Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Lifeguard Class

Yeah I heard the whistle....again....
"That's not going to help resuscitate him Kaaren!!!"
"Well I figured that she was resuscitating him so I'd give him a reason to live!!!"
"That's not part of our training Kaaren!!!"
"Well maybe it should be....I didn't notice any of the other guys complaining!!!!"

My Pets

"Oh yes just like that my pets suck me...lick me....make me cum over and over and over....and over...........and over....."

"Kaaren....you were talking in your sleep.....you must have been dreaming...."
"Oh yes......I was dreaming......it was wonderful......"
"What was it about Sissy?"
"Well I was in a big white room and......"
"And....it's gone.....maybe if I go back to sleep I can find it again!!!!"
"Don't worry Sissy.....there will be plenty of time for dreams....but not now....it's ten minutes before the alarm.....get the coffee going and maybe I'll have time for a quick orgasm, you see....I was dreaming too.....so hurry and get back here I need your tongue right away!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
I so wish I could remember it.....all I know is that it felt wonderful!!!!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Not Always

No matter what you might think....I'm not always licking her pussy....I mean even she gets tired of it!!!!
And I'm not always licking her ass either....doesn't matter how much we both enjoy it.....sometimes enough is enough....
But you can bet when she gets home from work....after wearing those heels all day....she definitely has something that needs my attention....

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes there's more than a mouthful.....and a little bit gets away....rolling down your chin as you swallow the rest....but even then nothing really goes to waste....you can either scoop it up and swallow it too or.....you can rub it into your skin and you'll be amazed at the results!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Gives you that glow....inside and out!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2019


"Hello Police?"
"Yes Ma'am, what's your emergency?"
"Well....when I came home from work I found a man going through my panty drawer!"
"Yes Ma'am...and is the intruder still in the house?"
"Oh yes....he's on his knees between my legs right now....."
"Excuse me Ma'am....did you say...."
"Yes I did.....and he's pretty good at it too....I've already cum once and I'm well on my way to a second one!!!!"
"I'm not sure I understand Ma'am....do you need assistance?"
"No....forget about it....I think I'll keep him...."

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

He was quick.....at least he was as quick as he had to be if he wanted to stay with her...
She had cornered me flirting with her boyfriend again and again I tried to explain that this was what they taught me to do in school....but she was having none of it!!!!
She spun me around and pulled up my skirt and asked him flat out....
"You can have my ass or my sissy husband's ass....which do you want more?"
He was quick....like I said before....
"Sweetheart you know there's no contest!!!!"
"Alright then!!!!" turning to me, "You, pack your things....the pink bus is on it's way and I'm sending a note asking for more discipline!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!!!"
As I turned to go he gave me a wink....yes....there was no contest just as he'd said!!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Sissies Through History - Sex Education

"It says here that it's called a penis and that is what boys have between their legs!"
"But mine is nothing like that....mine is so small...."
"It's still a penis according to this..."
"But that's not fair.....why do I have to be a boy just because of some silly little thing that no one ever sees anyway....I like being a girl!!!!"
"Well....I think we could just agree that you're a special girl and leave it at that!"
"Really....but would you mind terribly if I played with your little penis sometimes?"
"No, please feel free....anytime you'd like!!!"
"You're the best sister anyone ever had!!!!!"

So Close

"Do you feel it Sissy....are you close?"
"Oh yes Ma'am....I'm so close....please may I cum???"
"No....I don't think so....I think it's time to go back in the cage Sweetie.....why don't you go get me a nice bowl of ice cubes and we'll get rid of this little problem of yours..."
"Yes Ma'am...."
"Oh and also bring me my strap-on, the big black one, and a bottle of lube...you've gotten me so hot!!!!"

Friday, April 26, 2019

Not Mine

Of course I can't give her any satisfaction with that little caged thing in my panties...we all agree on that!!!!
But I have my ways of making her happy!!!! I use my tongue on her till she is ready and I follow that with this little guy....he's not as big as the big cocks that she loves so much....but none of them vibrate like this!!!!
I lick her clit and turn it up full and just hang on for the ride!!!!!

College Days

"So which do you want....my pussy or my panties?"
"Do I have to choose?"
"Well, I guess it's time for you to go...."
"Wait....what if I choose both? You know like your pussy in your panties would that be OK????"
"I'll give you a call maybe...."
"I'll be waiting....."
I'm still waiting decades later....

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Thing Is

The thing is....while she's reading the book...."O" is me!!!!

Mirror - Sissy Training

Having your sissy kneel down and suck a big black dildo is one thing.....having him do it while dressed in pretty frills in front of a mirror is something else entirely...
When he sucks that big cock he has to see it so he knows....deep down....that he's a sissy cocksucker....and that the only cock that matters is the one in his mouth...that's essential!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hump Day

Your boss started the week questioning whether or not you've got the drive....the passion needed for the project.....now it's Hump Day and you've shown him that you're more than up for it....you plan to see it through to the end!!!!


"Shhh Sissy.....we wouldn't want to wake my sister, would we? What do you think she'd do if she found me fucking her sissy husband like this? Remember....next time I want you wearing a pair of her panties when I come for you.....something really pretty and frilly...I like all my sissy boys to be as girly as they can be....and get rid of this damned beard too!!!!"

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


"Would you tell my wife that I'm here to pick her up?"
"Oh....I think she's still fucking my stepdad....you'll have to wait a little while...."
"Oh dear....what shall I do to pass the time?"
"Yeah well....I have an idea...."

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Auntie sat and watched as he stroked himself....
"I don't know what to do with you Billy....you're always running around in my house spraying your sissy cream everywhere....I think this is the only solution!!!!"
"I'm sorry Auntie....I'll try harder...."
"You just try harder to fill that glass Billy....then I can get you into the proper frills and petticoats that a boy like you needs...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
She smiled, he was becoming such an obedient little girl....just wait until he found out what she wanted him to do with that glassful of sissy cream!!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2019


You wonder why? Really Sissy?
It's because when she cums, she likes to watch you twitch in your little plastic cage!!!!

Monday ManCandy

What are you going to do?
You've had a double serving and it's still not enough!!!!
Well don't cry....there will be more if you just wait a couple of minutes....
So just savor the flavor and enjoy the smooth cream coating your mouth and tummy....the treat you want is on the way
ManCandy!!!! An organic renewable resource for all of us to enjoy!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

That silly Easter Bunny.....that's the third year in a row that sissy lured him with that carrot!!!!

Easter Morning

Yes I was pretty sure he wasn't the real Easter Bunny....but why take any chances? And he did bring me a basket of lubes and toys and candy and a wonderful chocolate bunny with a big dick.....and you all know how much I love a big dick!!!!

And I felt so bad that I had nothing for him that I had to improvise....but he didn't seem to mind....

Saturday, April 20, 2019


It wasn't long after the service began that it had far surpassed the other ride service apps....
Uber may get you there'''and so does Lyft....
But do either of them offer a voracious sissy to satisfy you however you desire as you wind through the city streets....
Men and women swarmed to the new service and the sissies took care of them all....
And the true genius of the plan....the part that made the founders instant billionaires was that the sissies paid for the privilege of servicing the clients!!!!


"My boyfriend has finally decided to find out what penetration feels like....I promised him that he would enjoy it.....so you'd better make sure you give him a good time Sissy!!!
All I could do was nod.....
"Remember....I'll be right there next to you watching your every move Sissy!!!"
Somehow....that just made it more humiliating than it already was....but....
All I could do was nod.....

Friday, April 19, 2019


Of course I dive right in at every opportunity....but sometimes she's a little sticky....
She laughs at my reaction and of course I keep going....maybe she'll tell me about him after she has a few orgasms!!!! I don't know if she liked him or not but he added a certain something which I enjoyed quite a bit!!!!


After she climbs on top of him....he's so hard....and so big....she looks back over her shoulder with a big smile....
"Come here and pull my panties aside Sissy.....put him inside me!!!!"
If I wasn't dripping before I was certainly dripping now!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Up To****

I hugged her as we were dressing for the day and as my arms went around her I couldn't resist unhooking her bra....
"What are you up to Sissy....pretending to be a teenage boy again?"
She was laughing....so I grew a little bolder...
"I promise all I want to do is look at them again before you go..."
"Honestly Sissy!!!! They're just breasts....you've seen them a million times!!!!"
"Maybe....but I'd love to get a look for a million and one times....every time is like the first time for me!!!!"
"Oh Sissy....that's so sweet...."
One thing led to another and she never did get to work today!!!!

**** Actual conversation and actual result!!!!

Sissy School - Applicants

They weren't too exclusive at Sissy School but they could only take on so many new students!!!!
They had two openings in the next class but three applicants had made it through to the finals...
Now it was all up to the Senior class advisory committee and the Dean of Students to see which of them was the best possible sissy!!!!
Good luck to all you girly boys....may the best sissy win!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Milestones - Sissy Training

There are several points during a sissy's training that make an impact on his fragile male ego....
Chastity of course teaches him humility....
But putting him in his first maid uniform teaches him his place!!!

Hump Day

Sometimes by Hump Day you're feeling a little burnt out.....what you need is something really big to get that fire going again!!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Sissy has misbehaved again?
You just don't have time to constantly correct him?
Well thank goodness there are professionals that you can turn to!!!!
"Simple, strict or severe?" she asks.
"Oh I think strict would do it...."
"Very good....strip him to his pretty undies and put him on the bench over there....I'll get to him as soon as I finish with this one!!!"
"Wonderful!!!! I'm going shopping for a few hours so I...."
"We'll put him in corner time till you get back.....feel free to take as long as you need!!!"
"Lovely....maybe I'll have a nice cup of tea somewhere too...."
"Why not, after all it's all about you isn't it?"
"Yes...of course it is!!! I'll see you later Sissy!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

All Day

"Oh my god Sissy....I don't have all day....I told you to put it in, not to play with your pussy....you can fantasize about your boyfriends later....right now I'm waiting for my breakfast....so get it in....pull up your panties and get busy!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I wasn't thinking Ma'am!!!"
"Of course you weren't....I do all that for you, don't I Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday, April 15, 2019

Sissies Around the World

"Reza, I went shopping today and i'm afraid I bought some naughty undies!!!"
"Zahra!!!! I thought we had discussed this!"
"I know, but as soon as I saw it I wanted it!!!!"
"Zahra!!!! What if someone had seen you?"
"What? The shop was full of women buying pretty things to please their husbands.....and so I was doing the same.....are you pleased?"
"Well of course. it's very pretty...."
"Oh I'm so glad you like it....now hurry....go try it on.....I can't wait to see you in it!!!"

Monday ManCandy

There are a lot of ways to wake up...
Some use an alarm clock or a wake-up call service....or even just the alarm on your phone...
But nothing wakes you faster than a special creamy delivery made directly to your front door....or back door....or both!!!!
You want it....they bring it....and they deliver it....as much as you want....as much as you can take before it's time to get ready to go!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Many delivery options are available!!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Brunch

She invited her friends for brunch and games.....and the winner of the next hand would get to enjoy her sissy husband's attention.....their choice of course....dildo or tongue!!!

Regular Duties

It's not really a part of my regular duties but really I have no choice...
When she says to take him downstairs and get him whatever he wants....and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.....well unless she wakes up and says something about not bending over and letting him fuck you so hard.....what choice do I have?
Not that I'm complaining mind you....

Saturday, April 13, 2019


I watch from the doorway....she used to be so shy about touching herself.....but now she does it all the time....
I wonder what fantasy is running through her mind as she pleasures herself.....is it about the lovers she's had....the real men...with big cocks who have made her so happy...and me too...
There's no way to tell...but when she opens her eyes and sees me there.....she smiles and I go to her and kneel down between her thighs and show her that even with my tiny clit caged between my thighs....I can make her cum too!!!

Poor Teddy

Poor Teddy is looking a little spent....
It might have something to do with me rubbing against him all night while we listened to my wife cum over and over....poor Teddy....he didn't get to cum and neither did I!!!!

Friday, April 12, 2019


Well I guess I'm a real girl now....
Sure he had a big one....well at least a little bigger than average....gigantic if you compare it to mine....
And he tasted really good too....
But when the big event came....he did nothing for me.....I made noises for him....I told him how he was the best....but honestly....he was a dud....
When he came inside me he thought that I should thank him, so I said "Thanks" as I walked to the bathroom to shower....with any luck he'd be gone or asleep when I got back...so I guess what the girls say about it is true!!!! Size isn't everything!!!"

Now That You Understand

"Now that you understand that the only pleasure that's important is mine, it would please me if you'd go pick out a pretty pair of my panties to wear until we can get to the boutique and get you your own!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


"I need help Boy....go get help.....go get help Boy!!!!"

"That's a good boy!!!!"

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Didn't Believe

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The Kiss

When she kisses me like this....when she pulls me close....when her tongue is in my mouth teasing mine....when her scent fills my senses....when I never want it to end...that's when it's easy to forget that her lover is sitting there watching us as he strokes his big cock!!!
Both of us will turn our attention that way soon enough, but for now she is all I can think of!!!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hump Day

Even now....even though it's Hump Day....you still feel that drive....that need....that deep desire to get the job done even if it takes everything you've got!!!!

She's Watching

I know she's there....I know how much she likes to watch me suck a juicy big cock...
She taught me how and she's proud of me for becoming the cocksucker I was born to be...
She just doesn't want me to make them cum....that's only for her....
But sometimes she likes it to be for me too!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

That Moment

Almost all of us have had that moment at some point in our lives....
That moment when you're feeling so girly...so feminine....and then you realize...she's come home early and you'll never get out of it all in time....
What did you do???

TV Guide - Smallville - The Lost Episodes

It became very clear that unless someone was able to get those red kryptonite shoes away from him....no one was safe from Clark's unleashed fantasies!!!! Watch how Lois and Jimmy try to distract him long enough and the price they both pay!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Suddenly Remembered

"Oh Baby I want your cock....pull down your pants for me!!!"

"Wait....are those my panties?"

"Yes they are....those are my pink panties....I've been looking all over for those!"

"I guess it's kind of a turn on that you"re wearing my panties.....pull them down and let me at that hot cock!"

"Oh....is that it....well I guess it gets bigger when it gets hard...."

"It is hard!!!! You mean that's as big as it gets!!!! No wonder you wear girls panties!!!!"

"No I just remembered I have a few small errands to run....you can keep the panties!!!"

"Sure I'll call you later...a little later...."

Monday ManCandy

Feeling run down?
Just can't face another week?
Ready to hide under the covers?
Well, sorry....the world doesn't work like that!!!!
People are counting on you to show up....they want you to be your regular energetic self....you are needed!!!!
Thankfully she knows just what you need to get started when your inner strength is running low....and she makes sure you get it!!!
As the creamy warmth  fills your tummy you can feel your inner flame lighting up again...maybe just a little more and you'll be ready to go!!!!!
ManCandy!!!! We know you need it, she knows you need it and you know you can't start the day without it!!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

May I?

Looking back at my darling wife I wondered if this was some kind of test...or maybe some kind of trap....I so longed for the taste...
"Go ahead Sissy....it's all for you..."
That's what she said....but I still had doubts....she had fooled me so many times....
"May I? I would so love to....."
"Yes you may Sissy....you've been such a good girl for me I thought this would be the perfect reward...."
"Both holes Ma'am?"
"Absolutely Sissy....make sure she enjoys it!!!!"
"Oh I will....thank you Ma'am!!!!"
"Save some for me Sissy...."
"Always Sweetheart!!!!"