Thursday, December 31, 2015


"Now this is what I call a party Sissy!!!! Happy New Year!!!!"
"Oooooohhhh my goooooooooodddddd!!!!!"

Happy New Year to all my sweet readers out there in the world!
I love you all!!!
May you all have a wonderful 2016 and may all your dreams come true!!!!!

Some Use Sugar

Some people use sugar cubes in their champagne...
Some use strawberries.....
I like to add a little extra flavor to mine too.....


They had just shared an intense sensual moment and as she looked into his eyes she wondered...
Could he be the one....
Is he the man of her dreams....
Will he do it.....
She let a small drop of the mouthful of his warm creamy cum drip toward his lips as she looked into his eyes....without hesitation his mouth opened and his tongue reached for the lovely pearl drop she offered him!
He was the one...she was sure as she kissed him and passed the rest of the sweet cream into his mouth!!! She was in love!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Love It

"Are you watching Baby? This is what you wanted another man fucking me while you wanted to see another man cum all over that you've gotten what you wanted that we've crossed that line....what else do you want?"
"I.....I want to lick up every last drop of his cum.....!!!!"
"Well you're in luck Sissy....because that's exactly what I want too!!!!"

Our Jobs

I love it when we both understand our jobs....
My job is to keep him hard for her while she prepares to take him into our bed....
His job is to enjoy himself...but not too much.....till she calls me to bring him to her....

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


"I'm sure if you do at least two quarts every day your sissy....oh I'm sorry....I mean your son-in-law....will come to not only accept it, but actually look forward to it!!!!"
"I'm only doing this so my daughter has a good stable marriage!"
""Sure you are!!!"
As the sissy felt like he would burst, the two ladies dissolved into laughter!!!!!


She was shocked speechless when she found her husband dressed in her clothes!!! He waited silently, fearfully...waiting for her reaction!!! When she said nothing he thought that maybe he should change back into his clothes that were scattered on the bedroom floor!
She couldn't believe how turned on she was as he pulled off her top and she could see he was wearing her bra too!!! Her panties were instantly soaked!!!
Without a word she pulled him to her and kissed him hard as her hands roamed over his body! His body that she knew so well suddenly felt brand new as she felt his garters and stockings and bra and soft satin panties!
Clearly they would have to have a long, long talk....but that was for she wanted something new!!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

I'm So Glad

"I'm so glad you like watching him fuck me with his big black you know why Sissy?"
"Why Sweetheart?"
"Because I can't wait to watch him fuck you with his big black cock later Sissy!"

Monday ManCandy

"So what do I have doctor? Why do I feel so run down?"
"I think it's just exhaustion and a little dehydration!!!! I want you to stay in bed and get plenty of fluids!"
"Whatever you say Doctor!"
"I'll start you off and I'll have the drugstore send the boy every four hours till you're back on your feet!!!"
"Thank you Doctor!"
ManCandy!!!! Doctor knows best!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Is Game Day

He wasn't ever a player...or a coach...or a trainer, but he did work at the the parking lot....and that was close enough for me!!!!

Concentrate Sissy

"Concentrate Sissy, do a good job and then we can talk about your orgasm situation!"
Sissy tried...but it was so hard with the key so close!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Any Second Now

"Oh yeah Baby....yeah...just like that...oh Baby I'm gonna cum soon...."
"Sissy get over here right away and take him in your mouth!!!!I don't want any cum stains on the furniture!!!"
She's so me this....I mean...I think literally all our furniture has cum stains on it already...but he doesn't know that!!!!


I always love spooning with her! I loved to feel her close and I loved when she put her arms around made me feel so loved...
Lately though there's been an extra dimension added to our spooning....and I have to say it's made everything different...
It's so much better!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Did You See

Sissy did you see that present I put under the tree for Lizzie!"
Oh my god!!! Lizzie!!! I thought the tag said Sissy!!!! I think I might need glasses....I think I might be in trouble....I think I could maybe get away with re-wrapping it or I'm sure to get a spanking....

"Damn it Sissy....get over my knee right now!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Christmas Morning

"But Santa...don't you have to get back to the North Pole?"
"All in due time Kaaren...all in due time.....oh...ho..ho...yes Kaaren just like that....!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

I Always Thought

I always thought Santa only came down the chimney.....but now I know that sometimes Santa comes in the back door too!!!

He Made A Few Jokes

He made a few jokes about my blue ball earrings and my chastity but I soon put a stop to that!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Ride of Your Life

I can honestly say that when she told me she had arranged for me to take the Polar Express....this wasn't at all what I expected!!!!!

No Trouble

"Thanks I really appreciate you coming over at the last minute like that but my sitter cancelled and I didn't know who else to call!"
"Really he was no trouble at all!!!! Call me anytime, I really enjoyed babysitting him!"
"He didn't complain or whine at all?"
"Maybe once or twice but a flick of my fingers to those cute little balls put an end to that! And every now and then I gave his plug a twist, but in general he was pretty well behaved!!!"
"Thanks so much Aunt Ruth....we'll see you for Christmas dinner?"
"Oh yes, I'll have Uncle Henry wear his maids dress in case you need extra help!"
"That will be wonderful!!!! Don't you agree Sissy?"
"Oh I'm sorry...I forgot to tell you I gagged him with my panties!"
"Oh Aunt're the best!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What I Want For Christmas

I don't want anything expensive just get me something simple and put a bow on it and I'm sure I'll be happy!!!

Just Think It Over

"Just think it over could come here every day after school and I could help you to look so pretty....and I could give you soft, sweet kisses...and maybe more if you much more...more than you've ever imagined in those dark nights, all alone, wearing your sisters panties...."
"Oh....yes .....please...please....."
"Oh yes sweet little girl now I just need you to kiss me between my legs and....."

Monday, December 21, 2015

But That's Not How It Works

"But Santa I thought I was supposed to sit in your lap and tell you what I want!!!"
"Well Sissy, Santa wants things sometimes too....don't you want to make Santa happy?"
"I guess I understand....after all we both only come once a year!!!"
"Ho Ho....Oooohhh!"

Monday ManCandy

Soon it will be Christmas!!! The stockings will be filled with wonderful things and the presents will be stacked under the tree!!!! But for now there's an early gift to get you through the week!!!! ManCandy will provide a warm glow in your tummy to fill you with joy!
ManCandy!!!! It get's you into the holiday spirit while it puts the holiday spirit into you!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

No play confuses the other teams defense quite like the Quarterback Sneak!!!!

A Pair of Blue Balls

After spending years together you get to know so much about each I know that she thinks it's really funny leaving me only the blue balls to decorate the tree!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Shopping

"Isn't it nice to shop without their constant complaining?"
"Well you know how they are....the heels are too high...the plug is too just can't make them happy sometimes?"
"And they want every dress they see!!!! It's like they don't have full closets at home...."
"And don't get me started about can't even go into Victoria's Secret without spending a fortune....and it's all for them!!!!!"
"Well I guess it's our own fault, we made them into the beautiful sissies they are...I'm surprised we haven't gotten a call from either of them!"
"Didn't I tell you? I gave Kaaren and Leeanne something to keep them busy till we got home!"

The Party

When we came back into the party we realized that perhaps we hadn't been as discreet as we thought! There was actually some applause and more than a few voices....male and female....called out, "Me next Sissy!"
I know I was blushing and I was so surprised to see that she was blushing too!!!! Thank god we had stopped to fix our hair and makeup or it could have been so much more embarrassing!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Back And Forth

"Kaaren did the contractors come by today"
"Yes they were both here Sweetheart!"
"Did they bring their estimates to complete the extension?!
"Yes Sweetheart we all discussed extensions....."
"Did they start bidding against each other Sissy?"
"Well all I can say is that there was a lot of back and forth, but they're coming back tomorrow with their estimates...."

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time it was his cum....until his innocent young bride discovered that cocks....real cocks...were so much bigger than the little thing he had! Ever since then he had licked up lots of cum...none of it his....

Thursday, December 17, 2015

On My Knees

When I tell you that I spend the vast majority of my time on my knees I don't want you to get the wrong's not always fun....well it is...kind know being her maid is a lot of fun and WOW do I love's not all pussy's and cocks...not all the time...sometimes it's work....but still....I'm her maid and I'm on my knees for her and that's always wonderful ....but not always fun...if you know what I mean!!!

Fairy Tales - Sissyrella

When Sissyrella's evil stepsisters left for the ball there was no way they could know that Sissyrella's Fairy Godmother would make sure he was at the ball too! After he ran away just before midnight the prince searched the land for the girl whose clit filled the glass cage!!!!
When he found her he whisked her off to his castle where they made love all day and all night!!!
While he slept Sissyrella liked to wander into the dungeons below the castle and listen to her stepsisters screams!!!! Somehow that always cheered her up!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Not Enough Sissy

"Do you think 15 was enough Sissy?"
Sissy tried to answer but with her panties in his mouth it was so hard.
"Yes I agree....I was far too lenient, come back here and we'll do another 25!"
"Alright we'll make it 35 so we have an even 50!!!"
"It's alright can thank me later!!!"

First Thing

If she has a....sleepover.....guest most of the time they wake up ready to go again first thing in the morning! She spends a lot of time getting ready in the morning between her outfit and makeup and hair and giving me my instructions for the day so she simply has no time to play! So when her lover from last night comes looking I am always ready to take care of anything that might have...come up!
Usually a curtsy and an offer of "Let me take care of that for you Sir!" is enough!
She gets to work on time....he gets taken care of....and I get a hot breakfast that will hold me while I do my morning chores!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Get Them Wet

"I'm  going to slide these into your beautiful wife's pussy Sissy! Get them nice and wet!"


When his wife said she was interested in having a threesome with another man it was pure vanity on Sissy's part to think that she was considering him as a man!!! But Sissy did get to watch and clean up after so it was still a fun night for all of them!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Excuse Me

"Excuse me!!! We haven't even been introduced!!!!"
"Oh name's Mike..."
"Hello Mike....I'm Kaaren..."
"You have a cute ass gives me all kinds of ideas!"
"Really....most men get their ideas from my pretty little mouth!!!"
"Oh yes I think I'm getting some ideas there too!!!"
"What do you say we slip off to somewhere private and we can review some of your ideas!"
"I'd love to!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

She had obviously had too much! But it didn't matter how out of control she got, she was still sensible enough to save the "overflow" for Monday morning when she was really going to need it!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's always OK to ask them to wrap it up to go!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"We're having the guys over to watch the game Sissy and you know what guys like don't you?"
"Beer and nachos?"
"Sissy, really? Guys like tits and ass more than anything!!!"
"I guess you're right so...."
"So I'll supply the tits Sissy and I guess you know what you'll be supplying?"
"My, my ass I guess!"
"To anyone that wants it Sissy! We want our guests to be happy!"

Christmas Shopping

We were at the local mall Christmas shopping when she asked me to wait for her by the fountain, she wanted to pick up something she had seen for me!
As I stood there I watched the people go by all busy with their shopping....Moms and Dads taking their children to see Santa Claus....
I noticed one family...father, mother little son and daughter....they were laughing and having a grand time,,,,and I began to wonder....was that the life I should have had....would I have been happier if I had never tried on those first panties or sucked that first cock?
Would I have been like him....I bet he's not wearing stockings below his slacks like I panties or bra either....he'd never dream of it!
Would I have married a girl like straight sex....she probably thought doggy style was wildly exotic and she never dreamed of taking a lover....never ever imagined making her husband a cuckold!
Their kids were adorable and so happy to be with their Mommy and Daddy...all smiles and rosy cheeks...
I was lost in my thoughts when she came back, tugging on my arm to get my attention!
"Sissy are you listening to me?"
"What...oh I'm sorry Sweetheart...I was just daydreaming!!!"
"What I said was that I bought you the cutest Babydoll nightie for Christmas but I can't wait to see you in it!!!! Let's go home and put on our nighties and we can give each other pedicures and just snuggle and play the rest of the night!"
"I think that sounds wonderful my love....I wouldn't want it any other way!!!"

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Most Popular

Brother Paul was the most popular monk in the monastery!!! On Saturdays when he became Sister Paula, the Brethren made a real night of it!!!!


An experienced Fluffer knows that if you prepare one you better make sure that the other is ready too!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Look At This Sissy

"Look at this you know what this is? This is a cock...a real mans cock....when he fucks me I really feel do you understand why I don't bother with your little bitty peepee!!!"

Returning The Favor

The adorable Leeanne offered up some special kisses the other day and I'd like to return the favor!!!! Come on and kiss me hard Sweetie!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bad Girl

"You're my husband and I love you but...."
"If you want to look like a bad girl..."
"If you want to dress like a bad girl..."
"If you want to act like a bad girl... "
"Then I'm going to treat you like a bad girl....."
"And what happens to bad girls?"

'They get spanked?"

"That's exactly right Sissy, bad little sissy girls get spanked!!!"

There's Still More

I was sure I had gotten it all! I hadn't tasted any of his creamy cum for the last twenty minutes! But she was insistent!
"Keep licking Sissy, I know there's more in my pussy for you to clean up! Just get that tongue in a little deeper.....oh yeah....just like that Sissy!!!!"

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oh Yes

Oh Yes....Please...Please....Please......

Another Good Exam

After giving me a thorough exam he helped me pull up my panties and smooth out my skirt!
"Another great exam can rinse and spit now!"
We both looked at each other and he laughed....
"Alright your case....rinse and swallow!!!!"
I love my dentist..he helps me with all my oral needs!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I'm Ready

"Okay Sweetheart, I'm ready for the party!"
"Sissy, really....I don't think so...."
"But it's a party so I thought maybe....."
"You thought wrong Sissy....go get your cage and if you don't have a plug in your cute little ass I promise won't be sitting at the party or anywhere for the next couple of days!!!"
I grabbed my little clit as I ran from the room!
"And that pathetic little thing better be hard when you get back Sissy!!! No sneaky cummies for you!!!"
She knows me so well!!!!

Baby ....You Sure

"Baby you sure this is what you want?"
"Oh yeah....I've wanted to see him with a cock in his mouth since we were kids! Is there a problem?"
"No Baby, his mouth feels just like's just that...he's your doesn't seem right...."
"Okay I'll tell you time I'll have him in a cute little outfit with a wig and makeup....would that be better?"
"OK lets give that a try....Baby I'm gonna cum soon....does he swallow or should I pull out?"
"Oh he definitely swallows....because if he doesn't we're going to keep going till he does!!!"
"Damn Baby you're rough!"
"Only when I have to be!!!"

Monday, December 7, 2015

What Do You Mean

"What do you mean....what do you mean he fucked your told me you didn't do anal!!!"
"Well no....I don't with a little clitty like yours!"
"But you let him fuck you there? What about me?"
"Oh yes Sissy....I remembered you....I brought you home something special!!!"