Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It's All In The Swing

Just like when she played golf with her friends, the proper swing made all the difference...
Square your shoulders....feet apart....pivot from your hips.....follow through....and most importantly....keep your eyes on the target!!!!

Hump Day

There's one thing that's always true about Hump Day.....there's more behind you than there is in front of you!!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


"I told you we should leave it alone!!!"
"Shut up.....let's try it again!!!"
"But it hasn't done anything since...."
"Let's try it'll work this time I'm sure!!!!"
"That's what you said last time....."
"Shut up and put your fingers on the planchette..."
"Okay....I guess..."
"Alright now concentrate......Will you turn us back into boys?"
They felt the planchette begin to move on it's own roamed the Ouija board before finally settling on the word "No"!
Tommy began to cry....
"What are we going to do....I can't go home like this!!!"
Johnny stared down at the board....
"Shut up.....let's try it again!!!"


Even when I'm asleep....dreaming my sissy dreams....if a nice hard cock touches my lips I begin to's a sissy reflex.....can't stop it,...wouldn't really want to!!!!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Hurry Up

"If you want to work here you're going to have to be faster than that Sissy!!!"
"I'm sorry Ma''s the first time I've worn stockings..."
"Oh....of course I don't believe look like you know what you're doing!!!"
"Maybe I've done this once or twice before....."
"I don't long as you can keep a bunch of horny miners happy we'll get along just fine....what do you want them to call you?"
"I guess they can call me Kaaren.....Sissy Kaaren!:
And a legend was born!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Every Monday!!!! This was such a pain in the ass!!! But, well she's just being a Mom  and since you went away to college she only wants to be sure you're getting proper nutrition!!! So you have to send a pic every Monday is that really to much to give to the mother that loves you!!!
And besides that you were going to have your favorite warm creamy treat anyway so why not share a pic with'll be almost like the old days when she was next to you making sure you didn't waste any!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Tastes so good it's like Mom's home cooking!!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Our wives cuddled under the blankets together as they watched....
"Do it Sissy.....use your mouth like I've taught you!!!"
As if I needed any encouragement, Steve from next door was still a little shy.....but I helped him get over it!!!! And he was delicious!!!!

A Quiet Moment

The party was in full swing!!! I had lost my panties some time before as the various guests wanted to see what I had to offer...
My jaw was aching after a while and I was getting a little tired of random people playing with my nipples or, even worse, poking their fingers into me!!!!
It was a relief when she pulled me aside and we slipped into her den....
"Let's just relax a while Sissy...."
I got down on my knees and put my tongue to work on her.....this was the way I wanted to spend the night!!!!
Eventually we'd go back to the party....but we'd both be smiling!!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Yes Sis

"I warned you, didn't I?"
"Yes Sis....I'm sorry!!!!"
"Not good enough you little Sissy.....that was my favorite pair of panties that you were wearing!!!"
"Yes Sis....I'm sorry!!!!"
"You think this is bad SissyBoy, you just wait....I have some friends coming over to help me teach you a lesson!!!!
"Yes Sis....I'm sorry!!!!"
"And they're not all girls SissyBoy....let's see what kind of a girl you are!!!!
 "Yes Sis!!!!"


Fucked hard by her lover....
Licked clean by her Sissy...
Her hand rested in the warm spot where her lover had been....
She slept...satisfied....
Her lover slipped away after getting an extraordinary blowjob from her sissy husband....but that's another story.....

Friday, February 23, 2018

She Was Sorry

She was sorry later....
His hand on her sweet pussy and his finger inside her.....
Him fucking her....deep and hard....making her cum over and over!!!!
Calling me to lick his cream out of her.....I loved it!!!!
But she knows.....I have a problem with her kissing her lovers....I know it sounds stupid but I consider kissing more intimate that just about anything and she knows that I don't like to see her kissing her lovers, but she says she just can't help it!!!!


"There's a very interesting chapter in here about your prostate that I'd like to explore with you.....go fetch my dildo....the big one....and some lube....I think my days of giving handjobs to your pathetic little dick are over!!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018


She loves my little clitty in chastity.....I mean she really, really loves it!!!!
It may drive me crazy....but I think that's the point!!!


"Honestly!!!! When I caught you wearing your sister's panties you said you wanted to be a girl....didn't you?"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"And when I bought you a whole wardrobe of girls made you happy?"
"Oh was what I always wanted!!!"
"Well to be honest, your sister and I have had some long talks about this and we have agreed that we would both treat you as a girl if that's what you want...."
"Oh yes Ma'am , that would be wonderful!"
"Oh good.....because girls love men's cocks and we've got one for come over here and get on your knees and show us how much of a girl you really are!!!"

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hump Day

The best thing about Hump Day....well if you do it right it should take you a week till you're ready for the next one!!!!

You Know Sissy

"You know Sissy, I didn't want to say anything while he was here...."
"What is it Sweetheart?"
"Well....when you're dressed like that you kind of remind me of my mother and it's a little weird!"
"I'm sorry Sweetie, I'll go change...."
"No....don't....why don't you make me cum....Mommy...."
I tried not to think of my mother-in-law as I buried my face between her thighs....

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sissy School - Why The Rush

I know there's a rule against running in the halls but I was late for my cunnilingus class and I really love that class.....I might make it my major!!!!! I had no idea I'd run into the Dean!!!!
"What's the hurry Sissy? You know we don;t allow running in the halls!"
"Yes Sir but I'm late for my cunnilingus class, it's my favorite class and I hate to be late!!!!"
"Well Sissy you're already late so a few more minutes shouldn't make any difference..."
He was right....but all the while I was sucking his cock I was thinking about licking a I said cunnilingus class was my favorite!!!

What Could Be Better

What could be better than this....
 A big cock in my boi pussy and another in my mouth!!!!
Is there anything that could make this better???? could be better if she's watching....

I Told You Sissy

"I told you Sissy, thre's nothing like being fucked by a big black cock!!!!"
I wanted to tell her how right she was....
I wanted to tell her how wonderful it felt....
Maybe later....when I caught my breath....but not I could only concentrate on one big hard thing!!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Boys

She had thought that putting the boys in petticoats would curb their bad behavior but she had found Ronald and Donald with their mouths full of each others naughty bits and she knew she had to nip this in the bud!!!!
There was to be no sucking of each others clit's unless she was there supervising!!! It was a simple rule but these two just couldn't seem to obey it....

Monday ManCandy

Such a creature of habit....even on a holiday morning.....even when the alarm clock stays quiet....even though she can sleep for extra hours.....she still craves her favorite breakfast treat!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's just worth waking up for!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Princess

Sissy Princess Marcie-Sophia Renee
Had found she could get away
She could pick all the locks
But they fed her big cocks
And so she decided to stay!!!!

Hiker Assaulted In The Woods

"A hiker was captured, stripped, humiliated and assaulted in the woods north of the city today....after his assailants were done with him they dressed him as a slut and made him walk three miles back to his car in five inch stilletos!!!! Over to you Donna!"
"Thanks Bill, as we follow this shocking story we  have a news bulletin....apparently the area has been overrun with men hiking in scanty apparel....police are asking area men to please take this seriously and show some restraint....."
"Thanks Donna....perhaps some of the details the police have released will deter the crowds.....according to the police the young man was grabbed by two strong women....made to sexually service one...."
"Does that mean intercourse Bill?"
"No Donna....he was made to orally service one while the other.....used a sex toy to assault him...."
"Ohhh so he was licking one while the other did the deed Bill?"
"Yes Donna, I guess you could put it that way.....ahem....apparently they both assaulted him at the same time...."
"Soooo he was spit roasted Bill.....rammed at both ends by two women...that's what you're saying Bill?"
"Yes Donna.....he was...."
"And what was he wearing when he was found Bill?"
"The police say he was fully clothed...."
"He was in....feminine attire?"
"Yes Donna, it's unclear where the clothing came from but police speculate that the assailants brought it with them....."
"Okay Bill.....I'll be going out later to do a remote and I hope you can all join me as I work to the bottom....of this case!!!! Of course Bill I'm sure you'll be right aid us in capturing these desperate women. isn't that right!"
"Of course Donna....tune in at 11 for our deep investigation into this new crime!!!"
"Yes tune in at 11.....remember to wear loose clothes Bill!"
"That's all the news for now, we'll see you later....right Bill?"
"Ummmm yeah....see you later...."

Saturday, February 17, 2018


She slowly and sensuously slipped her hand down her body as she looked at me....
"It's time Baby.....I need your cock....give it to me hard Baby!!!!"
I stood up and walked across the room, my nylons swishing with each step, and I leaned over the bed where she was waiting....sliding her hand over her soaking wet panties....
"Now Sweetheart? " I whispered...
"Yes now Sissy!!!" she whispered back!
I kissed her and nodded to her lover who was waiting, I could still taste his cock in my mouth as I pulled the door shut behind me....


"Shhhh Sissy.....just relax.....the head is inside you.....only 9 more inches to go!!!!"

Friday, February 16, 2018


Some days she didn't want to talk when she got home.....sometimes she needed to unwind...

Do You Regret It

"Do you ever regret it Sissy?"
"Regret what Sweetheart?"
"Do you ever regret giving up being a man, giving up your orgasms, becoming my special  little  girl?"
"No Sweetheart, I am grateful every day that I can be your girl!!!! It is beyond my wildest dreams that this could ever happen to me!!!"
"Oh Sissy.....that's lovely.....make me cum Sissy....make me cum like only you can!!!"
"It will be my pleasure Sweetheart!!!"

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Rock a bye Sissy
Rock back and forth
Isn't it nice to be
Filled south and north
When one man finishes
And fills you with cum
Your job is not finished
Till the other is done!!!!


"It's so little and cute Sissy....I'm just going to give her some color to make her look don't mind do you?"
"Not at all belongs to you!"
"Exactly the right answer Sissy...."

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hump Day

Sometimes it seems like it'll never get here....but then you've made's like the answer to your prayers!!!!

Happy Valentines Day

She is so good to me.....she said she would take me out to eat for Valentines Day and when I asked her where....well she told me we were going to my favorite place!!!!
She is so good to me!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bringing It Home

"His cock was so big Baby....he filled me all up.....I've never felt anything like big that I started cumming as soon as he was inside me....then he fucked me so hard Sissy...he used me like a whore....he flipped me over and took me from behind....he made me bounce on top of him......he made me suck him and then he put it back inside me.....he jammed his fingers in my ass and it only made me cum harder....I was afraid he was going to want my ass.....I was afraid of how much it would hurt.....but he told me that was for next time Sissy....when he takes my ass....and he's going to take yours too....then he filled me with his sweet sweet cream.... and I saved as much as I could for you Sissy.....make sure you get every drop....."

She Liked Sissies

Some girls liked real he-men....
Some girls liked athletes....
She liked sissies!!!!

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Bride

The bride had had enough!!!!!
"I'm not going to tell you again!!!! Get those panties on now Bitch!!!!!"
Her new husband quickly complied....

Monday ManCandy

Remember all those times when your Mom reminded you to wear a hat when you went out in the winter? Of course you do and you always realized how right she was when the biting wind and cold were held at bay, at least a little!
Remember how she insisted you have a nice warm breakfast before going out to keep you warm inside? Well she was right about that too! You need a good, warm, creamy treat warming your tummy from the inside before you go out into the cold morning!
Mom always knew what was best!!!!
ManCandy!!! The reason Dad left for work with a smile every morning!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"You know Sissy, you've become so much more appealing since I sent you away to that school!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"Ha....Ma'am....I like that....even though I've been living large....spending your your family's home....I still think about you....about how you used to be a man till I put you in skirts....sometimes Sissy.....sometimes I actually miss you!"
"I miss you too Sweetheart!!!"
"But I've had enough for now.....go get your bag ready I've called the pink bus to come get should be here any minute...."
"Yes Dear!"
"One kiss Sissy.....give me one kiss to think about till next week!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

The Cuckolds Wedding

As they went over their wedding pictures they came upon this one and he asked her who he was....
"I don't know....I thought you invited him...."
"Nope I have no idea who he is....must have been a crasher...."
"Wait, I remember him....he grabbed my ass right on the dance floor....."
"He did!!!"
"And he had the biggest cock of all the guys I fucked that day!!!"
"You did have quite the day didn't you Sweetheart?"
"Yes gave me a wedding day I'll always remember!!!! Thank you so much!!!"
"You know I only want you to be happy Honey!!!"
"I know Baby...."

Saturday, February 10, 2018

She's Right

He reached into my panties....I almost swooned....I felt so small compared to him.....he took me in his hand.....and he stroked me!!!!
I was instantly hard and very confused!!!!
He whispered in my ear as he stroked me soooooo slowly
"It really is as small as she said isn't it?"
He stopped stroking....
"Yes what?"
"Yes my cock is so small Sir!"
"it's hardly a cock is it.....Sissy?"
"No Sir, it's not a cock!!!"
"What is it then Sissy?"
"It's my clit sissy clit.....and I'm going to cum all over your hand if you keep doing that!!!!"
"That's alright Sissy.....if you get your mess on my hand you'll get down on your knees and lick it all off right?"
"Oh yes.....oh yes please!!!!"
"Seeing as you asked so nice and you're such a pretty little thing....."
I felt his hand tighten and his strokes came faster and I was lost!!!!!

But I Was Wearing

She told me to go sleep in my sissy bedroom....she and her lover wanted some privacy...I was a little surprised....the last time they were together I was allowed to watch....and I wore my favorite little nightie this least I could still taste his cock...that was something!!!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Take My Time

If you've ever worn a corset pulled tight then you know that you may have difficulty fact a deep breath is out of the question!
That's why, no matter how much she demands that I hurry to our her bedroom, I have to take my time or else I'll faint away and do neither of us any good!


I distinctly remember her telling me that her sister had "privileges"!!!
What I don't remember is her sister being allowed to invite friends to share those privileges....but I 'm probably wrong and it was so deliciously humiliating....

Thursday, February 8, 2018


"My love...I have to confess before we are wedded....I know you'll be shocked but please hear me out..."
"My darling what is troubling you....whisper it in my ear..."
"My love....I was born a man....I have my man parts wrapped all in silks today as I have done ever since I can remember....but I want so badly to be your wife...I will serve you as any good wife should...I will cook and clean and I won't complain when you put me over your knee to correct me...I will wait eagerly for you, every day, to return home with my mouth open for your pleasure! I will not stop you if you invite any other women into your bed.....I will only offer to assist you in giving her...and you...pleasure....I will never say no to you...I will crawl on my knees to you and beg you just to let me kiss your feet....there are no limits....none at what I am willing to do for you if only you'll still take me as your bride!!!"
"Well my sweet bride-to be I knew all about you're being born a man.....But if I wasn't convinced before you've certainly convinced me now!!!!"

I Would Tell Her

I would tell her how much it hurt at first...
I would tell her how I had never felt anything like it....
I would tell her  how grateful I was that she shared him with me.....
I would tell her so many things but each thrust took my breath away!!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Most Dangerous Question Answered

Finally I have the answer for all the husbands who have faced the most dangerous question....the one that can imperil even the best marriages....when the time comes....and it'll thank me for this advice....because one day she'll turn to you....looking at you innocently....and she'll ask....
"Does my ass look big in these....."
Your only answer is to quickly drop to your knees and get your face as deep into her ass as you can....and hopefully you'll please her and she won't ask again....
But if she does ask again....well then you're on your own!!!

Hump Day

You've made it to the middle of your's nice to be in the middle sometimes!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sure Thing

They told me it was a sure thing....
The Patriots were a lock to win....
It's a safe bet, they said, one week free from chastity or be the slut for the Eagles fans....
It's not often that anyone will say this.....but I was kind of hoping to lose all along!!!!

Up All Night

I am so dedicated to my sweet readers that I am frequently up all night slaving away at keeping my blogs alive!!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Boys

As punishment the boys were sent to bed early....dressed in their sissy babydoll nighties they hung their heads in shame....until they shut the bedroom door....

Monday ManCandy - After the Big Game

Every year you tell yourself won't overdo it....
Every year you tell yourself that you have to go to work on Monday....
Every year you get so excited that you forget everything you tell yourself....
Every year you depend on that special energy boost that will get you going on the Monday after Game Day....
And year after year it doesn't let you down!!!
ManCandy!!!! Some things just can't be improved!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday is Gane Day - Superbowl

It's time....
Time for the best of the best to show what they can do....
I'm suited up and ready!!!!
I 'm ready for them!!!!
Let's play some ball!!!!