Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hump Day

I do it every day.....not just on Hump Day.....
"I have a special package for your wife Sissy...."
"She's busy right now.....I'll take it for her...."
"Alright Bitch.....I'm supposed to say Happy Hump Day!!!!"
"Oh my god.....and a happy Hump Day to Youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!"



"She said you were her Sissy that means you're really a guy?"
"That's debatable Sweetie...."
"'ve got a cock don't you?"
"That's also debatable......"
"But.... "
"Do you want me to talk or do you want me to suck your cock?"
"I'm done talking....."

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


He's holding her with his cock deep in her mouth....
While he's owning her mouth, my wife reaches back to make sure I'm paying attention....she likes to hold my little clit....
Because he may own her mouth but she owns me completely!!!!


 He had so many choices and both of wife and I....both of us were hoping to be chosen first!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Quarantine Isn't Over

 I really thought my neighbor's granddaughter had gone back to school so when I went to put the trash out I never gave it a second thought....
We have a big enclosed storage bin that we keep our trash cans in.....all the way at the far end of the yard.....we've had raccoons sometimes and they're quite messy and annoying and on more than one occasion we've had a bear which is absolutely terrifying!!!!
So we put the trash way out back and locked it up and we haven't had many problems since....
But anyway....I was wearing my pretty black maid uniform....not the totally slutty one but clearly one that revealed more than it covered.....and my "working in the house" heels...only 3 inches....but I walked out with a big swish as I've been taught to do....I opened the bin and put the trash out and turned to go back in.....and there she was....smiling and having her coffee......
She laughed and said "Hello...."
I said hello back.....
"Nice dress....."
What could I say
"Thank you!" 
And I hurried back inside as I heard her laughing!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Time is short....
You have to get going....
What are you going to do....
Thank god for the sissy next door....
ManCandy!!!! Delivered hot and fresh....before you've even shaved!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Brunch

The meal was over and the dishes were washed and put away and now it was time to let the women enjoy using the party favors they had each received!!!!

It's Her fantasy

 I don't know the story behind her favorite fantasy but she indulges me in so many of mine so when she lays out my cheerleader uniform I know I will be helping her fulfill hers!!!
When she leaves out the cheerleader uniform I know she's living her fantasy and I'm ready to go along for the ride....
She pulls me close and kisses me deep.....her hands are on my ass....pulling up my short skirt.....then she pulls away....
"Get on your knees Donna.....and lick my pussy you bitch!!!!"
I don't know who Donna was and I'm not going to ask....if she wants me to know she'll tell me....I mean if I get a chance to pretend to be her teenaged lesbian lover....I'm going to go for it!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2020


Sometimes she wished that it was her husbands big cock about to fuck her till she screamed....
It would have been nice if he had been the complete package.....but she loved him more than any man she'd ever met.....and his tiny little thing wasn't really that much of a problem for her...when she needed a big cock there was no shortage of men who wanted to fuck her....
Sometimes it made her a little sad....
But then she'd look down at her husband with his dress up over his waist and his panties down at his ankles and his sweet little rosebud glistening with the slippery lube....and she knew that he was the "man" for her!!!
She loved the little noise he made when she first pushed inside him.....and then the grunts that came later when she made him squirt through the cage....

Stroke It

"Would you like me to take it in my hand Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma'am!!!!"
"Would you like me to take my panties off so you can watch me rub my pussy?"
"Oh my god...yes Ma'am!!!"
"Would you like me to stroke it for you Sissy?"
"Oh yes....oh please yes!!!!"
"Like this Sissy?"
"But I'm still locked up Ma'am...."
"Of course you are Sissy.....if you weren't you might cum....and I don't think you deserve to cum right now....don't you agree?"
"Of course I agree Ma'am......"
"That's exactly the right answer Sissy!!!!"


Friday, September 25, 2020


 When she tells me to go over to the chair and wait.....well I've learned that she's certainly not inviting me to sit down.....
In fact....after "waiting" I usually can't sit down for a while!!!!

Won't That Be Nice?

 "Oh no Baby....I never said I was going to let you cum....I just like to play with my toy sometimes......I'll ice you down in a few minutes and then it's back into the cage...and maybe then you can use your wonderful tongue to make me cum.....won't that be nice?"
"Yes Ma'am....that would be wonderful.... "

Thursday, September 24, 2020


 She told him that if he dressed up really pretty for her that he would get an over the knees spanking!!!!
He never asked so she never said that the spanking would be done by her mother....
She was very amused watching him try not to squirt onto her Mum's nylons!!!!!

A Little Help

 "Of course I'll help you Baby...."

"Now pay attention because you'll be doing this yourself from now on...."

"Now you attach your garters.....always adjust one likes droopy stockings..."

"The garters in the back are a little trickier..."

" you're ready....come with me, my boyfriend is looking forward to a blowjob....and I can't wait to watch!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

After My Workout

After my workout I needed a shower and a switch into my normal maids uniform!!!!

Hump Day

 Let's be're not looking for any rewards on Hump Day.....but you're not saying no to any either!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Goodbye Summer

 Well the fucked up summer of 2020 is finally over.....we spent a lot of time by ourselves....this is one summer I won't want to remember!!!!

The Camera Didn't Lie

The camera confirmed what she had suspected for so long....her roommate was lying on her bed....wearing her panties.....and stroking his cock.....and despite how small he was, it was still the hottest thing she had ever seen!!!!
When he got home she was going to dress him up and make him her lesbian girlfriend!!!!


Monday, September 21, 2020


 And there they were....discussing dresses and shoes and sales and boutiques.....neither seeming to notice me....on my knees....with her big latex cock in my mouth....and.....I was loving every minute of it!!!!

Monday ManCandy

The really thoughtful wife always sends her waiting sissy husband a quick energy booster!!!
After all her sissy husband has been dutifully waiting for her and her lover to finish so that he could get his creamy reward!!!!
He can taste a mixture in the little bit she has sent him....maybe about 90% him and 10% her!!!!
Listening closely her sissy husband can tell it's going to be a while before she calls for his services and he'll just have to enjoy the sample she sent him!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Everything worthwhile is worth waiting for!!!!


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Your wife told me that she spoke to the Headmaster and he guaranteed that you wouldn't be having any sex this weekend...."
"Well it's true that I won't be getting hard this weekend...."
"So that's it....that's why your wife gave me that look as she went out to the club...."
"Yes....I won't be getting hard but I still have a couple of ways to handle things if you get hard!!!!"
"Alright Sissy...drop those panties....she'll be gone for hours...."
"Sounds good to me ...."



 It's good to have friends that have many interests in common!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

A New Fetish Is Born

 Honestly.....the last thing I needed was another, panties, feet, BBC, cuckolding, crossdressing, ass worship, femdom, pussy worship.....etc...
When I saw an attractive woman I used to wonder what she had on under her clothes....was she wearing panties....what style....what color?
Now when I see an attractive woman I wonder what her mouth is like under that mask....thin lips, full lips, what color lipstick, is it smeared on the mask?
Another fetish is born!!!!


So her college roomie came to visit.....and we all had a good time together....
Lots of laughs.....lots of wine.....
And when it came down to it I had to admit....she was almost as good at eating her pussy as I was....



Friday, September 18, 2020


Is there any nicer surprise for a sissy???
There's nothing like finding an adorable little cockette in your new friends panties!!!

Need It

No....I don't really need it.....but I really do.....all you sissies will understand!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2020


Me first....
Then her....
Then me again....
Then her again...,
And so on.....

So Happy

"I'm so happy Sissy....are you?"
"Oh yes Ma'am!!!"
"Who would have ever guessed that we would end up together like this?"
"It was my deepest secret wish..."
"Mine too Sissy...."

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hump Day

Yes it's already Hump Day....but sometimes you've been under so much pressure that all you want to do is lie back and let someone else do the work....

No Need

"Shhhh Sissy....there's no need for you to thank just run along upstairs and put on something pretty.....he'll be here soon!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Could've Been

This could've been me.....and probably most of you too!!!!
Unfortunately, when I was doing my secret dressing there weren't any IPhones around for me to record it with....
I had some digital camera pics but my wife says I can't post them.....
So this could've been me....


Our wives really enjoyed "Sissy Playtime"....
We were released and allowed to touch.....even allowed to stroke....but never allowed to cum!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Sissy Cummies

There are other ways to get that little thing to nipples have always been sensitive and touching them had always given me those....special tingles....
I used to be ashamed of it....
But she taught me to embrace it.....just a part of being a sissy....
Now I play with them whenever she allows.....and maybe sometimes when she doesn't!!!
If she reads this I'll be going over her knees.....

Monday ManCandy

It tickles the back of your throat as jet after jet of your creamy treat shoot into your waiting mouth....
While it gets into your system faster this way you actually miss out on all the flavor!!!!
That rich flavor!!!! So good!!!
But if you really need that fast start this is the way to go!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Express delivery is always available!!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday Brunch

I've almost finished the cleaning up and there's a few people who've left....but I'm looking forward to offering my services to all the guests that are still here....


His sweet cream inside her was proof of her lust for him....
Feeding me his sweet cream is proof of her love for me!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

It's All Too Much

Sensory overload!!!!
I want that cock in my mouth....
I want to see that cock in my wife's mouth....
But my eyes keep drifting to that ultimate object of desire....the key!!!!
Cuckolds....we're complicated....


"Oh my could at least wait until I'm finished adjusting the are so eager....."

Friday, September 11, 2020


She didn't tell him why she was going to let him cum....
And he wasn't going to ask why....he was just going to enjoy it....
And when he squirted his cream all over her favorite dildo he knew....
And he sucked up every was almost as good as the real thing...he would thank her when he was done!!!!

That First One

When it was in your mouth there were a couple of tears....
Tears for your lost masculinity....
Tears of joy at finally fulfilling your dreams....
Probably a little of both!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

It's Alright

It's can't see it in this pic but they're all wearing masks!!!!


Since she's home all the time now the frequency of inspections has gone way up!!!!
Even when I try to tell her that the reason she found dust on that shelf was because I hadn't gotten to it yet....she still lets me know that I have disappointed her!!!!
No matter how fast I work she always seems to check the spots I haven't gotten to yet!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


She asked me what I thought of her new undies....and of course I told her they were beautiful....
She kept fussing with them and I thought that maybe this time....
Then I heard the doorbell and I knew that the pretty, new things were obviously not for me...

Hump Day

You're finished on Hump Day....but all you want to do is get busy on your next project!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


"Just let me know when you want to switch with me...."
"I don't know.....he's a great cocksucker...."
"I taught him everything he knows!"
"Maybe I'll just let him finish me here...."
"Okay....but you have to try his tight little pussy....he's so good!!!!"
"Well....maybe you're right....let's switch......oh my just a minute!!!!"

Not So Fast

"Not so fast Baby....take a seat....I want to have a little talk...."
"But Honey....I want you so bad...."
"Sure, sure....but I want to talk to you about what my friend Donna told me....about the other night....when you tried to fuck her...."
"Oh no Honey....she's lying....I wouldn't ever cheat on you....not ever!!!"
"Do you really mean that'll really never cheat on'll never have sex with anyone but me?"
"No one but you Honey....only you!!!!"
"Well we have a problem....Donna and I have been best friends since we were six years old and I don't think she's ever lied to me.....but how can I be sure?"
"I promise...."
"Not really good enough Baby...."
"But what else can I do? I'll do anything...."
"Have you ever heard about chastity cages....I have one right here...."
"But....I don't...."
"You said you'd do anything....this is the only way I can be sure...."
"But it's just for a couple of days tight.....just to prove to you that I don't cheat....right..."
"Let's get you into it and then we'll see...."