Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Brunch

Sometimes a Sunday Brunch is just a regular old Brunch....but if you add a sissy centerpiece it becomes something extra special!!!!

Thank You

He looks at me in my frills and cage and he laughs....
"I'm going to fuck your wife Sissy....I'm going to stick my big cock in all of her holes....and when I'm done I want you on your knees to lick my cock clean....what do you say about that?"
I thought it over....
"Thank you!!!!"
He laughed and walked to our her bedroom....I pulled up my panties and waited till I was called!!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2019


If you're on a diet....a pretty strict diet....I was kind of wondering.....I'm pretty sure it's not fattening but does anyone out there know for sure.....if you do this four or five times a day will you gain weight?
I really don't think so but there's a nagging doubt....I'm....uhhh....I'm asking for a friend....

Cleanup Time

"Sissy....cleanup time!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, I'm coming as fast as I can!!!!"

Friday, March 29, 2019


"Your choice I fuck him or do you suck him?"
"Can't I have both!!!"
"Exactly the right answer Sissy!!!"

She's Back

"Why do you think they're all coming here Kaaren?"
"Really? You don't know?"
"I'm not sure....what's going on Kaaren!!!!"
"Everybody's coming to celebrate your return Sweet're everyone's Sweetheart!!!!!"
"And still yours Kaaren?"
"You have always been the gurl of my dreams Leeanne...."
"It's nice to be back...."
"Thanks for coming back to all of us Leeanne.....everyone has missed you so much!!!!"

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Play Ball

It's opening day for Baseball here in the good old USofA!!!

Here's the warm up....

And it's a line drive up the middle!!!!


Sometimes I still like to be on top!!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hump Day

Even Hump Day has it's ups and downs!!!


At the end of the day....when her lover has gone.....when it's quiet....she comes back to snuggle next to me....because it's me that she loves....she gives me a little squeeze....kisses my cheek....whispers "thank you" in my ear so sweetly....and we both go to sleep....both of our fantasies fulfilled!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


As he fucks my wife harder and deeper than I ever have....or ever legs just seemed to spread as if they had a mind of their own....maybe it's just instinct...maybe it's just the girl in me....but I swear I can almost fell his big cock inside me too!!!!

Sissy School - Detention

" here for detention?"
" name's Kaaren what's yours?"
"I'm Sally..."
"I haven't seen you around Sally, you're cute, where have you been hiding?"
"I spend most of my time in the library...."
"Oh...I spend most of my time on my knees!!!!"
"Yeah me too...the library is a lot hotter than most people think..."
"I'll have to come by and see you there Sally..."
"I'd love it why are you in detention?"
"Oh, I'm always in detention....I was caught sucking the janitors cock....they say I'm incorrigible..."
That big black janitor....Wayne?"
"He's the one....
"He comes by the library all the fact I got caught sucking his cock too!!!! That's why I'm here!!!!"
"My goodness Sally....we have so much in common.....what are you doing after the spanking?"
"Taking you on a tour of the library gets a little dark and lonely back in the stacks....I may have to guide you to where I want you!!!!"
"Oh I'd like that!!!"
"Me too!!!"

Monday, March 25, 2019

Are You Ready Sissy

"Are you ready Sissy....I'm waiting for your big hard cock!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I'm ready....I'll be right there!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Do you ever get enough....I know I don't....some of it gets on my face....I love that too...I bet you do too....the taste...the texture....the's the best!!!!
ManCandy!!! Just keep it coming!!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

That Special Night

Remember that special night when she wanted to meet your fem side....
You wanted to look your best but you still froze when she knocked on your door!!!!
Where did that courage come from that made you open that door....she smiled and so did you....she laughed and you drew back.....she pulled you close and kissed you....and kissed you....and kissed you.....and just like were her girl!!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"You see....I told you that you'd make a beautiful girl...."
"But what if she notices her clothes have been disturbed....she'll go crazy....she might send me to the Sissy School!!!!"
"Look....she knows that I'm always trying on her clothes.....she'll just blame me for it!!!!"
"But what if she know....catches me dressed like this?"
"Do you really want to worry about that now? I've only got a few hours left before the pink bus gets here and there are so many things we could do before then!!!!"
"Alright....but you have to help me get out of these clothes before you leave...."
"That's pretty much all I was thinking of....."

Saturday, March 23, 2019


She said she was going to take me to get a Brazilian wax at the Korean salon....
I remembered the last time....the women all speaking Korean and all the laughter....and the other women coming in to watch.....and they all had something to say....and they were all laughing!!!!!
I rarely say no to her but this time I said no....I would not face that humiliation again....I absolutely refused....
She nodded and agreed that I could skip the wax this time around!!!1
I couldn't believe that she had let me get away with the rebellion.....without even a spanking.....I should have known better....
The next day she took me to an older section of town....the shops were a little run down and certainly showed their age....she pulled to a stop and got out of the car.....she took me by the hand and led me to an old time Barber Shop and introduced me to Vincenzo....
His hands were a little shaky but he kept up a stream of Italian....with all the others gathered around to watch as he shaved me clean....I would have never imagined that a little Barber shop could get that busy ....and the laughter was constant and only got louder as I pulled my panties back up when we were leaving!!!!

Not Like

Well....truth be told....I was never like the other boys....when they said they wanted to get in a girls panties....I agreed....but I was thinking of something else entirely!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Now Baby

"Put his cock in me now Sissy!!!!"
"I said now Sissy....I want his cock inside me now Sissy!!!!"
"If he cums in your mouth you are in big trouble you sissy bitch!!!!"


"OK....keep your eyes closed now....."
"This is so exciting...."
"No get down on your knees....if you want to see it from the best angle!!!!"
"Alright.....I can't wait!!!!"
"I're really going to love this....are you ready?"
"Oh yes....please....I'm all goosebumps!!!!"
"Okay the count of three you can open your eyes and see what I've brought for you!!!!"
"Oh yes!!! Please!!!"
"Alright then.....One...."
"C'mon please!!!!!"
"Don't tease me anymore Sweetheart I can't take anymore!!!!"
"Three!!!! Open your eyes Baby!!!!"
"Oh My God!!!! Is it all for me??? Oh my god....thank you....thank looks so good!!!!!"
"Well don't just kneel there Sissy....let me see you suck that big hard cock like the little sissy slut you are!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!!"

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Total Slut

She moaned from deep inside as the pleasure she was feeling spread through her body!!!!
She had changed from a self-confident business woman into a writhing, groaning little slut!!!!!
I'd love to tell you what happened afterward but her lover sent me to my room while he continued to drive my wife wild!!!!!
It must have been really good judging by the noises I heard through the wall!!!!

Sissy School - Housekeeping

In the interest of cutting down on the sheer volume of soiled panties and bedding one of these was installed in every room!
A lottery was held every day to see which lucky sissy was going to be the one to clean them out!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


He hurried because they were waiting....his wife and her lover wanted him to be there while he took her!!!
He struggled to get into his lingerie as he thought of that big cock pumping in and out of her....making her cum....over and over...
He just couldn't wait....he wondered which of the three of them was the most excited...
All he had to do was attach his garters to his stockings ...but his hands were shaking....her lover would probably laugh at him....most of them did....but that usually stopped when they found out what a talented cocksucker he had become under her tutelage....
Soon he would be ready....another night on his knees....watching a real man taking pleasure with his sweet wife while he knelt and watched....while his little caged clit cried sissy tears into his panties.....and then his reward....her soft creamy folds for him to lick and adore....and if he was lucky....maybe her lover would need to be fluffed again for round two!!!!!

Hump Day

Sometimes you feel that just making it to Hump Day is all the reward you need!!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

You Were Right

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It makes me so happy to get any praise from my Sweetheart....even if it's for something as simple as sitting to pee and remembering to wipe up my "little drippies" after!!!!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Earned It

How I longed to move up and lick her pussy....the scent was driving me mad....but she told me that I hadn't earned that privilege I licked her ass hoping that she would see my devotion to her was complete!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Yes it's a mouthful....but it's the best mouthful you'll have all day!!!!
Nothing else will stay with you like a sweet mouthful of delicious, creamy goodness,,,,,warm and fresh....
Organic? Do you even have to ask???
Is there any other mouthful as good? maybe.....would I trade for!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's so good even bacon doesn't make it better!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Is That A Sex Thing

"The muffins are ready Sweetheart!"
"Is that a sex thing Kaaren? It sounds like a sex thing...."
"No Ma''s just that the muffins are ready....."
"I love your round soft muffins Sissy...."
"Would you like one now Ma'am?"
"Oh yes Sissy....I'd like to split your muffins right down the middle and drizzle a little soft butter in......and maybe just lick up that extra butter....and lick and lick some more...."
"Please.....if you want a muffin....I'll serve it to you......but you're just driving me crazy with this....."
"Cage getting tight Sissy?"
It's always tight Ma'am!!!!"
"As it should be Sissy!"

Happy St. Patrick's Day

You hear about it so often but no one ever gets to see it!!!!
So here, in keeping with wishing you all a happy St. Patrick's you get to see...
The Tuck of the Irish!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019


When she asked him to wear pantyhose he had been surprised but he had gone along with it because it was what she wanted and he loved her....she was full of surprises!!!
When she asked him to put his little cock in a chastity cage he had been surprised but he had gone along with it because it was what she wanted and he loved her...she was full of surprises!!!!
And when she came up behind him in the kitchen he realized that it wasn't her that was full of was him that was full of her surprises.....

Back In A Minute

"Now, now boys....give a lady a minute to catch her breath....let me just powder my nose....I'll be back in a minute....feel free to use my sissy husband in any way you like till I get back!!!"

Friday, March 15, 2019

You Came

"Oh you came!!!! I'm so glad.....I was hoping you would!!!!"
"Well I got your message...."
"I'm glad.....did you follow my instructions?"
He blushed....
"So you're wearing a red bra and panty set right now?"
"Oh I just have to see.....come with me to the ladies room right now!!!!"
"I'm not sure I...."
"Don't worry about whether you're sure or not.....I'm sure and that's all that counts!!!!"
"Ma'am??? Oh you are going to be a perfect sissy for me!!!!"

College Days

A lot of the girls I dated soon learned about my panty fetish....they usually figured it out when I came in my pants while I kissed their pretty undies!!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Although she kept the flogger at hand she never ever used it to force her Sissy to serve her in any way!!!!
The truth was that her Sissy was so submissive that she had to use the flogger to get her to stop!!!!


She loves getting that last orgasm as I clean her sweet pussy.....her lovers cum just makes the taste of her so much better!!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Young Billy Was Not Happy

She couldn't do this to him!!!!
He couldn't go to school like this....what would everyone say about him!!!!
She couldn't punish him like this just for trying on a pair of her panties....Auntie couldn't be that cruel.....
It must be some kind of practical joke.....he'd go downstairs and his trousers and shirt would be there waiting for him....
He waited for what seemed like hours till she called him....
"Yes Auntie...."
"Come down now....the school bus is here and I want to make sure you're dressed as a proper young lady before you go!!!!!"

Nothing Better

There's nothing better than two sissies sucking each others little'll never see more enthusiastic sucking....I was about to say cocksucking but that really doesn't fit does it?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Never Looked Better

"I think you've never looked better than you do right now!!!! You are a natural born cocksucker Baby....and I'm going to make sure you get lots of practice!!!!"


"Let's just take a look, shall we Sissy....surely it can't be as small as she says...."
And you stand there as he pulls down your panties.....and moments ago you thought letting this man see you wearing panties was the worst humiliation you could ever feel!!!!
It's even worse that he sees that your little clit is trying to get hard in it's little plastic cage....
His laughter completes your humiliation....
"Well I guess your wife was right appears to be absolutely wonder she enjoys my big cock so much!!!!"

Monday, March 11, 2019

Never Dreamed

It's true.....the power of the bra and panties cannot be denied....
You will do things if you're dressed in a pretty set of bra and panties that you never dreamed you would ever do and so will he!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Just lie back....Let it fill you with warmth on a chilly morning....You could have had some coffee and gotten a caffeine blast that fades so quickly or you could have this warm cream that will stay with you all day.....You could go out and spend several dollars for a warm beverage that doesn't last as long or taste half as good!!!! But you're far too smart to waste your money when there's such a wonderful....and free....alternative always nearby!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Chase those morning chills away!!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Sissy....your wife sent a note that you were...offering her boyfriend relief with your hands....and you know that means you must be punished...hands out....palms up!!!!"
"But Sister Mary Fellatrix, what was I to do she had forbidden me to suck him....owww... or fuck him....owwww!!!"
"What have we taught you here!!!! Have all the lessons been wasted?"
"I mouth and my....owwww...pussy are available to anyone....owwwww.....anytime.....owwwww!!!!"
"When confronted like this you are to rely on your training....I guarantee you that your punishment will not be as severe as of our sissy girls giving a handjob like some common little slut.....we don't educate common little sluts here do we Sissy?"
"No Ma' Sister.....we aren't common sluts!!!"
""What kind of sluts are our Sissy girls here?"
"We...owwww....owwww....owwww....we're exceptional sluts!!!!!"
"Very good now for your penance, go suck three cocks and let three men fuck you while you think about what shame you've brought on our school!!!!"
"Yes Sister.....owwwww!"

Sissies Around the World

He loved the lacy lingerie and he shopped for the most feminine items that would fit him, safe in the knowledge that no one would recognize him dressed like this....until he heard his wife's voice....
"Oh my!!!!! Ahmed is that you!!!!"

Saturday, March 9, 2019

After Your Chores

"So Sissy....after your chores are done what do you do to occupy your time?"
"I've found multiple ways of keeping myself busy....sometimes I'm very busy...very, very busy!!!"

The Movies

There was a sudden scare on the screen and I felt his hand grab my knee....I turned to look at my wife but she was completely caught up in the action on the screen...
His hand started to creep up my thigh as I tried to pretend I didn't notice it....
The movie was scary.......and my wife jumped a time or two but she never seemed to notice this stranger feeling me up....
His hand hit the lacy leg band of my panties and that seemed to embolden him....he slid his hand over the front of my pretty panties and he quickly pulled is hand back....and he got up and moved to another seat....
My wife leaned over and whispered in my ear....
"Better luck next time Sissy!!!!"

Friday, March 8, 2019


"Did it really make a difference?"
"Well....he doesn't go into my panty drawer anymore..."
"Are you sure ...."
"Oh little brother has his own panties to wear now....isn't that right Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh...I can't wait to tell all the girls at school!!!!
"Why not take a few pictures....I'm sure all the girls would love to see...."


Honestly if you opened your eyes and found this lying on your pillow....wouldn't you?

Thursday, March 7, 2019

What More

High heels, tight dresses, deep kisses, roaming hands....what more could a sissy husband ask for????

You Know What They Say

You know what they say about handicapped people....if they lose the use of one sense all the others are heightened...
It's pretty much the same for sissies.....we don't have access to our little bitty bits anymore but now we get so much more pleasure elsewhere....and if I have to tell the's just so much better!!!!