Friday, September 30, 2016


"What do you think about that top Baby?"
"It's nice I goes nice with those pants...."
"That may be...but when we're done shopping here today you're never wearing pants again!!!"
"Never Baby....with legs like yours I'm keeping you in short skirts and dresses from now on!!!
But I ...."
"Why do you think we shaved you smooth last night Baby? You're going to look adorable for me from now on!!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"You're welcome Sissy!"

Sissy Training - Over and Over

"How many times do I have to tell you this Sissy!!!!! I'm tired of correcting you!!!! I am going to spank you like you've never been spanked.....tell me right now!!!!! What have I always told you....right from the start????"
"Don't neglect the balls Ma'am!"
"Don't neglect the balls Sissy!!!! You'll learn.....I don't care how many cocks you have to'll learn!!!!"

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Love This Dress

Who would think just from looking at this innocent little girl that her tiny little man-clit is in a sturdy cage under all that pretty lace and bows!!!! Who would think that smile was because of that vibrating plug!!!!


"Quiet Baby, you don't want all our guests to know what we're you?"
For a moment or two Sissy wasn't sure of the answer....


Ever since he'd been caught late that night in the office dressed as a woman things had changed!!! Now he met with his Boss regularly after work, at least a couple of times a week!!!
He wondered if it would be appropriate if he asked for a raise before or after he came?
He decided to wait until after for purely practical reasons....after all how could his boss answer him while his mouth was full!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sissy School - Basics

"Now this is what we call a cock you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am...that's a cock...."
"And a cock belongs in a Sissy's mouth....point to your mouth Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am! A cock belongs in my mouth!!!!"
"Show me what you can do Sissy!!!"
"I thought you'd never ask Ma'am!!!"

What Did I Tell You

"What did I tell you about wearing pants Sissy?"
"You said only women and men can wear pants...."
"Sissies wear dresses and skirts!"
"And what are you wearing Sissy?"
"I'm wearing pants....but I was working in the front garden and my dresses and skirts are all so short every time I bend over people can see my panties and....."
"Enough Sissy!!! What did I say I would do if I caught you wearing pants?"
"You said you'd spank me on the front porch for all the world to see!!!"
"That's right take those pants down and I'm going to spank your ass red!!!! Then we're going to burn those pants and any others you may still have hidden around here!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Love This Dress

The pretty green matches my eyes....and the pettis underneath make it seem to swirl around me even when I'm standing still!!!!
I like the idea that some people would see me in this dress and think that I look like an innocent little girl....while others would look and see a debauched sissy slut!!!!

Real Humiliation

I was horribly embarrassed to have a man I had known for years see me in panties and could I ever face him again......
I was humiliated when she told me to go fetch my plug and bring it back so he could see it....
My face must have been beet red as I handed it to her and she showed him how big it was....and she told him that I kept it inside me almost all day!!!!
The humiliation was indescribable when she told me to bend over so she could show him how she puts it into me.....
But I discovered a while new level of humiliation when I heard him say....
"Let me do it.....I'd love to plug your sissy husband...."
Oh I wanted to sink into the floor as I spread my cheeks for him....
Oh I closed my eyes and still felt the tears rolling down my face as he pushed it into me.....
Oh I wish I could cum right now.....

The Gym

We used to go to the gym the only workout he gets is in my mouth and in my wife/s tight pussy!!!! At least I get to taste it after.....after all those times in the dream comes true!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2016


"I can't believe you were late today of all days!!!"
"I'm sorry!!!"
"'ll be very sorry if you keep my friends waiting!!!! They're expecting maid service tonight so you get out of those nasty clothes and into your uniform before they get here or you'll be sorry Missy!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It is a typical happens all the time!!! It's just so good and the normal urge to say "Thank you" is very powerful...especially with something so creamy and delicious! But we have to say, over and over the Lone Ranger, no thanks are necessary we're glad to help!!!
ManCandy! Swallow it all....every drop counts!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

By week three of his suspension Tom Brady wanted to get into the game in any way he could!!!!!!

Last Night

Last night he wore her panties when they made she wanted to see what else he would do for her!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

So Happy

"You look so happy Sweetheart....I love to see you smile like that!!!"
"Why shouldn't I be happy Sissy....he's nine inches and thick as my wrist!!!!"
"Well I guess that's good for you...."
"Oh Sissy....don't pout.....I'll ask him if you can suck his cock too!!!"
"Will you???? That would be great!!!"
"You know I spoil you Sissy!!!"
"Thank you so much!!!"

The Bench

The bench had magic!!! There was no doubt about that but it was capricious magic!!!! All I said to my daughter was that I wished she could see things the way I see them and.....whoosh.....we were in each others bodies!!!!
As weird as the situation was for us...imagine how my wife felt!!!!
Every day, rain or shine, we went to that bench and I wished as hard as I could to make things as they were.....nothing!!!
"What about me?" she asked. "What about my life? I can't have sex with him because he's my daughter and I can't have sex with you because you're in my daughters body and I could get arrested if.....What am I supposed to do????"
I had only thought about problem.....not hers....and I wished with all my heart and soul for the magic to happen....and I felt a tingle....I saw a few sparkles....and then I saw Kent on his bike and I was instantly so wet for him......

Friday, September 23, 2016

Not Enough

Just in case the cage and lingerie weren't enough.....he drove the point were just a sissy....your life as a man was over!!!!!

Morning Selfie

Posted without comment....

Thursday, September 22, 2016

You Can

"You know Kaaren you don't have to wear a bra to bed!"
"But I can if I want to, right.....please?"
"Of course you can Kaaren.....unless I want to play with those sweet little nipples!"
"Oh thank you so much!"
"You're such a sissy, Kaaren!"
"Your Sissy?"
"Yes, my kiss me and let's snuggle!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Tan Lines

The tan lines made Sissy look so much more feminine and as long as she covered that little extra thing no one could ever tell!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

For Him

Uncaged....for him....but Sissy knew that there was only one cock she should concern herself with...and it certainly wasn't that little miserable excuse between her legs!!!!

That Will Do

He must have been very rich....after all who can afford a private train car?
I modeled many outfits for him and he just smiled....but when I modeled the lingerie for him he finally spoke!!!!
"That's the one....I'll take it!!!!"
"I'll let the designer know Sir!"
"No I'll take it now.....take it off....I want to wear it now!!!"
"You want to wear my pretty bra and panties right now...right here....sissy?"
He quivered....
"Yes Ma'am!"
And he's been my sissy slut ever since!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

That's So Nice

"That's so nice.....but get that tongue a little lower know what I like!!!!"
Using my hands to spread her cheeks I dove in....I knew what she liked!!!!


"Alright Sissy's say your prayers then off to bed with you!!!"
"Now we lay us down to sleep
We trust our wives our keys to keep
If we should cum before the morn
They'll make us wish we were never born!!!"
"Good into bed you go...."
"Thank you Ma'am!!!!"

Monday, September 19, 2016

Between Her Thighs

As she chatted on the phone her sissy husband welcomed her home as he always he realized as he licked her that he had not been the only one between her plump thighs today!!!!  It only made it better!!!!

Monday ManCandy

She couldn't wait to text that pic to her brother at year she'd be away too but for now....
"Hey Bro....missed you on our regular I don't have to share....LOL!!!"
ManCandy!!! There's no need to can get it anywhere!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Is Game Day

Well that will teach me....until I learn a little more I won't bet on any more games.....I took the "under" and I lost on the "spread" too!!! I just didn't understand how the odds were against me....but it all worked out OK!!!!


"I have a confession to make Sister.....I'm not really a Catholic!"
"That's tell the truth I'm not really a nun!"
"And I'm married too!"
"Me too!!! In fact my wife taught me to suck cocks!"
"Your wife?"
"Oh yes I forgot to mention...I'm not really a woman either!"
"Not a woman!!!!"
"Shhh, now just relax and let me finish!!!"

Saturday, September 17, 2016

For Gods Sake

"For gods sake Dennis!!!! It's cool that you want to get in touch with your feminine side....we all support you buddy....but for gods sake put some pants're driving us all crazy...."

A Woman

I don't know if he really made me a woman but my wife said I screamed like a girl when he fucked me!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

New Lingerie

I watched her getting ready for her date tonight...he must be pretty special because the lingerie she was wearing was all brand new!!!
Usually we talk and laugh while she gets ready but this time she seemed a thousand miles away!!!!
"A penny for your thoughts seem to be daydreaming!"
"Oh yes Sissy.....I you like my new underwear?"
"Sweetheart  I love your new lingerie!!!!"
"'s all the same!!!!"
"Sweetie...the homeless bum on the corner wears underwear....a beautiful woman wears lingerie!!!"
"Well I guess you're right Sissy....but not completely....that homeless guy on the corner doesn't wear underwear...."
"And how on earth would you know that!?!?!?!?"
"How? He shows me every time I walk by, that's how!!!"
We both laughed....we were back to normal just like that!!!

Humiliated In Front of Him

It was so much more humiliating with her lover sitting there watching....
"I can't believe you make him suck your dildo like that!"
"Excuse me....that's my cock....he's sucking my cock!"
"Wow, yeah alright....I can't believe your husband get's on his knees and sucks your....cock like that....damn and he looks like he really wants it!!!"
"Well he wants to make sure he gets it really know that's really important!!!"
"Why is that.....oh my mean you're going to....."
She simply nodded.....
"In a minute or you want to watch me make him into my sissy bitch?"
"Oh yeah Baby I can't wait to see that show!!!"

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Do What You Like

'You want to do what!!!!"
"I'd like to wear your panties!!!"
"You want to wear....but you're a guy why would you want to wear panties?"
"Because I love to wear you mind?"
"Well I guess now I've heard it all, I think you should take me home...."
"Did I tell you that when I'm wearing panties I like to eat pussy for hours.....until the woman begs me to stop!!!!"
"Now I'm sure you should take me home!!!! Wait till you see all my other panties!!!!!"


Just as he started to cum he snapped his fingers and his roommate instantly woke from his trance! Surprised to find a cock in his mouth his eyes widened as the cum shot into him!!!
Before he could even move his roommate snapped his fingers again and he returned to being Joyce, the blowjob Queen of the dorm!!!
"Dude, that's not cool....why do you do that every time you cum?"
"I can't help it.....I love the look in his eyes!!!!"
"Maybe we shouldn't have hypnotized Jason, you know bro, it doesn't seem right!"
"Well does that mean you're skipping your turn?"
"Hell no Bro, it's my turn again after the next two dudes!!!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Words

As she fucked their pool boy her husband sat stroking his small cock......she mouthed the words to him.....
"Don't cum!"
He nodded that he understood......she smiled....she liked that shirt....he looked so good in pink.....maybe next week he could wear her pink panties.....that was so hot....and a matching bra too....oh yeah she felt her first orgasm coming as she pictured him.....maybe she'd go shopping later......while her pussy was still tingling.....he would look so cute!!!!!!

Cuckolds Choice

"Tell me Sissy....should I put him inside me? Should I take this nice hard cock and put him in my wet pussy......should I let him have me?"
"Please yes!!!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thought It Over

She thought it over while he was busy preparing dinner....
If she went and got her strap-on she would love to fuck that cute little bottom....but then dinner would be late....
But if dinner was late she could spank that cute little bottom for making her wait....
She smiled as she went to get her favorite one....the big black one....this was the classic win-win situation for her and she was more horny than hungry right now anyway!!!


"I don't know what you want have to tell me!"
"I' ummm I'd like it....if you made know..."
"No I don't know tell me!!!!"
"I'd like it if you made me....suck....!"
"Do you want to suck a cock's not that hard to say....tell me right now....I'm running out of patience with you!"
"Yes...that's it!"
"Say it Sissy!!! Dammit I'm going to get my hairbrush and heat up your sissy ass if you don't tell me!!!"
"Yes I'd like to suck a cock!!!"
"Let me see if I can call someone to come over.....I love watching you suck cocks!"
"No that's not what I mean!!! That's not what I want...."
"Last chance Sissy, just say it....just tell me what you want!!!"
"I want....I want to suck your cock....I want to suck your cock!!!"
"Oh is that all Sissy....god look at you're actually want to suck my you want me to fuck you too?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Say it then Sissy....all in one sentence....and ask me nice!!!"
"Please Sweetheart....I'd love it if you allowed me to suck your big manly cock and, if it pleases you, would you please fuck my sissy pussy....pretty please?"
"Go fetch whichever one you'd like me to use Sissy and bring it here.....was that so hard....god I can't believe the things that embarrass you!!!"

Monday, September 12, 2016


"Oh oh I think I see two sissies that need a spanking!!!!"
"Oh hi Sweetheart....don't get the wrong idea....we just finished dressing and we were just this minute going to get into our chastity cages!!!!"
"Oh....and with those hard little clitties how were you going to do that?"
""It's alright and your sissy friend deserve a little fun...I'm not cruel or uncaring.....I'll tell you what....if you both want to cum you have my permission...with certain conditions of course..."
We both nodded our agreement....
"Alright," she said, looking at her watch, "you have twenty seconds to make each other cum....starting now!!!!"
"twenty seconds each or for both of us?"
"14 seconds left Sissies!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Star Trek - The Future......
Light Speed - surpassed hundreds of years ago!!!
Poverty, inequality. injustice, racism - just words in a history book!!!
War and strife - not in a hundred lifetimes!!!!
ManCandy - unchanged and irreplaceable!!!
ManCandy!!!!! No matter the innovations....some things just can't be improved!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

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Sissy Training - Cleaning Up

To properly train your Sissy that he must put you above all his needs, you must immediately limit his orgasms!!!
Once he understands that cumming is a privilege that you can grant or deny as you wish you can begin offering orgasms as rewards for good behavior!
Soon any request to cum must be accompanied by a promise to lick it all up and the creative wife will soon learn that where he licks it from can add that extra level of humiliation that Sissy needs!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Are You Watching

"Are you watching as his big black cock ruins my pussy for your little clit....I could barely feel you before....but now....."
Was I watching!!!!! I couldn't take my eyes off it!!!!


Even as they kissed he laughed...
"Baby, your Sissy husband is sucking my cock!!!!"
"He's really good at it!!!"
"He should be....I taught him everything I know!!!!"
Soon I was pushed aside as they only wanted each other.....

Friday, September 9, 2016


"You know what Sissy....I've changed my mind....let me get some ice and we'll get you back into the cage....maybe we'll try again in the next few weeks...."

Famous Last Words

"Do you like the way my panties feel when they rub against you like this?"
"Oh feels wonderful!!!"
"I want you to put them on....for me!!!"
"What....put on your panties....but I'm a man!!!"
"You can be a man in my panties too....please?"
"Well I's really no big deal!!!"

Thursday, September 8, 2016

How True

Sissy soon learned that the old rhyme was true.....
Happy wife, happy life!!!!

Every Day

Every day he sat in front of the mirror and wished....never really believing in the magic!!!! When he opened his eyes he finally knew that sometimes wishes do come true!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm Sorry

This was the address she had given him he checked and double checked the note she had given him...
He really was surprised that a beautiful woman like her had any interest in a mousy little man like him but he had to find out!!!!
He knocked on the door and when she pulled it open he was shocked!!!!
"Oh....I uhhh...I thought we had a date tonight.....I must have been mistaken....."
"Not at all.....come in and we'll get to know one another....I was thinking we'd spend the night in!!!!"

Time To Get Up

Time to get up and start another day!!! As I snapped my bra in place I heard that they were at it again...she had reason to make noise....he was big...not the biggest I've ever seen but he was close....I could barely get the head of his cock in my mouth last night!!!!!