Saturday, November 30, 2013

Your Wife Told Me To Come By

A Fantasy

When I answered the door there was a lovely young girl there.
" name is Sarah I live up the street and your wife told me to come by today." she seemed a little nervous.
"I'm sorry Sarah she's not here right now maybe you could come back..."
Oh no," she interrupted "I'm here to see you and she told me this was the ideal time to come."
I was intrigued and I invited her in. I was grateful I had been doing some heavy yard work and was dressed mostly like a man although I was worried that my bra straps might be showing through my light shirt. If they were she hadn't mentioned it or seemed to notice.
I invited her in and couldn't help but notice the schoolgirl outfit she had on. My clitty was starting to press on it's plastic prison.
"So what can I do for you Sarah?
"Well I was talking to your wife the other day and I was telling her how pretty I thought you looked as a woman and she..."
I gasped when she said that and although I really hadn't gone out of my way to keep it secret I tried to be discrete.
Seeing my reaction she rushed to calm me down.
"No no, I think it's so cool that you do that, in fact there was this one time in the summer when you were hanging out the wash and you were wearing a really pretty yellow sundress that it made me kind know....excited...."
Thanks for the complement I guess...." I choked out, where was this going?
"Anyway I was telling your wife that watching you got me kind of...horny I guess and she said that my boyfriend could help me out with that. But I don't have a boyfriend and I want to stay a virgin at least until I meet the right guy but it get's so frustrating..."
"So she told me that since it was your fault that she would have you help me with And she said that keeping my virginity wouldn't be a problem because she has you in a cage....I'm not really sure what that means but she said you'd explain everything."
"Well Sarah, I'm not sure what you expect but my wife should...."
She turned and unzipped her top revealing the cutest little titties I've seen in a long time.
"Your wife said I was to say this to you and you'd understand. Make me cum Sissy, don't stop until I tell you to."
Well who am I to argue, when my wife gives an order, even if by proxy, I always obey..
"Please follow me Sarah, I'll make you comfortable until I clean up and then I'll see if I can help you out with that problem of yours" I smiled.
"And could you..."
"Could I what Sarah?"
"Could you wear that yellow sundress, you look so hot in that."
"Whatever you say Ma'am". I curtseyed and went to clean up and change.

From The Corner Of My Eye

From the corner of my eye I saw her slip into the doorway and watch me as I sucked her new friends cock. Her silent presence served as a reminder that I don't do this for him as much as he seemed to love it. I also don't do it for me even though it's something I have learned to love doing. No, I do this for her, just as everything else I do is for her. She is everything to me and my pleasure comes only from giving her pleasure.

Ready To Go

I gave my wife the thumbs up as I walked out of the bedroom.
"He's nice and hard for you sweetheart."
"Thank you Kaaren, I'll call you when we're done for clean up."
I looked forward to licking them both clean later!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Yes Sometimes

Yes sometimes fluffing is both unnecessary and scary. I mean it barely fits in my mouth...after it goes in my wife how on earth will she ever feel my little clit if she ever gives me the privilege of entering her again?

Don't Blame Me Sissy

I warned you not to go back for "Thirds". All that turkey and stuffing!!!! You must have gained an inch or maybe two so we have to pull it a little tighter. I won't have my special girl losing the beautiful girly figure you've worked so hard for!


Oh oh oh oh oh ah.ah ow ow oh oh ow oh mmmm oh ah ahhhh mmmm oooohhhh yessssssss

I'm Sorry I Misplaced The Key

I'm sorry I misplaced the key Sissy, I've looked everywhere. How about I suck your little clitty to show you how sorry I am....what do you mean you can't feel it should feel it in your heart that I'm doing this for you!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving ManCandy

Who needs cranberry sauce when you can have a huge dose of ManCandy with your turkey!!!

Thanksgiving - Apple Pie

It's Thanksgiving Day here in the good old US of A and let me tell you something. Baking an apple pie from scratch is harder than it should be!

To All My Sweet Readers

It's Thanksgiving Day here in the USA but it doesn't matter to me if you're American, I'm thankful that you have all spent a few moments with me at my little Blog.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Sissy I Love You But...

Sissy I love you but if you say one more word about that key I will lose my mind! I promise you Sissy I will find it but for now I don't want to hear another word about it!

I Made My Special Thanksgiving Cookies for All The other Sissy Bloggers

I made these cookies for all my Sissy Blogger friends, I hope you like them!

They're just about ready, let me get them out of the oven...

They're delicious and...I don't know...there's just something...appealing about them...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Kaaren you have definitely got all the attributes I'm looking for for this position but before I make a job offer I'd like to probe a little deeper into  what you have to offer as a new employee of my firm....

That's Enough Sissy! I'll Find That Damn Key!!!

I've had enough Sissy, you've seen me looking all over the house and I've promised you over and over that I'll find the key. All you've done is whine and complain like a little girl so I'll treat you like a little girl! You go up to your room and think about why I spanked you and no supper for you tonight!

Sissy Versatility

This wasn't what I thought she meant when she asked me to help her with her makeup, but it's my job to support her in any way she desires.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Love This Dress

I should say I love this gown. Swirling pink skirt and satin bodice with a jewel like trim. You will be the belle of the ball or the fairy princess you've always dreamed you could be! Add the satin opera gloves so that every touch feels like a silken caress! A sissy dream come true!

Why Are You Staring 2

Why are you just standing there staring Sissy? It's not going to lick itself...get over here and get busy!

Why Are You Staring 1

Why are you just standing there staring Sissy? It's not going to lick itself...get over here and get busy!

You Never Could Control Yourself

You could never control when or where you were shooting your cream, could you Sissy? That's why I control it now!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thats What You Do Best

You always manage to get a mouthful of cream off the top don't you Sissy!

Monday ManCandy

Some Mondays are harder than others, you just can't seem to get it together, For Mondays like that it's going to take a double dose of delicious, nutritious, protein filled ManCandy to get you on track for the rest of the day.

You Know What Sissy

You know what Sissy, I think we'll just skip the two smaller ones and go right for the big one. I think you're ready for that. What do you think?
Oh I'm sorry I forgot you had my dirty panties stuffed in your mouth...but it sounded like you agreed to me so bend over and relax....

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl Sissy, I never imagined that there would be a time I'd have to tell my husband that he caught his dress in his panties when he came out of the bathroom!
Not what I was expecting but I think it's delightful!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Stop Sometimes

There are times when I'm in front of the mirror when I stop and look for the boy that was once there. I say boy because I never really became a man, I have been a sissy pretty much all my life. I became more and more feminine as the years passed until I look for the boy and he is almost completely gone!
I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday is Game Day

It's very nice of you to prepare snacks for the men coming to watch the game Sissy, but looking at you I think food will be the furthest thing from their mind!

I Promise I'll Find The Key Sissy But...

I promise I'll find the key Sissy, it's here somewhere. But when I think about it it's nice and hard this way and bigger than you too. And I can touch it for more than a few seconds without you shooting your sissy cream everywhere. Honestly I'm not sure why I'm even looking for that key!

A Quarter of a Million Page Hits!!!

"I am truly humbled that all you lovely people have come and read my page over 250.000 times! I would like to thank so many people..."
"Kaaren I'm waiting for you!"
"That's my beautiful wife, she is waiting for me to use my tongue and she's a little impatient..."
"Anyway...I'd like to thank the adorable Leeanne for the inspiration...I'd also like to thank dualpurpose for the feedback and support, Sissygurl and Terri and Gina Evans and Staci and Miss Sharon and Eric M and so many more...,thank you all! If I could I'd get down on my knees and....."
"That's it Sissy I've waited long enough!"

"No sweetheart please I have so many more people to thank..."
"You have me to thank Sissy and I expect you to thank me for quite a while tonight so let's go..."

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Me??? Bossy????

You think I'm being too bossy! Honestly Sissy I don't know what you're talking about!  Now crawl over here and hand me my drink and we can discuss this while you give me a nice foot rub...

Good Morning Sissy

Yes Sissy it's a good morning, I'm going to fuck you until you can't think straight. I want your sweet sissy pussy, in pretty panties, on my bed, lubed and ready for me before I finish my coffee! Now get going before I decide to warm up your ass with my hairbrush first!

Hurry Kaaren

Hurry Kaaren I need a real man in me NOW!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Kaaren I'll Be Out In A Minute

Kaaren I'll be out in a minute please make my friend feel at home...

All Day

All day at work all I could think of was how much I wanted to come home and cuddle and kiss my special girl. Kaaren I love having a husband at home who is also my best girlfriend and my sweet lesbian lover.

Just Because

Just because I don't want to hear you doesn't mean I don't love you Kaaren.

If I Could Only

If I could only stroke it...oh my god ...look at that huge cock...splitting her open...listen to her groaning as he fills her....look at her face contorted in ecstasy...
I can only watch and wait to lick his cream from her after,,,,but oh my god if I could only stroke it for five seconds I could hit the ceiling!!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Over and Above

Well your resume' is impressive and you have stellar references from your former employers but in this economy I get dozens of applicants with similar backgrounds.So, Kaaren, is there anything else....any skills you have to offer to show me you're prepared to go over and above your competition?

Oh my God! I think you may be over qualified!

She's Killing Me

Breakfast Sissy? I think I'll have soft fluffy pancakes.
Mix the batter so slowly...
Pour them in the pan and watch them rise...
Flip them, you must always pay attention to the underside...
Nice and full, brown and hot, put them on my plate....
Drizzle your syrup on them until it's flowing over the sides...
Drop that hard butter in the syrup and watch it soften and flow over the top...
The creamy butter mixing with your delicious syrup coating my breakfast in a creamy film that makes my mouth water...
Do you want to join me Sissy....I could make you some nice hot sausages...

A Sissy's Work Is Never Done - The Laundry

Of all the chores she gives me I think it's doing the laundry that I enjoy the most....

Sorting the clothes, I get to feel all the delightful fabrics

Pre-treating her delicates to remove any stubborn stains

Sometimes just pausing to enjoy her scent

After washing sorting again for what goes in the dryer

And what gets hung out to dry

And because it can be tedious it helps if you have something to pass the time. Some read books some watch TV, some surf the net but I have something else I prefer far more than that...

C'mon Kaaren

Just My Imagination!

C'mon Kaaren you know you want to...which one was he!
Vinny Cozzorini who pulled my pants down in the hallway outside the cheerleaders locker room.
I think he has it coming Kaaren.
Me too!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How Long?

"How long do you think we should stay like this Kaaren?"
"Just long enough for someone to take the hint Lee!"

Vintage Sissy # 9

I love the title but if it was me writing it I would have called it "A Regular Night At My  House!!!!!"

Kaaren I'm So Proud of You

You have become quite the accomplished little cocksucker and I'm so proud of you but you missed a drop. Let me get that for you....

Tastes So Good

Oh my God Sissy, my boyfriend tastes so good and I think now that we're married we should share everything so give me a big kiss while he puts his bags in our hotel room!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cooking Lessons - Sissy Training

Among the services a good sissy offers is the ability to prepare and serve a lovely meal for her mistress and any guests there might be. Most sissies will require some instruction in this area and we've found that the spatula is a very versatile tool....useful for both cooking and motivation!!!