Sunday, June 30, 2019

It's Alright Sissy

"It's alright know that I want it.....and he wants it....but most importantly....we both know that you want take it in your mouth....take it all!!!"

Sunday Brunch

"Should I serve more drinks Ma'am...all of your guests are pretty....happy already?"
"No you should be offering your mouth to them....I think they'd all like to have a pleasant orgasm before we serve the next course!"
"The men....and the women too?"
"Just this once Sissy.....I'll look the other way as you cheat with other women....we'll discuss it later upstairs while you're over my knees!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!! Thank you Ma'am!!!!"

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Sometimes her timing is terrible for me....I had him deep in my throat and I hear her calling to say she's ready for him....
I can tell he's ready....maybe too ready....but he's here for her, not for me!!!

Best Service

While she enjoyed the lovely breakfast tray she watched as her sissy husband submitted to a good morning thrashing.....
"I think a little harder....he's not even pink yet!"
"Yes Ma' pleasure Ma'am!!!!"
The maid raised the strap again and brought it down hard enough to make the sissy jump and cry out!!!!
"Yes that's it......twenty more just like that....then you can crawl in here with me....does the hotel allow that?"
"They actually encourage it Ma'am.....let me concentrate on your husband for now and then I can concentrate on your needs...."
"That would be wonderful....carry on!"

Friday, June 28, 2019

Happy To See Me

It's always nice to visit with my Mother-in-law....she always likes to remind me of how she feels about me and I get to hear so many stories about other men my wife could have married!!!!

Sissies Through History - The Joke

"Oh please Dear me another chapter....I'm so enjoying it!!!"
"I'm sorry Dear but we must get back to the house and get you back into trousers before Father gets home!!!!"
"I're right as always...."
I know....why don't you dress in your prettiest nightgown and come to my room tonight. Father is sure to want to visit me after his long trip and I'm sure you could fool him!!!"
"But as soon as he hears me speak he'll know!!!!"
"Believe me Dear won't be able to speak....your mouth will be quite full!!!"
"Oh my Sister it sounds like fun....and we can laugh....and father will never know!!!!"

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Middle

I mean it.....sometimes I could swear they're touching in the middle....

On the Road Again

She told me last night to pack our bags...we're going to visit her mother for the weekend!!! So I'll be in Southwestern Pennsylvania till Saturday or Sunday...
I'll try to keep up on my posting schedule as best I can but if I miss one here or there I hope you'll forgive me!!!
It's going to be so nice to get out into the country where I can get some fresh air!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and things are going nicely....but something seems wrong...

"Hold everything!!!!"
You realize you've forgotten something very important....something that makes all the difference....

There....that's much better!!!!


The humiliation began when she compared me to him....and that was bad...
It got worse when he started laughing at what a pathetic little dick I have....
It got worse again when she told him it wasn't a was my sissy clit...
Then when she started laughing.....and the both of them just laughed and laughed....
I wanted to shrink down into the floor......I wanted to disappear.....oh my god....I wanted to cum!!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Face Time

She likes to check up on me using Face Time....when she calls I have to show her that I'm properly dressed for housework and that everything is still locked and secure...
I don't know why she still does this after all these years but I swear I sometimes think I hear giggles from just off to her side....

She Explains It All

She explains it all....

Monday, June 24, 2019

Freshen Up

"It's very warm out today Sissy.....I just need a few minutes to freshen don't mind do you?"
"Of course not Ma'am....I'm very much looking forward to it!!!"
And I meant it too!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes you need want have to have crave it....
Maybe you lost a drop but you got the rest and isn't that the whole point!!!
Hot and direct...into your mouth, down your throat into your empty tummy...
Getting you up, getting you ready, getting you going!!!!
Monday ManCandy!!!! There's nothing else like it!!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2019


She texted me that she needs me right I drop the mop and move as fast as I can in these heels.....
Her next text says to bring the lube....

Sunday Brunch

Yes I know....normally I'm just a pure slut at these things,,,,but today I'm feeling so much like June Cleaver.....and if you don't know who that is then click on that linky there....
The only thing I'm missing is the pearl necklace.....but it's still early and I'm pretty sure I might have one....or more before the day is done!!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2019


After I've warmed her up for an hour or two, I'm still hard and ready for her!!!
I love when she stays home with me on Saturday nights!!!!

Sissy Reminder

She taught me this years ago and I've posted it repeatedly but it never hurts to post it again....
Never forget the balls!!!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Basic Training

"Do you understand your orders Private?"
"Yes Major!!!! I understand my orders!!!!"
"And what are your orders Private?"
"I am to report to the Major every night at 1900 hours unless I receive other orders..."
"Very good Private....please go on...."
"Owwwww!!!! Yes Major Sir!!!!! I am to report every night, dressed in high heels, stockings and knickers.....and Major doesn't want to see the same ones twice or I will be punished however the Major sees fit!!!!"
"And why am I doing this Private?"
"Because I am the Company Sissy, Major!!!"
"That's damn right Sissy, now.....get down on your knees!!!!"
"Yes Major!!!!"

My Choice

"Alright Sissy it's your can take the cage off and cum right now but that means you can't taste my pussy for six months...."
"Six months!!!!"
"Yes for the next six months there will be no sexual contact between us at all, no watching me with my cleanups....but you can jerk that little thing whenever you want...."
"Or you can click that lock shut and come over here and lick me til I come on your wonderful tongue....and when my newest friend comes over I'll make sure you get a taste of his big cock....and you get to lick up all his delicious cum....but of course it's up to you!!!!"
I'm pretty sure I heard her chuckle as I clicked the lock shut but after that she pulled my face between her thighs and all I heard was her moaning till she pushed me away and rolled over to sleep!!!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2019


This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


"I'm so sorry was just a silly bet....I never dreamed I'd lose the game...I hadn't lost all was just a fluke...."
"A fluke!!!!"
"Yes, and Baby....try not to squirm too much I don't want you to stretch my dress anymore than it already is...."
"Your're worried about your dress!!!!"
"Come on Honey it's only a few guys......I'm guessing no more than six or can handle that.....and when we get home I might let you make me cum too...."
"Oh look here they come now Baby.....have fun....I'll be at the bar!!!!"

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


"C'mon Sissy....give it to me....I need your big manly cock right now...."
She repeated this a couple of times before she fell over's not so much that she's mean....but she does have a particularly wicked sense of humor!!!!

Hump Day

Yes it's Hump Day and although the week so far has knocked you flat, your reward is coming soon....not too soon...but soon!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Even She's Surprised

Sometimes her lovers make requests when they begin ti understand that I'll do almost anything she tells me to do...
So when he asked her to spank me I dutifully climbed over her knees and she picked up the nearest paddle to brighten my bottom....
But sometimes even she gets surprised....before the paddle even landed once he told her that he needed her right now.....and off they went to fuck all night....

Something New!!!!

Well I've started another Blog.....after Google+ shut down I really didn't have a place to post things that made me laugh....
The G+ censors, such as they were, forced me to use double enterdre and humor to post stuff that was both dirty and funny....and I miss doing I created a blog that I can post the funny things I like....there probably won't be any paddles, strap-ons or big cocks....but there might be....and if you stop by Such A Funny Sissy and you get a laugh then it was worthwhile!!!!
Let me know what you think....

Monday, June 17, 2019

The Key

After years of observation I had learned that the bra was the key!!!
When she came home from work she always went to our her bedroom to change out of her work clothes....I would never know how our night would go,,,she didn't say much!!!!
But I found that if she took off her bra she would usually reach for her jeans and a tee....but if she left the bra on it was more than likely that at some point through the evening I'd be on my knees in between her beautiful thighs or on my knees waiting for her to fuck me with one of her strap-ons!!!!
I always like to watch her undress....but now that I've figured this I'm always hoping that bra stays on!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It fills your tummy and it gives you everything you need to get through your day!!!!
You notice some of your coworkers staring but that's just jealousy....
The warm cream makes for great snacking as you scoop it toward your waiting mouth....
ManCandy!!!! The smile says it all!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2019


Even though I watched her leave with her friends for an afternoon of golf I felt like she was still here....her plug filled me and her cage held me......but I had a list of chores and I had to get busy....

Sunday Brunch

"Please Sweetheart, don't make me serve your guests like this....I just couldn't bear the humiliation....please!!!!"
"Alright Sissy, if you feel so strongly about go put that little thing in it's cage and then come back to me with the key!!!"
"Oh yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am!!!!"
"Wait.....better bring me both keys....maybe I'll raffle one off to my friends...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Four Times

I told him four times that with my hands tied to the headboard there was nothing I could do to stop him!!!!
Four times!!!!
After the first three times I had to get pretty specific....
"Oh no.....with my hands tied like this....there would be no way for me to stop you from taking off all your clothes and sticking your cock in my mouth and using me like a cum sucking whore...."
It's was almost like I could see the light bulb in his head turn on....after that all I could see was him!!!!

Angels and Devils

"Oh please don't do it....." the angel prayed....
"Maybe....I don't know....I'm not sure...."
Then the devil appeared....
"Go ahead suck know you want to!!!!"
"Leave him alone....." the Angel cried!!!!
"No you leave him alone!!!!" the Devil shouted, "You always say you want the humans to be happy and how can you be so sure that getting down on his knees and sucking on that glorious cock won't make him happy?"
"But it's a sin.... "
"Who says?"
"It's in the book!"
"Which book?"
"You know....the book!"
"Hey you know you're pretty about we just let there humans have some fun and we go back to my place and have a little fun of our own?"
"But I can' says in the book that it's a sin...."
" So what, I think we have a couple of drinks and get cozy and maybe we can watch these humans and get some inspiration!!!!"
"Did I tell you I have a forked tongue...."
"Let's go!!!!!"

Friday, June 14, 2019


Being a sissy cuckold isn't that much different than being a realtor when you think about it....
You're looking at a choice location that's close to everything....and that's always the key isn't it....location, location, location!!!!!
And you really couldn't find a better location than this!!!!!

Five Million!!!!

After hitting the astounding number of five million page hits I thought maybe a little review is in order....
It's interesting to look at the Google Blog Traffic for my silly little blogs....I think it's nice to know that the good old US of A is first among the perverts of the world!!!

It's nice to see our friends in the UK joining in....I guess we've gotten over that whole revolution and 1812 thing!!!!
And Canada has always been our closest friend up there on top of us!!!!
Germany.....yeah we've always been a little twisted....sometimes in a nice way....
Brazil!!!! Do I have to say anything at all.....hey it's Brazil....they get it....probably pretty often too!!!!
Australia.....well I love going down under....
Spain....I love those hot-blooded Spaniards
France....what can I say....the land of romance... porn from Bollywood....that's alright I'll take care of that for you...
Russia....oh I'm going to have to testify about collusion!!!

United States
United Kingdom

I love all of you and thank you all so much.....but right now I'm pretty busy trying to build up some blog traffic in Africa....

Thursday, June 13, 2019


No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't please his mother in law and he usually wound up over her knees....she would lecture him about how much of a disappointment he was and flip up his dress.....she would always have a biting comment about the panties he wore.....then she would pull them down and spank the living daylights out of him until he was a weeping mess....then she would make him finish serving her meal before she started his corner time!!!!


There it is....right in front of you....and she wants you to suck it.....

It feels so nice....and you decide to give it a little taste....

And you knew that this was what you wanted.....

And what came after? Well he did of course!!!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


It was so late when he left that I was sound asleep and I never heard him go....
She came into my sissy bedroom and crawled in next to me....
As if by instinct I started to move down to lick her pussy clean....but she stopped me!!!!
"Just sleep Baby....." she whispered in my ear, "I just want to sleep next to you....
I'm not sure if I answered her.....I'm not even sure I was ever fully awake....but I woke up and found her next to me and I just rested my  head against her and fell back lucky am I!!!!!

Hump Day

By the time Hump Day rolls around it has become very clear that you may finish by yourself but you'll certainly finish faster if someone gives you a hand!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


When they got home from their date I greeted them at the door as I had been instructed.....
He told me to make them a pitcher of martini's and I hurried to do just that....when I got back I could tell they were already past martini time....
He was roaming his hands over her body and she was really enjoying it....
He was one of those guys.....the ones who like to think they're torturing me as they feel all my sweet wife's charms while I watch....I'm never sure if they know that I love it almost as much as she does!!!!


"Oh look beautiful....come to bed and cuddle with me...come to bed and make me cum!!!!"
How could I say no....why would I say no.....

Monday, June 10, 2019


"Oh My God!!!!"
"Oh hello Honey I wasn't expecting you home so early!!!!"
"Obviously not.....what's all this....why are you dressed like this.....where did you get that underwear....I know that's not better start explaining!!!!"
He thought that maybe....just maybe, he could explain the clothes.....but he completely drew a blank on how to explain the naked man waiting in their bedroom!!!!

Monday ManCandy

"Open up and say Ahhh..."
"Oh my goodness...this is serious.....did you know that you have no coating on your tongue at all!!!!"
"Oh my that serious?"
"Very serious!!!! I'll have to take care of it right away....just open wide and I'll have your medicine ready for you in a few minutes!!!"
"I can't thank you enough!!!"
ManCandy!!! It's so good and so good for you too!!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sunday Brunch

It was more of a family reunion than a brunch....Sissy enjoyed it very much and she soon realized that she wasn't the only one in the family who had shortcomings....and she was pretty sure that she wasn't the only male cousin wearing panties either....


"So you see ladies....that's how easy it is....and I guarantee he'll be willing to do anything in a few days!!!"
"Alright Sweetheart....if the demonstration is over just unlock it now and I'll go get dressed...."
"Oh no Honey....this wasn't a're going to stay locked until I decide otherwise....but if you want to get dressed you can go put on the Maid uniform I laid out for you in the bedroom...."

Saturday, June 8, 2019


Yes she was tempted to take care of it seemed so nice.....but she could a few minutes her sissy husband would be back from the bathroom and she would love watching him suck this one....

Pool Table?

When we went to meet the new neighbors we all hit it off....
While our wives had gone off to talk about decorators and such...he asked me if I wanted to see the game room he'd set up in the basement....
"Game room....that sounds you have a pool table?"
"No....but what I have is so much better!!!"

Friday, June 7, 2019

Don't Want To Be Mean're my mother's new husband ad I guess that makes you my step Dad.....but that doesn't mean it's OK to wear my underwear....."
"I'm sorry...."
"After we're done here we're going to go pick up a couple of my friends and then we're going shopping....if you like girls undies that much, then we'll get you some of your own!!!"
"I don't have to boyfriend has been wearing panties almost from the first time we went I know all about you Sissy boys!!!!"
"Maybe I'll have him come over and you two can put on a show for all us girls....I've always wanted to watch a guy suck a dick...."
"Please....yes please!!!!"


I always ask if I can watch and most of the time she gives me permission....
After her first couple of orgasms I usually regretted having asked....the cage would just make me crazy....I mean, most of the time I've gotten used to ignoring it...but it is sometimes just impossible to when I'm watching her cum on a big cock!!!!