sissy girlfriend can spend the night but I have to warn you....her wife doesn't keep her in a cage like i keep you so she might have urges in the night! I just want you to be prepared!"
Prepared!!!! Oh God I was so looking forward to it!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Everyones Irish

After a few cocktails Sissy decided that she would suck and fuck anyone who was Irish on St Patrick's Day! What she hadn't remembered was that everyone was Irish on St, Patrick's Day!!!

Get Used To It

"Get used to it Sissy, you're a sissy cocksucker now! Feel him sliding in and out of your mouth Sissy! Doesn't it feel good...doesn't it feel right! I'm so glad you're my husband! I've always wanted my own Sissy bitch! You'll be sucking so many cocks for me! And I'm going to dress you so pretty...you'll be my living Barbie doll1 Suck him Sissy Suck him till he cums in your mouth... your sissy mouth...then show me his cum...swirl it on your tongue and show it to me...then you can swallow it...then you can start again...I want you to suck him dry Sissy!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Let's Go

It was a little unusual for her to call so early in the day!
"Kaaren, when I get home how would you like to go for a ride?"
""That would be great....where to?"
"I think a few spins around the house would do it for me Sissy!"
Obviously it wasn't what I had thought....it was so much better!
"I can't wait Sweetheart!"

Monday ManCandy

Oh my god!!! Code Red!!! Code Red!!!!! She's only barely responding! It must have been an absolutely brutal weekend! We're going to need more ManCandy here right away! Maybe send six or seven guys!!! I'm afraid we nay lose her...she keeps falling back asleep!!!!
ManCandy! In a crisis it's what you need!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Almost There - Sissy Training

You'll know your sissy is almost completely trained when he pushes you out of the way so that he can get that cock in his mouth!

If You're Going To

If you're going to write a Sissy Blog you should always be properly dressed! It would be disrespectful to all my sweet readers to look less than 100% feminine while they take the time to visit with me!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

As If

As if I needed the extra temptation...it looks so delicious and it's just wonderful to savor the taste on my tongue! I love a banana split but first I've got to get rid of that damned banana so I can get to the split, that's mt favorite part!!!


"Oh my God! I knew I could get you to suck cock for me but I never guessed you'd be so...enthusiastic! I think you might be the "man" I've been looking for!"
"No, no...you pay attention to what you're doing! We'll talk later!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Anything I Want

"Is there something I can get for you?"
"Your wife told me to help myself to anything in the kitchen Sissy and I see something I've wanted since I got here last night!"
"I don't think she meant....."
"That's right Sissy! You don't think...now turn around and get those pretty panties down...don't make me spank you first!!!"

I Like A Little Bondage Play Sometimes

I like a little bondage play sometimes! The feeling of helplessness, the forfeit of control...it just appeals to my naturally submissive nature! But I didn't think we needed any elaborate equipment or expensive devices...a little rope and a thrift shop chair and we were good to go!!!
I didn't know what she might come back with...it might be anything...a strap-on...a paddle...a plug...a man if I was lucky! It didn't matter, she was in control and I trusted her completely!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


In this hectic modern world a good Sissy maid must be able to multitask!!!

A Little Thrill

Sometimes when I'm cleaning I get a little thrill by opening the blinds! I doubt anyone can see me clearly bit if someone passing by just gives me a quick glance I'll have fantasy fuel for the whole day!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

15 seconds

"Okay Sissy you have 15 seconds starting....now!"
"But I can't feel your fingers....please...it's not fair..."
"11, 10, 9...try harder Sissy!"
"Please...oh please..."
"7, 6, 5 almost ready Sissy?"
"Oh god...please I want to cum so bad....please!"
"3, 2, 1, 0, well I guess that's it Sissy back into the cage...I guess you didn't want it enough! Maybe next time!"

There's Always More

I woke early, put on my uniform and started the day! Clear up from last night while the coffee gets ready! Start her breakfast, a nice egg white omelet with fresh mushrooms and green peppers! It's her favorite!
I pick up the papers, Wall Street Journal and the NY Times, and carry them with her coffee to the bedroom to wake her.
When I opened the door I was stopped in my tracks! She was awake and she was handling some needs by herself! A flash of her eyes let me know she knew I was there!
I was transfixed! In the morning sun she looked like an angel! An angel that was making herself cum....over and over!
Her omelet was getting cold  downstairs but I didn't care...there's always  more eggs...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Perfect Match

The first time we met she sucked my little cock...in the many years since, we have discovered that a little cock like mine doesn't really satisfy either of us!!! She loves a big cock and it turns out....so do I!!!! It's shared interests like this that keep us together!

I'm Sorry Sissy

"I'm sorry Sissy but remember someone called the police the last time I spanked you! You really were wailing by the time we finished! Do you remember?"
"How could I forget Sweetheart I couldn't sit for three days!!!"
"And do you want to have to explain again...."
"No Ma'am, explaining to the police officer that I was a sissy cuckold and that I'd been naughty and had received a well deserved spanking was truly humiliating!"
"So...do you want...."
"Yes please! Gag me!!!"

Monday, March 9, 2015

At Least She Lets Me Know

The text was simple...."Hold dinner, be home late!"
I wondered what had held her up when my phone alerted me again!
Her message was very clear! I just hoped she would bring me a taste home!!!

Monday ManCandy

 When you're in a hurry on a Monday morning you can get your ManCandy on the go even as you pick up  some breakfast sandwiches for the people at work!
Let them have the empty calories and grease, you're starting off your day with a warm tummyful of delicious, creamy ManCandy!
ManCandy! A natural, organic, healthy alternative to fast food!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I Can Hear

Like a distant echo I can hear her lover close the door as he leaves! The sound is almost drowned out while she moans as another orgasm comes as I lick up the creamy load he's left behind!

So What!

So what if he had a little tiny cock instead of a sweet pussy?
He looked better than most of the girls here!
He was certainly more willing to suck cock than most of them here!
He could probably count on one hand the number of girls here willing to give up their ass in the back seat of a DeSoto!!!
So why wouldn't anyone dance with him!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cleaning Up

The young attorney loved to come into the office on Saturday! He would go to the locked closet in his office and soon he would be the very picture of a beautiful Sissy Maid!!! While the partners and associates slept in he would be mincing down the hallways and waiting!
When the cleaning crew first discovered his secret months ago it had been awkward and tense as he worried about exposure! But he found that Juan, Pablo and Maria were more than happy to accept a little personal service in payment for their silence!!!
Now on Saturdays, for a few hours, the young attorney got to be the woman he dreamed he could be and the cleaning crew was happier than ever with a couple of extra dollars and and the satisfaction of a "job" well done!!!!!


A fantasy

"Bigger? I'm sure my Kaaren could take a few more inches....what about your Leeanne?"
"I'm sure my Sissy can take a bigger cock too!"
"Well the only way to settle this is a sucking contest!"
"You're on....we get the biggest cock we can find and we 'll see which sissy can take more!"
"Sounds good to me!"
Kaaren felt Leeanne's hand squeezing hers! Could this get any better!!!!!!