Sunday, January 31, 2021

How Did It Feel

"So how did it feel Sissy?"
"I felt so small and I was his toy...." 
"Is that all?"
"No....not really....I felt like I was desired and lusted after....that he wanted me....that I wanted him inside me....that I wanted him so badly I moaned when he touched me...."
"So you wanted him to fuck you Sissy?"
"I guess so.....yes Ma'am...."
"Now you know how I feel Sissy...."

Sunday Brunch

I had planned and prepared a delicious brunch for the ladies...but I also arranged a snack for myself....

Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Right key

"If you pick the right keys you will be able to unlock your cages and then you can use any part of my body to cum!!!"
This was the third time they'd get to try....and the last two times they both picked the wrong key!!!!
It never occurred to either of them that neither key was the right key....


The Cuck Alphabet

 Sound on Sweeties....

Friday, January 29, 2021


Halfway in he's already deeper than I've ever been.....She knows it and she looks at me to make sure I know it too!!!!

No Time

"I'm sorry Baby....I've got no time to take care of that cock right now....I've got a meeting in ten minutes that I can't miss...."
"But I need you so bad...."
"And I'd like nothing more than to enjoy that big cock of yours.....but i just don't have time right now.....why don't you go find Kaaren....I'm sure she'd be happy to take care of you...she's probably down in the kitchen...."
"That sounds like a great idea.....and I'll see you later?"
"Oh yeah....I want some of that too!!!"

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Np More Worries

"There you go more worries about should have done this two husbands ago!!!!

Every Sissy's Duty

It's every Sissy's duty to give her as much pleasure as I'm glad when I get the opportunity to offer her what little I have to give!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Hump Day

It's so easy for a sissy maid to lose track of the days....but her master always makes sure she knows when it's Hump Day!!!! It breaks up both of their weeks so nicely!!!!

My Sissy

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

You Couldn't Make It

You couldn't make it to the party that night but your girlfriend said it was OK....she'd try to find some way to have fun without you!!!

Right There

"You just stay right there Sissy....I'll see if the dishwasher is done cleaning your cage..."
"Yes Ma'am....I'll be right here!!!"
"If you touch it I'll know Sissy...."
"I know you will Ma'am!!!!"

Monday, January 25, 2021


She always thought that I was pretty in pink....she loved me to wear it and I loved to wear it for her!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Yes it's just breakfast....for some....
But for the rest of's like the antidote we need after the weekend.....
And when it comes you want it all....every hot, creamy drop!!!
Because...come Monday morning you need whatever you can get to face the coming week!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's the answer to your Monday blues!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Sweetheart....I'm home from school...."
"I'm in the bedroom Sissy...."
"Oh....I'll be up in a minute....there's something I have to take care of down here first...."
"Don't take too long Sissy...."
"I'm pretty sure I'll be done quick!!!"


Recognize Him?

"Do you recognize him Sissy?"
"No Ma'am...."
"Well....maybe you'll recognize the next one...."
"I'll try my best Ma'am!!!"
"I know you will Sissy!!!"

Saturday, January 23, 2021


I love watching her come....she makes the cutest noises....
He empties his load inside her and smiles at me as he rolls her over.....
"Time for dinner Sissy!!!"
He laughs at me but she knows I love it....and she loves it too....


I'm really not a fan of all the hair, but he's one of the few guys I've fluffed for her who knows what I like....

Friday, January 22, 2021

Just Stand Still

"Look Sissy....just stand still while I send this pic to all my friends...."
"No....please don't...."
"Quiet....I want them all to see what I saw when I got home early today...."
"And if that young man hadn't run out of here I'd be sending them a picture of you sucking his they could get the whole scene I walked in on...."


I like to think that it's just meant to be....
When I bump into her lover in the middle of the night....while he's in the kitchen....and I ask him if I can get him something.....
Nine times out of ten he ends up in my mouth....but that tenth time....just wow!!!!


Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Lockdown Drags On

His roommates had all lost their jobs and they were barely scraping by on their unemployment benefits.....they had to give up a few more Netflix for now...
But as long as they had him living with them they had plenty of entertainment!!!


 Confused as he was....Brian was not ready yet to be a sissy cocksucker....while he came to terms with being a sissy...he would just be a sissy cock licker!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


A life in chastity redefines privilege for you....
It's a privilege for you that she sits on your caged clit and texts her lover while you brush her hair!!!!

Hump Day

 It's Hump Day already!!!!
There's only enough time for a quick backward glance as everything is driving you forward!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


 For some....this would be torture.....but not for us....we enjoy it...but there is some torture involved it's not's when they step into the bedroom and close the door leaving you alone that's torture!!!!

While You Sleep

While you sleep....I'm up extra early so I have time to read your delightful comments and put up a couple of posts on my blogs for all of you to enjoy!!!!
Soon it'll be time to wake her and my day will officially begin....but I love this early morning time when it's just all of you and me!!!

Monday, January 18, 2021

No Doubt

"You're right one could possibly mistake you for a friend will be here soon and I want him to see that you're a sissy....and when he's done with'll be a cocksucking sissy....and then...maybe we'll talk about making you look more like a woman!!!"


Monday ManCandy

The best wife will always take care of what her man needs no matter you better appreciate it!!!
On a cold winter morning she'll still go next door to borrow the ingredients for a hot breakfast  and she'll keep it warm for you too....because no one likes a cold breakfast when there's frost on the windows!!!
Your hot creamy treat....accented with her special flavors....just what you need to get you going!!!
ManCandy!!!! Thank goodness for good wives...they make sure you're well fed!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

You Will

"Have you cum yet Sissy?"
"You will Sissy....even if I have to keep fucking you all you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!! I'll try Ma'am!!!!"

Sunday Brunch

It's always a nice gesture to offer champagne to your wife and her lover before you serve the Brunch....

Saturday, January 16, 2021

No Pleasure

"You know I don't enjoy doing this Sissy....I get no pleasure from correcting your behavior....but it has to be done!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I understand!!!"
That's what she always said....but after....when I'd get down on my knees between her legs to thank her for my correction....her panties were always soaked....

The Details

The devil is always in the details....
"Why don't you come home with daughter and I would love to fuck you all night long!!!!"
So what you heard was not what they meant....but it was still a wonderful night!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2021

Just Like That

 Just like that she took control of both of us....

Should Have Known

When we were boys and we'd sneak one of our Dad's copy of Playboy and we'd all get crazy looking at the girls.....and we all wanted to "do it" with them...even though we really had no idea what that meant.....even then I should have known....
Instead of fantasizing about her sucking my cock....I fantasized about me sucking hers!!!!
Of course she didn't have one...but it was still my fantasy!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2021


You both agreed it was best that you keep your bra on....
This way he could imagine you were a woman he was screwing....
And you could imagine you were a woman he was screwing...
Just a bra....a wisp of elastic and lace....and it made all the difference...

Right Here

This....right here....this is the picture of a perfect marriage....maybe not for you...but for us this is perfect....when so many marriages around us have failed we're still going strong!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Hump Day

Sometimes you're not so sure that you've taken the right actions on Hump Day...that this  will lead to a satisfactory's always nice to have someone else reassure you that this is the best way to go...


"I need it so bad Baby....I need a big hard cock inside me....I need you to give it to me!!!!"
"I'm so ready .....I can't wait...."
"I want to be fucked long and hard....and deep....are you going to give it to me?"
"Oh yes Ma'am....."
"Good...then go give your friend Roy a call and tell him that your wife needs his big cock again!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Didn't Want

Tommy didn't want them to know that the hypnos didn't work....
He was finally living out his darkest fantasy and he didn't want anything to get in his way!!!!



My wife's assistant, Stacy, has been staying with us over the holidays....and she shows no signs of leaving anytime soon....
It's alright....we don't hide anything from fact she's a keyholder....and she has full privileges with me....
Some of you might think this is a dream come some ways it is....Stacy really enjoys the strap-on while my wife prefers my tongue which has led to them sharing me on many occasions...but then there are times that I wish were a little more private....
Especially when I'm receiving a's embarrassing to have my wife paddle my ass....but it's really humiliating to have her paddle my ass with Stacy watching....
I don't know why it's different....but it is!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Working At Home

 I'm not sure what kind of Zoom meeting she was in but there was a lot of moaning  and a lot of talk about sissy bitches going on!!!!

Monday ManCandy

 Did you ever have a meal that you didn't want to end....
The food is so delicious that even if you're full you wish you had more...
Just because it tastes so good....
ManCandy!!!! Just because it tastes so good!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

As a spokesman for the Sissy School I'd like to say that the reports of the incident  involving the Headmaster and several of the students are entirely false....I've spoken to the Sissy mentioned in the report....Sissy Kaaren....and she has issued the following statement...
"In keeping with the lessons I have learned here in the years I have been a student...I would never leave a cock like that....I might tie it up....I might try to humiliate a man who allowed himself to be in this position....but I could never ignore a cock that needed, so badly, to be sucked dry"
So there you have back to our regularly scheduled programming!!!!


Then there was that moment when she realized that your humiliation as a sissy cuckold had turned into your enthusiasm as a sissy cuckold!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2021


She likes to get comfortable after work....she'll throw on some old jeans and a comfy sweatshirt....and of course her strap-on....she likes me to see the bulge in her jeans as we eat dinner together....just so we both know where the night is going to end...


It Used To

It used to bother me....I didn't enjoy it....not one bit....but we talked about it was just a last little bit of my male ego getting in the way...she laughed at all my reasons I didn't want to....she pointed out that it was something I wanted to do with her from the very beginning...and how we didn't follow up on our desires until she pushed my head down between those soft cheeks....
And I have loved doing it since then....but I tried to draw a line at doing it with a man!!!
She asked me what the difference was and I couldn't articulate it....
Even I couldn't say what it was...but it was different....I would suck his cock....I would lick his balls....but I had a problem with licking a man's asshole!!!
She kept prodding me to do it...even though you'd be surprised at how many men protect their asshole like Fort Knox!!!! No tongues or fingers allowed!!!!
But after trial and error we've found that my aversion seems to be the hair....
Hairy ass....just keep it to yourself....
But if you're shaved....well then I think we can get along...
When she finds a lover who's shaved, she makes a point of offering it to me....
And it used to bother me but not so much anymore!!!

Friday, January 8, 2021


Yes....I can make her cum with my tongue...and she loves it....but then....when she really needs to cum hard....there's just no way I can compete with that!!!!

Sissy Training - Penetration

 It doesn't take long....if you only allow him his sissy cummies while you're penetrating him....soon he will associate the two....and it also trains him to take those real cocks....but that's for a little later!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Damn Sissy

 "Damn Sissy....your wife's calling for've got to let go....maybe I'll give you some of my cock later!!!!"


 She held my hand and squeezed it so tight as his big cock slipped into her....I was so glad that I had gotten both of them wet!!!
He was very nice about it and he closed his hand over ours....
Some of her lovers laughed at me....some had nasty remarks....but not him....he understood that I was giving a gift to my wife....and that I was enjoying it just as much as she was!!! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Tell Me

 "Tell me....whose scent is on these panties...."
"Do I have to?"
"Oh yes....I want to know....I want you to tell me!!!"
"It's my scent ....I've been wearing them...."
"Very good lets talk about what you're going to do for me if I let you wear them for me and my friends to see...."
"Anything....I'll do anything!!!!"