Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sissy Wondered

Sissy couldn't help but wonder, if this was a Halloween costume party like she said it come neither of them was wearing a costume???

Trick or Treat

There were no tricks...other than that thing Sissy does with her tongue...but there were plenty of treats for Sissy and his wife this Halloween!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Hard Day

She'd had a hard day! Everything that could go wrong did go wrong!!!
She needed to come home and relieve her stress!!!
She bent me over and she slid her cock into me and she felt her stress melt away!!!!
She eventually had her orgasm and went to bed!!!! It would be nice if I could say the same for me!!!!

Sorry To Bother You

"Oh sorry to bother you I just wanted to see if I could borrow some coffee but I see you're busy trying on your Halloween costumes!"
"'s....ahhhh....Halloween....yes our Halloween costumes....that's it exactly....That's what we're doing!"
"I think you two will win first prize!!! I'll just run over to the market....have fun!"
"You heard her Sissy! Get a nice drink out of your bowl and get that tongue busy on my shoes!!! I want them to shine, won't that be fun!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pick Up A Steak

"Yes Sissy, he'll be staying for dinner so pick up another steak and a couple more bottles of wine!!!"
"Should I get some appetizers to serve while I prepare your dinner?"
"No Sissy! He's having his appetizer right now!!!! Just hurry!!!! Mmmmmm just hurry home!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

There's A Word For This

There's a word for this, a word that captures the way I feel as her lovers cum slips out of her and into my waiting mouth!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

She Said I Could Cum

She removed the cage and said I could cum but I was only allowed to play with my nipples!
My nipples had always been very sensitive and I was very hard just from rubbing them but I wasn't able to get all the way there although I was close!!!
Sensing my frustration she offered to help!!!
I quickly accepted her offer imagining how good it would feel when she began stroking me....but instead her hand slipped up to my bottom and her finger began to tease my  little rosebud!!! I only lasted about thirty seconds!!!
It took me longer to lick it all up!!!!
But it was wonderful;!!!!!!!

That's Right Sissy

That's right Sissy!
No panties!
No bra!
No stockings!
No wig!
No makeup!
No cage!
And pussy!!!
Just his cock! Deep inside you! Fucking you! Making you his little bitch!!!!
Just making it clear to you!!!! Being a sissy has nothing to do with clothes or wigs or any of that!!! Being a sissy is what you are!!!! The rest is just accessories!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl I used to rush around in the morning in just my bra and panties!!! It drove my father crazy and he used to yell at me all the time to put on a robe!!!!
I never dreamed that one day I'd have a sissy husband who ran around the house in just his bra and panties while he got ready!!! I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!

Todays Scouts

Today's Girl Scouts! Empowering modern girls in exciting new ways!!!!
Here we have Donna earning her Peg-A-Sis merit badge and learning two things!
First she learned that she has the power and second that Mr. Jacobs from next door would be wearing her panties from now on!!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Did Mom Come

"I told you I'd be home soon Sissy! Did my Mom stop by?"
"She wasn't alone!!!!"
"What do you mean Sissy?"
"She came in and laughed at me! She checked my chastity and plug!!!! But I heard a man laughing!!!"
"It must have been your imagination Sissy...."
"He pulled on my nipples and twisted them till I thought they would pop off!!!"
"Oh poor Sissy, let me make it up to you!!!!"
"Cage off????"
"Of course not Sissy!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

And Prince Charming carried her off and made her his Princess! No more scrubbing and cleaning! No more wearing rags and hand-me-downs!!! She was a Princess in every way, elegant clothes, elaborate parties in her palatial home, gourmet chefs preparing every meal,,,but the thing she loved best of all was the daily serving of the best ManCandy in the land! The best as personally selected by her wonderful Prince who devoted himself to finding only the best for her no matter how many he had to sample to find the "cream" of the crop!!!"
ManCandy!!!! It's what makes them happily ever after!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"Well I can;t say I've ever seen anything like this in all my years of covering football!!!! But I'll have to say it's certainly changed this game!!!!"
"Yes Bill! Sissy Kaaren has developed a defensive line that has stopped this offense in it's tracks!!!!"
"I'll tell you what, it's the kind of game that makes me wish I was still playing! Brilliant strategy by the new coach! Sissy Kaaren is surely on her way to the Lombardi Trophy and the Hall of Fame!!!"
"What's the score Bill?"
"Who gives a shit Brian!!! I'm heading down to the Field!!!!"
"Let's go to commercial!!!"

Bloggers Choice

"Kaaren, stop typing on that damn computer....I need some attention!!!"
"Just a second Sweetheart!"
"I said now Sissy! Get your tongue in me now!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
The post I was working on will have to wait while I.....
"Now Kaaren!!!!"

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Wonder

He had wondered how it would feel to wear a dress!!!! When his big sister left for college she had left so much clothing behind!!! He loved how the dress felt as he twirled about her room!
Stopping in front of her dresser he suddenly knew what he wanted to do...and he pulled open the drawer and looked at the panties and bras and he knew he would have to try them all on!!! His tiny little thing was rock hard as he pulled on the pretty pink nylon bikinis!!!
How on earth could she have left these behind!?!?!? Nothing had ever felt so good!!!! This must be what girls feel like all the time!!!!!
His thoughts were racing as fast as his heart!!!! He knew he would be doing this again....he knew he'd be doing this forever!!!!
Maybe he'd tell his best friend Tommy and maybe they could both wear these clothes together and ooooohhhh what's happening.....
It had felt so good and even though the panties were soaked he had weeks to clean them up before she came home!!!!!
Life had changed for good!!!!

I Didn't Care

I knew he wanted to cum in my wife's sweet pussy but I didn't care!!! I didn't care how hard he tried to pull me off of his delicious cock! He yanked my hair but the sound of my sweet wife cumming on his tongue made me want his cum on mine!!!!
It was only fair! she was getting hers and I was getting his!!!!
So he could pull my hair all he wanted the only way I was letting his cock go is when I had his warm creamy load in my tummy!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Not Often

It's not often that she just grabs me like this! She pushes me against the wall and slowly pulls up my skirt!! Soon she would push me down to my knees and I would give her all she needed!
It's always a surprise but it's always a wonderful surprise!!!!

The Party's Over

"Kaaren did you and your sissy friends have a good time at your pajama party?"
"It was just the best time ever!!!"
"I'm glad you had fun Sissy!"
"Fun is an understatement!!!"

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Left Behind

We were preparing to leave when my wife pulled me aside and whispered in my ear.
"Sissy I left my panties with that man I was talking to earlier but they're my favorite pair would you please go get them back for me!"
"What? Who did you leave them with? How am I going to ask for them?
"Why don't you slip out of yours and offer him a trade?"
"But I love these panties too...."
"Sissy! I want my panties back!!!!"
"Alright, I'll trade, which man is it?"
"He's in that group of men over there!"
She pointed to a large group of men talking and laughing!
"Just go over there and ask them if one of them will trade my panties for yours Sissy, is that so hard???"
"No Ma'am! I'll be right back!"


 Her lover was really insistent that Sissy clean his cum from his wife's sweet pussy!!! As if Sissy needed the encouragement!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'll Be Back Soon

"I'll be back soon Sissy! I want you to wait right here for me!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"My mother might stop by to pick up her phone! It's on the kitchen table!"
"You mother...I don't know if I....."
"Quiet Sissy, if she comes by all you have to do is tell her that her phone is on the kitchen table!!!! Is that so hard for you Sissy?!?!?!?"
I gulped!
"No Ma'am, I'll let your mother in when she comes!"
"No Sissy!!! I told you to wait right there! Mom has her own key..."

They Could Go All Night

Sure, they could go all night but I had to get up in the morning, make them coffee and wake them up!!!
Sometimes a sissy needs her sleep!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

You Don't Mind

"You're sure you don't mind?"
"Sissy I don't mind! In fact I insist!"

She Pulled Me Close

She pulled me close to her!!! She was so beautiful!!!
"You always say how much you love to kiss my pretty red lips Sissy! Well I love it too!!!!"
I was still there, breathless, as she left for work!!!! I could taste her on my lips and I hoped she could taste me!!!! The day would be endless till she got home and I could kiss her again!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Her text didn't say much....
"I'll be late don't wait up!"
What did that mean? How late? What was she doing?
My phone jingled as another text words but the picture explained it all!!!!

Monday ManCandy

What's cuter than a pretty face with a light sprinkling of freckles? How about a pretty face with a light sprinkling of freckles covered with a delicious glistening coating of ManCandy!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It doesn't make you makes you beautiful!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Is Game Day

"I'm not sure I understand Sissy....I released you from chastity so you could cum while the guys are over watching the game....and you're asking me to put you back in the cage....what's the problem?"
"You see Sweetheart...they think it's the cage that makes my clit look so small....and well..."
"And you don't want them to see what a tiny little cockette you actually that it?"
"They know I'm a sissy, they know I'll suck their big manly cocks, they know they can use me, they know all that but they don't know that one thing!!! They don't know that I have a little bitty clit instead of a man's cock!!!! Please???"
"Bring me the cage Sissy, let's get you locked away before they get here!! Only I get to humiliate you!"
"Thank you Sweetheart...I love you!"
"I love you too Sissy! Now hurry, kickoff time will be here before you know it!"

She Said It Would Be Fun

She said it would be fun!
"Let me dress you up and make you up!!!! Make you really hot and kind of slutty!!! Then we'll drive down to that hotel bar!!! You go in and order a Cosmo and wait at the bar, I'll go park the car and come in a few minutes later and pretend to pick you up!!! While you're waiting for me I want you to give every guy in that bar that "I want to fuck you" look! When we start kissing at the bar every dick in the place will be hard for you! Won't that be fun?"
I did sound like fun, but I'm on my fourth Cosmo and I've been in here for over an hour and there's no sign of her!
A nice looking man stepped up to the bar and quietly asked if I was Kaaren!!!!
In my best femme voice I said I was!
"Your wife told me to give you this after you'd been here for an hour..."
The note read:
"Sweet Kaaren, this man will bring you home to me! You must let him use your mouth but you may not let him cum! He knows that he's driving you home and he knows you're going to suck his cock but he doesn't know that I told you not to let him cum! Consider it a test for both of you but only you get punished if you fail!"
I folded the note and put it in my purse.
"Shall we go Kaaren!"
"Yes I'm looking forward to the ride!"
"Me too!!!"

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Looks Good

"He looks good to me Sissy but I suppose you'll be pouting all day if I don't let you have your taste!"
"I would like that Ma'am!"
"Sissy, you make me laugh! My husband is more of a cock hungry whore than I am!!! Who would have believed it?"
"But you love me, right?"
"Of course I do, I wouldn't want you any other way!!! I'm going to change, get him nice and glistening wet then bring him to me!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!! Thank you so much!"
"Too much talking Sissy!"


Fresh from the shower I thought perhaps I could maybe share an intimate moment or two with her!!! Maybe she'd allow me to cum!!!! It had been a while and I was becoming a little anxious!!!!
I pulled the towel away and struck what I hoped was a sexy pose while she sat on the couch!
I stood there for a moment and after giving me a glance her eyes went back to her book!
I waited a few moments more and then I quietly cleared my throat to get her attention, again after a glance, she returned to reading her book!
I waited another little while and I stepped a little closer, she didn't even look up from her book this time but I thought I heard a soft sigh!!!!
I took another small step closer and I softly asked her what she was reading?
Sighing more loudly this time she never even looked up! 
I asked more loudly this time!
"What's that you're reading Sweetheart?"
She looked up at me as she snapped the book closed!
"It's the story of a naked Sissy whose little clit should have been back in it's cage five minutes ago!!!"
"But I..."
"Wait I haven't told you the best part yet! The sissy interrupts his wife while she's reading so the wife tells him to get the cage and the biggest plug they have and after he's locked and plugged she spanks the living daylights out of him!"
"I'm sorry I....."
"You have until I count to twenty sissy before the spanking doubles!"
I was already running by three!!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Only He Knows Why

Only he knows why Sissy!!!
He fucked your wife so long and so hard....she must have cum a dozen times...and when he came it was spectacular!!! You took your time and licked up every tasty drop!!!!
Maybe it was your Sissy ass wiggling while you ate his cum from your gasping wife's stretched and sore pussy....maybe it was just that he needed more...but when he buried that hard cock inside you you became just another bitch for him! You heard noises you'd never heard before and you suddenly realized they were coming from you!!!!!
Soon you'd be face down and gasping next to your wife....and maybe then he'd flip a coin to see who he fucks next!!! You would wish for tails!!! You always picked tails!!!!

Promises - Sissy Training

"Ooh, it's too big!!!"
"I think it's a perfect fit Sissy!"
"Please take it out!!!! "
"When he cums in your mouth and you swallow it all I'll stop fucking you with it!"
She smiled as she watched Sissy take that cock in his mouth like a pro!!!!
Of course she had no intention of stopping! She was planning on fucking him all night with that huge dildo in his sissy pussy!
He'd have to learn that some promises are made to be broken!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sissy School - There She Goes Again

There she goes again!!!! Sissy Kaaren just smiled and rolled her eyes as Leeanne took Mr. Macawber into her mouth!!!!
That Leeanne!!!! She's always been teachers pet....

What Are You Waiting For?

"What are you waiting for Sissy? It's not going to clean itself!!! Get down there and get busy!"

Sometimes she mistook why I didn't jump right in,,,,sometimes I just loved to look at her lover's delicious cum sprayed on her pretty ass before I licked it all up!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You Better Hurry

"Kaaren!!!! If you want a taste of this you'd better hurry!!! I can't wait much longer!!!!"
"Just need to put on my lipstick, Sweetheart!!! I'll be there in a minute!!!!"
He looked down at her, "You like being married to a sissy cocksucker?"
"I don't like it.....I love it!!!!"

Like An Olympic Athlete

Like an Olympic athlete, a Sissy has to train constantly!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Can I Call You Back


"Oh hi Stacey listen I'm going to have to call you back! I have something here that needs my immediate attention!"

"No nothing like that! i just got home and found Kaaren lounging on the sofa with her dress all wrinkled and half of her chores undone!!!!"

"Yes I know!!!" What's the point of having a Sissy Maid for a husband if he can't follow simple instructions..."

""With a wooden kitchen spoon...I couldn't find my hairbrush but this will do..."

"No...thanks Stacey...but I don't need any help with this....I have to go....I've had Sissy bent over that coffee table for a while now and I don't want her to start enjoying this!!!"

"Yes I'll take a picture and show you tomorrow at work..."


Yes I'm Fully Trained

"Yes Sir, my wife has fully trained me to suck!"
"Suck what Sissy?"
"Whatever you'd like for as long as you like....allow me to demonstrate!"
"Impressive skills Sissy! We'll try something else in a few minutes!"
"No talking with your mouth full Sissy!!!"

Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm So Horny Sissy

"Sissy I've been so horny since Mark went home yesterday....I so need a long thick cock inside me!!!! A man fucking me! A man, Sissy I need a man!!!! It's such a shame you don't have anything to offer me in your pretty black panties....just that tiny little clitty!!!!"
"I'm sorry Sweetheart!"
"I know you are Sissy....I know you are!!! Why don't you go upstairs and get my strap-on...the big black one! I think I'd like to watch you suck it for a while!!!"
"Oh yes Ma'am, I'd be glad to do that for you!"
"And then Sissy I want you to strap on that cock and fuck me....pretend you know how to fuck a woman like a man!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, right away!!!"
My face burned red, but my clit was as hard as it could be in it's small plastic cage!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Not only is she starting he day out right with a tummyful of delicious creamy goodness the ManCandy will give her face that certain glow!!! For the rest of the day people will be whispering and pointing and smiling as she goes by!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Swallow it with pleasure, wear it with pride!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"Don't pout Sissy! You march your cute little ass in there with that football and ask them which they want to play with !!!!"
"But they asked me to get the football for them!!!"
"Ask them if they want to play with a ball or have you play with their balls!!! I'm pretty sure I already know what their answer will be!!!"
"You're so smart! Thanks Sweetheart!"
"Get going Sissy, they're waiting for you!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Sissy Wondered Why

Sissy wondered why his wife was wearing her riding outfit as she took his clothes off and left the room! When she returned he wondered no more!!!! He was the ride and she liked to ride hard!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dance Class - A Glimpse into my Past

"Honestly young man how was I to know? The memo from the school Councillor just said I was getting a new student and gave me your height, weight and shoe size...I had no idea they were sending a boy to join my ballet class! I ordered your costume just like I ordered all the other girls....I mean like the girls!!!"
"But I'm not a girl...."
"That may be but you look lovely in that and....well....most boys would have simply refused to wear it....maybe you're a little more girly than you want us to know!!!!"
The girls laughed out loud as I stood there, blushing bright red, in my leotard and skirt!!!

"Oh Sissy," my wife said as she stroked my hair. "That must have been so embarrassing for you! My poor Baby!!!"
"Not as embarrassing as being knocked down in gym every day! Not as embarrassing as being the smallest...well you know!"
She cupped my small caged clit.
"I always thought it was cute Sissy! So what then, did you quit the class?"
"And go back to being a punching bag for the I stayed in Dance class for the remaining two years of high school!"
"And did she get you a proper boys costume?"
"No, but as you might have guessed, I really didn't mind all that much. In fact she never mentioned it again and I just put on whatever she gave me to wear! Eventually I kind of became one of the least for one period of the school day!!!"
"Sweet Sissy! now you're my special girl!!!"
She kissed away my tears  and held me close! I was so happy!!!!

It Had Been Quiet

It had been quiet in our....her bedroom for a few minutes when my wife pushed the door of my sissy bedroom open!
Without a word she came and leaned over to kiss me!!!
She had saved me a treat!!!! My urge would have been to swallow it, to feel it's warmth in my belly but not her....she always thinks of me!!!
I'm so lucky!!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

If You Want His Attention

"If you want his attention Sissy there's a few simple things you have to do! First when you catch his eye pucker your lips and send him a kiss! Then walk over and drop to your knees, unzip his pants and put his cock in your mouth and suck him like your life depended on it!!!"
"But what if we're at a party or some other gathering?"
"Well If anyone else is interested have them form a line!!!"

He Was New At This

He was obviously new at this!!
"Look at're not a man!"
I never claimed to be, but let's see where he's going with this!!!
"You don't deserve to be married to a hot piece of ass like her!"
No argument there, I consider myself the luckiest sissy in the world!!!
"Pick up your wife's panties, smell her pussy!!!"
I do the laundry here so I do this with just about every pair she wears....
"Put them over your head Sissy! put her wet spot right over your nose!!!! You look so ridiculous!"
Alright this was new but I liked it! I'd have to remember this next laundry day....
"Now suck my cock you Sissy bitch!!!!"
This is where I realized he hadn't really thought this all the way through!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Like That Leeanne?

"Like that Leeanne?"
"Just like that Sweet Girl!!!"


"You look adorable Sissy! My perfect little girl!!!"
"Well you said on the phone to dress in my best clothes for a party tonight!"
"Oh yes, And I couldn't be happier!!! This is just the perfect outfit for my Uncle John's retirement party!!! The whole family is here and I can't wait to see the reaction when you walk in!!!"
" they'll be shocked!!!"
"It wasn't their reaction I was talking about Sissy, it was yours!!! I bet your little clit is dripping into your frillies right now!!!"

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Twins

Their freshman project couldn't have been more of a success!!! Alter only a month and a half they had taken an innocent farm boy from Idaho and turned him into a voracious cocksucker named Michelle!!!!!
Young innocent Michael was long gone  as they watched the Frat boy pump his big cock into Michelle's mouth!!!
But as weeks went by and calls for them dwindled as calls for Michelle skyrocketed they realized they might have created a monster!!!!!
A beautiful Sissy cock sucking monster!!!!!!

How Long

"Okay Chris we're on in 5, 4, 3, 2, we're live!"
"So Sara, how long have you been working at Sissy Farms!"
"Oh I've been here since I was a little girl, it's kind of like the family business!"
"And how many gallons do you ship a day from here?"
"Generally we ship a couple of hundred gallons a day and at today's market price that's working out real well!!!"
"Do you encounter any problems?"
"Well the sissies can get a little rambunctious at milking time but they're very docile for a couple of hours after!!!"
"And how many milkings are there in a day!"
"We milk them 4 times a day Chris, that seems to be enough!"
"And there you have it...Live from Sissy Farm this is Chris...."
"Would you like to try it Chris, we have a free stall..."
"I thought you'd never ask....let's go to commercial...."