Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nice And Slow

"Nice and slow Sissy....I'm going to fuck you nice and slow.....and I want you to suck that cock nice and slow too....I want you to feel it....I want you to taste it....I want you to have plenty of time to think about what a little sissy cock slut you've become....just like I said you laughed then's hard to laugh now with your mouth full isn't it???"

He Asked

"Well Sissy....if you must know I'm sending him a picture of you with his cum all over your lips!!!"
"Oh please....don't....he'll show it to all the guys....why would you do that?"
"Why? Because he asked me to get back to work....I want you to get every drop!!!!"

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Love You

"My girlfriends are going to just love you when I'm done with you little brother...."
"Please Sis.....don't....why are you doing this to me?"
"Why were you going through my panty drawer?"
" reason...I was um....I'll never do it again Sis....I only did it that one time!!!!"
"And now for lying to me I'm going to tell my friends to bring their boyfriends too!!!"
"Oh no Sis....please!!!!"
"Quiet while I finish your lipstick..."
Quietly he sat as instructed.....he so hoped she didn't notice that his little cock was hard as a rock!!!!!

Now We Can Talk

It was such a small sound but it echoed like thunder in his ears.....that click as the lock closed.....he truly belonged to her now!!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Sissy School - Back to Class

"It's been fun having you here for the weekend Sissy....your wife and I enjoyed using you for our pleasure.....but now you have to go back to school and we'll resume our lives enjoying your money!!!! But before you go I want you to feel what your wife gets from me every day!!!!! I fuck her hard like this every day Sissy!!!! What do you think about that Sissy????"
"Please....oh please.....please let me come back next week!!!!"

Manday ManCandy

Is there anything better than a nice warm creamy delicious mouthful to get your day started!!! Does it get any better than the flavor coating your tongue as the warm glow sits in your there anything better? The only thing better than that is sharing it with a friend!!!! You love it and he or she loves it too....
ManCandy.....Have a friend for breakfast!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

It was an epic defeat....they had never been beaten so badly....the general manger was fired and the coach resigned  in shame....but the team didn't care....the sooner the game was over the sooner they could get back to their number one sissy fan!!!

Never Forget

She told me so many times that I could never forget.....
Don't neglect the balls!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Special For You

"I picked him especially for you Sissy...I thought you'd like to suck a cock that's about your size....."

How Many Times

How many times did I try to suck my own cock.....
I nearly broke my neck trying over and over....hoping to bridge that gap between my and waiting and the little cock that needed a few more inches to reach!!!!
Even after dance class....when I was loose and limber I still couldn't make it!!!
It still surprises me that I never considered this until my sweetheart suggested it....I mean it's not really the same as sucking your own cock....but it gives you the same result!!!!
Whenever she allows me to cum I would say that maybe 75% of the orgasms end up just like this!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

A Deal is A Deal

Sometimes you have to go to get the best Black Friday Deal and sometimes the best Black Friday deal comes to you!!!

Is It Too Early

Is it too early to ask Santa for one of these? I'd promise to be a good girl but I don't think he'd believe me.....

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

What am I thankful for? There's so much in my life that I never expected to have that I couldn't possibly write it all down!!!!
But I can say that at this particular moment I'm thankful for pretty dresses and well hung guests!!!!
I'm just doing my best to make everyone feel welcome!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my sweet readers in the good old USofA!!! Time to cook the turkey and connect with family and friends!!!
For years they've all asked me about my stuffing recipe.....but it's a secret....only me and one other person knows.....They are all just jealous that they can't make one as delicious as mine.....

Enjoy the day Sweeties....I wish I could have you all over to dinner.....but I'm sending all of you a big kiss!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

That Dance

Haven't we all done that dance?
You know the's the nobody's home dance....the one where you put on a bra and panties.....maybe a wig and makeup too if you've got the time....the dance where you let the inner girl out.....
I used to do it all the time....and even though I dress like a girl 99% of the time now....I have to confess....I still do it!!!!

After You're Married

After you've been married for a while you become so in sync with each other that you know what she's going to say before she says it!!!!
She looks at you with her lovers cock in her mouth....and you know the next thing she's going to say....
"Let me see you suck it Sissy....let me see you suck this big cock!!!!"
She's so predictable but still delightful.....and so generous....

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ever Since

Ever since she had caught him wearing her panties things had she rushed home and her big brother was only too glad to take care of her....


What makes me feel more like a woman?
Maybe it's the bra....I love wearing a's the one article of clothing that only a girl would wear....
Maybe it's the shoes.....killer heels that just make my legs look sooooo good.....
Maybe it's the big black cock pounding my sissy pussy........

Monday, November 21, 2016

For A Few Minutes

"Kaaren....come upstairs....we need to have a talk...."
It turned out that she'd be the one doing all the talking......and that was OK with me....

Monday ManCandy

Don't worry about's really no ones were you supposed to know that he wasn't your Uber when he stopped to pick you up!!! But no harm fact you were both quite happy about the silly mix up!!!!
In a few minutes your real ride would arrive and hopefully he wouldn't mind serving you seconds!!!
ManCandy!!!! A terrific add-on to your morning commute!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

I always bring out food and drinks at the two minute warning because I know halftime is going to be pretty busy for me and I want all our guests to have whatever they need....

It's Hard

It's a little hard to hide your disappointment when you have to suck the smallest cock in the room!!! But the big ones are for her pleasure so you'll take care of the little're a sissy's what you do.....

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Best

He looked across the room and saw his neighbor in a pretty green dress...and chastity....he had no idea till this moment that his neighbor...his friend...was a sissy....a sissy in chastity....just like he was...
Their wives had obviously been comparing notes and they had decided that they would be the best sissy friends ever....
Thank god for the chastity, he thought, at least they couldn't humiliate them by making them play with each other....that would be too much....
His wife broke into his reverie....
"Alright sissies.....let's see you two kiss....and I want to see some real passionate kissing....and a little grinding on each other too.....we want to make sure your mouths are soft and wet when the rest of the guys get here....."
He had thought his humiliation was complete....he hadn't realized that it was just starting!!!


"You mean a man comes into your house, your bedroom and fucks your wife while you watch???"
"Yes...that sounds right..."
"But you're her husband!!!! You can't just let that happen right in front of you!!!! You have to do something!!!"
"You're absolutely right....I do have to do something..."
"So what do you do....."
Well I get in real close....where they don't hear me coming...and when the time is right...I suck on his balls......while I wait for him to cum inside her..."
"Well I guess that's something...."
"You should try's wonderful!!!!"

Friday, November 18, 2016

How Many?

"How many cocksuckers are in this room Baby.....look around....I only see many do you see....just look in the're the only cocksucker here Baby....remember that when Tyrone gets here're the only cocksucker here....

Just Like This Sissy

Sissy tentatively reached for the hard cock that his wife was stroking....he wondered how it would feel in his hand....he wondered how it would taste...but above all else he wondered if his wife would let him have a chance....

Thursday, November 17, 2016


It wasn't enough....prancing in lingerie in front of her lover wasn't humiliating enough.....
"Why don't you show him the new jewelry I bought for you Sissy?"
She laughed at me as I climbed onto the couch, leaned over and pulled my panties aside....
"Spread those sweet cheeks nice and wide Sissy.....let us get a really good look...."
I blushed as red as the stone in the plug as they both laughed!!!!

She Tries

She tries to assure me....she tells me all the time that I've become a pretty girl....but then something as simple as opening her robe shows me that I will never be as beautiful as her....she is a beautiful woman and I am a sissy....I could never compete with her!!!
That's why I drop to my knees and worship her....she deserves it!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

May I

"May I Ma'am?"
"What's the magic word Sissy?"
"May I please Ma'am?"
"You may Sissy!!!"
"Oh thank you Ma'am!"
"Why are you still talking Sissy?"

Done Yet

"Damn it Kaaren....aren't you done yet!"**

** an actual quote from my sweetheart....she gets a little impatient sometimes!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I Told You

"You see I told you you would make a pretty girl...."
"Well I guess...."
"In my lingerie and with that makeup there's not a man in town who wouldn't want to fuck you!!!"
"I don't think I'd....."
"I know don't start off your life as a girl that'll have to suck a few cocks first!!!! You'll do that for me....won't you? I'd so love to see you with a big throbbing cock in your pretty mouth!"
"If that's what you want...."
"It is....but do you want it too?"
"Oh god yes.....for so long I've dreamed of it....yes I want it......please, yes, I want it...."
"I know Sissy....soon get down on your knees and make me cum and then we can practice with my dildo!!!"
"Thank you...thank you!!!!"

Not What You Thought

When the three women moved in across the hall he tried to be cool....
When they invited him over for dinner he had a lovely time....they asked him so many things about himself that he later realized he still knew nothing about them.....
When they told him that after discussing it among themselves they had all decided that they wanted to fuck him he couldn't believe how lucky he was....
When he arrived for the big night....he discovered it was not at all what he thought it would was so much better!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Where Can I Find

I approached the saleslady and asked....
"Excuse me, where can I find...."
She rolled her eyes and waved her hand in front of my face!!!
"Adult size satin and lace bras and panties can be found in the Men's can't miss it!"
I wanted to get a toaster but who am I to argue!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You've heard of subliminal education....where you learn while you sleep....the same thing goes when your energy level is low.....even while you sleep you can enjoy a creamy mouthful of delicious ManCandy!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Waking with a tummy full of nice warm cream....does it get any better than that?!?!?!?!?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

It was a very exciting game.....inside the two minute warning and still the game could go either way......I don't get distracted easily....but I have to admit....I was paying more attention to the game than the man in my mouth.....

Last Lick

Giving him that last lick before he fucks my wife....I'm a sissy's what I do!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I'm Not Sure I Understand

He came inside her three times last night.....I licked her clean each time and then I helped him dress and saw him to the how on earth did cum stains get on the floor in here?
Just one of those things I guess.....

WiFi Fluffing

Can you believe it.....I used to have to take the delicious cock out of my mouth to let her know that he was I get those extra seconds.....sometimes it's the difference between a dry mouth or a drop or two of pre-cum...

Friday, November 11, 2016

TV Guide - Brady Bunch - The Lost Episodes

That strange little Tiki statue that Greg had smuggled home from their last vacation was more magical than he thought.....suddenly he was in Marcia's body just like he'd wished!!!
He rushed pat Mom and Alice....he had to get to his bedroom and get this dress off and explore the mysteries that had kept him awake for so many nights!!!!

Sissies Through History - Captains of Industry

"Don't worry Sissy...sure they're the Captains of Industry...I know you used to be one of them....but now that I've taken over your business you don't need to worry about that any more!!!"
"Yes Ma'am but I..."
"These men are the absolute best at what they do go out there.....serve their cocktails and then get on your knees and show them that you are also the best at what you do!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Thursday, November 10, 2016


"Don't tease me Baby.....I'm so hard and I want to fuck you so bad!!!!"
It was something he never thought he'd hear....but he had dreamed about for so long!!!!

Sissy School - The First Year

Of course they had both sucked cocks before....but Kaaren and her best friend Leeanne were enjoying learning how to suck a cock properly!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Young Billy knelt on the bed as his cousin entered him!!!!  Auntie watched from the doorway and she couldn't be more proud of her daughter and her nephew!!!! She was assuming her rightful role as the mistress of the submissive sissy male and he was becoming quite the hot little bitch....Auntie was pleased!!!

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl the boys used to whine that I couldn't leave them like this...that it hurt so bad if they didn't get some relief!!!! As a good girlfriend I used to "help" them with my hand or sometimes my mouth and they were always so grateful....but not grateful enough to take care of me!!!!
I can't believe that I married a Sissy who takes care of my needs with his hands or his mouth or his sweet little sissy pussy....and makes sure I'm completely satisfied!!! I love men but my Sissy is really the best lover I've ever had!!!! I can't believe I married a Sissy but I am so happy that I did!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


These new voting booths offered a wonderful incentive to get people to turn out and vote!!! The line to vote stretched almost as long as the line of sissies volunteering to be poll pole workers!!!

Experienced Fluffers

Experienced Fluffers know that there's more ways than one to get a man nice and could take him in your mouth and run the risk of him cumming too soon or you could give him a little show and make him eager to fuck without even touching him!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hi Honey

"Hi Honey.....the funniest thing happened today.....I needed a screwdriver and I went out to the garage to look in your big toolbox.....imagine my surprise when I found it was full of bras and panties and all sorts of other frilly things!!!!"
"I don't...."
"Then there were the other things....the books the magazines......I mean I was just amazed at some of the pictures....."
"But I can...."
"So I thought about it for a while....and I've reached a can dress like a pretty girl as long as I can enjoy some big cocks....what do you think?"
"I think......I.....yes....are you sure?"
"My friend Tyrell is on his way here now....."
"Can I watch you fuck him?
"Only if you're dressed in something pretty....hurry now....he'll be here soon!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


Monday ManCandy

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you just can't get started.....I mean one of those mornings where you just can't even get out of bed? I know I have!!!!
That's why it's best to have a wife who understands that we all need a smooth creamy booster from time to time.....a protein injection that will give you the energy you need to get up and get going!!!!
ManCandy!!!! She knows you need it more than she does!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

There's really only one effective defense against an all-out blitz!!!! And I'm just the Sissy to do it!!!

Parking Ticket

"We're going to be holding you for 24 hours...."
"But it was only a parking ticket!!!!"
"Well next time maybe you'll remember not to be so nasty to the Enforcement Agent....actions have I have to do a cavity search before I put you in the holding cell.....bend over and spread your cheeks please!"
"Is this really necessary? I mean it was just a parking ticket!!!"
"I said bend over and spread them.....I'm sure you understand what that means....I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing that quite a bit over the next 24 hours!!!"