Sunday, January 31, 2016

Just A Bit - Sissy Training

Have your Sissy ride that latex cock for a half hour every day!
Every few weeks you should get a dildo just a bit longer and thicker and a chastity cage just a bit smaller and tighter!!!!
Sissy must understand that her little thing is only a source of discomfort while that big cock inside her is all the pleasure she's ever going to have!!!!

A Proper Sissy

A proper Sissy is:
Pretty as a Princess!
A Wizard in the kitchen!!!!
A whore on the floor!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Candidates

With the primaries coming up fast some of the candidates were showing just how far they were willing to go to convince voters that they knew what was best for them!!!!

All It Took

Everyone had always said how much they looked alike but she had never seen it till now!
A little makeup and a change of hairstyle had made her see that he was almost...almost her double....but when she saw his lips around that big black cock she realized that her little brother did look just like her!!!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Strip Clubs

Just because I don't go to strip clubs doesn't mean that I don't know how to give a man a lap dance!!! In fact I do it all the time!!!

Sissy School - The Gift

Oh yes....Leeanne is going to look so cute in these!
I can't wait to see her in them!!!!!
I can't wait to pull them down, maybe with my teeth!!!!!
I just can't wait!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Halfway Done

She needed a break halfway through....but she left the brush...any volunteers to finish the job....I've been a very naughty sissy?


If you asked either one of us.....we'd both say this was bliss....

What Do You Suppose

"What do you suppose our guys are doing right now?"
"I think they're probably tearing our houses apart searching for the keys to their little chastity cages!!!"
"Poor babies!"
"Do you think they've figured out that you're holding all the keys?"
"Well....about that.....I kind of misplaced them...."
"Oh well, it's not important....let's go to the bar....I want to get laid tonight!"
"Great idea!!!!"
"I'm in!!!"
"Me too!!!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tell The Truth Billy

"We know all about you Billy....we know you've been sneaking panties out of our drawers and wearing them....what we want to know is do you like mine better?" asked his mother.
"Or mine?" asked his sister.
Slowly they laid back and spread their legs allowing him the view that he craved so much!!!
He wondered how he could could he tell them....he loved them both and he loved the time he spent wearing their panties....but his new girlfriends panties were the best of all....she took them off and put them on him while they were still warm and wet!!!!!

Bathroom Humiliation

"Sissy I've decided I want my lover to be shaved!"
"You mean like at a barber? I've never done that...."
"Not his chin silly....I want him shaved bare just like I am and since you do such a wonderful job shaving me I want you to shave him for me!!!"
So I knelt in front of her lover as she watched.....shaving away the short curly hairs.....holding him in my hour ago I had him in my mouth but this was so much more humiliating!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Such A Lot

Well if I've forgotten a few things lately it's only because I've had a lot on my mind!!!!


"Your wife has a sweet pussy Sissy!"
"I know...I love how she tastes!"
"I meant that I love fucking her and filling her with my cum!!!"
"I know and it only makes her taste better!!!!"

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sissy Training - Turnaround

"Yes Sissy I want you to suck it while I ride your face!!!! It makes up for the cock you can't give me! And, just think Sissy, when I cum we'll take it off, turn it around and buckle it back on!!!! Doesn't that sound fun?"
"Sissy!!!! Don't talk with your mouth full!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Even after you have it warming your tummy....
Even after you think you've gotten it all....
It's worth your while to give it another suck....there might still be a drop or two left!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Good to the last drop....but make sure it really is the last drop!!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday is Game Day's the playoffs....this shit just got serious!!!!! I'm ready!!!!!
Bring 'em on!!!!!!


The truckers were already stranded by the snowstorm and to make matters worse the motel had only one room left!!! They reluctantly decided to share it....
Think how bad the situation might have been if they didn't all discover they had something delightful in common!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another Flip Of The Coin

Another flip of the coin and I got tails again!!! One of these days I'm going to ask her to show me that coin!!!

I Was Thinking

"Sissy, I was thinking about what you said and I think that maybe I'd rather watch you suck this one!!!!"

Friday, January 22, 2016


"Get your tongue deep in Sissy! Keep licking till you can't taste him anymore!!!!"


Somehow their concerns about having a Sissy touch them melt away as my tongue licks the shaft!
They become downright enthusiastic when they slip into my mouth !

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Submissive I love doing this....

Time Off

 "Sissy....when these horny bastards stick their cocks in the hole they want something warm and wet to suck one asks any questions!!!"
"So how many cocks? How many do you suck a day?"
"As many as I can Sissy.....just like you!!!"
"Okay I'm in....enjoy your vacation!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Later when he was gone...when I could move....I slipped on my panties....and a pad to catch the cum dripping....and I crawled into bed with her.....she held me close....
"He was big Sissy...did it hurt?"
"A first...then it got to be wonderful!!!!"
"That's pretty much how it felt for me too Sissy!"
"Thank you for sharing him with me!"
"You're welcome Sissy....nest time I'm going to watch! I want to see my lover's big black cock fuck my sweet Sissy husband!!!!"
"I'm glad that there will be a next time..."
"Me too too!!!!"


It's a bonus I guess that what she so loves to watch is something I so love to do!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Good Things

Why do I accept the gag without complaint?
Complaining is only brings punishment!!!!
If it's what she wants then its what I want too!!!!
And every time I've been gagged it just meant that wonderful things were going to happen to me pretty soon!!!!

Just A Little Fix

Sissy, let me just fix your know I want you to be pretty for me.....

Before you suck my cock.....

Monday, January 18, 2016

Why Are My Chores Never Done?

Why are my chores never done on time?
It's all the mirrors fault!!!!

Monday ManCandy

When she turned her husband into the beautiful Sissy he was, she gave him lessons in everything she thought he should know! Hair, makeup, accessorizing, dressing and pleasing a man!!! It was only now she realized that another lesson was needed! Sissy needed to learn how to share!!!
Sissy loved ManCandy so much that once he got a mouthful he seemed to forget she was there!!! A few spankings ought to enlighten the greedy Sissy!!!!
ManCandy!!!! She gave so owe her so much....don't leave her high and dry!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I Love This Dress

I can't say why but this dress just screams "Winter Princess" to me!!!! The color is perfect and the swirling skirt.....oh my!!!!
A must for a Sissy's Night at the Winter Ball!!!!

Sunday is Game Day

"Oh my god!!!! What are you doing with my son!!!!"
"'s alright....just calm down!!!!"
"Don't tell me to calm down!!!! You get that boy out of the house right now!!!"
"But Mom...he's the quarterback!!!!"
"Of our team? Going against State tomorrow?"
"Yes can I finish!!!"
"If you don't I will...."


"Well usual after reviewing your work for the week I find that a spanking is in order!!!"
"Over your knee?"
"Yes Sissy over my knee!"
"Through my dress or dress pulled up to my waist?"
"Hmmmm....dress pulled up I think...."
"Panties up or down?"
"Well you've been a pretty good girl for me this week so I think we'll leave your panties up this time!"
 "Thank you Ma'am!"
As I settled over her knees I realized I hadn't asked if it was the hairbrush or her hand!!! The first swat answered that question!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Told You

"I told you it's not just wearing the clothes Sissy! I told you if you wanted to be my sissy I was going to make you into my special girl!!!!! And just so you know.....if you cum on the floor you're going to lick it up....."

For The Guys

"Just a picture for all the guys back home's funny to call you that....but I guess it suits you...we always knew you were a sissy....I'm sorry we gave you such a hard time....but who would a million years....that I'd meet you again...what are the odds that I'd meet your beautiful wife and then meet you again when I came to fuck her!!!!"
Maybe he was grateful or maybe he was sorry but he had a fantastic cock that had filled so many of my confused teenage fantasies and he was delicious!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Couldn't Stand It

I watched as she took that huge black cock into her mouth!!! Her eyes locked on mine as if she was daring me to say anything!!!!
I couldn't stand it....her pretty little mouth wrapped around that huge cock right in front of me while my own little clit surged against it's plastic it wanted to compete!!!
Finally I had had enough!!! This was the last straw!!!! I had to put my foot down!!!! Finally I shouted at her......
"Hey!!!! Isn't it my turn yet?!"

Experienced Fluffers Only

There are some things that only experienced Fluffers should attempt and the most difficult is the rare "Double Fluff!"!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Young Love

Is there anything more sweet than young love?
He loves his girl!!!!
She loves making him into her girl!!!!
What more could anyone want?

I Heard Her

I heard her sighing as she lay there watching!!!! I knew she was making herself cum as I sucked his cock!!!! But if I could make them both cum.....well isn't that what I'm supposed to do?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I suppose it has something to do with the idea that kissing her is the one thing I can do as well....or better.....than any other isn't that he has been inside her every opening that made me jealous....a little envious maybe....but it's watching him kiss her like that.....that's what makes me jealous!!!!

It Must Be Yours Sissy

"It sure as hell don't fit me so it must be yours Sissy!!!"
 "Come here Sissy! Let us help you put it on!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Her Maid

I love being her maid! I mean what's not to love?
Sure I spend all day doing housework....but I enjoy making our home beautiful....and I love how happy it makes her that she doesn't have to worry about anything after her long work day!!!
And I love those times when I sit there staring into her smiling face as I grind myself on her big strap-on cock buried deep inside me!!!!
Like I said.....What's not to love?

Girls Night Out

The young maid couldn't wait till the night Mistress went out!!! She would show her skeptical friends that the man of the house really was a sissy cocksucker!!!!


Monday, January 11, 2016

I'll Never Tell

"I don't think I should Kaaren!!!!"
"But I have to have you!!! When was the last time she took you in her mouth?"
"Oh God Kaaren, it's been decades!!!"
"So can I?"
"You mean right here...right now?"
"You drop those red shorts baby and I'll rock your world!!!"
"Minnie can never know!"
"Well I can't talk with my mouth full....can I Mickey?"
"Oh my god Kaaren!!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

We think we've just about perfected it! We've been working on Virtual ManCandy for some time now!!! So I need you all to lean in close to your monitors, or whatever devices you're using, and get those girly tongues out!!!!
ManCandy!!!! What you need when you need it!!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Is Game Day

"They're going to win Sissy!!!!! Oh my god they're going to win!!!!!"
"Looks that way Sweetheart!!!"
"Get down there quick Sissy I want to cum on the final play!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!!"


"Are you sure I can't tempt you Sister Leeanne"
"Sister Kaaren! know how much I want to!!!!"
"Then let's do it! Come with me to my cell and we'll explore the wonders of creation!!!!"
"Please!!!!! Get thee behind me Satan!!!!"
"That's kind of what I had in mind baby!!!!"

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Too Many Parties

"I'm sorry Kaaren but I warned you about all that rich food and all those drinks at the holiday parties!!!"
"But I didn't think..."
:"Too late now Kaaren, we have to go! I think it actually looks kind of cute!"
"But they'll see my panties!!!"
"'re wearing a dress, hose and heels! I think everyone really expects that you'll be wearing panties! And this way they don't have to peek up your skirt to find out!"
"Well if you put it that way...."
"Get in the car Sissy....we'll talk about a diet later!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


I had been dreaming when he came to my room! My reaction must have been instinct!!!!
Slowly the dream faded and I stirred, I woke to find him ready.....
What a wonderful way to wake up!!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Ladies Room

I had been gone for only a few minutes.....I had to pee but there was a line.....I looked longingly at the Men's but I knew that I couldn't go in there....that would only lead to trouble!!!!
When I came back to our table she introduced me to Bertrand! He was from Haiti! And he had become very friendly in my absence!!! He seemed nice!!!
When she invited him home with us she took a moment and whispered in my ear....
"At least 9 inches Sissy....maybe more....."
I couldn't wait to find out!!!!!