Thursday, January 31, 2019


It didn't happen very often....thank goodness....but occasionally she'd ask one of her lovers to spank me for some transgression!!!
Most of her lovers were pretty vanilla and already had some problems with our relationship and they declined the which case she'd pull me over her knee and give me a good and thorough was funny how much watching that turned them on....
But some of them were only  too happy to take her up on the offer....being bent over and having my skirt flipped up and my panties pulled down by a man I barely knew was already punishment enough as far as I was concerned....but they were usually pretty enthusiastic about it and I'd remember them for several days after....most of the time she'd let them decide but occasionally she's have to tell them that was enough!!!!
No one ever asked me though!!!!

Young Billy Was Not Happy

He had always thought that school was his refuge....a place to escape from the ribbons and frills his Auntie insisted he wear!!!! There was a girl in his class....her name was Adrienne and he thought she was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen....
It didn't take long for his cousin to get wind of his crush and she of course told Auntie right away!!!!
Young Billy was not happy when his cousin told him she had invited Adrienne to come over after school....but he was relieved when she allowed him to keep on his boy clothes...
But it wasn't long before things changed for the worst!!!!
While his cousin made him kneel he discovered why he had liked Adrienne so her stiff little thing popped out of her panties....Billy realized how much they had in common....
Both "girls" laughed as his cousin pushed him closer and closer....
"You'd better practice Billy," his cousin laughed, "Because Momma is going to want to see how well you do it when she gets home!!!!"
Reluctantly, he leaned forward and as he opened his mouth his cousin began to give him instructions....very detailed instructions!!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Woman

"I'm not sure if you thought that all you had to do was put on stockings to feel like a woman....but now I'm really going to make you into a're going to be my squealing little you have anything to say?"

Walk of Shame

No money, no coat, no wig, no ride!!!!
He couldn't believe she left him like this....with nothing but her dress to wear....her lover had laughed at him when he'd asked to borrow something to wear....he'd laughed harder at the request for a ride home....
She wasn't answering her phone....and her lover told him he had to go....
At least she didn't take his shoes.....walking the four miles home in her heels would have been brutal!
It was really just amazing how many people you meet when you really don't want to meet anyone at all!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I've Always Got Her Back

I've always got her back and when she squeezes my hand she lets me know that she has mine....


"Would you like to cum today Sissy?"
"If you think I've earned it Sweetheart!"
"That's a very good answer Sissy....I think I'd enjoy watching you have a sissygasm today, would you do that for now?"
"Of course I will Ma'am!!!!"
"Do you mind if I live stream it to a few friends, Sissy?"
"Not at all Ma'am....if it's what you want...."
"Oh I'm glad you feel that way Sissy...your friends are going to love get started!!!"
" friends....wait..."
"I said get started Sissy!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday, January 28, 2019


"So do you want to cum or not?"
"Of course I's been so long....but..."
"Then come here and let me remove your cage....oh my's even smaller!!!!"
"Can I just cum now....with just you and me...."
" get to cum so seldom that I wanted to make it a party.....and all my friends wanted to see the big event!!!!"
"But....I'll be so embarrassed....all those women...please just let me cum'll take almost no time at all...."
"I'll tell you what....since you're so upset about can come with me and let all my friends watch you stroke that tiny thing  or I can put you back in the cage and we'll revisit whether you want to a couple of years...."
"Years Sissy, my friends came here to see the show and if I have to disappoint them I'll be very cross with you!!!"
"Alright....I'll do it...."
"You'll do what?"
"I'll let all your friends watch me cum....if that's what you want!!!!"

And after he was done.....his breath harsh in his lungs.....the women all laughing....she whispered in his ear....
"Now Baby....lick it all up....that's what we really want to see!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

She did the Scoop was what all the kids were doing these days....
Scooping swept the nation and unlike most crazy fads like eating cinnamon or detergent this one was actually good for you!!!!
Full of natural, organic protein, the more you scooped the better you felt!!!!
"Doing the Scoop" was trending on all social media!!!!
And like most things, the younger folks tried to pretend it was something they had invented....but that was long as they kept Scooping everybody would be happy...
ManCandy!!! Enjoy a scoopful, you know you deserve it!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2019


The rings on her finger caught the light and glistened as I knelt so close...a physical reminder that we had promised each other to share our lives together!!!
The light glistened on her lover's cum....soon I would lick it all up and have the taste of him in my tummy....a physical reminder that I have kept my promise....and that we still share everything together!!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Setting the Pace

I love it when they let me set the pace because it takes a while to work up that really, really nice sissygasm!!!! But it never lasts....sooner or later one of them is going to grab my hips....or my ears...and hammer it home....but that's understandable.....they're real men and they're using me for their pleasure....not mine!!!!

Sissies Around The World

She watched her lover carefully for any sign that he realized that it wasn't her sister that was sucking his was her sissy husband!!!! She marveled at how well he did was a talent he had been blessed with at birth!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2019

TV Guide - Life With Sissy

"Oh my god Sissy what are you doing???"
"I'm just doing the only thing you said I was good for!!!!"
"But that's my boyfriend!!!!"
"So what....I'm your husband.....and I wanted to make sure he was good enough for you!!!"
"Oh Sissy!!! That's so sweet....I love you!!!"
"I love you too Baby but I'll be with you in a minute or two...."
As she turns to the camera the audience shouts their catchphrase with her...
"Well, that's my Sissy!!!!"

Are You Sure

"Are you sure Baby....wouldn't you like to put your cock into a nice hot mouth.....feeling that tongue lick you....sucking you so hard...."
"'s gay...."
"It's only gay if my sissy husband is a man....and as you can plainly see.....he's not a man.....he's a cocksucking sissy.....and he's good.....he'll make you fill his mouth in no time at all.....and then he'll suck you until you're hard again and then you can fuck do want to fuck me don't you Baby!!!!"
"But he's got.....he's a guy.....that makes it gay....and I'm not gay....I'm a man!!!!"
"Then close your eyes when he sucks your cock.....and then you can tell me if it feels any different.....and then you can fuck me afterwards.....and I so want to fuck you Baby...and all you have to do is shut your eyes and let my sissy husband suck your cock....that's not so much to ask is it?"
"I guess not...."
"Good Boy.....Sissy come here and suck his cock!!!"
I didn't even pause long enough to answer.....

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Christmas Present

She gave me a gift certificate for the local tanning salon and I wasn't sure why until she urged me to use it....
She had left them instructions on the tan she wanted me to have....and I have to admit....I liked it just as much as she did!!!!!

We Like To Call It

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How Does It Feel

Some of my old friends asked me about it....
"Isn't it weird that your wife is taller than you?"
"No....not really....I never really thought about it..."
But that was a lie.....I loved that she was bigger than made her domination of me seem so much more natural....but although we had played some dressing games and a few spankings before we married she grew into her role as my dominant wife.....and she's still learning....every day.....but I can tell she enjoys it....I sometimes feel like a teenage girl getting felt up for the first time when she lets her hands roam...
But I can't tell the guys that can I?
I just tell them that love is blind and "what can you do?"....I avoid the pats on the back because they'll feel the straps of my bra.....and that would be just a little more humiliation than I think I could stand....

Hump Day

Yes there are times when the deep, deep pressures of Hump Day make you blind to the reward that's right in front of you!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Other Day

"It's funny, a few of us got together the other day down at the pub and we were all wondering what ever happened to you....and then I ran into your beautiful wife, she suggested that we get together....she said you'd be OK with that....but she didn't say anything about used to be OK at pool, and you were so-so at darts....but you are the best cocksucker I've ever known....wait till I tell the rest of the guys!!!!!

In The Snow

"If you're going out in the snow Sissy, remember to put on your hat and scarf!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Monday, January 21, 2019


Unfortunately Karl wasn't quite fast enough getting changed in the employees locker room.....
And now he gets home from work a little later each day.....he walks funny but none of his neighbors had ever seen him smile so much!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It's cold out there this morning and you're going to need a warm breakfast in your tummy before you go outside...and is there anything that you enjoy more than your hot, creamy treat? Get your fill before you leave....but remember if you need a little snack later's available just about everywhere!!!!
ManCandy!!! When it's cold, have more before you head for the door!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Key

I know you"re always trying to find the key Sissy, so I thought I'd just hide it in plain sight where neither of us can get it....

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Oh my god....I can't believe you....after I gave you instructions you go behind my back and...and..."
"But Sweetheart, you specifically said I couldn't suck his never said anything about fucking him!!!!"
"I....I just never thought.....and why are you just kneeling there like that....with his....oozing out of you like that? Why haven't you cleaned up at least?"
"At school someone always comes along and licks it all up.....there's usually a race to see who gets there first....and besides I love the feel of it dripping over me as it comes out!!!!"
"That's enough out of you....stop giggling....that's not what I meant!!!! Go get yourself ready....I'm calling the pink bus to come get you and I'm sending a note asking that you receive severe discipline as soon as you get back!!!!"
"Severe discipline....oh thank you....thank you so much!!!!"

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Afternoon Delight

The wives had decided that they would enjoy an afternoon at the glory hole!!!
They dressed their slutty sissy husbands and settled in....
After the third one it became clear that the big ones were all coming to Kaaren's side...
"It's alright Sally....they're just used to me....the next big one that slides through we'll switch places OK?"
"That sounds great that OK with you?"
The wives nodded in far as they were concerned this was just getting better and better!!!!


Sissy had never felt anything like it!!!! She could feel it coming....slower than she was used to....building slowly.....she could feel it coming....she knew she was going to cum.....and she knew it was going to be entirely different from any orgasm she'd ever had before.....

Friday, January 18, 2019

Coming Home

She said that she was bringing someone special home with her and that I should wear something nice....
Well I did...
How was I to know that she was bringing her childhood sweetheart!!!!
Honestly I felt like a fool.....even as I was sucking his cock.....

She's OK With It

Ass to mouth....she's totally OK with fact she insists on it if he plans on fucking her divine pussy....but it's never her mouth....of course....that's one of the reasons I'm allowed to watch!!!! And I don't mind at all!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Long Time Ago

A long time ago when I was in elementary school....the girls all had to wear skirts or jumpers all year round...
I think I was in seventh or eighth grade when we had a particularly cold winter and some of the girls started showing up for school wearing pants!!!!
The nuns were infuriated and it was one of the very few times we ever saw the girls receive corporal punishment!!!
A fight ensued between the school and the girl's parents which ultimately resulted in a change in the dress code that allowed the girls to wear pants if they wanted to!!!!
How I wished someone would have fought for my right to wear one of those jumpers....I'm sure I had the legs for it and I thought it would look pretty cute on me....but alas I was many years too early for that!!!!

Yes I Love Doing This

Yes I love doing this.....I wanted to do it the very first time I saw her beautiful bum!!!!
I wanted to get down on my knees and kiss those cute white cheeks and slowly pull them apart to reveal my prize.....god how much I wanted it....
But it was years before I dared....times were different then and doing this was just the most perverted thing you could do....
And when she finally pushed my head down....I was so happy to find that she was just as perverted as me!!!!!
And I've been doing it ever since.....I love doing it and she loves it too!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hump Day

You've worked hard all week and by Hump Day you had finally found some wiggle room!!!!

Next Step - Sissy Training soon as his tongue came out and licked her lovers cock she knew....he would be her Sissy!!!!
Now the only question in her mind was whether getting rid of all that icky body hair or putting him in panties was next....
What to do....what to do....
Finally she decided to do both.....once he was smooth she'd give him the panties to wear...maybe stockings too.....she'd see how he reacted!!!!
But for now she'd concentrate on his cocksucking skills!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


My wife's breasts are so sensitive....she loves to have a man's hands massaging them....teasing her nipples while she moans in pleasure!!!!
Soon she'll be so wet her juices will be soaking through her panties....but that doesn't matter....she'll pull them off and kick them across the room, for me to enjoy while she fucks her lover all night long!!!!

Sissy Boot Camp

Unlike the US Marines camp across the road....when the Drill Instructor told one of the sissy recruits to "drop and give me twenty" it was considered a reward!!!! Although sometimes they didn't last for the whole twenty strokes....

Monday, January 14, 2019


She always told me my little caged clit was cute....she said it was the cutest, littlest one she'd ever seen!!!!
But she didn't crave cute clits.....and after a while neither did I....

Monday ManCandy

Before all your chores.....before waking the Mistress.....before everything,,,,,you need to have the energy to serve them at the level that they expect from you!!!!
Be grateful that your wife's boyfriend has consented to making sure you have all you need....sometimes more than you thought you needed....
But now with that warm little glow in your tummy you're ready to wake her and begin your day!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Service is it's own reward....this is just a bonus!!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Body Builder

He looked down....
He had been a scrawny kid....smaller than most of his peers....the family called him the runt of the litter....
Finally he'd had enough.....he joined a gym and when they couldn't keep up with him he'd gotten a personal trainer to help him build a body he could be proud of!!!
But still....he looked down....
He was all man except where it counted the most.....sighing...he pulled on his panties and reached for his bra.....and then he felt so much better!!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Oh yes....just like that .....oh my god're the best.....oh my're the absolute best cocksucker ever!!!!"
"Shhhh....if she catches us I'll be on the pink bus back to school before you know it!!!!"
"Oh I'm sorry....but oh my god....can you do that again?"
"As much as you want for as long as you want....I'm at the top of my class in blowjobs!!!"

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Not Too Proud

I have to admit that I'm not too proud to crawl on my hands and knees to get a cock in my mouth....why should I be ashamed of it.....

It Played

He laughed at the idea of a hypnosis tape....
"It just can't happen...."
Now he waited for the men he had called to arrive, as the tape kept repeating instructions on how good it was to let men fuck you...

Friday, January 11, 2019

I Wish

When I was a boy there was a kind of rule that we all followed....
I licked it, now it's mine!!!!!
I'd be a happy sissy if that rule still applied!!!

Way Back When

Way back when....before the internet....when Tommy wanted to learn about why he was a sissy....he had to go to the library and look up the books in a card catalog!!!! was like living in the stone age!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Picture of Innocence

She was the picture of innocence.....her tousled hair and her freckled face....she was such a natural beauty that there was no need for all the makeup that all the other girls wore....
He loved her like this....just seeing her like this made him hard....and maybe one day....if he was very, very just might be his little cock in her mouth.....but for now he was content with watching....and kissing her after....and she kept watch to make sure he didn't stroke that little thing....

Waking Her

I can't say how many times I've gone to wake her in the morning and found her like this!!!
How on earth could I interrupt her when she was doing this....and on every single occasion she would gasp my name as she came....I would gladly accept the spanking I'd get for waking her up late while I replayed that moment over and over in my mind!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

It Was Nice

He wasn't too big...
He wasn't too small either...
He was just....nice....
It's nice sometimes to come away from sucking a cock without a sore jaw....
I love the big ones....
Just like she does....
But he was....nice....

Hump Day

On Hump Day you realize that your workload this week has doubled!!!! But you keep on going, not because you have to...instead it's because you truly love what you do!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Not For Me

She has made it clear to me, over and over, As far as her beautiful bottom is concerned this....and maybe a finger now and then.....this was the only penetration I would ever be allowed!!!!
It was only for real men to take her that way....not for a Sissy....
But that was OK....I was just glad to be allowed the privilege!!!!!

I Wonder

I wonder if those Hitachi engineers had ever considered this....

Monday, January 7, 2019

Just You and Me

In the next room I could hear my wife and her lover....she was having a wonderful time....
I looked at my companion....
"Well I guess it's just you and me for the rest of the night.....they sound like they're having a really good time....I was just thinking that maybe you might like know.....get between my legs last time.....and we could spend the night and I.....I promise that I'll hump your brains out.....what do you say?"
My companion said nothing, his cool black eyes looking at the next room my wife came hard and she wasn't shy about it.....
"Please.....let's spend the night together.....I want you in my arms...."
He said nothing....but then he never did.....soon I would take Teddy in my arms and wrap my thighs around his and we would spend the night together.....listening to my wife and her lover.....

Monday ManCandy

Yes it's true you've had your share and then creamy and delicious....your eyes wide open now....wide awake and completely ready to face a new week....but there was still a little more to be had and you wouldn't want to miss a drop!!!
ManCandy!!! There's just no such thing as enough!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Young Billy studied hard to make good grades....ever since he had moved in with Auntie he knew that bad grades were met with swift punishment....
He had brought home a C+ in History and had spent what seemed like an eternity over her knees while she paddled his bare bottom!!!!
His B- in Math had found him spanked and petticoated for an entire weekend...
But now Auntie told him she was going to teach him something new....and he would have nightly lessons....every night for at least an hour....
"Great" thought Billy, "More lessons to learn!"
"Come on Billy.....time for your lesson!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"